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MT with broken wrist-need advice

Posted By: crispycritterMT on 2008-01-12
In Reply to:

I'm a single MT IC.  I broke my wrist 12/31, had surgery and now have a cast.  I worked a few days, but very painful and slow.  Typing with one hand now.  Haven't worked for 8 days.  No work.  No pay.  Anyone else been in this situation?  Did you apply for disability?   

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Does it still work or is it broken? sm
My sister works at a place that takes useable or fixable stuff and reconditions and sells it cheap.  I think they actually pay a small amount for the stuff that comes in too, but I'm not sure.  She's in Portland, Maine, and the place is called "End of Life Electronics." or something like that.  Sounds like a mortuary to me, but apparently business is good.
Family broken up
Does anyone else live with this experience?  After my mom and dad split up (after us kids were grown), all the siblings went their separate ways and really do not have much to do with each other.  Most of them (three brothers) have taken sides, (either mom's or dad's) but we have nothing to do with each other.  Is this odd or usually the norm?   
Broken toes!
Wow, i have broken my 3 smallest toes on the right foot.  Can you imagine, after 25 years of using the right foot, having to use the left foot until they heal?  What a headache!  I'm sure my line count will plummet!
Reply to Broken Down once...
I am finding out that he has been working all morning shutting things off - cancelled cell phone, car insurance, etc.  That's more work than he's done in a month!  I'm going to move to a town nearby my family just as soon as possible.  I also have a little hand-held friend in my home to take care of him should he come back.  I'm just getting prepared for his nonsense by gathering witnesses.  As I stated in a more recent post, he has violated his order a couple of times today.  I'm just waiting to see if the State's Atty will press charges.  Not clear right now.  Thanks for your concern.  I'll keep you all posted.
another broken record...
me too. It absolutely befuddles me that anyone would be trying to get INTO this field, especially with all the ominous signs that are right out there for anyone to see. I think new moms with babes are just blinded by the idea of "working at home" and can't see the competition they are facing.  Me, I am in nursing school... not an easy job by any means...but I'll be good at it and will find my niche quickly and will always have a job! My biggest account is making noise about getting a VR system. If I wasn't in nursing school, I would be having a panic attack instead!
Broken tape

HELP!  I have had a microcassette tape break.  Any ideas on how to fix it (if possible!)? 


Broken tape. sm.
I just broke my dictation tape while rewinding it.  Should I try to open it and put it back on the wheel.  Any ideas.   I has three days of dication on it.   Thanks.
broken tapes
It is not your fault, many docs still use tapes and it has happened to me, they all do not want to change and use  what works for them. Please don't be discouraged by negative comments. There are ways to splice a tape but I have forgotten what I did in the past, I think an office machine dealer did it for me. It's all part of being in the service business. Excuse any rude remarks, my heart goes out to you!
Don't know if this machine is broken or not...help?
Sorry to intrude here but someone in this crowd likely know the answer to my quandary(SP?)... I'm not a Transcriptionist but my neighbor wants me to sell these two machines he has. I learned trans back in high school (30 years ago!) but think these two machine "might" be broken. Both units are micro players (the Lanier VW-210 and Lanier P-101). Neither show the "units" or "location" in their digital displays... From my recall, the machine was supposed to tell you where in the tape you were (hence I believe the above indicators). Everything else works on the machines but if they're broken I don't think I should sell them. Any suggestions? I went looking for advice, online manuals, you name it. Whatever suggestions or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
Can't type with a broken ankle?
Can't believe I am this right sided!  I have a broken ankle (right) and can't seem to coordinate my left foot on the pedal with my hands on the keyboard!  I know this will pass, but it sure is wierd!!!!
"I would rather be from a broken home than live in one"
Please get out of the situation you are in.  You are not doing yourself or your children any favors by staying with this man who has great potential for violence.  The best thing you can give your children is a healthy, happy mother.  You do not deserve to live under threats all your life.  Make plans and get out - you and your children will be grateful!
Broken tape memories
One of my docs about 15 years ago broke a tape and he spent more time putting the tape back together than it would have been if he had redictated. Another time, the same doc walked in my office and handed me the tape while I was running a finished tape through the little erase box and I immediately took it out of his hand and erased it right in front of him. I almost died. He always dictated on half speed to get more on a tape. What would you have done if you did that?
He owns it. I got an email from him with broken

resume removed.

HIPAA laws being broken.

Since nobody seems to care about MTs losing jobs & work being offshored, and it doesn't appear that they'll start taxing or otherwise financially punishing companies for doing it any time soon, what if we instead go at this from a HIPAA law point of view.  If they would start fining companies who offshore for HIPAA violations for every single patient record, that might put a stop to it.  HIPAA laws don't apply overseas & can't be enforced, and in this country HIPAA is a FEDERAL LAW.  I'm going to start writing letters to Senators, Representatives, and the President, and I think if we all did that, maybe someone would take notice of this privacy law being violated....  We have to do something to save our jobs, we can't just sit back and complain amongst ourselves.  

You can still get the old one without the wrist

wrest at Amazon. That's where I got mine. I couldn't use the one with the wrist rest either.

Ellen S.

Wrist pad
Wrist pad -- good idea. I've had a heel spur the whole summer and never thought using my pedal could be aggravating it. I use a foot rest type thing that my pedal sits on. I'm going to try my extra wrist pad to rest my foot on and see what happens.
same horrible beyondtxt program. Its is always broken.
My foot pedal is broken, Whats the best to buy?

Im getting a new foot pedal, I need a heavy duty one cause this last one is about to give way.

So what is a great buy? Any recommendations?



Me, too, except for those multiple toe jobs where they ALL get broken & reset! Ugh..nm
I'm a broken record but I'm riding the train too
I'll just work as a nurse AND run my MTSO until the train falls off the track.
I have a broken cassette tape - where can I get it repaired
I tried doing a search on here, because a few years ago there was a post about a place that repairs broken cassette tapes.  I kind of remember it being in Florida somewhere, but I cannot find the thread.  Does anyone know where I can get a cassette tape fixed??? RAdio Shack says no, they don't fix them.
Hey Admin, sorry to hear about your broken leg! Feel better soon!
Soon you'll be dancin like this!
If HIPPA laws are broken, whether overseas
or here, the US company making the contract with the overseas entity would be held liable for not adhering to HIPAA laws as they are responsible for those companies they contract with.
aching wrist
Does anyone here have trouble with tendonitis?  I woke up this morning and could hardly move my hand.  My new keyboard is flatter than is comfortable for me.  I usually like them to be on a tilt.  Any suggestions on how to mend fast and to avoid this problem in future?
aching wrist

Sorry, didn't realize I was still on this board.


achy wrist

Yes but this new keyboard I have is not as slanted as I am used to.

I use a gel wrist pad. I also have the keyboard SM
in a comfortable position. Ergonomics are essential and you don't have to pay a lot for it. A good chair also helps. Mine has armrests, which I can adjust. Good luck.
New gel wrist pad and chocolates
I always get something even though it is just candy but my husband was being practical this year and bought me a new wrist pad as my other one was ratty.  The new one is great, I just have to get use to it.
yep, I have that too...on the wrist wrest. nm
wrist pain
I started using oregano oil about five years ago for wrist pain. I used to wear braces and get ganglions. At one point, I couldn't even pick up a jug of milk and was worried about driving because my wrists would send shooting pains while steering my car causing me to release the steering wheel in reaction to the pain. I am CURED now because of the oregano oil. I buy it at health food stores or on-line and I apply it directly to my wrists at the first sign of pain. I have not used wrist supports since starting with oregano oil and no longer form ganglions. I LOVE IT!!!
wrist supports

Does anyone recommend a certain kind of wrist support to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?  It looks like there are so many to choose from.

Wrist pain
I have done/tried a lot of different keyboards/splints/gloves/trays ect.  The only thing that has made my wrists/hands stop hurting is a Kinesis keyboard.  I have the Advantage.  They are costly, but well worth every penny spent and your typing speed will increase once you get the hang of it.  I love mine.  They will pry it away from my cold hands one day.  Not giving it up ever. 
Wrist issues
Hi everyone!

I am having an issue with just my left wrist. It feels like it keeps locking up, and is pretty painful if I just let my hand dangle (like if you hold your arm out and relax your wrist so your fingers are going towards the ground). I only started working in April as an MT, and I am only 21. Do you think it could just be deconditioning or is it something I should get checked out? I don't have insurance right now so I really am trying to avoid a doctor's visit but I don't want to mess myself up permanently this young!

My wrist hurts sometimes....sm
And one time my elbow and all up my arm was hurting. I think I need to find some good wrist supports. I have bought 2 different pairs but I can't do the ones with the fingers on them. I need the ones that are just the wrist and no fingers.
wrist pain
anyone else out there has wrist pain at the end of their shift
Wrist pain
Mine burn like they are on fire all the time from my elbows down to my hands. I take Advil and get acid reflux. My back . .. hurts all the time. I feel like I'm 90!
RE: Wrist pain
When you have burning a nerve is involved. Have you tried Alpha lipoic acid? It is a supplement which can be purchased at wally world, etc. and it not too expensive. I use it all the time for burning in my leg (had back surgery). I take it twice a day. Also I take B6 for carpal tunnel. The doc said to take up to 400 mg per day. It does help me and kept me from having to have carpal tunnel surgery for a few years. I still take it for the left wrist thought. Hope this helps you.
wrist pain
I used to have wrist pain years ago and thought I would not make it in this job. A hand therapist at the hospital I worked for evaluated my typing position and told me to be sure my keyboard was not tilted and was flat on the desk, and that my hand/fingers were level with the wrists, and the wrists were level with the elbows (90-degree angle); therefore, the lower arm including hand/fingers should be straight (not angled upward or downward) and level with the keyboard. This was awkward at first but amazingly, by the end of my first day, I actually had no more wrist pain or even shoulder pain.
Probably the same broken foot pedal I had sent to me TWICE! I packed it up myself, and got it back
again in my box, unopened!!  Good luck.  Not a good start, which I guess you are already sensing!
Other than it really is broken a lot, you cannot make a decent line count on it.
It is a horrible disorganized program that is not user friendly like some of the other ones i have had. Sound quality has to be the worst of any company there is. Tech support is nonexistant for at least 6 hours to 6 days. Pay is horrible, especially if you get stuck on editing an account (about 4 cpl) Happy bankrupcy
RE: Other than it really is broken a lot, you cannot make a decent line count on it.
Your opinion is not shared by many who work at Transcend. I personally get all the lines I need using BeyondTXT and I think it is a great platform for transcribing or editing, and I do both, and believe me I have never gotten close to starving. Editing compensation is 60% of transcribing line rate by the way and my compensation is not 4 cpl as you so erroneously posted.
I taped my broken tapes back in the days.
Anyone know who sells wrist braces...

for relief?  I have a few but have gained weight, so need one for a "fattier" arm. 



What is the advantage of having the wrist pad detachable?
I wear wrist supports,

and with the wrist rest attached it puts my fingers/hands/wrists at an angle that isn't comfortable for me. 

I had read that resting wrist on something can
wrist supports like crafters

use, i.e. women who do a lot of crochet work have some elastic stretch wrist supports.  I used them once when I was pretty new to typing 8 hours at a time when my hand muscles were weak and my fingers had a mind of their own.  I haven't used them for years, but I did like them.  I thought to try these out http://www.scriphessco.com/itemdetail.asp?cat=313106&MENU=313106&item=705+0002   Also note that pain in the hands can be caused by pressure on the ulnar nerve (right under the elbow at the forearm) eventually, which can be relieved by using a down-feather filled pad you can make yourself (not goose feather, but actual goose down).  I know one gal who had her ulnar surgical relocated. 

There are other things to look out for, like pain in the hips, lower back, neck, shoulders, ....

Keep track of me via E-mail if you like. 

Advice to YOU..1st learn to spell before insulting poster and trying to give advice...sm

Replacing broken tapes, printing?, gas costs...gotta
Wrist splints for carpal tunnel....
Go to your local drug store and purchase the best pair available and then wear them nightly faithfully.  They help tremendously!  (At least me, but everyone's different...)  
i use cockup wrist splints at night.
it really helps, uncomfortable, but by morning, they feel better.