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MQ-True or False about Work

Posted By: Tiki on 2005-09-07
In Reply to: Out of work - me

Can this be true???? My girlfriend who works out of the Ohio office left me a message saying that she had gotten a message over the week end from the Ohio office with the following incentive: For every 10 reports that you typed, you would receive 25 dollars--IS THIS POSSIBLE with all the rest of us out of work in Amherst--if there is so much work in Ohio, why are we not helping???

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MQ true or false...FALSE

Yep, we are swamped in Ohio but no, that bonus was not offered this past weekend. Line bonus's were.

True IC work
To take up where someone else left off - are there any true "IC" jobs out there where the MTs work hours are truly flexible?  I work now as an IC but my shift is dictated which is completely against the 20 rules that the IRS states - and of course I do not always have work.  With 15 years of experience, I would think that I could find the "perfect" job, but have struggled over the last few years to find anything like what I worked a mere 10 years ago.  I stay where I am because I have not been offered anything more than what I have where I am - and am actually pretty satisfied, other than the hours not being flexible - I am just wondering what has happened (other than outsourcing) to have changed this field to what is is now.  Do any of you other MTs have a hard time suggesting this as a field of study for people who ask about it?  I do know that with the price of gasoline more and more companies (other than MT) are offering their workers the opportunity to work from home, but it is so hard to leave the field that you have loved for so long.
That is true! Where is the work going?
A few platforms seem to be down this week, and other companies are slow. Of course, it is spring break, so it may be there is not much work, but still people get sick. Wondering if the MTSOs know more than we do on all of this. Just wondering about job postings here too and even on other boards...etc.
IF you need true ULD for work
purposes your best best is something like Vonage of digital phone through cable company.   It is truly unlimited.   Other companies say they have unlimited, but they have a cap of 5000 minutes and that isn't enough if you work FT.  
This is true. I work for the Q -rarely run out
of work (live in CA). And by the way, I would get paid my benefit rate (which is at least twice the CA min wage. I always thought this was why I never got NJA. But at the same time, I know they would love it if I quit.

So sad, but definitely true. I am 55 and raising 5 grandkids. I see work until at least 70. nm
So true, work for some doctors and clinics also and many are now
jumping on the save lots of money and offshore bandwagon! We just can't win. It's over everyone :(
Not true. I work for a company that offshores.
Good grief.

False. They are training everyone for it but
LMAO,oooh gawd, you're just killing us here! LOL

False advertisng ..........
How can a company brag about their ability to meet or exceed HIPAA regulations if they offshore?  There is just no 100% way they can guarantee such a thing because once it leaves this country, there are no laws governing those things in another country.   To me that is just false advertising and very misleading to their customers, whom I question even know it is leaving these shores. 
unfortunately not false advertising.
It says UP TO $60K. When I worked FT, I made that much. Ahhh, those were the days!
True. So then don't work. We're talking CHOICES here. nm
ICs are not required to work a specific schedule, true? SM

I had my meeting today with the HIM director of one of my accounts.  My contract is to do all the clinic work and provide 24 to 48 TAT.  Today, the director tells me she wants me to log in no later than 9:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

I, of course, balked at this.  I basically outlined the terms of our contract which states that I will give them 24 to 48 hour TAT, but that I am not required to adhere to a specific work schedule.  I set my own hours.  I don't necessarily have a problem logging in by 9:30 a.m. most days, but there are some days when I have morning appointments and commitments and let's face it, that's why I'm an IC, so I can have that flexibility!

I don't think this lady has any concept of what an IC is or what a contract is for that matter.  She acts like I'm her employee.  She tells me she has looked into some of the national companies and that they can guarantee her a set schedule.  I'm sorry but I only charge her 0.12 cpl, I print up the work and deliver it three times a week.  Plus I'm picking up tapes and transcribing them as well!

I think it's time for her to see what else is out there.  What do you guys think?

What you're saying is completely false.

Enter "Psychology" as your key word. Lowest I found in my area (Philadelphia, PA) was 62 grand a year. Plus just the respect that one gets from having a college degree is worth it!

Go back to school. I'm taking Psychology as well and can't wait to get off this dead-end life of MT.
"Faux" is French for false. - nm
Not to give you false hopes, but I actually
got my period for about 3 months with each of my 3 pregnancies. I also had faint lines on my pregnancy testers. I'm sure there are others out there who have had periods as well - just tune into your body for other symptoms of pregnancy - i.e. I always also suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum instantly and for 9 months for all 3. Yuck. Good luck to you! Keep the faith!
We have had to endure so many of their false alarms about warnings
that no one pays attention to any of them, including those that are obviously going to be a danger.  People are tired of being told to live in fear of everything, so they ignore it. 
I agree - it is a false sense of security.

There are pedophiles everywhere that aren't registered.  I just can't believe that the laws aren't tougher on these people.  Anybody could come up with $500 bail - that's like a slap on the wrist.  This guy has made me very uncomfortable for a long time.  Last Thanksgiving when we were out of town, he strung Christmas lights all over the house to "surprise the kids,"  and he brings them over Christmas presents every year.  Thank God I have never let my children be alone with him.  The next time my husband tells me I'm over-protective, I'll be sure to bring this up!  Really, is there such a thing as over-protective in this day and age?

Not false info. I'm telling you we just changed this! lol
No more M-Tec and Andrews.

Unfortunately, false statements of high pay attract

Could this be termed false advertising. Seems like a lot more people on the other board are saying
the same thing about MQ. If she is so religious as you claim why would she steer people to a company to have them not be able to pay their bills. Seems a bit odd to me.
Me, too. Only if I send receipt do they know it was read. False information.
You can also charge her with "filing a false report" with police.
The police offered us to do that against our neighbors because they call the cops on us any time we even have relatives over for our childrens' birthday parties. It's not like we get rowdy and drunk. We sit on the deck and eat food for two hours. Oh, dread.

Sue the wench in civil court. Call the police and ask them what you can charge her with.

Please check out Snopes.com for false statements/urban legends

before posting.  This is an email that has been circulating for a while and it is not true.  See the link for an explanation.



So totally and completely false! Plenty of employers test who are not partners with top 3!
Thank you ghost! So true! So true! More than one person!
Yer crackin' me up! True, true, true! nm
ROFL!! true, so true! nm
true, true but out of about 90 flicks....1 or 2...nm

true, true - but what you see as arrogance...sm

I think a lot of people go the extreme -

so, if I had to be one way or the other (being a humble extremist myself...*LOL*), I'd rather have too much self-esteem than not enough (been there, done that the first 30 years!!! *L*).  And I am a truly humble person, been recognized for just that.....but because of *been there, done that* - and all sorts of therapies (not drug therapies), some end up the other way.  Oh well, this was a fun couple of posts - so I thought.

Gave me much to chew on :)  Have fun!  

True but to say there are no good MTs not true.
ROFLMAO!!!! so true! so true!
Everybody sees it but her, though! I love it! Thanks for the giggle! ":^)
I get my work from an FTP site that they load the work to, however I don't have pool work so to
speak, but I tell them how many minutes a day I want.  The work is generally put in my box by 5 pm every day, then I have until 10 am the following day for some priority work, or 3:30 pm for the rest, so TAT is not too bad. I would like to work less at night though, but I working on that. My downside is I do not get the same dictators day to day, there are a few I do on a semi-regular basis though, some generate great lines but take longer to do that other doc's and are not "money-makers", I also do not get paid for spaces so that hurts a bit too.  This is WP5.1 too.....so very antiquated but that is what the hospital uses, so not much choice there. But I understand what you mean about the C-phone. I was just doing another job with C-phone recently...they incidentally did not tell me how to get off of the system, which was very simple.  I'd finish a job, then hit stop and hangup if I wanted to get off or quit working.  That is what you need to do if you want to sleep, eat, etc.  Don't feel guilty, do what you signed up for, believe me they watch the pools and will get others to do the work you don't finish.  If they get on your case remind them that you are only PT and only want 500 lines a day, etc.  It's not worth killing yourself over.  Good Luck.
that's so true nm

this is sad, but true
search engines are great, but they pick up all the WRONG information also...so be careful
That may be true for No. Cal. (sm)

in Southern Cal (Orange County), the accounts have become quite scarce and most doctors will not pay over 11 cents per line, that is, if you can find your own accounts at all anymore.  They get a lot of solicitations and do not have to pay over 11 cents.  There is a lot of EMR taking over out here or all the accounts have been taken by large services.

Sad but true
Of course, what you say is all true; however...
my compassion and tolerance dries up pretty quickly when someone expects special treatment (plays the ____ card, if you will) because of situations they are in a result of their own decisions.

This comes across as harsh, but it's a fact of life that decisions do have consequences, and when people try to minimize the consequences of their actions and/or expect other people to pick up their slack, I get mighty testy indeed.
Hey, what I said is true - I do it --
I don't cherrypick. I probably work longer hours (about 9-1/2 to 10 a day)than most but I can get 3000 lines in a day and if I worked longer, say 15-16 hours, I have no doubt I could get 4800 lines.

No one is cutting ANYONE's line count. I just stick with it, man. I keep typing while others are up running around doing their laundry, or tending to a kid, or playing on this board. I just keep typing steadily along.

Hey, man, I'm sorry if you have problems getting more lines but that doesn't mean I or anyone else am taking them from you. They are there. Sit down and type 'em.

And NO, I don't work for this company. Every company has CPs and it is not fair. But just because YOU can't do someone else's line count doesn't mean they didn't get it -- without doing something unfairly.
That's not true (sm)
I confirmed this with my office when I started DQS. I also tested it by importing text into another program and all characters and spaces, including the red headers were counted.

Is this true?

A girl at work today told me that Keanu Reeves is the (late) Christopher Reeves son.

I never heard this before, and so far I am unable to document via the internet.  Anyone have any input?  Much thanks.

It is true

Dont doubt it, it is true. 

true true.
Beth, face the fact that we aren't buying your bunch of hooey.  Shame on you for trying to sell it to us.  Go away.  Go troll somewhere else. 
I couldn't believe what was happening. I knew that I was producing much, much more work, but couldn't understand why I was not getting near the lines that I was getting before the switch. Then, one day, I found out. I've hated MQ every since.
It's true
In DQS hit F9 and to a detailed summary of your lines. Then click on a report. Two types of reports will be shown. One is the way the reports shows up after corrections are made and the other is for payroll which is the way you transcribed the report. Choose the payroll one and then scroll to the bottom. It is not hard to figure out. And, YES, you can look at what you have transcribed this way. The head honchos want us to look at our work after it has been corrected so we will know what mistakes not to make any more. I have been transcribing for 23 years and if I leave a blank it is usually because I cannot hear what the dictator is saying. Typically when I recheck a report, the ME or QA person could not figure it out either. Sometimes they leave the blank and sometimes they just take it out and put something odd in its place. Now, how is that right? Everyone should be checking their reports.
It is so true
Where I worked previously, we were able to add a "weighted factor" for difficult dictators and for certain types of reports as some in the office thought those reports took more time to transcribe or were just more difficult - OP and CONSULTS. If you look at the bottom of the payroll report you will see all kinds of figures where items are counted, not counted, possibly could be adjusted in the future, etc. Look at it, and figure out for yourself what the future holds!!!
It is so true
Mtheaded - I think we worked for the same company before.  Would you care to e-mail me? 
Tis true...
We're swamped!
This is not true!
I am a Quality Assurance specialist with a large national transcription company and I beg to differ with your statement.  We send our overflow work to India and let me tell you, their quality is NOT "superior" to the American MT - In fact, we have to do 100% QA on each and every job - your hair would curl at some of the mistakes I have seen just because they don't understand basic English colloquialisms.  When all work has to be 100% QA'd by a salaried individual, where is the savings?  Unless you send unedited, unproofed work to your clients, in which case I don't think it matters where the good MTs are...you will be out of business soon.  Don't dare compare the quality of American and Indian MTs.