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The Dorland's Cardiology Word Book is good, too. Might find books at half.com even if a few years

Posted By: old. nm Wanderer on 2006-08-20
In Reply to: New to Cardiology - Sue Kelly


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Also onelook.com as the Dorland's links right off there. Book would be Tessier's Surgical Word
Can find lots of the Sted's books at www.half.com, too. Love 'em! nm
half.com carries used Sted's books and new ones thru Amazon. Good luck! nm
Thank you, could not find it in any of my word books or Google
Not MT specific, but try half.com. I buy all kinds of books from there all the time. nm
Medical Word Book by Sloan, Surgical Word Book by sm
Tessier, Dorland's dictionary, BOS, and my very fave I think is now out of print but called Spellright by Rice.
Just make a note in your book and go on. Every book I read you can find an error
or 2. Nobody is perfect. Lucky you only paid $60. New it is $80 or more.
I've been doing Cardiology for 7+ years -
and have been thinking about changing as the company I work for is beginning to send things overseas.  What company is hiring for oncology?  I gues it wouldn't hurt to inquire.  Thanks and good luck to you.
I purchased that book and it was useless. I think half the stuff in it was old. *sm*
My son told me that he thinks every useful thing has already been invented unless it is technology related.  Sometimes I think he is right and other times I refuse to believe that every idea has already been invented.  I am envious of the women on Oprah who are making a million dollars from a brownie recipe or an umbrella company.  Sometimes I wish I could write a novel or a children's book that would be a best seller.  I know people that sell one item on ebay such as golf clubs and are making their living doing that.  I have never been able to find a popular enough item at wholesale cost to make a living at it.  I do have an idea that I think would go over well in a shopping mall (the idea has been used before but it has never been in a shopping mall) but I do not know where to go with getting it past an idea.  My biggest drawback is that I have no imagination and no real talent other than I am a hard worker and have moral values. 
Updating surgical references - new Stedmans Word Book, Tessier Surgery Book or others - best one in
Good cardiology info site?
I like drug books even though you can access sites on line. A lab book, the Sted's Ortho Words, a
I mean doing same job but make about half what I did years ago....grrrr!
Just wait till you're 10+ years into it and getting paid half of that.
I think you will find the book to be wonderful..
once you get using it for a while. I LOVE IT!

Good luck!
Good money? Can we ask how much is considered GOOD in your books????
CD or word books?
How many MTs out there prefer the hard copy of a word book or the CD that you can load on your computer.  I'm about to update my Stedman's Library and wondering which I should go with.  Thanks!
I have 15 word books and sm
I am forever putting postits in the back of them for words I found that are not there. I LOVE this that you suggested, getting it now.
y'all should look half as good as Meredith...nm

Stedman word books
depending on what specialties you do. For abbreviations, I use this web site:


just because it is easier than looking up abbreviations in a book.
All different word books, surgical

A dictionary is not going to be near enough for acute care.  You're going to come across many different instruments, techniques, procedures, etc. 

The "particular" factor will relate to the client's specific instructions, i.e. expanding, not expanding, symbols, most likely BOS compliant, verbatim, etc. 

Sometimes flipping a book open is a lot faster than try to find
have you checked out ebay for the word books they have
I use mine for everything and many times just having them around helps my brain farts. I just checked, they have one of every topic on there - too bad cheaper than I got mine.

I have a few Stedman's word books that I plan to sell, sm
if you're interested, as I updated with the newest editions. These older ones would still be of big help you. Email me if you're interested and I'll get a list together for you.

You'll find that hospital transcription is waaaaay more interesting than clinic!

If I don't hear from you, good luck! Working for a hospital is the way to go these days. Good for you!

Electronic word books work on flash drive?

Do any of yall use your electronic references on a flash drive?  I have a laptop I use occassionally when I am traveling, but would prefer to not actually load the software on the laptop.

Have any of yall used them on/with a flashdrive?

Thank you!

34 years here - Book of S***
It's nuts. Style is neither right nor wrong (Although looking back at pictures from years ago, that mullet haircut seems wrong to me!)

It seems utterly ludicrous that you could type a report that would be right one day and have it be wrong the next day, depending on when the new BS came out and was adopted.

And, as others have pointed out, it's all been about robbing us of a few characters per line whenever possible, like using numerals under 10 rather than spelling them out.

What are some good review books?

Hi everyone,

I have a question that I hope you can help me with. In short, I graduated in 1997 from college with a certificate in medical transcription. (I took a 1 year program) Even though I never worked in transcription, I have recently been offered a chance to work and do transcription from home. I was required to take a test and actually made 88% on it with no review at all. I needed to make a 90% though and am wanting to find a way to review and boost my score. I was wondering if any of you could give me the name of a good book or program that might help me out. I have seen one book called "The Do's and Don't's of Medical Transcription" but would like to have some opinions on it and other books out there. I would appreciate any and all help on this as I'm really looking forward to getting into the medical transcription field for the first time.

Many thanks,


anybody have any good PT sites/books??
I do a lot of PT reports and some of the exercises dictated are not very clear and spelling is unknown, and having a tough time finding reference material on the web.  I have the Dorland's Orthopedics book and that helps sometimes, but wondered if there were other things out there that other people use?? 
Leslie's walking videos might be good, or just get out and walk in general. Or do TaeBo at half
good link for buying books

You can get some really great deals here:  http://www.bookcloseouts.com 

Reply to get a good set of specialty books
When you say specialty books by Stedman's what do you mean exactly. I have a Stedman's Medical Dictionary and a Dorlands Medical Dictionary but what other books would I need to get? Thanks so much for your help.

I went from WP5.1 to Word with the help of this book. sm
Stedman's word book nm
Psychiatry word book help...
The one from HPI is $18 and will be out of print soon. The publishing year is 1998. The one from Stedman's is $36 and published in 2002. Does anyone know if there's a big difference between the two? I've never done psychiatry before but will be soon. I much prefer the books from HPI but if the information in the Stedman's book is much more current then I'll go with them. Thanks!

The Surgical Word Book
is the best!  I do almost exclusively OP notes and I couldn't do it without this book.  Steadman's is also excellent, but if you get Steadmans you will have to get two books (Equipment Words and Surgery Words).  The Surgical Word Book has both together in one book.   
best surgery word book available

The Surgery Word Book can be ordered off this site.
If you mean the Surgical Word Book, it's the best! nm
Stedman's Word Book

I just started my first MT job about a month ago and I could not do without my Stedman's Orthopaedic & Rehab Words book. If in the future I get into something else I would definitely buy another one of these!

Also have Saunders Pharmaceutical Word Book, a Stedman's Medical Dictionary and The AAMT Book of Style - all very useful.

I just use the surgical word book. There
are three pages of bandages in there.
I used A Fujitsu Life Book the first 4 years, and just switched
And pretty much my whole personal life is set up on my lap top, as well, and sometimes additional software for other services when I've worked part-time elsewhere. And I haven't begun to use nearly all the hard drive space. I have had one minor repair problem years ago, and it was a piece of cake to carry it to Best Buy, who flipped it open and fixed the problem on the spot. Lap tops rule!
Can anyone recommend any good acute care reference books
I am thinking of changing from clinic to acute care transcription.  Can anyone recommend any good reference books that I should have?  TIA
Need good organisms and infectious disease books/sites (sm)
I have Stedman's Organisms & Infectious Diseases, but it's out of date (2002) and an updated company has not been published. Does anyone recommend any books and/or web sites that can give me quick info including on meds for specific IDs? e.g., Stedman's lists HIV/AIDS medications alphabetically in the appendix.

The Surgical Word Book is the Bomb for me!
It has so much in it besides surgical stuff. I then use Quick Look Drug Book, Stedman's Dictionary, and Sloane's Med Word Book. I love books but Google as well - usually double reference. And, let me not forget, the BOS2
I agree. Best surgical word book!!!!! nm
Sounds like my Surgical Word Book sm
by Claudia Tessier.
Was it the Surgery Word Book by Tessier? nm
Two: Dorlands and The Surgical Word Book -- SM
I use secure online reference sites for everything else.

If you only bought 1 stedman's word book, what would it be?

Just got a new job (!) and want to take advantage of discount books from my old job (!).  Don't know what specialties I'll be working on, general acute care AFAIK.  The only book I've ever owned is Dorland's dictionary.  I'm leaning towards Medical and Surgical Equipment.... but would be really happy if anyone has any ideas for me, thanks!

And I may just Go Wild and buy two. 

Maybe try to find a good web site to refer to! Good luck NM
I haven't bought a drug book in 2 years - I use Google ...sm
and the FDA website. Both are faster than flipping through a book and free.
Surgical Word Book (Tessier, NOT Stedman's). nm