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Mick Jagger has NEVER had plastic surgery! Nor has KEITH RICHARDS!

Posted By: RadGuy on 2005-10-29
In Reply to: Too bad he ruined his face with plastic surgery - Like every other aging, famous star nm

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It's Keith Richards who has the pock marks, not Mick.


For those of you that don't think Mick Jagger is hot sm

I would much rather have a 62-year-old husband that looks like Mick than most of the fat bellied rednecks that American woman seem to be stuck with and pretending to still adore them. Now THAT is eeeuu. Sure he might be a nice guy, but stop buying Doritos and ice cream.

I'm proud to say my husband is mid-forties and still has a body like a 20-year-old. He does not work out, he does not watch his diet and he does not drink or do drugs. But he does play bass guitar in a band and he can still move like a 19-year-old. Not to worry, he still has his "day job" as well.

Must be something about the music that gives them the capability to keep a high metabolism and not letting their midrifts go to innertube to justify sticking a Nascar sticker on the bumper of their pickup.

Who thinks Mick Jagger is still hot??

Mick and Keith are 62 and Ron is younger....sm


just cause you probably look like you're 70 and you're probably 50 isn't anybody else's problem except yours.


Surgery/Plastic Surgery Transcription
Hello. I am considering taking a position in the field of plastic surgery. Can anyone recommend a way to pick up on the terminology FAST?
Plastic surgery at 28?
need plastic surgery
Thanks very much for the info.  I am having breast implants removed actually so want to make sure I find a doctor who really knows what he's doing.  I appreciate your input.  I will talk to some of the nurses; that's a good idea. 
Didn't know about plastic surgery, but...sm
I can't like his music even a smidge less because of how he wants to look. His music makes me smile, makes me want to dance, and can even change my bad mood in an instant! I get a lot of teasing from my friends for liking this guy's music, but I dont' care! My stepson (8) wants to learn a John Mellencamp song so he can play it for me on his new guitar! My husband is also learning to Play Guitar, and has mastered Pink Houses just for me! I get alot of Love and Happiness from being a Mellenhead!

WestchesterMT, right on!
I don't know the particular MD, but I had plastic surgery in August. sm
What I did was talk to nurses. Nurses are a wealth of info, and they really know the docs. In my talking to nurses, I even found a few who had chosen the surgeon for themselves. I'm not shy, so I'll tell you that I had breast reduction surgery. Aside from my talking to nurses who worked in anesthesia, surgery, and oncology departments, I also spent a good amount of time with the doc. I made sure he was board certified, asked lots of detailed questions, and he also showed me photos of previous patients and the results of the surgery. He showed me photos of both good and bad results, which was a really good thing. There are risks to any surgery, and it's good to actually see what can go wrong.
It took a while, but it really paid off on the end. My surgeon and I communicated well, and I'm very happy with the results of my surgery.
Wouldn't want any of them doing plastic surgery on me,

Too bad he ruined his face with plastic surgery

Any good sites for plastic surgery? sm
Been doing reports for breast augmentation, mastopexy, blepharoplasty, Z-plasty, etc. Any web sites that may have terminology or sample reports other than MT Desk. Their site is good, but need more sample reports or terminology.
I have still to see one whose face does not scream : Plastic surgery
after they had it done.
Or Botox, for that matter.

Especially MEN just hate it!
They hate everything artificial.

Ask them!
Plastic surgery only works if there's something there to work with in the first place.
She's been trying to look like her dad's "golden girls," Heather Locklear and Farrah Fawcett, for years, but it's not working, obviously never will.
Stedman's has a plastic surgery reference book. If

you are just going to be doing plastic surgery you might could get by with that and a drug book.  I use an electronic version of Quick Look and I like that, not sure how different the book might be, but either Quick Look or Drake & Drake are good drug books. 

The drug books are updated every year, though I only get a new one about every other year.  I believe the plastic surgery book has been updated within the past year, so should be a good resource.  You can check the classified board here and e-bay and you might be able to find books cheaper, just be sure you are getting the most current edition.  You can go to Stedman's website to verify current edition if needed. 


plastic surgery/ent/dentistry word book


Sabato was GREAT as JAGGER way back when

Denise Richards is on the show
tomorrow  - likes like a good episode.
I was transcribing a surgery once, the surgery was over and the doctor was dictating
from anesthesia yet.  Anyway, the surgeon dictating stopped dictating and said "Hey Mary - is this one big enough for you?"  It was obvious he was talking about the patient's PENIS!  I thought HOW EMBARRASSING!  I hope they didn't make fun of my anatomy when I got my tubes tied!
New job first, save sick time, then surgery or surgery first?

Iíd like to go back to medical secretary work.  Iíve had cortisone shots in my ECU tendon 3 or 4 times and was warned not to have too many or my tendon could rupture.  Itís been very weak for a year or so and my left wrist is smaller than my right wrist.  I canít type at all with my left pinky so I think itís ruptured.  I have Word auto correct and Instant Text set up so I very seldom type As, Qs, or Zs.  I havenít had surgery because I have my own account, no subs, a DD in college to support, and no disability insurance and didnít want to take time off work for surgery.  I do have medical insurance though my DH. 


Iím debating whether to get a job, save up sick time, and have the surgery while getting sick time pay or have the surgery first without any sick time pay.


Iíve done medical secretary work before.  I figured if I use Word there I can save their Auto Correct and transfer mine.  If they use EMR, I can make my own shorts to stay away from Q, S and Z.  I could only accept a job where I donít type for more than an hour straight, which is what I do now.  Then I started worrying about what if I have to use someone elseís computer?  What if I unexpectedly have to type more than an hour?


I think I have cold feet about getting a job outside the home after over 7 years at home AND Iíve had cold feet about having surgery!  Can someone help me think this through logically?  I canít think straight when my feet are cold.

That's the KEY. I will NEVER KNOW if Toby Keith is gay.

At least not the way he handles himself and dresses.  On the other hand, I suspect Jude Law is gay.  It's all about the looks. I'm not marrying these people.  It's what one is attracted to and I thought the trend was toward girlie men who use more hair product than women and their designer clothes were more important to them than a regular man, kinda like a woman.  Just sayin........ 


Maybe these boys bring out the maternal instinct in women who are attracted to them.  I don't know but it's not for me.

keith Urban
I actually won a contest with my local radio station to have what they call side-stage passes for the Country Fest 2004 tour. I stood right on the side-lines where you can see everything. Keith Urban is a smart and sweet and he is adorable. He was so polite and hugged me when I had to leave. Didn't know what to do with myself.
How about Denise Richards/Heather Locklear.
It's a toss up between Denise Richards and Heather Locklear...BUT...

Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie are great role models too!!!!!!!

dude, i'm not being literal. toby keith looks like he is CAPABLE
of taking care of me.  Jude Law on the other hand looks like he would be hard pressed to take care of himself.  It is the presentation not if the guy really would step off the screen to take care of me.  For example, it doesn't look as if Toby Keith has product in his hair or wears designer clothes.  He is tall and has a great deep commanding voice.  It's not about literal.  It's all about PHYSICAL APPEARANCE and how a man carries himself. 
Mick and the Stones are forever, wrinkly or not! :) nm
The Rolling Stones? You mean The Strolling Bones? Mick wasn't hot b4 and still isn't! But hey,
big lips and pretzels for legs then hey, more power to ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are a plastic clog. sm


This is a link, but you can get them lots of places on-line and you can probably get them at a uniform shop. 


Plastic sugery
Just had a tummy tuck 8 weeks ago and I say if it will make you feel better, go for it.
need a plastic surgeon
Does anyone have any personal experience with Dr. Michael Petrosky with Plastic Surgery Center of the South in Marietta, Georgia?  I am considering using him as I consulted with him and I really liked his manner and explanation of the surgery.  I would like to talk with someone who has used him before just to see if he is a good doctor, but how can one go about doing that with the HIPPA laws?  The only way I know to find out about patients of his is to ask their office and of course they aren't going to give me names/phone numbers.  If anyone has any info on this doctor's practice would you mind sharing with me please?  Or if you know of a way that I can talk to a few people who have used him, etc.  Thanks very much.
I cut a hole in the plastic
on the back of the cassette (surgery!) and then pulled both ends out a little to make the tape job easier, and then respooled the tape back. No anesthesia needed; pt recovered well.
DID you take off the plastic strip?
that comes with the printer cartridge?
I can't put hard plastic against
my skin - now that causes itching! But if you have a latex allergy, you can make your own little covers out of fabric. Use a soft fabric like old worn out cotton flannel from PJs. cut little pieces from the fabric and use tiny rubber bands from your kid's braces to hold the fabric in place. Change them more out frequently if you have oily skin.


There is a plastic pipe
called PVC and there has been some question about exposure to this. I think people have been told to change older pipes out containing this.
Plastic shoes that come in many different colors, and several
different styles.  Very popular with medical personnel who are on their feet all day.  Google Crocs. 
I use a plastic storage bin and cut a section out for him to ...sm

get in and out.  I do not use the lid.  It has nice, high sides, room to turn around and I usually try to keep 3 inches of liter in it.  

I have 2 other 'regular' size cats who use the standard liter boxes just fine but my big guy only uses his big, roomy custom box.  I also replace it about every 5-6 months.  I wish you and your kitty all the best! 

Please let us know what the vet says.

It actually took some work. That plastic is really thick.

The first time I did it I used a very sharp utility knife but had trouble making a U-shape and it ended up quite uneven across.  I now drill holes at the bottom of the U (so to speak ....the bottom of the U is actually straight across now).  It gives a cleaner 'stop'.  I go to about 5-6 inches from the bottom so that I can easily keep 3 inches of litter in it.  Whatever you use, it will be worth the work (and it WILL be work).  I discard the lid cause my big boy prefers it open.  Good luck!

I do work for a plastic surgeon, insurance will only pay from what I can tell IF - sm
there is a health issue, i.e. continous rash from the folded skin, irritation that medicine will not resolve. But all conservative measures of treating have to be exhausted before they agree to pay for an abdominoplasty. Good luck....I need to lose about 80 pounds and wondering if I will have any sag when done...I have very sensitive skin too so expect some problems (and if so I hope they are enough to warrant my insurance to pay for the removal procedure...otherwise I plan to save up for it)--
I worked for a plastic surgeon for 3 months...sm
and people having face lifts and tummy tucks are in incredible pain after their surgical procedure. My sister chose to have breast implants done and she was in severe pain for about 3 days after surgery. No way am I interested in having elective things like this done!
The plastic surgeon on "The Doctors"
is very reputable. I would go to his website (can find through the show's website) and either email him or call for information/opinion.

The key is to deal with someone you know is on the ball and above board.
Yes, Yes! Sue the OWNER of the plastic pool because they did not secure it properly. Now it was a
deadly object due to THEIR negligence! Just think of the $$$. 
Those plastic container strawberries at the store always go moldy on me, too.

They must sit in a warehouse or truck where the plastic packages get really hot because the outside berries look great but the inside ones are moldy or mushy.  That's probably why they go on sale!  LOL  Open the plastic package in the store no matter how good they look and look at all the berries.  Wash them when you get them home and stick them in the fridge in a paper towel lined bowl.

I buy the huge crates or half crates of berries in the little green plastic baskets.  I cut most of them up, sprinkle with a small amount of sugar, let sit in the fridge overnight in plastic pint containers to "juice", then freeze.

I planted six dozen strawberry plants this spring, which your post reminded me that I need to go pick strawberries, zucchini, and green beans again.  Time to go find some unlocked cars and leave vegetables on the front seats.

Ice cube trays are plastic. Besides, my pitstick's gonna
give me breast cancer and Alzheimers before the frozen plastic gives me cancer.
If the kids are little, I got small clear green plastic cups

or can just use clear ones if you can't find green.  I got a red bottle of stained glass paint that they sell just about anywhere they sell crafts (even Wal-Mart) and got one of the plastic boards that you use the paint with.  I made green jello and put in the cups and then took marschiano cherries and punched down in the jello against the front of the cup for eyes.  I made scars on the board with the paint and after they dried I pulled them off and put them on the cups.  This stuff makes like a static cling thing.  I then crushed plain chocolate cookies and put on top of the jello and this creates a Frankenstein.   Smaller kids are probably the only ones who would appreciate this.  It was fairly easy, though depending on the # of kids takes lots of jello. 

Something else I did for a decoration - take a picnic table and turn it on end longways.  Take a green plastic tablecloth and cover the table.  Cut black plastic for hair and attach to the top of the table, either on top of the green cloth or just above it if your cloth isn't long enough.  Take aluminum pie pans and then take a styrofoam ball and paint it and attach to the pans and attach for eyes.   Use the above board and paint and make some really big scars and then attach those.  Get some of those popcorn buckets from the movies, or sometimes you can find them in the stores, cover with aluminum foil and attach to the table on each side for the bolts.  If it will be dark you can add glow-in-the-dark paint to the eyes and use a black light.  

I did this a couple of years ago and everyone stopped to tell me how cute it was.  I saw it in Family Fun magazine I believe so I can't take credit for it. 



Is it possible that the stove was new and the thin layer of protective plastic was left on it?
What is good to clean an LCD computer screen that wont harm the black plastic monitor itself.
Spray might stain carpet underneath. Put a plastic bag with a paper towel under the foot pedal while
They're plastic clogs that have large ventilation holes and nubbies inside on the soles. Loose
My son is having it on Friday in Dallas by the doctor who invented it. He has guaranteed it will work for him even with his astigmatism. He said he underwent five solid hours of testing today and the doctor told him to stay away from the 500. per day, 15-minute exam places.
If you do not want surgery,
You can have your dentist make a nightguard for you, and a chiropractor is also helpful for manipulation. For a quick fix, albeit temporary, you can go to a pain management physician for steroid injections into the temporomandibular joint. If treated, symptoms can abate without surgery. Hope that helps.
LOL and even after ALL that surgery...