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You are so right - it's basically worthless

Posted By: txmt on 2006-02-15
In Reply to: A used drug book is basically not worth much - Laurie


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How is it that my opinion is worthless
and yours is always the only opinion that is right? Everyone has a right to say what they want. If you don't like it, then don't respond. People could say the same about your 2 cents. You think you know everything, but you sound like a Fat Sajak most of the time. See ya later B-town.
Many of us agree that it is worthless...

Very few companies pay more for being a CMT.  The so-called "credential" is not valued nor recognized by MOST healthcare facilities as well as individual doctors.  This is not just an opinion, but it is a FACT based on research with which I am currently involved.  (Whether a CMT differential is paid is only one small bit of information collected).

Also, you said, "...The name change came to be to allow others who work in the industry access to the association should it be their wish to join.  Previously those people had been excluded."

Those wishing to join who had previously "been excluded" are not American MTs.  It is common knowledge that the AAMT will collect a dollar wherever they can, including from off-shore MTs that are running the industry into the ground through both poor quality and accepting sub-par pay.

Taking "American" out of the name is very fitting. 

The AAMT had NEVER been a true representative of American MTs.  Even the BOS is simply a money maker.  It could be very useful.  However, arbitrarily changing some of the most basic rules of grammar by putting those new "rules" in a book is ridiculous.  By what authority does someone just CHANGE grammar rules???  Now that two editions of the BOS are published, you can be sure someone is working on changing more rules to enable a third edition to come out.

Hogwash!  AAMT, BOS...all pure HOGWASH. 

Maybe some here should get together, form an MT organization, decide to publish a book with our own new set of grammar and other rules, make up a test (and even charge to take the beta version), and issue a "credential" to those who pass. 

That would be exactly what the AAMT has done. 

Unfortunately, some online schools push the CMT until all their new grads think it is the coolest thing on wheels.  Only when they get a bit of real-world experience do they realize (hopefully) that they wasted their money.  Oh, and now while they wiat two years before they can sit for the CMT, they have the RMT (equally useless) so they can donate to the AAMT early on.

Once upon a time....I was a cheerleader for this organization. I was a local and state chapter board member, committee chairperson, worked in the ranks. We went to meetings in other states to support out colleagues. We held big symposiums that took a lot of planning and attendees gained CECs. The national group from AAMT was never supportive of the local or state chapters -- it was all about their presence and money. They never listened to our members' concerns or delegates/members views. National had an agenda and the rank and file were not a part of their plans.
Take note that many many productive chapters have folded over the years. There was a time when AAMT was very anti on-line presence.
AAMT sold us down the river, as someone else said. Previous national board members were very involved with training and providing work off-shore, under cutting bids for work, at a time when they were hiding these facts. Many of them were never in the trenches and they were more concerned with corporate politics than the working MTs.
As for the CMT credential, that's a personal choice, but most of us never saw any benefit, and it was not cost effective. It's another way for AAMT to make money.
.... and the list goes on.
If you are already an MT, school is worthless
I have been an MT for nearly 10 years, OJT for me, as well, and I can tell you, I have never felt the need to go to school to get a piece of paper that tells people what I already know... I'm good at my job. The only thing that might possibly get you a better paying job is certification. If I was going to waste a year on studying something I already know, it would be for that. If I owned an MTSO, I would take a veteran MT who had OJT over a newly-schooled MT anyday. Give yourself some credit!
TL is a do nothing, worthless added layer of
management to make some people think they are more important than they really are.  Most of them know jack-sh** about anything, are just company pets and get paid to be a PITA.  
Money is worthless in that kind of disaster.
Then that makes the "wonderful" features of IT worthless.

IT takes so long to get used to using that increase is production you may eventually get is not enough to cover for the money you lose while trying to learn the program.  If you have to memorize everything, you might as well use Autocorrect. 

Shorthand is much better and easier to use. 


This kind of post is worthless without reasons. nm
Forget the worthless AAMT certification
It will help you a lot more in the long run.
If you want to sue, you MUST have damages to sue for. GO to the DOCTOR or a suit is worthless.

I've seen enough Judge Judy (I love her, too!) to know this. If you have no damages, you get no money. With no PROOF of damages, you basically have no damages.

You would need to take pictures of any scrapes and bruises that you have as a result of being dragged, falling, the leash pulling you, etc. You also need a doctor's report.  A judge won't just take your word that you were hurt. Good luck!

Never heard of RMT. In my experience, CMT is worthless in the job market.
I have a 100% discount for you. Don't take the test! It's worthless as is the association be

...counter not working... does that make them worthless?
Thanks DeeAnn, that link helped confirm what I thought. Neither of the counters are working on these two machines. Everything else is (tone,speed, etc. adjustments), peddle, power and headsets are all fine. Just no counters. Out of curiosity, do the counters not working tremendously devalue them? The neighbor was offering to give me one of three machines if I'd sell the two remaining ones, hence my involvement and interest. I've wondered about getting into MT (lord knows I can't handle full-scale court reporting school but am quick to learn, fast on keyboard and diligent though I need to sharpen grammar and proofing a bit). I was going to ebay these but with broken counters not sure what they are potentially worth, if too low then he may not want to part with anything. Otherwise, I'd go ahead... Refurbs are outrageously expensive but say around $50 each unit - is that asking too much? Opinions?
So basically she herself is QA?
I do basically the same as you, but I will
as I type in Word, and this helps with not having to go back and read the entire document.  I find that if I notice it right away, correct it, then I can move on, and it also helps if I need to re-listen to the term or phrase.  I have also noticed where my auto correct did not expand correctly, and even though my final spell check would most likely pick this up, I tend to be a little more careful with that as well.  I am so afraid to go with an Expander because I'm sort of afraid I'll lose that "specialist" touch you speak of. 
They are basically just saying
we will make your transcription look good like she looks good.

I don't see what the big deal is. Sex/beauty sells everything lately. It's just the world we live in, unfortunately. Every commercial on TV almost has some type of sexual undertones to it and some very obvious.
Basically, yes and no.
That doesn't help much, does it?

They all pretty much perform the same functions, but some have different types of connectors that hook to the computer and/or equipment.

I've got 2...a USB that hooks to my computer, and one that hooks directly into a Dictaphone. I know some other pedals connect to game ports. Sometimes the software allows you to set up a variety of pedals with different connectors.
It is basically just something you have to
make yourself do. I learned this way as when I started as an MT we were on typewriters, so you had no choice.
I feel basically the same way sm
why waste their time, as well as mine, just to say, "Hey, I'm your new sup"! Come on, if you need a message to figure that out...well, I don't know what to say about that!  Anyways, you're right.  I don't need anybody holding my hand...that's why I work at home!
But you could basically try 50 lines per sm
report, and go with that.  That is a reasonable ratio with the differing times you sated.  Would add up to about 1250 lines, give or take different dictators, and the ways lines are counted.   Some dictators take FOREVER to dictate 7 mins, others breeze through 3 mins, with lot of lines.
Basically, it boils down to this....
Back in the day, we were seduced!

Now we're being raped.
I agree. I mean as an IC you basically pay
so many write-offs.  Hire a tax professional your first year to see what things you need to write off.  From then on out, a lot of ICs actually do their own.  Employee status simply means the employer withholds tax money, but they also have a lot more control over you as far as set hours and pay for that matter. 
I basically tell them I know nothing about that route (sm)
Like you I was an MT for 7 years or so before I ever had kids. And even then I did not have the chance to work at home, nor would I have wanted to, actually. IMO with our work, the choice, if you have high-need babies like mine, is either (a) ignore the kid and work or (b) work when they're sleeping. Which means I don't get to sleep like, at all, because I had babies who did not sleep much.

I would, and have, done what you did the drugstore clerk. You can't tell some people anything.

I personally have told people who asked me, "I wouldn't. You won't make enough money for the aggravation." I've also told them, "If that was your plan, you should have started 5 years ago so you had all that under your belt before you had kids." Depends on the circumstance and how hateful I'm feeling that day. (blush)
In theory, it's basically the same as the other
MSWord version; it just has all the bells and whistles.
It was basically an example of a post on there.

Everything should be checked out first, but just like you confirmed, there are local practices for each state that will post for MTs.  I found one myself but I guess I was too late because they never contacted me. 

Just trying to help... 

Absolutely, but basically because
It seems ANYONE thinks they can do it. Even those with atrocious spoken English who apparently slept through basic high school English classes and those who have no gift for spelling at all seem to think that if they can play hunt-and-peck on a computer keyboard, they can be an MT.

I reached the point long ago and when I they propose that godawful question, "How do I become a medical transcriptionist?," I give them the most blunt answer I can without being downright rude...

"Take some night classes in basic English and spelling, then you'll have to take a couple of classes in anatomy and medical terminology. That's just to start."

They lose interest quite quickly when they realize they'll have to exert some effort.
basically I agree
I think definitely industry was better before the BOS, when good MTs simply used good English skills and common sense. Some uniformity in the business was an okay concept, but too much of the "rules" make no sense, and changes at the association's whim. Like another said, it **severely** reduces productivity, which works against the patient, the hospital and the MT. I flat refused to pay any attention to it for years, after a hospital supvr told me some of the "rules" in it, and only when I had to for employment, finally got one and now use it.
MDI and Transcend both use basically the BOS rules
unless client requests something else.  Sounds more like one of Futurenet's nightmare accounts.  
I found basically the same thing - sm
Obstetrics/Gynecology (OB/GYN)
Dayton, OH Doug Moore
York, PA Roseann Freundel --- was on the Residency list in 04-2004. So she has probably completed her residency and has moved to another state/country by now. Also the hospital would have the records I would think, especially since a resident did the delivery. Good luck.

I basically was offered a position..
She said I did excellent on the test. She asked to let them know how many minutes I would want, FT or PT, which I did, and haven't heard a thing since.
Ditto. That's basically what I have told my DH too. - sm
As for those protesting they would not want the money, that is not practical. I would have nothing then other than his 401K (which is quite healthy) and any money from the house if I sold it and moved up to where my family is and where housing costs 2-3 x as much. So that is how my husbands life insurance would be used, which is only $350K, so after I would settle everything I would not have much left as it is. But w/o the insurance I'd be in a very BIG hole. That is why you get it, no its not pleasant to discuss but it is necessary especially when kids are involved. I hope he is around for a long time to come but the odds are against my husband most likely as he has lung and bladder cancer in his family, and some other things as well which will probably preclude him living a long life. I hope that is not the case of course, but it does not hurt to have your financial house in order in case one of you die and leave the other with kids. Even without kids, money is always helpful.
Follow all the same rules basically - sm
Don't let others use your computer, don't discuss any work in specifics (i.e. names, etc.) with anybody), keep work secure whether on your computer, printed out, etc., use secure or encrypted email/FTP if you email your work product, do not let others look over your shoulder while you work and read the report, etc. Just basic common sense stuff in order to keep the information private. Where I used to work had these conference call meetings and we would all log in via the internet and phone and have our HIPAA training every 6-12 months, was a pain in the butt, especially when they decided to stop paying us for the time we spent "attending" the mandatory meetings. HIPAA is not a big deal, as I said, it is mainly common sense.
Linking in radiology is basically when the
dictator dictates two separate exams under one requisition number and just linking the other exam with that number.

It's actually two reports dictated under one exam but you get paid for both exams by linking the second exam with the first. There are various ways to link a report depending on the software so I won't go into that.
Isn't editing basically proofreading!?!
Or do you just hit upload and that's how you get 650 an hour? Oh boy!
per diem is basically *as needed*, nm
I too believe it is a trend, basically to cut costs. As far as MQ, SM
I don't work for them, but honestly, from reading posts, seems like they were just bought out by a mad scientist who thinks up ways to drive people crazy. Sort of a game of how far can we drive people before they crack.
It's basically a type of Dictaphone
where you you dial into the hospital's dictating unit to pick up your dictation. It has to be programmed for your individual accounts.
You are correct, same as Bush basically. nm
I talked to H about it and he basically said the same thing.
The day is not over yet.  LOL. 
Another "weird" one. My Mom basically checked out as a grandma.
She had no use for kids, and never paid mine a bit of attention. She was rather fond of my oldest, but never really the younger 2. She had her own stuff going on. Well, we lived our separate lives without a lot of communication. She would send a card with $5 in it now and again for my oldest, signed "Fondly, Grandma". Whatever. Well, according to the people who were with her when she died, she lingered for a few days, and kept carrying on about what a rotten grandmother she had been to my oldest daughter. Never mentioned the other 2, but that's not the point of the story! Well, naturally, I never mentioned this to any of my kids, let alone my oldest. About 2 nights later, my oldest came to me and said she had the "weirdest" dream, and how real it seemed. She said my mother had called her on the phone, and they had this loooooooooong conversation, like catching up on stuff, and how grandma kept telling her over and over how sorry she was - that now she realizes what a bad grandma she was, but that she would make it up to her someday when we're all together again...I nearly fainted. I then told her the story that was told to me about my Mom's last days...
A used drug book is basically not worth much
in the long run - so many MTs waste their precious $$ on used resources. Particularly in the world of drugs/pharmacology, even a 1 year old drug reference is basically worthless. Unless you just want to be able to claim "you have one" for your company, its already long outdated. Best to buy the current editions, no matter if you can get a used one cheaper. You are defeating the entire purpose - having an up-to-date reference for your knowledge.
They are basically "sister" drugs. I am allergic
to naproxen, so cannot take ibuprofen now, as they are closely related. I would think if naproxen isn't helping, neither will ibuprofen. Try something unrelated like Tylenol?
I go to Changes, which is the same thing basically as Curves and I could tell soon after starting
and I felt better.  I believe you still have to walk or some other type of exercise and diet.  I lost 12 pounds the first month.  The reason I joined is because I do not want to lose a lot of weight and still look terrible.  The BUDDY system is the way to go with diet and exercise!!
Hi, Trying. You're basically right about the straight typing, I think. SM
But as eScription learns to handle the practitioners' dictation, the product you are presented with is more and more an already-typed document and your job is to edit that. Speedy fingers are still helpful, but production also depends on ability to read quickly, recognize and correct technical errors quickly (potassium 45 to 4.5) and decide on necessary grammar/punctuation changes quickly. I have the dictation speed pumped up as high as I can manage to drop in periods and caps and so on and still keep up with.

It will take a while for the practitioners and computer to get in the groove, though, and for some months the documents will come through in various degrees of mess, some good and some awful that you're just slogging through. During this period you guys are working to train the computer through your corrections feedback. The company I work for dealt with this by paying us full transcription rates for editing during the worst of this. Since editing production is a lot higher than transcription, though, the pay per line drops to reflect this. In our case, to half, but I still make more now because I can edit more than twice what I can type.

For that and for the work itself, I really like editing and would hate to go back to transcribing full time (a small percentage is still transcribing physicians who aren't willing to make the few adjustments needed to accommodate the computer's needs). And you're really fortunate in your hospital's choice because eScription/EditScript (the part you work with) is a wonderful program, easy to learn and work with. Best wishes. And have fun!
I've done it basically all and ops most of the time now and I really enjoy doing ops.
DS and H&Ps can be very sedative LOL  You do need to have a wider grasp of medical terminology and like Hayseed said, at least know your anatomy basics, and have your own resources and know how to use that provided on the internet, and not referring to Google (but that comes in handy once in a while when all else fails).  You have to be able to visualize as the doc is cutting away.  For example, cardiac anastomoses are like little tubes that have to be hooked up some way, side-to-side, end-to-side and so on.  When they cut out a specimen, you have to think of it as a nugget or chunk of meat that someone else is going to be looking at, so they have to orient this with a clip or a stitch here and there to let the pathologist know which side is what, which one has cancer the top, the side or the botton and so on.  Everything in the body is a bag, hose, tube and so on, so using common sense in typing this also helps a lot.
A TASP is basically a company that owns
your clients call in and dictate on their system, and you pay them usually based on the minutes of dictation.  That way you don't have to put out the money for a system of your own but you have access to a system.  Metroscript is one, Bytescribe has a TASP, and the owners of this site also have a TASP although I don't recall the name - but if they would like to post the name of it under my post that is fine with me.  There are others as well. 
I was at a job 2 weeks and qualified. I believe it is immediate, or basically, once you have a polic
Basically, if you get a dial tone, it's hooked up right. NM

add to that ASR, getting paid 1/2 for basically re-typing reports! nm
This is why I basically stay away from the message boards :(
So basically, your price for selling out is $5500.