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If you want to sue, you MUST have damages to sue for. GO to the DOCTOR or a suit is worthless.

Posted By: I love Judge Judy, too! on 2006-03-31
In Reply to: If you feel you need to be seen at ER, go. It will just make your case stronger. nm - Love Judge Judy

I've seen enough Judge Judy (I love her, too!) to know this. If you have no damages, you get no money. With no PROOF of damages, you basically have no damages.

You would need to take pictures of any scrapes and bruises that you have as a result of being dragged, falling, the leash pulling you, etc. You also need a doctor's report.  A judge won't just take your word that you were hurt. Good luck!

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liquidated damages
I just spent a year as a "newbie" Transcriptionist making 4 cents a line for the first 6 months, 5 cents a line for the last 6 months.  The girl I worked for, lets call her SHE, had a tendency to pay only every 2 to 3 months....and then it was only a 2-week paycheck.  The kicker?  When I quit I gave a 2-weeks notice, per request of the contract....but then I got mad and quit 1 week early.....but the contract stated "In the event that "me" fails to provide such notice, "me" agrees to pay SHE liquidated damages in the amount of $250 or any amounts owed to "me" from SHE at date of termination, whichever amount is greater.   As of the present date I am owed over $600.  There were monies from  May that I had never recieved.  So, if you should come across a contract like this, PLEASE say no.   I am now happily employed with a company that pays me every 2 weeks.  I am just happy in knowing God will be her judge someday.
good luck to you!! Do something about that truck..you are responsible for any damages unless you
it taken without permission (different than stolen).
How is it that my opinion is worthless
and yours is always the only opinion that is right? Everyone has a right to say what they want. If you don't like it, then don't respond. People could say the same about your 2 cents. You think you know everything, but you sound like a Fat Sajak most of the time. See ya later B-town.
You are so right - it's basically worthless
Many of us agree that it is worthless...

Very few companies pay more for being a CMT.  The so-called "credential" is not valued nor recognized by MOST healthcare facilities as well as individual doctors.  This is not just an opinion, but it is a FACT based on research with which I am currently involved.  (Whether a CMT differential is paid is only one small bit of information collected).

Also, you said, "...The name change came to be to allow others who work in the industry access to the association should it be their wish to join.  Previously those people had been excluded."

Those wishing to join who had previously "been excluded" are not American MTs.  It is common knowledge that the AAMT will collect a dollar wherever they can, including from off-shore MTs that are running the industry into the ground through both poor quality and accepting sub-par pay.

Taking "American" out of the name is very fitting. 

The AAMT had NEVER been a true representative of American MTs.  Even the BOS is simply a money maker.  It could be very useful.  However, arbitrarily changing some of the most basic rules of grammar by putting those new "rules" in a book is ridiculous.  By what authority does someone just CHANGE grammar rules???  Now that two editions of the BOS are published, you can be sure someone is working on changing more rules to enable a third edition to come out.

Hogwash!  AAMT, BOS...all pure HOGWASH. 

Maybe some here should get together, form an MT organization, decide to publish a book with our own new set of grammar and other rules, make up a test (and even charge to take the beta version), and issue a "credential" to those who pass. 

That would be exactly what the AAMT has done. 

Unfortunately, some online schools push the CMT until all their new grads think it is the coolest thing on wheels.  Only when they get a bit of real-world experience do they realize (hopefully) that they wasted their money.  Oh, and now while they wiat two years before they can sit for the CMT, they have the RMT (equally useless) so they can donate to the AAMT early on.

Once upon a time....I was a cheerleader for this organization. I was a local and state chapter board member, committee chairperson, worked in the ranks. We went to meetings in other states to support out colleagues. We held big symposiums that took a lot of planning and attendees gained CECs. The national group from AAMT was never supportive of the local or state chapters -- it was all about their presence and money. They never listened to our members' concerns or delegates/members views. National had an agenda and the rank and file were not a part of their plans.
Take note that many many productive chapters have folded over the years. There was a time when AAMT was very anti on-line presence.
AAMT sold us down the river, as someone else said. Previous national board members were very involved with training and providing work off-shore, under cutting bids for work, at a time when they were hiding these facts. Many of them were never in the trenches and they were more concerned with corporate politics than the working MTs.
As for the CMT credential, that's a personal choice, but most of us never saw any benefit, and it was not cost effective. It's another way for AAMT to make money.
.... and the list goes on.
If you are already an MT, school is worthless
I have been an MT for nearly 10 years, OJT for me, as well, and I can tell you, I have never felt the need to go to school to get a piece of paper that tells people what I already know... I'm good at my job. The only thing that might possibly get you a better paying job is certification. If I was going to waste a year on studying something I already know, it would be for that. If I owned an MTSO, I would take a veteran MT who had OJT over a newly-schooled MT anyday. Give yourself some credit!
TL is a do nothing, worthless added layer of
management to make some people think they are more important than they really are.  Most of them know jack-sh** about anything, are just company pets and get paid to be a PITA.  
Money is worthless in that kind of disaster.
Then that makes the "wonderful" features of IT worthless.

IT takes so long to get used to using that increase is production you may eventually get is not enough to cover for the money you lose while trying to learn the program.  If you have to memorize everything, you might as well use Autocorrect. 

Shorthand is much better and easier to use. 


This kind of post is worthless without reasons. nm
Forget the worthless AAMT certification
It will help you a lot more in the long run.
Never heard of RMT. In my experience, CMT is worthless in the job market.
I have a 100% discount for you. Don't take the test! It's worthless as is the association be

...counter not working... does that make them worthless?
Thanks DeeAnn, that link helped confirm what I thought. Neither of the counters are working on these two machines. Everything else is (tone,speed, etc. adjustments), peddle, power and headsets are all fine. Just no counters. Out of curiosity, do the counters not working tremendously devalue them? The neighbor was offering to give me one of three machines if I'd sell the two remaining ones, hence my involvement and interest. I've wondered about getting into MT (lord knows I can't handle full-scale court reporting school but am quick to learn, fast on keyboard and diligent though I need to sharpen grammar and proofing a bit). I was going to ebay these but with broken counters not sure what they are potentially worth, if too low then he may not want to part with anything. Otherwise, I'd go ahead... Refurbs are outrageously expensive but say around $50 each unit - is that asking too much? Opinions?
We are not threatening a suit,
These people stole our lines, we earned way less than the federal minimum wage, and we want our money. I could have earned more money at McDonald's!!! Just FYI, not meant to be rude to you.
No suit here, sad sack...
Hey, ME (how original...)- if it's been awhile since you've been there, who could you know anything? I like where I work, and many of my friends do as well. We could all stand to make more money, but I know for a fact I'm making more bank than 90% of you out there, just based on my speed and accuracy and the amount of lines I average. I used to work a FT job AND a PT job and didn't make combined what I make here! You just have to know your stuff, be disciplined at home and good at what you do. Sounds like you were lacking all the way around. Let me guess- you are now an IC, riight? Why- no one would have you? Oh, you like your FREEDOM, riiight...while you are enjoying your freedom, which is just saying you don't have enough work to keep you off the boards all day, I'm putting out about 2K lines a day at a top line rate too. The few times I call in they've been nice (never met any of them though), and they are always sending me thank you notes and stuff. You enjoy your "time off"- I got vacations to pay for! If you want to come back, email me. I'll get a referral bonus!
Sorry we cant be Ayran and hairless enough to suit you.
It is not a class action suit as of yet
It is not certified class action because MQ filed for the proceedings to be held in NJ with all the other law suits. Therefore, this is stalling the certification of the suit to class action. They have received numerous calls over the checks.

Of course they cannot offer legal advise as they are not representing all MQ MTs as of yet, it is still the original 3 that filed, but I don't think it would be wise to cash it. That is just me. I know there are those that will disagree and call me names, but thats my two cents.
You can customize IT to suit your typing needs

You can customize IT to better suit your needs.

For marker selection, you can select what marker keys you would like to use from a list of options in Instant Text. Right-click on the phrases advisory and go to Options and Marker Selection. There, you can select what word marker and phrase markers you would like to use.

You can also adjust the visual feedback. If you find the advisory lines difficult, you may want to start off with using just a few advisory lines. To change the advisory lines temporarily, right-click on the words advisory and select the number of lines you wish to have. To set up the number of advisory lines to a permanent number, you can do so in the Linking Options.

You can also work with zero visual feedback if you like. Simply hit "Alt-"  (thatís ALT and the "-" hyphen key) to hide IT's visual feedback.

You may want to try to do straight typing for X amount of hours per day and just use IT for an hour or two and slowly build-up your time each day.

You can always email the Instant Text tech support if you need any help.

I was in a class action suit once & got $600
I'd hit mine just getting in my bathing suit. nm
For that amt of $, I'd be filing suit. I can't believe you're going to

I was involved in a class action suit
against PayPal, probably 2 years ago, haven't seen a penny.  I was in a class action suit another time, can't remember who, and I did get some $$, I think about $15.00.   I don't initiate anything, just get e-mails or letters about them. 
pufting on flarme retardant suit sm
Professionalism is an attitude, not a particular vocation.

The collective bantering on this board is the kind of thing that, to me, denigrates MT just as much as low wages and newbies coming in undercutting the rest of us.

I don't see very many MTs with a good attitude. I am no different, and, therefore, I'm getting out. Big old red flag when I can't even talk nicely to others in my profession. Plain and simple. Do I have a ton of resources? NO. Do I make a ton of money that I can pull this off? NO. I am trying to be smart and patient about it.

What I read on this board truly depresses me. I see a bunch of negative, defensive, downtrodden, burned out people.

I know PLENTY of professionals in PLENTY of other fields who have made the decision to work at home, or work part time, because their family is EQUAL priority to their careers. They do not appear to have a priority problem to me, nor do I think they care any less about what they do. They have made tough decisions, made some challenging sacrifices, and have a LOT of discipline.

If proven fraud, will you file suit against her?
Hhhmm, and what color suit are you wearing
changing verbs to suit nouns
I do, I do !!!
I think they will see these newbies run faster and harder than we ever did if something doesnt suit.
Okay, I hate to be the one to scream law suit, but this reeks of discrimination.

I would seriously check out the descirmination laws in your state because that is exactly what this is....  Oh as a Large and Lovely girl myself, I am furious along with you.  Okay not that I would ever want to work for a company who had the moral ethics of a flea, but they need to learn that they cannot treat people like this.   Man the nerve..  



File a suit i Small Claims Court! -nm
Who gets tired of changing verbs to suit the noun?

If I hear this one more time, I will scream.  "There is no masses." 

Yep, I say a combo suit with the landscapers! And the baby pool owner!!

Sounds to me like a class action law suit just waiting to happen! nm
could it have to do with the class action law suit, my credit card company did that once...
they sent me a check of some money they supposedly owed me because someone filed a class action suit regarding their not posting monies received the same day and therefore charging people late fees, etc.  I got like $3.46 for something or other. 

perhaps it was a class action suit that was filed, and then of course MQ would have to go back and pay any monies due to everyone regarding the line-count discrepency issue.

maybe I am way-off, but if it is on the QT, that could be why.  once they pay you off, they are no longer liable, right?.

anyone else have any ideas?
Call your doctor - this is not a doctor forum! nm
You know the difference between God and a doctor? God doesn't think he's a doctor. nm
Talk about blowing smoke! No one, not one MQ MT has "joined" the class action suit.
Its not even up to that point yet.  We will be notified and given the legal options via the legal system. So, if you claim you "joined it", you joined nothing - just gave your name to the laywers. Nothing more, so get over yourself.  If there is nothing more to pursue after discovery, you won't be joining anything!
Work in a hospital and no one cares about quality, unless there is a malpractice law suit involved.

All anyone worries about is quantity.  The work is terrible and the only time anyone even acknowledges it is when a doctor is being sued.   When my son was operated on I had to marked his leg in permanent marker before surgery because left/right get mixed up so much.  You can tell reports that comes from India and my supervisor sits there and laughs with us.  Due to the "freeze" we haven't had raises in over 5 years.  


I think by pant suit we all meant slacks, blouse, and a matching jacket, not the actual (sm)
one-piece pantsuit (read:  Brady Bunch!) from the 70s.  Thanks for all your replies.  Very helpful.
Hahaha You mean a wooden nickel -- worthless! Hahaha
I was going to say unless you were the original 3 brave souls named on the original suit.
I still had heard lately that no one else, not one person, had been allowed to join in, so you must be in a separate class??
If you are employee, unless suit against your employee
otherwise the posts on here as far as I can see telling it like it is. I think a lot of the posts are so young they just donít have a clue as to what it means to be an employee. You do as your employee wants (I am talking reason now, not stupidity as far as sexual advances, etc) or else you find another company that fits your personality better. You do not confront, you do not tell your employee no, that is their job, not yours. This is such a simple thing for people who have been in the work force for any period of time.
Maybe the doctor
usually sees people with superpowers.
What about the ED ones that say to see your doctor if you have, sm
an erection for over 4 hours. Now I quickly switch the channel if my child or my parents are in the room when those commercials come on.
I only have 1 doctor and 2 nurse practitioners who speak english - so I don't have to learn any foreign accents.
It isn't the doctor. They have to pay big $$ for
malpractice insurance, which is the main reason the visits are so high.   They also have huge college loans to pay off.  
Please, please go to the doctor
I actually had a doctor who
farted and then let out a huge sigh... Talk about gross.
Definitely tell your doctor...
Not to scare you, but just to be on the safe side. I am praying for you too!
This doctor
likes to go DUBADUBADUBADUBADUBADUBADO while he is thinking of what to say next.  It was funny at first, but 5 minutes in it is becoming very annoying!