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What is good to clean an LCD computer screen that wont harm the black plastic monitor itself.

Posted By: MQ MT on 2005-10-24
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how do I clean my flat screen monitor...
I have wiped it off very lightly, but something is smudged on it and I don't wanna ruin it!
what do you use to clean computer screen?
can i use lens cleaner like for my eyeglasses? alcohol?   thanks.
Is there a reason does anyone know that you are to unplug your LCD computer monitor to clean it. Why
would they tell you to do that.
Buying a new computer and cant decide on LCD monitor or regular monitor. Any opinions out there. The
LCD is 325.00 with 1 year warranty.
Have you tried adjusting your monitor screen sm
up or down a hair or two? I bought a new monitor for Christmas and had headaches for a week before I realized it needed to go up about 1/4-1/2 inch. I moved it and the headaches went away. Just a thought.
Is this on the case or on the monitor screen? Why
I got a new monitor, flat screen, but
on getting it bigger and do I need to put the CD in that came with the monitor? Not my computer, it belongs to the company I work for.
It's a stain on the front of monitor screen. Sorry, DH
Anyone successful with full screen monitor sm
hooked connected to a laptop and how did you get it to work.  I have been trying to get my monitor and laptop to interact with one another, but no such look.  Can anyone help me with this?  I do not think I can look at this laptop screen all day.  Thanks!!
Is there a way to show caps locked on the monitor screen?

Or does it depend on the keyboard?  If it depends on keyboard, how can I program it to show up on my monitor in the bold green letters I have seen that some can do?  Anyone know?



I bought a glare reducing screen to put on monitor from ebay. nm
For tired eyes, get an anti-glare screen to put on monitor. Amazing difference. I had


Wiping the computer clean
Hi, I have a computer that is about 5-6 years old, and I no longer use it.  I want to clean all my data off it so that if it ends up in someone else's hands none of my confidential MT work is on it.  When I bought the computer, my hard drive had two partitions; one for the restore to factory settings and one for my use.  I took my computer with me to an MT company for training, and they wiped out my partition that had my restore information on it.  I hadn't made a copy on a disk, so I no longer have that as an option.  Can I simply reformat my hard drive to wipe everything clean?  I don't really care if that wipes out the OS too.
computer/monitor question
I would like to switch out my CRT monitor for a flat screen LCD monitor, any advice?  My hard drive works fine, just looking to clear up some space on my desk, and be a little kinder to my eyes.  Will I need to get any special adapters?  I do not want to purchase anything that is not a necessity.  TIA
How to measure a computer monitor?
Do you measure from 1 side to the other or inside only. Thanks.
I'm no computer genius but my monitor does it all the time sm
When??  When my cell phone is near by and something goes on with it, like a message comes through via email (I have a BlackBerry now).  However, it did it before with my regular cell phone too - so I came to the conclusion that someone nearby was getting a phone call or something.  Nothing has ever happened to my monitor...
Can anyone tell me an environmentally safe way to dispose of old computer monitor? TIA


I just had Hot Wheels bounced off my head and computer monitor.
My kids are older and shouldn't need to be entertained.  We do things with them in the afternoons, evenings and weekends, just like any other two parent working family.  The kids know better than to throw things in the house.  However, it's too hot to go outside so they're bored.  They also know I work until noon.  So why am I being struck by flying objects?    I think it's chore time.
Computer problem. Screen turned sideways!
I'm typing this sideways because my screen turned completely to the left side for some reason.  Any suggestions for fixing this would be greatly appreciated.  I tried restarting the computer and using the buttons on monitor to "factory reset."  Neither worked.  This is giving me a headache!
Stick a note on the computer screen...Back in 2 weeks. :-) nm
Any good sites for plastic surgery? sm
Been doing reports for breast augmentation, mastopexy, blepharoplasty, Z-plasty, etc. Any web sites that may have terminology or sample reports other than MT Desk. Their site is good, but need more sample reports or terminology.
Just staring at the computer screen can make me feel drugged after 9 hours.
moderator is doing a good job, board is clean.
a year. After I clean it good I turn it upside down on a towel for a day and then I position it
the heat/air conditioning register so it gets good and dry for about 2 days.  If you don't let it dry good it won't work very well.    I've been washing mine about 2 years.  
Diary of a Mad Black Woman -- Good movie.
I thought it was so good.  I just went through an affair (my husband being the cheater, while I was pregnant), and she gave me such confidence.  I don't know, I just really liked the movie.  Thought it was great.
Is 9 cpl, based on a 55 black character line good pay?
I think I explained that okay. Basically, a 55-character line, black, and pay is 9 cpl per line. I was not sure how this compared to 65-character line with spaces at 8 cpl etc. Any help out there?
Black widows are shiny black, females have red spot
There aren't many males around. After the mate, the females eat them lol.

We have black widows galore here in Calif. I actually keep frogs in my yard (provide ponds for them) and they have made a big impact on the insect population.

Remember to always wear shoes (something I try to do).
EXText Word Client - blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?
EXText Word Client - blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?
EXText word client blank screen everytime I give ok in DIS screen
Thanks your suggestion was very valuable. At a specified time (which the technical side say, when the net speed is very good), it is working without a problem at all (whereas this was half working and half not working before even at this time), but other times, still the same problem exists.

Actually the blank screen comes every time I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen).
Screen Resolution/Font/Screen Percentage
My eyes are tired all the time. I usually have my monitor set at 800 x 600 pixels and use Bookman at 10 font in Word at 111% in the normal layout. What might be a better viewing screen setting to use?
NEVER any harm in asking
I don't see the harm
I can somewhat understand in an office where you do have to brush shoulders with your co-workers. But here, in the anonymity of this board, I don't understand the harm in answering the question. You can put whatever name you want in that Name: section at the top of a reply, and calling yourself Gauche MT and responding that you make XX cents per line, average XX lines per hour, and end up making $XX for an 8 hour day is not identifiable. Everyone seems to encourage transcriptionists to stand/band together against offshoring and money hungry corporate types.

Frankly, I question the veracity of some of the tales of wages on here, anyway. Having done this for many years, I'm just a little skeptical of those people who claim to be transcribing for an acute care hospital and doing 500 lines/hour for 7 hours a day but then slow down to about 475 l/h, making 12 cents/line plus incentives, and chalks those kind of numbers up to a good Expander program.

Guess I'm just a cynic.
No harm in asking. If you've been there a while, they might do it.
What harm is it to the company for another trans to know
what accounts they have? I know what account a lot of trans work on for other companies! I am another one who doesn't see what everyone is fussing about. It's not like hearing that hospital's name is going to send another transcription company after their work - everyone already knows that they have to have transcription so it's no big secret that SOMEONE is doing it???
what is the harm in telling the rate? i don't u from adam and i won't steal your job.

Well, work is super busy..so not much time..no harm no foul..sm
Working 14 hours a day puts a cramp into watching the news lately, so have not seen much, nor had much time to really think about it. Did the donation through both of our work, caught a bit of news...but I cannot help anymore by sitting in front of a television, so a bit slow on the news intake here.
Any good companies that will provide a free computer??

Are there any good MT companies out there that will provide a free computer and the software, supplies I will need?? I am a canadian MT living in canada. They also must hire outside the USA. IF anyone knows of such a company (that pays at least 12 cents per line too!!)- please email. Thanks!!!!!



Jan Marquis

I want to buy a good computer for transcription, mine seems to be bogged down, what I need

How much Ram, processor anything should I be looking for?  I have the Windows XP office to put in it, so I'm not concerned about that, but I want something with speed and can hold the software and everything.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!  ~ Thanks

True! Computer techs are all foreign. Used to be a good-
still have a tech job are usuallyh IC's, with no job security and no benefits. Lots of computer and microchip manufacturing jobs, that spawned the 'Silicon Valley' in California have gone offshore. Now even radiologists have to worry about their jobs, as some places send the x-rays digitally to Philippines to be read.

What I'd like to know is.... What exactly is going to be LEFT in the United States for US to do? Gas station attendant? Nope... most are self-serve, unless you live in Oregon. Wal-Mart Greeter? Hmm... not old enough (or retired enough) for that. Farm worker? Nope. Mexicans have cornered that market. Waitress? Nope. Lots of eat-in restaurants going belly-up these days. Typesetter? Nope. Newspapers are going extinct. Web designer? Nope. Most people can design their own nowadays. Retail? Same as the restaurants. Teacher? Whoa - talk about an underpaid profession! Nurse? Another underpaid one. Not a good choice for us work-at-home recluses. Truck driver? One of the few jobs where they need people, but to make ends meet these days you have to pretty much live in your truck. Flight attendant? Not a good choice for us recluses who hate to fly. Rap artist? Pretty saturated field. Hair stylist? I don't even comb my OWN hair most of the time, and haven't cut it in years. So I'd be pretty useless unless someone with long hair wanted a French braid. Chef or short-order cook? Not if you only cook TV dinners. (Does that count as cooking?) Dog-walker? Nah - I'm a cat-person. Bike-messenger? In my town, most of em don't live very long. You never see middle-aged bike messengers. Taxi-driver? Nope - the Sikhs have cornered that market. Executive secretary? (What? Go back to wearing heels and pantyhose? NEVER!)
IF it is secondary income, where is the harm? As long as you work around your kids (at night, naps)
a big plus when you are around kids all day and bring in a little cash to help out the household.
Would state you are a fast learner with good computer skills
and able to pick up things quickly once you are shown. Good luck!!
They are a plastic clog. sm


This is a link, but you can get them lots of places on-line and you can probably get them at a uniform shop. 


Plastic sugery
Just had a tummy tuck 8 weeks ago and I say if it will make you feel better, go for it.
Plastic surgery at 28?
need a plastic surgeon
Does anyone have any personal experience with Dr. Michael Petrosky with Plastic Surgery Center of the South in Marietta, Georgia?  I am considering using him as I consulted with him and I really liked his manner and explanation of the surgery.  I would like to talk with someone who has used him before just to see if he is a good doctor, but how can one go about doing that with the HIPPA laws?  The only way I know to find out about patients of his is to ask their office and of course they aren't going to give me names/phone numbers.  If anyone has any info on this doctor's practice would you mind sharing with me please?  Or if you know of a way that I can talk to a few people who have used him, etc.  Thanks very much.
need plastic surgery
Thanks very much for the info.  I am having breast implants removed actually so want to make sure I find a doctor who really knows what he's doing.  I appreciate your input.  I will talk to some of the nurses; that's a good idea. 
I cut a hole in the plastic
on the back of the cassette (surgery!) and then pulled both ends out a little to make the tape job easier, and then respooled the tape back. No anesthesia needed; pt recovered well.
DID you take off the plastic strip?
that comes with the printer cartridge?
I can't put hard plastic against
my skin - now that causes itching! But if you have a latex allergy, you can make your own little covers out of fabric. Use a soft fabric like old worn out cotton flannel from PJs. cut little pieces from the fabric and use tiny rubber bands from your kid's braces to hold the fabric in place. Change them more out frequently if you have oily skin.


There is a plastic pipe
called PVC and there has been some question about exposure to this. I think people have been told to change older pipes out containing this.