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May I ask if the experienced people have been getting any replies to their resumes posted on here

Posted By: MT on 2005-07-28
In Reply to: go to Job Seekers board, ther is a link to add a resume-nm - Debra

within the past few weeks. Just curious as to what type of responses you have hda. Thanks much.

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Moderator, how do I view my resume I place on your job site. I dont see any new resumes posted when

I look on there and I did mine yesterday. Where can I see it. I did not come up with the list of resumes that seems to end in August.

Thank you to all replies - I posted the question. (sm)
It is very interesting and exciting to me to see the different degrees that are already earned and in the process of earning. It is very inspirational to me.

I certainly would be curious as to whether any of you intend to return to your educational field or continue with another degree in another area?!?!! Was/Is it difficult to find work you enjoy or find profitable in your area of study?!?!! Any advice about your specific field of education?!?!!!

Again, thank you to all!!
Go down this page a few dozen posts to where you posted this before. There are a few replies
Can anyone see the posts? People are posting replies. Wonder if it is everyone who is having probl
Other people have posted about the ad on the company board--
--but the posts were deleted. I'm not sure what's up with that.
I'm afraid if you posted anything on here, people will just start jumping -
down your throat. People on this board, unfortunately, are notorious for that. Hopefully, you are working for a better company now and not dealing with the MQ problems and accounts.
I have been advertising for an MT, but some of the resumes received are appalling. There will be misspelled words, incorrect word usage, etc.  I advertised for a few years experience and although these resumes show that they have the number of years required, there are still these types of errors.    Now, of course, for me I will not hire anyone with multiple errors in their resume. But, here is my question I guess, I will thank everyone for sending a resume once I have filled the position, but on some of these (and I cannot do all of them of course) that just need a few touchups, would you take the extra minute to let them know what they could do to improve their resume?  Not downgrading them by any means, but just let them know maybe what knocked them out of getting the position you had available or maybe just letting them know about the errors.  I would love opinions on this please but really more for can I help them or will it just tick them off?
I don't know about the resumes, but --sm
on this board, they keep a pretty good eye on things. and now since it has been questioned by someone, the administrator may just come out and tell us if it is a US computer address or not.

I just wish they would monitor the MQ board better, as the people on that one are really calling each other s*t*u*p*i*d and the like, and getting away with it. I have never seen such rude people as on that board! my goodness.
If you have ever pasted it on the actual site, it will automatically fill stuff in for you.  I have mine on a certain other job website, and when I click on a job to submit my resume it fills in everything for me. 
Polish up those resumes
I've been job hunting for a long time time searching for the right job. This week I got three job offers, plus my phone and emails are going on overload. Let the hiring begin.

Now's the time fellow MTs, everyone seems to be hiring!!
As a recruiter, it is nice to have the references already listed in the resume.
I don't think everything is caught - like the job resumes
with addresses like Mumbai, Hawaii.  Could it be a name, not a place?
14 cpl? are you still taking resumes?

Resumes "use caution" sm
i provided a little too much information in my resume to a company I did not know. That company had the "brass ones" to go after some of the accounts I used to service. I think one has to be very explicit as to what they have to offer, i.e., education, backgound (not too specific yet), willingness to test (that should tell them something)and not too much upfront or personal. I have a wonderful background and while testing online, I was thrown some curves by a company, such as showing me an anatomy chart with arrows pointing. What did they want? They were not clear, I could have answered in muscles, bones,tendons, areas of the body, etc., just blank black and white charts with arrows pointing at random is kind of irrelevant. Then before they let me finish the test, I received a message that I had "failed the test." These brainless idiots missed out and I really would not want any part of them anyway. I have received replies that I would "here" from others with the worst English language on the face of the earth in those replies. This testing stuff is for the birds. Either you know it or you don't -- you're not going to fake it to make it just to land a job with a company who tell you nothing about themselves but want to know everything about you. Beware of the wolves at your door! I've given my life to this field and now I want to work from home for someone like myself who gave their heart and soul to the business,and I will be willing to share my experience for the comfort of working from home. I will not work for some money-making jerks who don't care about the patients, just the almighty $$$. Too bad they only care about how they can "soak" their clients and kick good people to the curb.Too many inmantes are running the asylum. Be careful!
Question for MTSOs about resumes

Just curious... what is the preference of an MTSO when it comes to references..... would you prefer to have them listed in the resume or is it acceptable to have "Available upon request" on a resume. 

Thank you

AOL problems please resend resumes..sm

To anyone that applied for the radiology IC position posted a few days ago, if you sent a resume, or email, I did not get it. I have since found out that there is a problem with AOL for some reason on this site and no replies are coming through.  I have since reposted the ad with a different email server.

If you are still looking for IC radiology position, plenty of work guaranteed, do not over hire, please read the ad I reposted on the job board and send a resume.

I reply to all emails if you meet the requirements.




Resumes and filling out applications
Hi all, I'd like to know if any of you have run into the same problem as I have when filling out applications and what you did about it. I have, from time to time, left MT work and applied for other jobs outside the home. Over the last few years, I have worked for a few MT services for a short time. I don't even remember the dates that I started working for each one and stopped. Some were so short (a few months) because it didn't work out for some reason (job wasn't as described or some other reason). How do you handle something like that on an application? You don't want to appear as though you job hop, but you know as well as I do how some services are and you CAN'T stay any longer working for them. I'm at a loss now, how to handle this on a job application.

Thanks for any help or advice.
Thanks. I have already sent out like 11 resumes and tested with three of the places. I have only he
the woman told me she had just hired and to check back in 6 months.  I have also e-mailed five other companies to see if they were hiring.  I assume since I have heard nothing back from them they are not.  Thankfully the one I heard from was not a defnite no but I can't wait 6 months for a job either.  With times as they are I could use some extra income right now.  I guess I will keep looking and hope someone calls me soon.    
Next thing they will be using HSD on resumes and credits ---
high school dropout.

AA is absolutely a nothing degree. It means you took a year or 2 of education beyond getting your GED or graduating from high school.
Start sending resumes now

I'd start sending resumes now.  The way things seem to be going, it will take several months to get anything anyway, so don't delay.  Really try to pump up the good aspects of how you work - good accuracy, building speed, reliability to schedule, etc.  That may help when employers see that you've only been at it for 9 months.  You will find someone who will take a chance on you.

As to your other questions, there are so many variables, there's no one situation that works for most people.  A lot of people like being employees, but a lot of us like being IC.  Some people hate large corporations and others love them and would never think of working for a small company.

I know for my situation, it took a couple of tries until I found a situation that I think works for me.

If I were in your situation (and I have been) I'd send out resumes to every company that is advertising and even some that are not.  If a company is advertising and they want someone with 2 years or less, send them a resume or take their online test.  The worst that can happen is they say no, but you just might hit someone on a good day where they think you're worth talking to.

Good luck.

What a recruiter told me they look for on resumes
I was told when a job is posted, they literally get 100 resumes/applications.  When they go through them - they want to see exactly what kind of experience you have.  Not just specialties, neurology for example - but what type of reports, EMGs, EEGs, MRIs, CTs, etc.  What type of op notes?  This should be a little verbose.  Next they want to know what services you have worked for, paid by production, platforms used, and yes even the equipment that you currently have in your possession and ready to use.  This cuts down on the questions they have to ask you.  If you have already answered most of their questions on your resume, you probably go in the contact pile.  If your current and past MT employment is sketchy and verification information/dates is not offered, you probably go in the trash pile if they have enough qualified people to contact.  You can't just say I have been an MT for 10-20 years, a lot of people have.  Think of yourself as the recruiter and the information you would want to know.
Can someone tell me where you post your resumes on here. I dont see a place for them.
How would the info from our resumes be used for identity theft?
I guess I don't understand it. My social is not on my resume. Only my name and phone number and previous employers. How would one use this info to gain enough info to use my identity? I am just curious.
I would just start sending out resumes and posting
your resume on the various job boards.  I never had any MT training, but I have also been doing this for 20 years.  You might not get a job in acute care, but your experience should get you in the door. 
There's a link to post resumes on the Job Seeker's board. nm
I handle resumes/apps at my company and I would assume
If you note to me in your mail or on your resume next to the company name to not contact, I would have no problem whatsoever with that.

if you live among trashy people, low income people, people w/o goals or direction,
content to just get by, you by default become a part of a group. "people" have decided to group trailer people as trash. that is because there are enough people in that group to earn the title and even if you aren't trash, you are categorized by others. did i think i was trash in lower class neighborhood surrounded by people who drank and fought all weekend? no but i knew i wasn't staying and did not try to pretend that all the fools in the neighborhood were just nice folks who ended up where they were because high horse snobs deemed their neighborhood low class. people for the most part live exactly where they belong because they don't want to educate themselves, they don't mind "trash" around them and they don't want to be bothered trying just a bit hard to extract themselves from that world. they justify everything to themselves i guess saying everyone who doesn't like their lifestyle is a snob and the comedians (Jeff Foxworthy/Chris Rock, etc) who make fun of them are just ill-informed.

As for me, I fought hard to get out and don't even want to look back. It amazes me people stay for generations.
I understand - I handle resumes/apps for 2 large companies and it is
Part of me wants to play an HR advisor and give them a mini-course!

Not going to happen, however, because that is their sole responsibility - to present their best foot forward.

I think $.07, $.075, $.08, or $.085 are all way too low for experienced MTs.

I truly love interviewing with these companies, then trying not to spew coffee out my nose at the line rates offered.  Some of those rates were even for IC with no benefits or tax withholding.  I'm about ready to quit MT and let them offshore because rates have dropped so much since I started.  It's wonderful being offered the same rate to do ESLs and upper level work as what I made 10 years ago as a newbie.  It's getting to the point where you can't make a decent, honest living anywhere any more.

Well, that's what MQ does. If are not an experienced MT,
If you are experienced and don't have to SM
look a lot of things up, then the answer is macroing the daylights out of you machine. Macro just not large words, but medium and small words, such as "n" for "and" and "w" for "was", and so on. Try not to type anything out, if you don't have to.
I have also experienced that.
Did tell her that she might not have realized it but I felt there it sounded condescending and as our goal was to put out as perfect a product as possible, it was not helpful. Also told her that I appreciated constructive criticism as that would help us both.

Things did change. Sometimes I don't think they realize the importance of the way they phrase a sentence.
new MTs vs. experienced MTs

Dear MT Pundit,

Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts about experienced vs. new MTs.  I think you're right-on.  I see myself in the set-in-my-ways attitude sometimes.  I'm not speaking for anyone else, of course.  I can only speak for myself.  Change isn't easy for me, but I've tried very hard to adapt and think I'm doing okay.  This industry is changing fast and furiously, and if I want to stay in it, then I need to be able to go with the flow.  Otherwise, my job may well end up in India. 

Too experienced? sm
Looking for a little advice. While applying for MT jobs recently I have been told I am too experienced to "just transcribe" because they see that I have held supervisory and other positions in the industry - along with many years of actual transcribing experience. I realize these days about 8 cpl is the going rate and although I wish it were higher, I wouldn't apply to these postings if I wasn't willing to work for that rate. Just looking to supplement my income. I would hate to leave all this experience off my resume, but maybe I should? Any ideas for a different way to spin this?

If you are experienced, you don't need to
look at the keys, whether characters are there or not.
Experienced ICs, please help.

I am an experienced Transcriptionist but I have always worked as an employee.  I now have the opportunity to pick up a side account as an IC. 

I really need some help and guidance on how to create a contract and what needs to be in that contract.  Can someone please give me some advice?

Thanks In Advance!!

Even the most experienced MTs can
have trouble with new accounts. As long as your company has not said anything to you, don't sweat it.
experienced MT
Companies tend to want to hire newbies with the mindset that they can pay out cheaper. We all have to start somewhere, of course. Experience needs to continue to be worth something, including a deserved pay to go with it, and this notion seems to be whittling away...

In this profession, we all learn something new continuously.
I have experienced this...
before.  There are many clients who operate in a similar fashion.  If that's what they want, give it to them.  After all, they are paying for our services, right?
yes, dnh.... I am experienced

I have been doing this for 15 years.  Did my time in the office before going home and still learning every day. 

I feel that I am above average at what I do, in the past 11 years on my current job, not one QA audit below 98%.  I also have a 2nd job to make ends meet and in the past year, my monthly QA audits have been above 99%, twice at 100%.  The 2nd job is OPs only and paid less than the 1st job. 

I work a schedule at both!  I do not complain and take pride in what I do.  Of course I look things up.  I do not abuse QA.

Thanks for you advice about trying to find a job like yours that never posts ads because no one leaves.  That should help a fellow MT find a home. 

I am an experienced transcriptionist, and have no more need sm
to proof every word of every report that the doctors have a need to actually listen over to their own dictation.  Speed and quality go hand in hand in making a good MT.  If you don't have both, then you will never make any more and never have any confidence in your skills.  I think I already told you, above, that I have a QA score of 99.4.  Good enough for me. 
Everyone must pay their dues....we experienced MTs sm
worked in the office in the beginning of our career. I am not as old as one might think, 38 years old, but I started MT while still in high school in the 10th grade on a typewriter. I paid my dues many times over before I could have a career at home. I have to tell you, the experience and knowledge gained in that time is priceless. Yes, we learn something new every day, but in the office you have the doctors, nurses, OMs, and other MTs to offer their assistance. If you don't know a word or can't understand it, you go right to the doc himself. So, the next time you hear it, you know what the heck he/she was talking about. That is how you learn. Sorry to say it, but an office job or MT job in one specialty is where you should start. These schools tell you that you can work at home after you finish their course. That just is an outright untruth!

Just had to give my 10 cents worth.
Experienced MTs Needed
AccuStat Carolinas is seeking experienced MTs to work on many multispeciality accounts.  All MTs must have high speed internet acess to apply.  All MTs must reside within the US.  NO OFFSHORE NEED APPLY!!!  Each MT will need to have a 9-pin (serial port) foot pedal.  The client will provide all software needed to perform work.  All work must be 98% or above in accuracy to remain with our company.  AccuStat offers statutory employee or IC status with no restrictions on scheduling for either status.  Pay is sent via mail or direct deposit twice a month.  Pay is 7.5 cpl per line for all transcribed work and 2.5 cpl for all edited work.  The program that you will work with is a VR program so you will have both transcribed and editing work.  Please cut and paste resume into email.  Only eligible MTs will receive response. 
unbelievable... 6.5 to 8 cpl for EXPERIENCED ONLY

that was an ad in the job seeker's board.  UN-freakin' believable.

Experienced MTs, please see New MT/Student
It may be pitiful but consider how much experienced MTs are
making. Not much more. 8 to 9 cents per line, maybe 10 if you agree to transcribe heavy ESL. Yeah, it's sickening, but then service owners have to edit newbies reports and still show a profit margin without losing their shirt. It's a quandry.
And they always saddle the experienced with these. sm
And then wonder why few really experienced MTs apply for the jobs.