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Medical Word Book by Sloan, Surgical Word Book by sm

Posted By: elaine on 2008-02-07
In Reply to: What are the must have reference books? - Wanda

Tessier, Dorland's dictionary, BOS, and my very fave I think is now out of print but called Spellright by Rice.

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Updating surgical references - new Stedmans Word Book, Tessier Surgery Book or others - best one in
Stedmans Med & Surgical Equip words and Tessiers Surgical Word Book (3rd Ed). I'd be lost
without them.
The Surgical Word Book
is the best!  I do almost exclusively OP notes and I couldn't do it without this book.  Steadman's is also excellent, but if you get Steadmans you will have to get two books (Equipment Words and Surgery Words).  The Surgical Word Book has both together in one book.   
If you mean the Surgical Word Book, it's the best! nm
I just use the surgical word book. There
are three pages of bandages in there.
The Surgical Word Book is the Bomb for me!
It has so much in it besides surgical stuff. I then use Quick Look Drug Book, Stedman's Dictionary, and Sloane's Med Word Book. I love books but Google as well - usually double reference. And, let me not forget, the BOS2
I agree. Best surgical word book!!!!! nm
Sounds like my Surgical Word Book sm
by Claudia Tessier.
Two: Dorlands and The Surgical Word Book -- SM
I use secure online reference sites for everything else.

Surgical Word Book (Tessier, NOT Stedman's). nm
Tessier's as mentioned & Surgical Word Book

By far, Tessier Surgical Word Book! The Bomb!
Tessier's Surgical Word book is great for ops
The Surgical Word Book by Claudia Tessier (see message)
is set up like that. It is black with silver and GREEN lettering.

Love, love, LOVE this book! Good luck!
Stedmans Med $ Surgical Equip words, Path and Lab words, and Tessiers Surgical Word book (3rd
edition).  I never buy drug books anymore.  Waist of money in my opinion.  New drugs come out so often, it's best to use the web.
Also onelook.com as the Dorland's links right off there. Book would be Tessier's Surgical Word
Medical Transcriptionist's Guide to Microsoft Word book
Does anybody have this book?  Is it worth the money to buy it if you are pretty comfortable creating macros and such in Word already?  Just wondering.... I am always looking for new ways to increase my speed and make things easier.  Any info would be great from someone who has this book.  Thanks! 
I went from WP5.1 to Word with the help of this book. sm
Stedman's word book nm
Psychiatry word book help...
The one from HPI is $18 and will be out of print soon. The publishing year is 1998. The one from Stedman's is $36 and published in 2002. Does anyone know if there's a big difference between the two? I've never done psychiatry before but will be soon. I much prefer the books from HPI but if the information in the Stedman's book is much more current then I'll go with them. Thanks!

best surgery word book available

The Surgery Word Book can be ordered off this site.
Stedman's Word Book

I just started my first MT job about a month ago and I could not do without my Stedman's Orthopaedic & Rehab Words book. If in the future I get into something else I would definitely buy another one of these!

Also have Saunders Pharmaceutical Word Book, a Stedman's Medical Dictionary and The AAMT Book of Style - all very useful.

Was it the Surgery Word Book by Tessier? nm
If you only bought 1 stedman's word book, what would it be?

Just got a new job (!) and want to take advantage of discount books from my old job (!).  Don't know what specialties I'll be working on, general acute care AFAIK.  The only book I've ever owned is Dorland's dictionary.  I'm leaning towards Medical and Surgical Equipment.... but would be really happy if anyone has any ideas for me, thanks!

And I may just Go Wild and buy two. 

Better than Word for Dummies is Cheryl Flanders' book.

And no, I don't get anything for recommending it. It's just a great book for MTs that use MS Word.
Stedman's M&S Equipment Word Book is my bible. nm
plastic surgery/ent/dentistry word book


Get a Stedman's Ortho & Rehab word book, . . .
and you can check.  Put them into your word Expander correctly (capped or not), and you won't have to try to remember which tests are and aren't capped.  :)
I agree, don't like the QLDB but I do like Saunders Pharmaceutical Word Book
That is one book I purchase yearly.

I have an ollllld Ortho word book circa 1995
that actually isn't too bad! I just got back into ortho and I need to update, but most of the basic anatomy terms don't really change, so I would think 2005 would work fine for you.
I'm thinking about buying Saunders Pharmaceutical Word Book 2007 on CD/ROM...sm..

I've never bought a drug book on CD/ROM but I'd like to try it.  I'm guessing it would be quicker than looking everything up in a book.  I'm trying to get away from looking things up online because everytime I stop and look something up online I end up checking email, ebay, all the boards, etc., and not focusing on my work.  They're so much temptation on the internet! 

I've bought one book (QLDB) back in 2000 so I need an update!  They sell the Saunders Drake & Drake Pharmaceutical Word Book  on CD/ROM and in the book form as a package or you can buy them separately.  I'm wondering why someone would buy both. 

Any advice before I buy would be appreciated.

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The Dorland's Cardiology Word Book is good, too. Might find books at half.com even if a few years
Geeze, I remember the wax belts, and the red surgical book that was waxy, too! nm
Just make a note in your book and go on. Every book I read you can find an error
or 2. Nobody is perfect. Lucky you only paid $60. New it is $80 or more.
I would buy book by Dog Whisperer. His TV shows covers things like this and would think his book mi
Atlanta medical book supply store?

I would so appreciate some help.  I just started an IC job.  I wasn't told I would need a word Expander and medical spellcheck.  Every other place I have worked for provided these.  I need to get something fast, i.e., in person now if possible!, as I am already working and not very productive without these two items.  There was a store I went to years ago in downtown Atlanta where I got some medical books near the Fox theater.  Does anyone know if it is still there and the name of it?  I don't have any yellow pages and I have not been able to pinpoint anything on Google.  Thanks so much!

They are newbies! They can built a Medical Phrase book
buy entering the answers given on the word help board into the
'Medical Phrase Index.'

They will learn.

Isn't it the goal, last not least to facilitate the job?

Why do we use calculators, computers, kitchen appliances that facilitate out work?

This is called evolution!
Let's see...American Medical Association vs. the AAMT Book of Style..
The AAMT Book of Style for Medical Transcriptionists, 2nd Edition,
All different word books, surgical

A dictionary is not going to be near enough for acute care.  You're going to come across many different instruments, techniques, procedures, etc. 

The "particular" factor will relate to the client's specific instructions, i.e. expanding, not expanding, symbols, most likely BOS compliant, verbatim, etc. 

Quick Look Drug Book (book & CD/ROM)..sm..

Does anyone use both.  I'm definitely getting the CD/ROM and am debating about buying both.  I don't see any reason to have both but there could be something I don't know. 

I noticed CD/ROMs are on backorder but they're selling downloadable versions.  I can handle that.

The Sted's Ortho & Rehab Words is probably my most used book and then the Lab Words book. GL! nm
Stedman's phrase book vs. Medical Phrase Index? sm
I'm debating between the newest edition of the MPI versus the Stedman's phrase book. Have had experience with the MPI, but not the Stedman's one. Is Stedman's worth it?
I would buy new a Dorland's Medical Dictionary, Stedmans Medical and Surgical Equipment...SM

and Tessier's The Surgical Word Book, 3rd edition.  Books you could buy used I would say would be Stedman's Pathology and Lab Medicine and Cardiology/Pulmonary word book.  These are all the books I use the most during my day.  You could buy other speciality word books as you need them and could probably go used with those.

I wouldn't bother with buying a drug book, new editions come out every year and I just stick to the FDA website and RXList as my drug references.

Also FYI, not a book, but I use my Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictationary a lot.  It's easier to open the program than it is to pick up a huge 30-pound dictionary.

QA/Medical Word of the Day
Bezoar: Taken from Wikipedia:

bezoar is a mass found trapped in the gastrointestinal system (usually the stomach),[1] though they can occur in other locations.[2][3]

There are several varieties of bezoar, some of which have inorganic constituents and others organic.
Need Medical Spellchecker and Word.
Anyone know where I can find an affordable medical spellchecker and also an affordable copy of MS Word 2000 or 2003?  Thanks :-)
Microsoft Word.. The oold Word used to do this and I'm new to 2003 Word..nm
PRD+ Taylor Medical Word List
I am looking for the rules from the original PRD+ Taylor Medical Word list.  If anyone has it, please let me know, I would like a copy.  I really need the original document if someone has it.  Thank you so much!

I want to update my 2000 Stedmans Spellchecker.  Is there a newer version and what would be the best one to get.  

I have medical students spelling every third word, such as N-O-S-E, sometimes twice.
This is how they dictate. The patient's eyes, that is E-Y-E-S, eyes are round, R-O-U-N-D, reactive, and equal, -E-Q-A-U-, I mean E-Q-U-A-L to light. Nose, that is -N-O-S-E, nose, is patent, etc. Funny that these are the ones that usually misspell their names.