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Maybe searching internet and newspaper archives - sm

Posted By: My 2 cents (per line?) on 2007-06-11
In Reply to: Is there some way to emphasize the HIPAA discrepancy? sm - searching

for any kind of stories related to identity theft resulting from offshore medical (or other) records is a start. Another angle would be to look for info. from editors on specific instances (Pt. privacy respected, of course!) where offshored or even US bargain-basement transcription came back with errors that could have caused injury or legal action.

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I didn't mean internet searching, I meant searching my directories for filenames. nm
try searching the archives

This has been discussed several times in the last few months.  You should be able to find some answers there.

Try searching the archives. Some of us get tired of

answering the same old questions for people who can't be bothered to research what we said about that exact topic only last week.  Besides, only the people making big bucks answer the polls.  You don't see any of the newbies who are only earning $7 an hour admitting to it.

Searching for Internet satellite service
This company looks they offer good service in our area according to their add but I have never heard of them before.  Any news would be appreciated.
Searching, searching, name of ortho book w/stripe

I know I wrote it down twice off this site and cannot find it.  The ortho/neurology? book with the stripe on the cover?

Thanks in advance!

Newspaper ad


This is the way the ad is listed. The FT M-F job was my job. The weekend job was the one the other Transcriptionist left in December (she graduated from nursing school).

This is copied directly from their ad in the nearest "major metropolitan newspaper".

It's mean of me, but imaging how much work the three remaining MTs must be trying to handle does give me a little bit of comfort. They wanted the office to themselves - well, by golly, they got it!

local newspaper
I just sent an article to my local newspaper asking them to use some of the things from this posting to hopefully make people aware of their personal info possibly being sent to India.  It may be a small step, but like Lillybelle said, if we could get this started, maybe we can make a change.
Newspaper article
The Sunday paper in my area had an article on headphones and the 3 that were compared were Bose,Sennheiser, and Clear Harmony. They basically said that Sennheiser has the best quality of sound and blocks noise the best. They are all very expensive but if you go online to E-Bay there are new ones listed that are about half-price. I have been looking at the Sennheiser, but like you, I have a very small head. The ones I use now I bought at Radio Shack. They also have very competitive headphones. Good luck.
from canadian newspaper
I am sorry, I can't provide the link but it is a direct quote from a Canadian publication.

"Because the health care plan is regulated by the government, bureaucracy shows it's ugly head. Waiting lists are long and wait times for certain procedures are equally long. For instance, in New Brunswick, a person requiring heart a bypass procedure may wait for up to six months. A knee replacement in Ontario takes about the same. These waiting times are expected and those in need should prompt their doctors to be proactive in diagnosing the problems and gaining access to the waiting list at the earliest possible instance."

Okay, wanna wait six months for your CABG? You'd be dead. I do see that as a problem, don't you. I am sure there are Canadians who love it, just as I am certain there are those who don't. I would like to know where you got that 5% statistic from, though. I don't mean that as a smart aleck remark. I really would like to know if that is the case. Can you point me in a direction that would verify that?
not sure this will exactly help you, but there was an article in my local newspaper this a.m. sm
that was stating a local doc got in trouble by the board and in part of his requirements it was required for him to use a transcription/dictation service. part of what he got in trouble for was failure to have an H&P on file and proper documentation. it states - for one patient dr. so and so failed to document basic information, including an H&P and treated the patient with excess of 50 narcotic pain medication injections for headaches. yeah, way to go boards!!!!! i'm gonna contact them and see if they need my services, LOL!
couldn't find an English newspaper...sm
and was newly preggers......I ran around Marseille looking for the International Tribune which was an English newspaper (still is) and then did a scrapbook in tribute to John and I still have that. 
They are still advertising the jobs on their website and in the newspaper

Quite a waste of money if they're downsizing. Oh, and did I mention - they just opened up a new clinic, which increased the work load by about one-third, and now they are building a second hospital? 

Nope. Not downsizing.


It is just a small town paper, asking some general questions about outsourcing/offshoring, pay, types of businesses, etc.  I told him I could not tell him what I actually do for a living or name my company.  Can he find that out? 

I also sent the letter to the Washington Post, Fox News, NY Times, Associates Press, 60 Minutes, and USA Today.  I inserted in the letter about uncertain figures that by my calculation, the number of jobs offshored would be more or less the equivalent to the total population in 3 states in the U.S. 

What will I do if they find out who I am and who I worked for?  Can I be sued?

I read a local newspaper article about sm
a high school girl started making money at home by converting VCR to DVD. Her grandmother wanted to convert some family stuff, she found out what equipment needed, bought it for grand daughter and off she went. Posted ads on various websites and wants to go full time. Shoot I even thinking. Just have not googled yet to find out what equip. needed/costs etc.
I read in the newspaper that an online betting site had to shut down...
because there were many very large bets on Danielle winning. Supposedly people were tipped off that she won.

I agree that she shouldn't win. Go Terry!
It is so easy to post a letter on a newspaper editorial or magazine. Everybody write one.
If you have a story to tell - get busy.  Go to news shows, magazines, newspapers.  It is so easy.  Talk about the MT business or about the whole offshore process and its cost to the U.S.  Any and everything written only solidifies our total point of view.  GO TO whitehouse.com for sure.  Don't wait for others to carry this for you.  Support Travelin MT's efforts on the company board!!!!
Internet based transcription - need advice on how to go internet
Can anyone offer any help/advice on how go about becoming internet based from a call in system, or how to keep the call in system for the docs and put transcriptionists on the internet?  Not sure where to start to get information on how to go about doing this. Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.
There is none.  So "searching for the ideal" can stop searching.
always searching for pts name, etc.
On DQS, Im forever scanning the demographics screen, doing a search cause the doctors either leave the screen blank without pts name, MR#, billing number, DOB, etc., or they put in the wrong information.  So, I have to decipher what name the doctor is trying to say and/or spell and then search for it.
Searching ---
do you use the search box to the right of the *post a new message* box?  That should bring up the subject/term/whatever you are looking for.
searching for the ideal..

I am soooo very anxious right now.  I have cried all morning and cannot seem to console myself or come up with a solution.  I have been doing transcription for over 12 years and have been home for the last four.  Through those four years, though I love being at home, I have come up with generally zip as far as contentment in my job goes.  I have been an employee status, as well as an independent contractor.  I have worked for places that seemed 'ideal' until 3 months or so were up, then they'd switch accounts on me (starting out on great accounts and leaving me struggling with a bunch of crud nobody in their right minds would want to do), dealing with owners or supervisors who lay out the 'heavy hand' and do nothing but tell you what you DO WRONG (one who comes to mind nearly gave me a nervous collapse--never could please her and who'd want to the way she treated you, sarcastic, mightier than thou approach).. ugh!  I have done basic four hospital transcription, clinic transcription, ER transcription, and I just am not finding 'THE BEST' place to be.  I don't know.. maybe I'm SUPER BURNED OUT.  I never make enough money, don't have benefits, and I'm getting to the point where I feel I'm just finished with this 'career.'  If I find a place where I make a decent amount of cash, I either have to put up with an idiot for a manager/ boss/ supervisor/owner or hideous dictation.  If I go to a place that seems good as far as dictation/accounts go, and the management is decent, I wind up making next to nothing in pay.  Most places I've experienced give you a come-on to begin with, give you a decent account and after two to three months, they switch you to the crap work.  Still, they give you no pay raises for even attempting to do these reports, not like they would anyway.  I think I have worked for at least six different companies since being at home in the last four years.  I am sick of making no money, not enjoying my job anymore and dealing with all the crap nobody else wants to do.  Sorry, I had to vent.. I'm ready to give up and find a job that actually PAYS in more ways than one. 


searching and not getting paid

I agree..Most of my doctors dont put in the right ID number or the correct name. In the past, I have searched and searched to my loss of minutes..Heck, we already lose minutes when we have to look up words or medications that are not stated correctly..We dont get paid for research time..so recently I have decided to leave blanks when I never would before.To be fair, trans companies should pay for down time when we are researching information..

I can't decide if I should be job searching or not.
I like many aspects of my job, but I dislike certain aspects about it, too.  The thing is that this has been my best MT job ever.  That's not something you just throw away.  I know there's no perfect job out there, but I wonder if I could make more money with a better platform and an unlimited workload.
You can get it by searching google and going
to their homepage. It has contact #'s and maybe email.
Tips on job searching

I have been doing MT for a little over 6 years.  I have experience in several different specialties.  I currently work in an ENT office and am looking for part time work to do at home.  My only problem is that I never went to school and am not certified which makes it difficult to find a job.  I have only had on-the-job training but I feel that I am very good at what I do and have learned quickly in my experience as an MT.  Does anyone have any tips on how or where to find a job? 



Yes, and I'd rather keep searching and be happy
Than stay in a job that made me miserable. Even some of the posts on the job seeker's board project major attitude (one recent posting in particular sticks out in my mind), as if the poster is doing us a *favor* by allowing us to apply.

Nope, I'd rather make a little less somewhere else where I enjoy the work and I'm happy.

Congrats on cutting your ties with the not-so-nice person, and best wishes for you to find something GRAND in the very near future!

I bet it is from a Pakistani MT searching for work
that pays 3 cents per line!
I don't know, I found quite a few of these stories on searching.....
Here's another:

Instead of searching for a true unlimited

plan (I don't think they exist), when I needed ULD, I used Qwest on 2 phone lines and split the time between the two lines. 

Searching in WP 5.1 documents through Windows XP
 I have changed word processing programs from DOS-based to Windows-based programs, but still need to access the old WP 5.1 documents. I am having trouble searching the documents through Windows, i.e., searching for a person's name, etc. inside the document.  Do you have any suggestions? 
Searching WP 5.1 files in Windows
I do not have WP 5.1 on my XP computer, if that is what you meant.
Tried that, which is why I said I've been searching for info

Searching for digital dictation


I'm looking for some advice and direction.  I am looking for possible options for a digital dictation/transcription system for a multioffice practice on a Citrix network environment with remote transcriptionists.  Several years ago I worked for a web based transcription service that used Chartnet, but that was several years ago.  I don't 'really remember any big issues, but I don't need the payroll, production aspect of a system.  I am looking more for tracking, in having control of knowing incoming and outgoing jobs with a system.   Our practice is integrating with EMR; however, several of our physicians continue to choose to dictate and I am looking to other transcriptionists to possibly point me in the direction of software that they have used so I can research and try to find a product that will fit our practice - we are still on micro tapes. I am looking for a system that of course would be Transcriptionist friendly, but also afford me the ability to manipulate the jobs, i.e. assigning easily, producing reports and software that has good tracking abilities and of utmost importance, excellent sound quality for the player.  As a transcriptionist, I personally would look for a system that I will not spend a lot of time in the download function and the complete function.  It isn't real effective to me if the time uploadinging and downloading per job takes longer than actually transcribing the jobs.  We have a large quantity of work.  Key to me is having control of my work, meaning the physicians being able to identify dictation with a patient number and my being able to track jobs downloaded.  Forgive my rambling!!  I would appreciate anyone responding to me with any suggestions or telling me of your experience with software.     

Thank you in advance - I know that the first place I needed to go with this transcription question was to the experts - folks that use these systems and are familiar. 

I consider job searching in the MT field a crap shoot
You can never tell which would be better than another until you try it. Too many bait and switchers out there.
I was searching for a Kaiser facility and the article came up (sm)

I don't know if I would call it better, but different sites come up.

It doesn't mention what they plan to do about identity theft and their 3 years is now up.  Anybody work for this Kaiser facility?

In fact, upon further searching, I see very few negative posts
find referrals or start searching

I don't know anyone who gets massages, so I have to go through the search process (yellow pages). Try one, if that doesn't work, try another.  One who works on athletes is a good bet.  When I call and talk to them, I tell them exactly what my problem is and what I'm wanting -- very deep tissue, therapeutic massage to work out the adhesions in the arms and lots of upper back/shoulder work. Ones who have been around awhile have worked on many with this exact problem.  Unfortunately, not all of them will work for YOU, so it's a matter of trying one for a few months, then evaluating how you feel. If you're not better by then, move on.  I just left one who I was SURE would help because of her style (rolfing), alas the arms got worse.  I have one now who does exactly what I need.  imho, gadgets and pills may relieve some pain, but they don't straighten out the muscles that's causing the problem.  (btdt) If you can't go the professional route, get a shiatsu massager thingie, and dig that into your arms, shoulders, upper back and neck.  They're all connected.  The tingling I get in my little and ring fingers is relieved by working out the back of my shoulder. (I can't do my own massage well enough myself to maintain, but it's good for spot treatments.)  The massage is painful, but it's worth it to keep my profession, and lifestyle, alive for me.


Anyone having probs searching for docs on ExText?
Is anyone else having this problem lately? In ExText, when I search for a physician's name by using the Cntrl-A function, it is extremely slow, and about half the time, the search seems to freeze, and then I get a message that the connection has been lost. I click on "Retry", am connected, and physicians' names are displayed. The whole process is as slow as molasses, and occasionally, I get completely kicked out of the system, or everything freezes up solid. This has been happening for about 2 to 3 days.
I meant file searching on my computers, too. nm

If you want to work on the internet from home, take an internet course
But only from Andrews School or M-TEC. Many companies will waive the 2-years' experience requirement and will test and hire you if you go to either of those schools. Do NOT bother with At Home Professions, Penn Foster, US Career Institute, or ESPECIALLY Trans-Am, which is also known as Trans-SCAM and is a total ripoff. You will have a VERY difficult time getting hired without experience unless you choose Andrews School or M-TEC. Yes, they cost more, but that's because they are excellent training programs, not "correspondence courses."
A good site for searching medical abbreviations.

Check the link below.  A really cool site to search for medical abbreviations.

I'm thrilled! After much, much searching on VRBO.com I finally found a 2 br condo in the heart of

                           Destin, FL, for 7 days!!! I've been searching and searching, but to no avail.  These condo owners crack me up! I would either get NO response or a "Sorry, week not available. Try another week." Or the famous, "Yes, it is available." And then I respond to that and never hear from them again! I guess they decide they don't want to rent to us.  I always sign my emails with a very professional-looking signature such as, Jane Doe, Medical Editor, MQ Corp....and then my phone number! LOL  Makes me look so much smarter!! And it's true!!


Anyways, I am so happy for myself and my family...7 days on the Gulf of Mexico. I work on a laptop so I don't plan on taking any time off since I've already gone away this year to Disneyworld. Plus, they have wireless access.


Check them out and make sure to stop by if in the area!!

in the archives for SS
and we will see how jazzed you are. Line stealing, lying, demanding, worst company out there. Been there, done that!!!!!
where do I go to get to archives?
I thought if you did the search above using the MTStars option, that was the archives??? LOL

Sorry I'm no help.....
If the newbies are making $7 and not admitting it..shame on them.  We all had to start from somewhere.  Moreover, you people with your smart-butt replies to honest questions make me sick.  What's wrong with a polite reply, say, something like, We just discussed that recently.  Why not access the archives....etc....but NO, ya gotta have a wise-crack answer.  Shows your mental age real well.
Don's use the Archives, just use the
"search" box just above the postings, not the one at the time that you have to check web or mtstars.
I checked the archives and there isn't much on TRS.
do an archives search

They totally suck!  Very unprofessional group of people.  Surpised they are still hanging in.

read the archives.....they do
it was posted in the last couple of weeks