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Medware and Execuscribe, JLG any comments...

Posted By: foxnsox on 2007-08-13
In Reply to:

or opinions on theses three companies. Been offered a position with both and wondering who is the best out of these 3 to go with? TY in advance

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Any info on Execuscribe from anyone who works there?
Has anyone heard of or worked for Execuscribe.
Has anyone heard of or worked for Execuscribe. Have not seen their name posted on any od the old archives.
I currently work for them and we are constantly running out of work.  yocardial infarction will have no work one moment and then there are dictations from 3 days ago.  Seems really inconsistent.  I do love ChartScript though.
is execuscribe and amphion the same?
just wondering because their website for appliing look very similar to one another
amphion and execuscribe
sorry i meant mxsecure and Amphion (not amphion and execuscribe)
One or both of the MDIs do, ExecuScribe in NY does..nm
If anyone has the story about Execuscribe on 7/22 from the Rochester
it here. Thanks.
Looking for info on Execuscribe on company board
Any information on this company? Interviewed yesterday but i'm just wondering what the feedback on them is from others...
Execuscribe On-Line Test Score
No, they didn't tell me what score was passing before I tested. They invited me to test based on my resume. I don't know about having to use a C-phone once hired but no I did not need one to test.
Anyone with information on Medware.  Would appreciate any input.  Thank you in advance.
This was the worst of the worst for me. I went back to working for a hospital (at home) after a month with them!

Can anyone tell me how long it took to get hired with this company?  I spoke with a recruiter last week, who acted like everything was all set and haven't heard from him since.  I did send himi an e-mail, but got no reply.  I didn't want to call and be a pester either, but I would like to know something.  I was just curious if this length of time was normal or not....Thanks

Well, on the other side of the coin there is the fact that they have an easy-to-use platform, you get feedback/corrections for every report you send into QA, they offer good medical and dental benefits that are affordable, there are 7 paid holidays and at least 10 vacation days per year given, my supervisor is approachable and allows flexibility within reason, and, in my experience at least, we do not run out of work frequently.

The fact that they have a subsidiary in India does not bother me. Nowdays, it is a fact of life in this, and many other businesss.

I've been very happy in my years with Medware and have no plans to leave.

Like I said... I know not everyone agrees with my views on this, but I did want you to have another opinion from the opposite side.

Medware has gone through a lot of changes recently and not all of them good. The mentality is based on quantity, not quality. If you want to push through a lot of charts for low pay and no raises, then Medware is for you.

Only a couple of positives: They do not deduct for errors, pay is made on time, vacation pay, but you have to work 3 holidays a year. Platform is easy to use. Flexibility in scheduling is a huge plus.
I have been happy there and am in my 3rd year of employment. In my personal experience I can say that I do not have accounts that are "picked over" due to outsourcing. Mine are great, as is my supervisor.

What's the general consensus with regards to Medware?  Thanks in advance.

It doesn't make any sense. I passed it but they keep telling me I only scored an 82. HOw can you score an 82 when all your answers are right??
I had been with another company for nearly six years when I switched to Medware.  I love Medware! They're like any other company wherein benefits are available, but you are required to work 40 hours a week and produce your required line count.  Isn't that just the same as other companies?  QAs are quarterly, the pay is fair, and I have had great supervisors...just the best!!! I think some of the comments I have seen about Medware are harsh.  I've worked for the worst and feel Medware is one of the very best!!!
I absolutely loved working for Medware.  I worked for them for about 6 months.  I quit, as I was moonlighting and working a fulltime job.  It became too much.  I would go back there in a heartbeat though!
I currently work for Medware and love it.  The people are all great and I always have work.
Go with Medware! SM
GREAT benefits, GREAT team leaders, GREAT atmosphere just to name a few things. I worked BRIEFLY for JLG and was not very happy with them at all. The people were GREAT but the platform sucked. Also, I was not able to get much flexibility in scheduling. I have been with Medware for a year and a half now and absolutely LOVE my job and actually ENJOY coming to work! HTH!

Do yourself a favor and do not work for Medware INC. 'Where there is smoke, there is fire.'
Regarding Medware
Someone who is disgruntled and who does not care to state WHY not to work at Medware.  I work at Medware (on the Merit side...used to work on the Dictaphone side as a shift leader and delta) and I am VERY happy here, and have been for over 3 years now.  It is still a great company to work for.  Yes, there are a LOT of changes that have gone on over the past 1-1/2 years, but so far, have all been positive, so unless you care to elaborate, "I" love Medware and hope to retire here.  As with any any job, there is ALWAYS going to be something that someone is not happy with.  I think if you talk with the management personally (and respectfully) you might agree.  JMO!!
Medware ---so far, so good --
Startup is quick. Supportive trainers. Like their platform. MT-friendly software.
Medware or Spheris
Medware wasn't a bad company and the benefits were good. The only complaint I had is they told me I would get a certain account, but when I started I ended up with 3 others, not including the one they told me I would get. I was started on all 3 at the same time and yes it got confusing. I worked for Edix, now Spheris, and the schedules were very very rigid there.
Can anyone tell me what Medware insurance
rates are for 2 people (me & hubby)?
Feedback about Medware?

Okay, gang, here is one more.  I see that they are listed as the 2005 and 2002 AAMT Employer of the Year, and I am scheduled to test with them tomorrow. 

Any feedback, good or bad, on Medware?

Medware has benefits???
The only benefit I heard of was their paying half of self-employment taxes. They said they do not offer full-time employment; they offer statutory employment which means they offer one benefit--the full-time employment tax half-payment. Where do I find out about the medical, dental, etc. you mentioned?

Do you find BayScribe easy to use and to learn?

About how many lines per hour is your average? How many on a good day? I'm just wondering about what productivity people are REALLY having in the company, as opposed to what a recruiter might tell me.
Information on Medware


Thinking about working for them.  Any input.  Thanks.

Medware and Meridian?
Anyone know anything about these companies.  I'm currently working but really need to get at least a part-time job as our work is extremely slow and I get the feeling that they are losing the account that I currently work on.  Any info is appreciated.  Thanks. 
I suggest trying Medware

I'm starting with them 7/1, but I can tell you the hiring process was one of the best I've experienced. The recruiter was super friendly. Once I applied, they got back with me within a few days.  Also, the testing process was very reasonable. Great benefits from what I've read (on here) and they don't change your accounts frequently. Take care and good luck!

I too worked for medware
a few years back and absolutely loved it!  I had to quit do to personal reason.  Great bunch of people!
I believe Medware is hiring for ER accounts right now. sm
Medware - Are they really a good co to work for? Thanks.
Medware's ad in job seekers, Is all of that true?
Medware is hiring ICs. They had a post on the
Thanks, Medware, for this great gift!

And thanks especially to MTStars for all you do for MTs and making MT Week so much fun!

On ExText with MedWare and they also said No Vista! nm
Thank you, Medware and MT Stars for the $50 Amazon gift.
I received my gift certificate yesterday. Oh boy - let the shopping begin!  Thanks again!!
I have been told and read that Medware offshores. I think you can do better.
There are many American companies that do not offshore. Please steer clear of any offshoring companies at any cost.
I think DeVenture, eTransPlus, TransTech, and some Medware accts use
Full time at Medware is considered 32 hours. Nmsg..
Two comments....

First of all, everything you say may be true of the mother regarding her suspicion, but as I always try to do before I criticize and pass judgment on others, first try to mentally "walk a mile in her shoes."  You might be thinking the same thing under similar circumstances.


Secondly, she signed a waiver for her daughter to go on that trip with full knowledge that these "adult children" were not going to be supervised by these chaperones in any fashion other than just being "available" if they needed them and to help out if anyone lose their passport or suitcase, stuff like that.  The mother knew full well why she was letting her daughter got to Aruba... TO DRINK AND PARTY!   If she didn't know that, then she's a dense as they come.  I wouldn't give my daughter 2 cents towards a trip to Aruba at age 18.  There's only one reason to go to an island like that, to drink.  If the beach is what you want, we've been known to have a few beaches here in the USA, but they don't want that, they want to be free to party it up.  So you can't blame the chaperones, at least not in my opinion.

Does nobody want to comment on how much they get paid?
Dee, if you do not have one already, try out an ergonomic split keyboard. Those are the best. I notice that for any reason if I have to use a plain keyboard that I start developing wrist pain.
OT Comments
You should keep a separate record of hours worked so that should you ever decide to file something with the Department of Labor that you worked OT hours that were not paid you have a record to submit. Other MTs have done that in the past and indeed been paid the back pay they were entitled to.
thanks for the comments!
I appreciate knowing this can be done...

Thank you for your posting; I find it very useful.  However, I want to comment on the fact that, during training, I never heard of the BOS and received absolutely no feedback.  So, to think that newly trained MTs are ahead of the others, is not necessarily correct.

As a matter of fact, the very first time that I ever heard of the AAMT Book of Style was upon receiving the graded and corrected FINAL EXAM for my course (Career Step) which made reference to my use of a dangerous abbreviation.  I then inquired as to WHAT IS A DANGEROUS ABBREVIATION, at which time someone did RESEARCH and, after a few days of research, reported to me that she had to ask someone else and discovered that a dangerous abbreviation was defined by AAMT, as mentioned in the BOOK OF STYLE.  I immediately purchased a copy of the book and studied it on my own.

I think that none of us fits into any one category.  I hate it when I am stereotyped, especially with regards to what a potential employer may think I know or do not know, or may be capable of doing, as determined by the exact number of years that I have been working.  There are plenty of exceptionally good companies out there who have totally rejected me due solely to the fact that I have less than the number of years of experience that they require, while my current employer constantly gives me the most difficult jobs because I am, in his mind, "one of the best."    Of course, I can't wait until I have those required number of years of experience so that I can reject those very companies that rejected me back in the days when I only had 2 years of experience!!


thanks for the comments
I appreciate the replies to my inquiry.  Everyone have a good day. 
Any comments about...
Has anyone ever heard of TransRx?