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Medical writing is different. But I thought I just saw a huge SM

Posted By: Becky on 2006-01-07
In Reply to: My English teacher would cringe at the BOS. nm - Numbing numbers

discussion about this where the BOS said to write them out??

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I never use contractions in medical writing, and I never have - sm

unless it is a direct quote. I started using one space a couple of years ago. The numerals I'm having a hard time with. Sometimes I don't want to write a numeral!

You just said you were writing to ME cause you thought I was irritated!
Yet another post that spins totally into a rabbit trail! Hop, hop, hop...Is there a rabbit face thingie? I would prefer animal thingies!
Another thought . . . get the pre-existing clause in writing from your employer --

Not from the insurance company itself, because the insurance company may tell you something different from what the agreed-to clause between them and your employer says.

Insurance company interprets pre-existing condition in a different way than your employed agreed to in their contract with the insurance company. 

Again, get it in writing from your new employer -- that is what counts -- not what the insurance may interpret as preexisting.  There is a contract between employer and insurance company, and that wording needs to be clarified by HR person handling the insurance benefits.

I've thought about coding. My DH does medical coding and I think with an MT's medical termino

background and anatomy and physiology knowledge, a transition into coding wouldn't be hard at all.  From what I can tell by looking through my husband's books, an MT would have to learn insurance regulations and legalities.  We've basically got all the medical background down or we should be if we're worth our salt as an MT.

I even contacted AHIMA and found that the qualifications for taking the CCS or CCP coding exams are completion of the a coding program, RHIT program, or RHIA or related work experience.  Transcription is part of HIM, albeit the red-headed stepchild of the HIM department, but a part nonetheless and so satisfies the qualification of having work experience.

The test is tough though.  My husband didn't pass it his first time out and I think I read something like only 20% or so pass it the first time.  So it would probably be best to take some sort of formal coding class, in my opinion.

I would buy new a Dorland's Medical Dictionary, Stedmans Medical and Surgical Equipment...SM

and Tessier's The Surgical Word Book, 3rd edition.  Books you could buy used I would say would be Stedman's Pathology and Lab Medicine and Cardiology/Pulmonary word book.  These are all the books I use the most during my day.  You could buy other speciality word books as you need them and could probably go used with those.

I wouldn't bother with buying a drug book, new editions come out every year and I just stick to the FDA website and RXList as my drug references.

Also FYI, not a book, but I use my Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictationary a lot.  It's easier to open the program than it is to pick up a huge 30-pound dictionary.

We will be praying for you! I too have had a lifelong dream to write (short stories and a novel) but also settled for a steady paycheck. Still get to put words on paper, just not my words! I wonder how many of us share the dream of earning a living writing? Maybe we can start a support group?
So we are writing our own BOS, right??
A logical book with classic rules that don't change every three years would be great! If we follow older rules like the MDs are used to, they'll think we're brilliant and the foreign AAMT BOS followers are idiots!
You should consider writing
a humor column for a newspaper free lance!! You have a great sense of Humor and good writing!! By the way, I agree totally with you about this job!! I think the Twinkie thing sounds like a good job.
Medical Transcription In The Era Of Electronic Medical Records
EMR has revolutionized the healthcare industry in recent times. Many experts felt that EMR & Voice Recognition would totally replace Medical Transcription - however; the industry soon realized that transcription has certain advantages over point & click charting and many physicians preferred to dictate notes rather than document the data at the point of care themselves.
Not in Writing, but they are paying
Spot checks show they are paying me for spaces and for headers.
Resume writing - what to put - sm
I have been an IC for about 10 years and have worked for several clients. Is it proper to put names of companies in resume? It looks pretty blank with just my name, company, and that I transcribed a variety of reports, etc.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
are you enjoying writing to yourself
on your hands
is this the writing on the wall for us? is there nothing we can do??
are we being sold-out by our own profession?
my opinion is to get everything in writing. sm

I signed a contract with my local company that says that I can pick up my own accounts on the side, but cannot offer to take over one of her accounts even if I do the same doctor every day, which I basically do.

Don't get me wrong here.  My "boss" is wonderful and she's very good.  She started out small (just herself) and now has built up a respectable business with a half dozen part time MT's and a part time editor.

However, if she started slacking off and I were in your situation, I would ask her to put in writing and sign it, saying that it was okay for me to take over the account.  I would then keep a copy and give a copy to the account that wants me to work for them.  That way your bases are covered and the "boss" that you work for can't come back at you for breach of contract, etc., even if she didn't make you sign anything when you first started working for her.  She doesn't sound too nice, so there could be problems for you without having it in writing.

Once you have your signed paper, by all means, pick up that account!  Sounds good.  I would love it if my boss said, "I'm not going to do Dr. Soandso any more, so if you want it, it's yours."  I'd still make sure I got it in writing.

Good luck!

After having the ink dry

I saw the writing on the wall with them
More than 2 years ago I decided to quit lining their pockets with my hard-earned money to support their "garden party" mentality and grossly overpriced coferences that are too expensive for the average MT to attend (come on, do we really need an annual meeting in Hawaii???). I dropped my membership after more than 10 years of seeing no action, hearing of secret meetings, never ending in-fighting, and just a general attitude of them thinking it was up to the average working MT to support their grand "hobby" of being a board member while they sat around accomplishing nothing year after year.
Ask them but get the answer in writing if
they agree to it.
need help with resume writing

Hi there,

I have been working as an MT now since January and want to add this experience to my resume.  Can anyone help me make it look good?

Get everything in writing. When someone asks
if a company is flexible in hours, what does that mean? It could mean that they're willing to let you switch from the day shift to the evening shift if you request it. It could mean you have a window of time in which to complete your work. Or it could mean that you can work when you want. A question needs to be much more specific than that, and both the question and answer need to be in writing.
Thank you so much for writing, Patti.
Writing rates

Hi all,

I know this is probably weird and not related to medical transcription.  However, I have been doing MT for 3 years.  I was just asked if I would like to update an article for an online job search.  I had actually just given some information about a former job I had held for many years and wrote the site to let them know there were some inaccuracies in the article I had read.  I got a response back asking if I would like to write some articles to fix the inaccuracies and he asked what I would charge to do so.  I have written essays in college before, but I have never written an online article.  So, I was wondering if there happened to be anyone on here that has done such and wondered if you guys had an idea of what a fair price to charge to do this. 

Thank you in advance :)

Way to keep track of what you do, without writing
If you go to cnet.com downloads and go to Rayflectar Project Timers. Hard to explain (for me anyway :), but you can program it to keep track of the things you do on your computer, time spent on each document, even time spent surfing the web, checking email etc. Just thought it might come in handy for some.
If you don't charge for them, put it in writing that
Writing to president sm
It's a good idea but he's been talking about it for a long time and doubt he'd agree, his mind is made up. What has to come across is the confidentiality issue which I believe is another moot point. It's very sad and I think has been in the making by the hierarchy for years. Doctors don't care period. They have families, hate dictating, would love to have it off their backs. I guess what we have to do in response is be discreet and not tell them anything we don't want the world to know. Sad, sad,sad!
Could this be the writing on the wall for the US MTs...

Whoever is responsible for this current economy in my opinion has just done us in...

This is from an Indian company (if you go to their site check out their job openings, all in India)

See below: 

With the economy in the US showing ‘no’ signs of recovery and with the ‘fourth’ largest bank going bust, companies which earlier had said an emphatic ‘no’ to outsourcing, will have to rethink.

High Capital Costs

The burgeoning ‘operational’ costs a company based in the US incurs for basic back office functions such as payroll processing, accounting, distribution and other important functions adds to the high capital cost of a product or service rendered by companies there.

A new ‘strategy’

A new mind-set is the need of the hour; entrepreneurs need to harness new technologies, outsource assembly lines across the globe to offset the high labor costs  at home, this trend adopted by some of the companies a couple of years ago has turned the corners for them, ever since they started moving some of their tasks to overseas companies based in India, operational cost were reduced by one third.

Internet the ‘messiah’

The vast avenues of communication made possible by Internet has made it possible for enormous levels of information that is exchanged, unlike the pre-Internet days where communication was possible only through a telephone, a fax or a personal face-to-face meeting, now entire board room meetings can be held on the Internet regardless of the physical presence of members.

Cost ‘benefits’ of outsourcing

When a company based in the US ships a $14 to $15 an hour transcription job assignment to India where a transcriber is paid just $1 an hour, consider the cost benefits the company will receive, in comparison to the in-house service maintained by the company.

How will ‘US’ benefit from outsourcing

US companies will be able to enjoy reduced costs, and the large profits that will result can be re-invested in new ventures or expanding the existing ones, thus the outsourced new contractors can in fact create new markets for American products, and displaced US workers will have the opportunity to find newer jobs in vibrant new enterprises. The US companies will have the advantage of developing newer products with better features and thus antiquated products or services can be handled by the ‘contracted’ offshore companies.

Advantage of a different time zone of an ‘offshore’ company :

The operations of a US based company will never come to a stand-still, even after the staff has left for the day, the off-shore company based in India will take over and complete your unfinished task, thus projects get a round-the-clock attention, giving the companies an effective lead in completing projects with a quick turn-around-time. Client is therefore assured of an ‘on time’ delivery of his project, and in the bargain the company will have the benefit of maintaining the customer retention ratio.

Why choose ‘transcriptionstar.com’ as your vendor

As a transcription company we have the process expertise and an effective track record of experience and knowledge, we also are very flexible in adapting to newer technologies and since our operations are India based, where employ wages are one fifth of the their counterpart’s in US, an effective price advantage can raise profit margins of US companies to new heights.

Avert ‘Costs’ from sneaking up and corrode ‘Savings’:

medicaltranscriptionsservice.com can effectively ensure that companies outsourcing transcription requirements to us can save 40% to 50% on costs, whether it is for applications for Business Transcriptions, Media Transcriptions, Legal Transcriptions or Medical Transcriptions, we are the ‘source’  that you can ‘outsource’ and avert costs from sneaking up and corrode savings.

Advantage outsourcing from India:

With a vast reservoir of English speaking university graduates and a vibrant democracy, India can virtually ‘clone’ the operations of US companies at one fifth of the cost, and still maintain the standards of quality required by clients in the US, remember it is time to act now than wait, ‘outsourcing’ is the solution.

“A Stitch in Time saves nine”

Writing on the Wall
I went to their website.  I could not find any link for job openings nor could I find any of this text on their website.  Where did it come from, am I missing something?
what Professional Writing is.....sm
It's writing for the business world, as opposed to "creative" writing such as fiction novels or poetry.

My classes are focused on things like science writing, technical writing, newspaper/magazine, financial writing, speech writing... So if I wanted to stay in healthcare, I could look for a job writing for a health magazine, or maybe writind/editing textbooks.

It also prepares me for jobs in marketing, copywriting, public relations, human resources (somebody has to compose that employee manual), etc. Every industry needs good communicators, and I've always had a knack for writing, plus I really enjoy it.
How about earning via writing

See link below titled "Sample page." Sign up for free and start writing and earning. Read the FAQ on that site to learn about how. Also, visit the forums section and see how others are earning just expressing their thoughts, writing on topics they like.

Does MQ in Monrovia pay for spaces - do you have this ans in writing?
Be careful about writing any letters. sm

Look at it this way, another account will be around the corner for you.  I have been there.  It is business.  Most of the time it is about who knows who, whether you understand that or not.  There is so much politics involved in some hospitals, so don't feel bad.   A friend of a friend who works there...... etc. 

I would just call whoever it was that you met with about the proposal and account and ask if they made a final decision on their transcription provider/vendor.  Be graceful and professional, they may call you again for that account.  Don't burn bridges.   Even though it is very frustrating for you, keep your cool. 

There are other accounts out there, go get them!


Good luck to you and best wishes.



need some feedback on article I'm writing

I read an article in the Baltimore Business Journal about offshoring, and without getting into too much detail about the article I would like to send a follow up article back to the Baltimore Journal. 

Basically the AAMT representative stated in the article that "younger workers are not lining up to enter the profession."  And that the median age for a transcriptionist is 48-50 years of age.  I find this to be quite untrue as I do think there are younger and younger people entering this field, and I hope to be able to get information to back that up.  There are, of course, other things mentioned in the article that I will be doing the demographics on, but for now ... I would like to know what school program/course you attended, where you attended, and your age, and anything else you may want to add to help me with a "rebuttle" on the perks of offshoring.    I have left my email address.
Thank you

DO NOT WRITE IT OFF! Writing it off is too common.
Companies who do not pay are becoming more common now and believe it or not, some of these companies are well known to the MTs and many are too afraid to say anything. Follow through. I would certify a letter to the company with a return receipt and give them 5 days to get it to you and if it is not there by then, pursue small claims court being that I do not believe the labor board would be involved in this. Go to small claims court, pay the fee and have them served.
AAMT justified writing BOS to keep $$
coming in and no, not all of BOS is "correct" as it pertains to "proper" writing.  AMA had a style guide long before BOS that was more than adequate to meet the need of the MT community.
My vet charges a $5 Prescription writing fee. (nt)

It sounds as if the writing is on the wall where you are now so...
It might be a good time to move to a national. Many of them do offer benefits, and if you are fast and accurate, you can make okay money. It might be just what you need if you are as stressed at work as it sounds like you are. I do like having my own private bathroom, being able to work in shorts and T-shirts, and take breaks when I need to. My final decision to work from home came when my last boss started monitoring the time we spent in the bathroom!
We have writing many times to no avail.

Two senators and the congressman.  They claim there's nothing they can do because it's a federal issue...



Oops! should be written not writing
Can you do copy and paste rather than writing
I think the writing was pretty much on the wall on
The docs who don't know anything about what we do, or it's value, and only see now many cpl they pay, should probably be dropped as soon as you can find a better account to replace them, not waiting 'til they drop you.

I've always believed very strongly that the complaining customer that always wants a deal, but doesn't EARN that deal, is not worth having. I'm sure he was alot more trouble to type for than what he was worth. 10 cents per 65-character line is the very least any of us should accept. If a doc ever tries to gyp me down to a 9 cpl, I'll tell him that's too bad, and to give me a call when he comes up with that extra penny.
I know of people who do freelance writing and editing.
That's what I want to get into. I have a membership to writersmarket.com to find markets to sell articles and stories. There are free writers market listings out there, too. I belong to a ladies online writer's group and there's a local writer's group here. I just don't have time to do much with it. I did a couple of newspaper articles, but it was a joke. I'd have to drive somewhere, interview someone, write the article, edit the article, all for $50.

What do you want to do? You know, what would you be doing if money was not an issue for you? What would you spend your days doing if Santa waved his magic wand and paid all your bills for you? That's what people ask me as I try to find my niche in life. All the magazines and websites out there need freelancers to do their articles and copy for them.
I can't wait to see this in writing from a credible source,
because I've shopped Walmart.com and never had the "if you like this" statement and can't verify this story anywhere on the net.

Louise Hayes is a nut writing all of that nonsense.
Don't waste your money.
Have you considered writing short stories?
Thank you for sharing your vacation!
Make MTSO inform in writing
If you are sending her e-mails and her only response is yes - then send an email noting bullets on each of the items that are of concern and her response. I found many moons ago - they can always come back and say "I never said that". Have your last line read - If I do not receive a response from you then I will know that what I feel has been your guidance in these issues and noted above, has been accurate. Then be sure to send with read receipt requested - although again many times they ignore that too, but the last line will cover you and the email is your proof. I do not know about anyone else but I keep all communication about an account in one folder as part of the profile, just to be sure.
I think the only reason she wants calls is so nothing she says can be documented in writing.
no msg
writing out by hand --> big waste of time! sm
do it in your word processor -- just switch windows between documents. Or better yet, invest in software such as MPLite and then at the end of each day you can run a summary report by office or doctor for all the work you did that day. This software will also simplify your invoicing procedures.
LOL! You are one of a kind and I definitely prefer your writing style which is
Why I believe Mrs. Twitty is writing the soap opera and starring in it too!

Promoting her little dream of a soap opera with press conferences with her super glossy eyeshadow and false eyelashes.  Sweet.  How many opportunities does Mrs. Twitty get to get all this attention?  Might as well milk it.

Talking, blogging, lobbying, letter-writing, and
not giving our business to medical establishments that take ours away.

Would those same medical establishments treat us for free? NOT! Yet they want their MTs to do almost that.
finish sentence - hard to reference with small writing and is there a CD available nm
My company puts nothing in writing. No straight answers. Change
YUP, huge fan!!!!