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Many of us agree that it is worthless...

Posted By: UTMT on 2006-10-10
In Reply to: This is your opinion only. - CMT-me

Very few companies pay more for being a CMT.  The so-called "credential" is not valued nor recognized by MOST healthcare facilities as well as individual doctors.  This is not just an opinion, but it is a FACT based on research with which I am currently involved.  (Whether a CMT differential is paid is only one small bit of information collected).

Also, you said, "...The name change came to be to allow others who work in the industry access to the association should it be their wish to join.  Previously those people had been excluded."

Those wishing to join who had previously "been excluded" are not American MTs.  It is common knowledge that the AAMT will collect a dollar wherever they can, including from off-shore MTs that are running the industry into the ground through both poor quality and accepting sub-par pay.

Taking "American" out of the name is very fitting. 

The AAMT had NEVER been a true representative of American MTs.  Even the BOS is simply a money maker.  It could be very useful.  However, arbitrarily changing some of the most basic rules of grammar by putting those new "rules" in a book is ridiculous.  By what authority does someone just CHANGE grammar rules???  Now that two editions of the BOS are published, you can be sure someone is working on changing more rules to enable a third edition to come out.

Hogwash!  AAMT, BOS...all pure HOGWASH. 

Maybe some here should get together, form an MT organization, decide to publish a book with our own new set of grammar and other rules, make up a test (and even charge to take the beta version), and issue a "credential" to those who pass. 

That would be exactly what the AAMT has done. 

Unfortunately, some online schools push the CMT until all their new grads think it is the coolest thing on wheels.  Only when they get a bit of real-world experience do they realize (hopefully) that they wasted their money.  Oh, and now while they wiat two years before they can sit for the CMT, they have the RMT (equally useless) so they can donate to the AAMT early on.

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How is it that my opinion is worthless
and yours is always the only opinion that is right? Everyone has a right to say what they want. If you don't like it, then don't respond. People could say the same about your 2 cents. You think you know everything, but you sound like a Fat Sajak most of the time. See ya later B-town.
You are so right - it's basically worthless
Once upon a time....I was a cheerleader for this organization. I was a local and state chapter board member, committee chairperson, worked in the ranks. We went to meetings in other states to support out colleagues. We held big symposiums that took a lot of planning and attendees gained CECs. The national group from AAMT was never supportive of the local or state chapters -- it was all about their presence and money. They never listened to our members' concerns or delegates/members views. National had an agenda and the rank and file were not a part of their plans.
Take note that many many productive chapters have folded over the years. There was a time when AAMT was very anti on-line presence.
AAMT sold us down the river, as someone else said. Previous national board members were very involved with training and providing work off-shore, under cutting bids for work, at a time when they were hiding these facts. Many of them were never in the trenches and they were more concerned with corporate politics than the working MTs.
As for the CMT credential, that's a personal choice, but most of us never saw any benefit, and it was not cost effective. It's another way for AAMT to make money.
.... and the list goes on.
If you are already an MT, school is worthless
I have been an MT for nearly 10 years, OJT for me, as well, and I can tell you, I have never felt the need to go to school to get a piece of paper that tells people what I already know... I'm good at my job. The only thing that might possibly get you a better paying job is certification. If I was going to waste a year on studying something I already know, it would be for that. If I owned an MTSO, I would take a veteran MT who had OJT over a newly-schooled MT anyday. Give yourself some credit!
TL is a do nothing, worthless added layer of
management to make some people think they are more important than they really are.  Most of them know jack-sh** about anything, are just company pets and get paid to be a PITA.  
Money is worthless in that kind of disaster.
Then that makes the "wonderful" features of IT worthless.

IT takes so long to get used to using that increase is production you may eventually get is not enough to cover for the money you lose while trying to learn the program.  If you have to memorize everything, you might as well use Autocorrect. 

Shorthand is much better and easier to use. 


This kind of post is worthless without reasons. nm
Forget the worthless AAMT certification
It will help you a lot more in the long run.
If you want to sue, you MUST have damages to sue for. GO to the DOCTOR or a suit is worthless.

I've seen enough Judge Judy (I love her, too!) to know this. If you have no damages, you get no money. With no PROOF of damages, you basically have no damages.

You would need to take pictures of any scrapes and bruises that you have as a result of being dragged, falling, the leash pulling you, etc. You also need a doctor's report.  A judge won't just take your word that you were hurt. Good luck!

Never heard of RMT. In my experience, CMT is worthless in the job market.
I have a 100% discount for you. Don't take the test! It's worthless as is the association be

...counter not working... does that make them worthless?
Thanks DeeAnn, that link helped confirm what I thought. Neither of the counters are working on these two machines. Everything else is (tone,speed, etc. adjustments), peddle, power and headsets are all fine. Just no counters. Out of curiosity, do the counters not working tremendously devalue them? The neighbor was offering to give me one of three machines if I'd sell the two remaining ones, hence my involvement and interest. I've wondered about getting into MT (lord knows I can't handle full-scale court reporting school but am quick to learn, fast on keyboard and diligent though I need to sharpen grammar and proofing a bit). I was going to ebay these but with broken counters not sure what they are potentially worth, if too low then he may not want to part with anything. Otherwise, I'd go ahead... Refurbs are outrageously expensive but say around $50 each unit - is that asking too much? Opinions?
Hahaha You mean a wooden nickel -- worthless! Hahaha
Agree, agree, agree! Just listen to Benny Hinn..

he speaks perfect English, especially when asking for money!  Also, in my opinion, blanks should be left in the doc's dictation if not able to be transcribed, maybe then they will know that are NOT understood.  With QA fixing them, what need is there for them to care if we understand them or not? 

I agree with you....

I mean afterall there is no evidence that she is dead.  From the beginning I thought they were guilty and I still think that Joran knows something (not saying it was an intentional murder-- probably an accident)  The biggest thing that plays on my mind is why did they lie in the beginning if they were innocent.  I believe that they were covering up for something.  There have been theories that she went for a swim and drowned but there has been absolutely no trace of her.  No shoes, handbag, nothing, which leads me to believe that everything was gathered up and taken somewhere. 

I feel for the family but they need to let the Arubans do their job abiding their own laws.  I know the mother has said she will stay until she finds Natalee but you can't live in Aruba forever.

I agree....

I think you have to blame Natalee herself before you blame the chaperones.  What was she thinking going in a car w/ three strangers in a foreign country???  And also, what about her friends.. what were they thinking letting her go to the bar or leaving the bar alone?  Back when we were in college and were on spring break or just bar hopping in this country..... you NEVER let your friend go off w/ some strange guys.  That is just common sense.

I agree!
It is stated above, "I wouldn't give my daughter 2 cents towards a trip to Aruba at age 18. There's only one reason to go to an island like that, to drink."

Thank you! Me either!

I feel awful for this girl and her family. I really do. But no way in Jerusalem would I have allowed my 18-year-old son OR daughter to go to Aruba (which is a colony of the Netherlands, where pot is legal and who knows if there's any regulation on alcohol).

An 18-year-old is in no way socially savvy or emotionally prepared to be turned loose in a strange place with very loose laws and be expected not to get into some kind of a situation that he/she is in no way prepared to handle.


I really hope they find this poor girl, but it's not looking good.
I agree - for all we know
they could have taken out a second mortage on their home to finance this "vacation".
I agree with you...
besides if I sat all day and typed an American doctor who dictated in monotone speech I'd be sleeping by 10 a.m. I look forward to the challenge of transcribing the ESL's every day..it makes our jobs more rewarding!
I agree
I do agree with that...

Evil does exist no matter where you go and my post was meant in no way disrespectful to you or your opinion (I hate it when a flaming war starts like the ones above).  I just know how one seemingly insignificant comment can start a whole line of growing misinformation...  Kinda like that game we probably all played as kids..telephone or whatever 

I did not hear about the comment of America being the Great Satan, that is interesting, I am going to have to check that one out! 


IN some cases we did, but do you really think the Indians didn't do the same?  There is a myth about indigenous peoples on any continent being "noble savages," but in truth, there were warring thieving tribes among the Indians here who leeched off the peaceful tribes before the Europeans got here.  Lying and cheating are not exclusively European virtues.

I still say they need to get over it.  We spend way too much time in this country talking about mistreatment and ills of the past - we need to spend more time and energy on building a future for the children and grandchildren we say we love so much.  The best way to give them a successful, peaceful future is to let go of our resentments and choose to love our children more than we love our grudges.

I agree with you (sm)
it takes a village to produce a perfect report! LOL! I embrace the feedback from QA, both positive and negative.  And I make notes and try not to make the same mistake twice.  Life is a learning process, anyways.  The day I stop learning, I guess will be the day I die!
don't think so, i agree, it is a
I don't agree.
We get a lot of local coverage, but what about national coverage like on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc.? Every single news network has been focused on this one single incident on just about every show from 7 to 11 p.m. for months.  Nancy Grace gives a 30-second blip in her missing person segment, but the majority of her hour-long show is devoted to the Holloway case.  Look at all the help that was donated to the search effort in the Holloway case because of media attention and contrast that to the help that could be focused on other cases in addition (not instead of) had they received the same saturation of news coverage.  It's not a generalization, it's an actuality.
I agree
Yes I agree with both of you Joran was involved.  I think it was drug related probably not to her knowlege, an accident or something and then they panicked and did whatever they did.  When you hear that the father actually said, "No body, no case", that sends off bells to me.  My fear is they know she will never be found, and he will just do his 116 days in jail or whatever, and her parents will never have any closure.  Sad.  I hope we are all wrong.  I hope she shows up somewhere like Elizabeth Smart, no matter how traumatized, it can be dealt with.  However, I still don't think it is fair to all the other parents with missing children who cannot get their story on CNN for 3 hours a night, not for even a minute.  That has to be a plight worse than hell, not knowing; and thank God I don't know how it feels and hope I never will.
I agree with almost everything you said except for
the fact that you don't think our work impacts patient care. I have to disagree with that one. So many times the things that we transcribe are read and re-read to help those giving direct patient care a better understanding of what is going on with their patient (I used to be a nurse and quite often read previous transcriptions). While we are not directly involved in patient care, we do have an impact on their care. Anything that is placed in the chart has an impact on the care because if we transcribe something incorrectly (which we all do)whether it be MR#, wrong med, whatever and nobody catches it then it becomes a part of the record and may be referred to many more times down the road.

I do agree that a lot of transcriptionists would be happier if paid by the hour with incentive bonuses for QA and/or production, but like you said, that is not likely to happen.

I am glad that we can get on this board and discuss our different opinions with others. Sometimes it gets a little lonely working at home and it helps to know other people's insight into different things.
I have to agree...
Degree in advertising and marketing and promotion and choosing to do MT. How pitiful is that?
I agree

I can do 1800-2000 lines a day, so 1000 is a piece of cake.

I agree
On of my good friends is trying to get pregnant now and she thinks becoming an MT at home is going to be easy. She is planning on taking the education direct MT program. I told her, she better know what she is doing.

I doing all the research I can, so I won't make a big mistake.

After reading the posts I don't think it's worth it. I feel I can be a better mother to my child if I continue to work outside the home now. Like a pp said being home physically isn't enough, you need to be their for your children emotionally and mentally. At least once I leave my office, my work stays there and I can give my attention to my baby.

You all have helped so much!!!

Have to say I agree with you
Luckily, I didn't have to do it at home part time, but I had a job away from the home during the day, and worked at home typing in the evenings and weekends.  I had 3 kids to raise by myself with no help, so I did what I had to do to make ends meet.  But I know they felt neglected when I was at home, and "always working."  Luckily, they grew up okay, but it was hard, and there is always the guilt of "always working".  I remember them saying those words very clearly.
I actually agree with you. What gets me is SM
when people in this situation go on to make things infinitely worse by having two, three, or MORE kids. Get some common sense, people! It's bad for the kids, and the rest of us are sick of being expected to pay (literally and otherwise) for your mistakes!
Agree you should get it all. Sorry she had a stroke, but you are working your butt off to keep her afloat.
yes, I agree

That is what I am working on, keeping at it.  Hard right now for me with 3 kids at home and in my face sometimes.  But only 1 month till school.  Ahhhhh, cant wait!  Still, I find that after my 1000, I start to dwindle a bit.  I want 2000 a day, so that is my goal I am working towards.  Have to find ways to motivate myself. 

I also strongly agree with you about the attitude component.  That plays a major role in our jobs.  With changes coming on board at my company, I find the better the attitude, the better it all goes for me. 

I agree - sm
Career Step is the BEST I have found in my research, and have had the best luck with girls coming fresh out of that course and training them... diamonds in the rough, and they were OUTSTANDING!  It is a course you do on your OWN, so if you are successful in the course in managing time and focusing, then you will do well as an MT.... just realize we all SUCK at first... it is experience that makes the MT....  Don't take constructive criticism to heart, USE it to the best of your ability.  I have been a mentor, and OSi actually has great mentors for "newbies"....   Good Luck.... and let me know if you need any help or have any questions....  Bobbie
Unfortunately, I have to agree with you on this one.
American customer service people over the phone, who probably think they are too good for the job they are doing and feel the need to take it out on me by being short, condescending, and sometimes nasty on the phone.  The Indians are very cordial, friendly and patient and are grateful to help. 
Yes, I agree.
and MTStars being watched more closley for this damage control because it pop ups on the first page of Google and Yahoo for keyword: Medquist.


Oh, I agree with ya, except....

I have to look up every single lab test that she abbreviates (incorrectly) because our account does not allow for ANY abbreviations (for this reason, I guess).  She has listed over 37 different lab tests in this report and half of them she abbreviated incorrectly.  I have to look them all up in Stedman's path...if not in Stedman's path then in Stedman's abbreviations, and then if not in Stedman's abbreviations on google or path sites.  I spent over 2 hours on this one 27-minute report. 

I normally love the long, meaty reports especially if they're OPs.  But this woman obviously didn't know what she was doing...and the worst part is that she isn't new.  She does this all the time.  I cringe when I see her name show up in my job list, which it usually does about every 5 months and then 10 jobs in a row.  So I'll probably spend all 8 hours on just her 10 reports and be lucky to make 800 lines.  Yeeehaww.

Well put. I agree...
I am an instructor at a career college. We dropped the MT program 2 years ago. (I still teach medical terms, but now I teach medical assistant students.)The program was dropped because we couldn't place new graduates, and it was clear that the field was headed in a different direction--not only VR, but also overseas outsourcing. That was a wake-up call to me. I'm still in the MT business as a QA specialist and consultant, but I have expanded my editing skills to include legal clients, and I also do freelance proofreading for a magazine. I applaude your decision to earn a bachelor's degree. Good luck in your new field.
I agree
I was never sure why it mattered so much if an MT in Kansas or Bangalore saw that I had gallbladder surgery. I am more concerned that these people either in US or foreign countries have access to Social Security numbers, which I still see plenty on reports that I type. Also there may be concerns about some conditions finding their way to potential employers or insurers.
I agree.
I think it would be nice to have a method in place for MTs to test and reinforce their skills, but this CMT thing sounds like a ripoff. A whole lot of noise signifying nothing except some bucks in someone else's pocket.

Sort of like AAMT.

AMEN~! I have seen that too and it makes me want to grab the kid myself, but I would rather spank the mother!!
I agree...it's so sad.
agree 100% (nm)
I agree

I've read your post and Sandra's, and I agree with Sandra.  I would not want you typing my medical records or those of my family, I can certainly tell you that.  Lord only knows what would end up on there.


(Amy would type:  The patient had a right knee "baloney" amputation.) 

I agree
There have been numerous discussions regarding food, what's for dinner, crock pot recipes for the last couple days and this is the first to get censored ?????
I agree
I was really blown away by the informative people and the kind way this information was accepted. Go to all of you. Thanks for listening to all of us who work for a better world through information.
I agree but
I had to get that off my chest.  I believe that rude people should somewhat be held accountable for their actions just like everyone else.  I think that she should be banned from here for a while.  There should be guidelines to posting.
I agree.
Try VLC instead.