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Who ARE these people who make this stuff up every year charge $ for it??

Posted By: Not buying on 2006-01-07
In Reply to: My English teacher would cringe at the BOS. nm - Numbing numbers

I could make one up every year myself.  Why do they think they are an authority.  I have never understood this, and will never buy another one.  I bought one in my life for $75.  What a waste of money to read someone's "made up rules for this year."

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KD, are you on crack - very few people make $50,000/year - sm
I make about $58,000, but I work my butt off doing it, have 18 years experience. You sound like a Sally Struthers ad when you make a comment like that! Next thing you know, you will be telling this woman that she can breastfeed her child while she is transcribing and have another one sitting on her lap!!

I do love this job, but I tell people to expect to make at least $25,000-$30,000/year.
For this account, I charge 0.12 cpl. It is very easy clinic stuff with good dictators, but ...

I also do tapes which are horrible so I'm considering upping my line rate especially if all this aggravation keeps up.  When I first took the work, I thought I was being fair because the work was so easy, but then they asked me to do tapes and then work specific hours, print and deliver work three times a week.  I wish I would have addressed more than TAT and line rate in the original contract.  I do charge them a $5 per delivery fee because of gas prices, but still I think I'm getting the shaft.

Oh well, live and learn.  I am negotiating for a local doctor's office here in my hometown, small one doctor office, and I'm here to tell you I will be negotiated every little detail right down to paper and toner charges!

DH has one through his work, but he's in charge of over 100 people. Can't see
so many people was wishy-washy nowadays...love to see people make
a stand for what they believe in...

it is kind of wierd those statements have to be made in the first place but guess we are an ever-transitioning country and are still young. so many different beliefs yet not much tolerance.

I found your post respectful, and right on as to how you feel. it does not seem that difficult to sift through to read and respond to messages someone might not care for...
How much do most people charge for doing IC work for doc offices, just

What program is good to use for line counting?

I was thinking 13/cents a line?  Is that undercharging?  I have to remember that I have to pay my overhead so even though 13 sounds high, I have to pay equipment,  equipment, equipment.


Good grief people, what;s up with all this drizzle stuff??

This stuff causes allergies in some people, too, and problems sleeping! nm
Does this seem fair? To charge .16 per line - includes printed reports, copies on disk for one year

and delivery.  I do travel twice a week to this office.  Plus, at times I will fax or email the reports free of charge.  I live in Southern California in an upscale area. 


Thanks again!

Me thinks people who change this stuff are trying to find job security
Maybe if they make themselves sound important and knowledgeable every once in awhile with a "revelation" that using q.i.d. might kill someone they will have a job longer than they normally would have.
I'd figure out an average I make per hour, and charge that. -nm
Puhleez! I happen to know of two MAJOR MTSO's who charge 0.45 cpl and only pay their people 0.08

to 0.09 cpl!  And both of the two companies I speak of also offshore. So let's do the math, they charge the client 0.45 cpl, they pay the India MTs 0.02 cpl.  Either way you add it up, they are making big money off our sweat or by exploiting third world workers!

Boo Hoo for the MTSO's and their overhead and their time and headaches.  And what friggin overhead do they have, really?  They have an office staff of about 10 people at the very most!  They employ mostly IC's, don't have to worry about paying for benefits and the one's that do have actually employees, the benefit packages are a joke.

I will say one thing, if I EVER lose my mind and decide to take a job with another MTSO, I will turn over every rock I can find before I accept a position.  They want to do a background check on me?!?!!  Well, I'm gonna do one on them.  

I harbor just a little ill-will towards some MTSO's.  If they're not offshoring the work, they're screwing us "worker bees."  It is a racket and it's best to get your own accounts or eliminate the middle man and work for the hospital.  I do both.  The hospital pays me hourly and gives me great benefits for me and my kids.  My accounts are for making my fun money!


How about interior wallpapering and painting? People charge big bucks for that. nm
make shortcuts for stuff like that si in case u forget ur covered
how does one make 50K/year?

I mean really, please let me know your secrets. 

There is no other job where I could make 60K per year sm

and do it in my pajamas.  I love my job.  Hope you found something good.

Unfortunately, MT does not work for everyone.  If it didn't work for me, I would try something else, too.  You have to have certain skills, a certain mindset, etc., or you just cannot make it. 

I make about $24,000/year, and that's -
I make about $6K more per year with my CMT.

I will make just over $40K this year sm
Actual, I am typing, hands on the keyboard time is about 8 to 9 hours a day. I work as an employee at 8.5 cpl and as an IC for 10 cpl and I do some QA for $16 an hour. The QA is a courtesy to my IC company and really cuts into my typing time there where I can do $30 an hour or better. QA is only about 5 hours a week, except when I am training an MT, and I am training 2 right now. It was 8 hours so far this week.

You ask about normals and expanders. I use an Expander with a lot of shortcuts, as in many thousands. Normals, I have some. The system at my employee job has some in it, I have made a few (less than 50). The IC job I have made a few too (less than 25). Most of my normals are shells of headers and the few things they always say. All I do it is acute care, primarily OP notes and yes, I don't have that many normals. When your pool has about 2000 doctors in it, normals are a challenge to find and make.

I have oh, reasonable work habits. I take frequent short breaks because I have to. I do work a split shift, which really helps me make it through the day, and the IC is catch as catch can, and about 6000 lines every 2 weeks. I usually spend about 2 or 3 partial hours a day typing at top speed, like an athlete. The rest of the time I do the best I can. I have stellar days and days when I feel I like I need to eat every hour! And I do it too.

Yup, I do the laundry and the dishes while I am working. I always have the TV or a DVD in, but music on Saturday mornings.
I also make many gifts throughout the year....
and spend alittle on the grandkids. This year I'm making a collage of pictures of my mom and dad (both deceased) for my sister, and my 3 sons. Friends get baked goodies and candies.

Grandkids will each get a toy (yes "A" toy), and a couple of small books (I'm the "Book Gran"). I'll make stocking for my 3 sons, my DIL and my 3 grandkids, just trinkets, etc that I find at the dollar store, and fruit and candies (like M&M's). And that's it.

Christmas isn't about GIFTS, its about love, hope, and faith.
How much do you make per year doing MT and do you work PT/FT and
for a company or have your own clients?  Just wondering how I compare.  I work for both and made just over $24,000 last year.
Last year, many people gave & we were able to raise

right at $1700.00 for the Salvation Army Christmas Angel program.  That couldn't have happened without people giving to the cause. 

MTStars Santa's House will be running until Dec. 20 and I am sure plenty of people will donate a buck or two to help us raise money for Operation Christmas Child.

You probably would have had more people in chat if it weren't New Year's Day.
Shut the h*** up. I make $75K a year doing this with BIG nationals.
I get full benefits. I'm not gutless in any way and I'm NOT having my "rights" taken away from me.

They're not doing anything to me I don't want them to do.

If that's YOUR situation, then make that STUPID statement about your own idiot self.

I'm doing just fine financially, Granny. I doubt YOU make the money I do. Not many do, they're not willing to sit their butts down and actually WORK for more than a few minutes at a time without running here and complain to all the other 'children' about 'school'.

I don't take s*** off anyone, not individuals and certainly not places I work -- there are too many of them out there to work for and if I don't want to do that, I can work for myself.

I kinda like the fact that I bring home more than THREE times what it takes for me to live, AND have insurance, AND a TSA, AND choose my work schedule.
Now you know why a lot of chefs make $75,000-100k a year!

It will be interesting to see the final episode tonight. 

are you the same Laura E who did not even make 12k last year? That doesn't
sound like plenty of work. It sounds like PT and that does not mean that there is enough for FT.
Right. You would have to be sicko to make $100K a year on 8 cpl.
Anybody make less than $12,000/year, part time - sm
I know at just part time (minimum 25 hrs a week) I won't be pulling in a ton of $, but I thought it would be a little more than that.  Am I alone?
Low wages? I make approx $60K a year at
40-year-olds tend to make much better students
than 20-year-olds!

In four years you will be 42 years old either way. Do you want to be 42 with or without your Batchelor's degree? :oD

I LOVE freezer jam - make it every year with our berries!
What about benefits? I make 50k a year working for a company
out of my home full time. No gas money, no traveling, no printing, faxing, and I get full benefits. How is making 50000 as an MTSO good money? I really just don't get it!
Basically, you make a projection of what you think you will clear for the year.
Then figure what the tax due on that amount would be and break it into four payments. There is a worksheet out there from the IRS the helps you to do this. Your state income and local taxes should also be paid quarterly and would be based on the same $$ amount.

The first year of IC is the hardest to guess because you will have deductions that you may not even be aware of but I would strongly encourage you to go IC!! I love it, despite the drawbacks as some posted below.

As a true IC, you decide when to work, how much you charge and don't let anyone else tell you that the clients you do work for have the right to dictate your work hours to you. Some have referred to working for a company or companies; if that's what you do and they dictate to you your hours, you're NOT an IC but an employee and therein lies the problem with scheduling.

There are way too many people out there who apparently think they are ICs when, in fact, they are employees. The companies that are telling them when to work, how much they will pay, are flat out wrong if they think they can call these people IC and then dictate the above parameters. Just make sure that the advice you are receiving regarding IC is actually from someone who really knows and understands what an IC is.
I make photo calendars featuring snapshots from last year
Birthday celebrants featured in each month; group photos for holidays. Made my files using the hp activity center, saved on my computer, then printed them using the recommended paper, which I ordered from the same site and was shipped overnight for free. Draw-back: time- and ink-consuming (good thing we refill our cartridges).
8 and 9 year olds do not have the maturity to make decisions like this. That's why they have pare
Well, ya can't make $50k a year unless you're willing to give up your life and be chained to S

you PC 12+ hours a day.  I can't recommend any particular school as I didn't go to one of the "online" schools.  I learned in an actual classroom which I recommend over any of these online schools.  Another thing I recommend is working in an office for at least six months, but more like a year, because there is a gigantic learning curve once you actually get a job.  There are just things that schools can't or don't teach, things that can only be learned on the job from other MTs who have been doing it longer than you.

Don't get me wrong.  It's great to be able to work from home.  Personally, I don't think newbies should be allowed to work at home right out of the gait.  There is some much they don't know.  They need help.  They need to be able to ask questions and one of the best things about working in the office as a newbie, is being able to ask the seasoned MT next to you to listen to something for you.

Having said all that, I think MT is slowly dying.  It's become difficult to make a decent living in this profession.  I'm one of the few lucky ones.  I work at-home for a hospital.  I get paid hourly, get incentive, and have all the benefits of being a FT employee.  Oh, and they can't take my benefits away if I don't make my quota.

You can't support a family on 7 or 8 cpl or even 9 cpl when the dictation is the crap they won't send to India.  I would suggest finding another profession.  The trend in medical coding is that all coders will be working from home soon what with everyone going to the Electronic Medical Record.  I would go into coding.  You may end up working in the office for a while, but I don't see coding being outsourced to India any time soon.  

Good Luck.

if mt paid 9, editor paid 4 or 5...how can company charge 14 and make it..sm

I know the going rate in our area is 14 cents per line.  As MTs most companies here pay us 8 or 9 cents a line.  Now add in the Editor rate at 4 or 5 per line..you are paying OUT more than you can charge a line.  How would companies stay in biz?

Unless all work is sent by the company overseas at pennies per line, this would not pay for a company.

just curious how this works out

i don't know why people make fun of mq and ceo(s) of mq. they are trying so hard

it takes TIME to award these prizes and to figure out pay increases.  They have priorities you know.  They are fighting lawsuits, figuring out bonuses for management and trying to save their own jobs or at least accumulate some cash in an offshore bank before going to jail or getting fired for running a scam operation bilking the shareholders, clients and MTs. 

Just be patient.  In a year or so Frank will come through (or at least his replacement) as to who won the Hawaii trip.


I'm with you ... people can make their own choices. nm
No need to laugh. Many people make that and much more. I do. nm
Some of us are IT people who make more money
doing MT. I've found that I know more about computers than the so-called IT people working for MT services. However, I would never recommend PC Doctor. AVG Free is the best free antivirus software out there. And you're not an id-iot. It's also tough to know which programs will cause a software conflict until you actually try them. Hope things go better for you.
I am not worried about what other people make... sm
What bothers me is that people post about how there wages are so low, their income is low, and it discourages the new people in the field before they get a chance to see for themselves what they can or cannot do.  I just really do not see how people can not type more than 75-100 lines an hour if they are really working their job.  I consistently type 350-400 lines an hour for 6 hours a day.  That averages me to $35-40 an hour - which is way over minimum wage.
I *only* make $40K a year for full time work. Now I find that isn't decent is or fair?
Charge what the credit card companies charge when they don't get paid on time!!!!
Audio hour charge - what is fair rate to charge company?

I have seen editors/QA people act put-upon because we make mistakes.
That's their JOB to correct mistakes.  And while we are working on production and a QA/Editor has time to listen to something over and over, they act like we should have gotten this and why was it sent to QA blah, blah.  Editors forget the sole purpose of their job is to fix the report and move on.  Some of them have to lord it over you with comments that are totally unnecessary.  Just give me the answer and I certainly don't need a speech or reprimand with the answer.  You do your job and I'll do mine.  I don't lecture you, don't lecture me.
Just make a "mean people" forum nm
Geez, you people make it sound like
"my family" has a bunch of incestuous perverts running around.  Give it a break!  My kids never even started it, the other kids at school did.  ALL boys think it's funny to overexaggerate when they get hit in the privates.  It's not like they're walking around playing doctor or anything.  It's the rolling around on the ground, Oh! my privates! that they think is funny.  As if your sons, brothers, or whoever is going to tell you about it anyway.  You're overthinking it and turning it into something it's not.  I did say I do not tolerate it or find it funny.  I am a darn good parent and I don't trash talk my kids' teachers either.  I've never pulled them out of classes or switched schools.  So please, spare ME the lectures and get out of your little glass houses.
You people make me laugh.Half say they sm
betrayed their families by making pretend they weren't gay, but they were MADE to have families becuase you condem them for being together. So let me see if I get this straight-don't pretend you are straight and don't be gay. What is that called? Oh yeah, SICK. If people left each other alone to be what they were born to be we wouldn't have families betrayed to begin with. Get it????? Think hard.
some people need to make themselves sound important
Obviously this person who considers MT a "profession" is in denial and has low, if any, expectations for herself.
You can't make people up this late in the game!
Power can make people crazy.
She sounds like a manager who caused me to leave my last job. She also was terrible at details too, but what a mess she turned out to be, starting all the rumors. Ridiculous.