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MQ Mindset...

Posted By: MudQuist on 2005-09-08
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I realized MQ's mindset one day a couple years ago when my former manager (since fired, thankfully)told me I should be thankful I do radiology since that "specialty within a specialty" was MQ's "biggest money maker" - the "other" MT's who "only" did ops, discharge summaries, H & P's were "a dime a dozen" - and MQ "really takes care of its rad MT's." I couldn't believe she said that - rad is really pretty simple once you get used to the terminology - my hat is off to those who can even DO op notes (talk about requiring excellent transcription ability). So that's the mindset and mentality you are dealing with. Sheesh.

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MQ mindset
I can not even count how many coordinator's, weekend, 3rd shift, trainers, CSR's, account managers  that we've went through in the 11 yrs I've been with them and yep, only about 1 that ever transcribed for a living.
That mindset is why all us MT's is po' !!! :(
My mindset was carefully cultivated, watered, and
FERTILIZED by all the cr@p that management types everywhere think they can feed us.
More ghetto wanna be slang a'la the MTV mindset I guess
Sounds intelligent doesn't it?