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My cats apparently moved my toolbars once -

Posted By: mdlfcrs on 2007-03-13
In Reply to: NM! - help...

They apparently jump on the keyboard one night.  It took me forever to figure out what to do!

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MS toolbars
No, it won't muck up the system. You go to View, Toolbars, and open as many as you want. The only thing is, the more toolbars open, the less space to see your document. I have an average sized monitor so can see quite a bit, plus I drag toolbars to use less site. You can turn on/turn off any toolbars at any time.
MS Toolbars. Thank you so much! nm
No toolbars at all, only a ruler!
Thanks, but I've played around to see if the toolbar is hiding behind the only other thing visible on the page now, the ruler. Nope, not there.
This is totally nuts, huh?
Is there a View/Toolbars setting in the 2003 that you
View > Toolbar > Lock the Toolbars
If you're working in Word, if your Standard & Formatting toolbars
There are vaccinations for feline leukemia and rabies. A responsible cat owner keeps their pet updated on these shots.
Cats going outside.
I think everyone is entitled to their stance on this issue, it is a hard call to make, whether indoor/outdoor or always indoor, and I believe it is up to each individual to make that choice. I make the choice to have indoor/outdoor cats as I think that mine are most happy that way. There are ways that you can get your cats outdoors that are safe, many fencing systems that with some trial and error work. I know a lady who made wire tunnels that ran the perimeter of her yard that ended up in the woods attached to another enclosure she hade a handy man make for her, she said it was very inexpensive to make and it was really neat. I saw pictures of it. I plan to do something similar when I own property. Whatever you decide, do what you think is best for you, and let others do what they think is best for them. I have lost 1 cat to outside predators and it was wrenching, could not get out of bed for a week, but I still continue to let mine out to this day because that is what I feel makes them the happiest. I say lets choose to disagree or agree on this subject. All for the animals!!!
Cats: Leroy Brown, baddest cat in the whole darn town (full name), also Teddy. Pug, Willie, and Chiauwawa Amigo...Turtle Timmy, found out really Timithia, and 7 year old 12 inch long gold fish named Goldie (what else)...this as fun...
Cats will go off and die alone, my vet told me that. Also, in regard to keeping a cat indoors vs letting it out, we have coyotes and rabies in our states and they advised everyone to keep their cats indoors, even our indoor cats have to get rabies shots. I have a siamese who I let out with me in the garden but bring her in with me and she is never out at night. I got her from the ASPCA, and it took her a while to get used to being indoor cat, but my vet told me he has too many cats who suffer from fights, death by coyote or rabid bites.
Two Cats
Roscoe - 10
Raquel - 15

Well, as follows (all cats)...

The Four Bumpas Brothers (so called because they love each other so much and are alway bumping heads together) who are Big, Baby Dogfood, Baby and Smokey Bumpas. Mr. Atticus Pinkas, because when we got him he lived in the attic for weeks and always comes down with pink insulation on him. Mr. French (he just looks like he would be French with his moustache). Dead-eye Lil, who obviously has one bad eye, her babies Paper and Plastic (they were born last week in a brown paper grocery sack) Sherbie, who is an orange barn cat. Old Dogfood, who came with the place we bought 10 years ago and is also a barn cat. All of these are outside cats, except Mr. Pinkas, who fears the outside world! The others were all drop offs and strays. Living in the country we get a lot of these!

Tip & Taz - two cats
Funny though. They get along with cats.

Depending on the cat of course. Had a neighbor who had kittens that would play with the baby skunks and the momma skunk would just sit and watch.

I delivered newspapers for 4 years and never got sprayed.  Just stand still and they go away.  They're basically nonagressive unless they feel threatened.

I have an albino cat that was meowing in the garage one night and I opened the door a crack and they were nose to nose, like they were talking to each other.  Weird.  Actually my cat was probably saying, "Hey buddy, thanks for opening that garbage bag, they had KFC last night."

I love cats....
I have had cats since I left my parents house which was 10 years ago now.  I have had a couple of cats that were outdoor cats and I turned them into indoor cats.  It can be done.  When you move, the cat may act real weird at first because it new surrounding, but just be patient with the cat and give him a few weeks to get used to it.  I made the mistake of letting my cat outside at our new house and he never came home : (  I lost another cat to a car hitting him because he was outside running in the street.  Now, I have a cat and I won't let her out of the house for nothing.  She has gotten used to it and is always on her best behavior.  I have had her for six years.  It is best not to let the cat out anyway because I don't know where you live, but the animal control agency can come take any strays away because you are not suppose to let them run outside.  So many animals get put down for this reason   I suggest you make it work if you really want this cat, and if you need to, maybe contact a veternarian or a professional that can give you some more advice.
My cats were allowed outside until...
I got tired of all the medical bills due to things they were picking up from other animals that were outside and were not being taken care of. The last straw was the last episode of worms, which were roundworms. Having kids, I cannot take the chance of them getting sick due to this. Also, I had a stray cat I fed all the time and took care of because the neighbor just left it when she moved, not to mention the fact that she didn't care for it while she lived there. We were moving and found someone who would take the cat, but only if he was fixed. We were going to fix him, but noticed his glands were very swollen. Turns out he had feline leukemia. I put him down, cried the whole time, and came home and buried him by myself while the kids were gone. I was soooooo angry. While my cats have their shots, that is a chance I am not willing to take. I have had my oldest cat for 11 years now and he is like a kid to me. I am very much for animal rights and go above and beyond to help animals in need, much to my husband's dismay, but there are times when not letting your animals outside is justified. My dogs are inside/outside dogs, but they cannot get over the fence....the cats can.
Have had cats gone for that long too..sm..

they are pretty independent, try not to worry too much.

I live in the country and we get strays and drop offs all the time, we have 9 right now, as some people who were renting a small home near ours moved without taking their cats! Imagine that...I have a very soft spot for animals, much to my husband's dismay at times, so I at least make sure they are fed to keep them from wandering onto the highway to who know's what fate! 

Good luck, let us know!

The home of two cats
I have two cats.  A torti named Callie.  Some of her favorite things are sleeping under the covers in bed and watching us on the computer.  She loves to lay on top of the monitor!!!!  Our other cat is a chocolate siamese named Sissy.  She is the most timid cat I have ever seen.  She hates to go outside and does not like to be picked up at all.  Even with all their little eccentricities, they are great pets!!! 
my cats' names are
Tinker, Algebra, and Katrina. I also have a peach-faced lovebird named Pretty Bird.
off topic, but still re: cats
How on earth do you keep a cat from getting on the hood of cars? My cat is five years old and only does it occasionally. For some reason it is always late at night. I can peek out the window and see him perched just as proudly on my car and--gasp--a time or two on a neighbor's car. I hate him getting on mine and I surely don't want him on anyone else's car. A couple of times that I've caught him on mine I hit the alarm from inside the house hoping to scare him enough that he'd be afraid of the car and never get on it again. No use. I only catch him every week or so. Any advice???
Talking about cats, need help
I have 3 cats, an older cat that have taken to the vet. She is not what I call shedding because you can tug gently on her fur and it comes out in droves. I got vitamins and also some antiinflammatories for her when I went about the above issue. Vet wanted to know if stressed (the cat that is) and I said nothing has changed. Have given the medicine for approximately 3 weeks and still the excessive hair loss (hers more so than mine!) Anyone had a similar situation? Thanks
some people do not want their cats outside--sm
no matter what their size. I have two and I do not want either of them outside, to do their business, or for any other reason. My big kitty (14) pounds does not fit in conventional litter boxes either, and he is too *chicken* to go inside a housed one. He does not squat, either, but just sprays standing up. I ended up buying a semi-large concrete mixing plastic pan about 24x20 inch and some plastic plexi. I hot glued the plexi to the sides of the platic cement mixing pan and left one side open for easy access. he does well with it, except occasionally turning his hind end towards the open side and letting it fly, but I have matts there to protect the carpet and I can wash easily. mostly he hits the plexi sides though and it has alleviated that problem. My smaller kitty uses this litter box too.
Oh no! My cats come to visit me too. They
I just moved from PA
to the Bay Area and I have to agree, it is more expensive to live in the northeast and it does not seem like there are any type of programs to help people out. Here in CA PG&E is offering everyone regardless of economic status a rebate if they are able to conserve 10% this winter. Whereas I just read a while ago that in the PA they recently passed some kind of law or the like where the electric/gas company can turn people's electric/gas off in the middle of winter. That is just cruel.
that is what I moved from
Last neighborhood I came from was brand new and in 3 years turned into the hood. I know exactly what you are talking about. That is why I am so irritated to feel like I am back there with just 1 neighbor who happens to be my closest one. They are screaming as we speak. Agh!
It gets moved around, but it is definitely out there.

We've gotten 81 entries from people who have FOUND IT so far!  Keep lookin!


They are still using that but have moved to
Word - I just remember typing in WP 5.1 and it was a dream come true - don't remember the demos being slow - but I'm not all that speedy so may have been
Apparently not
I am personally becoming very sick of it. I think I am done with this company. I have had it to say the least.
the "brain" part is still working, if that is all  he can think about.  Men are a trip.
I apparently I still have my job.

I just came inside from doing chores, settled down to my machine here to do another day's work, and have 2 instant messages sitting here from my bosses saying they got my e-mail, know I'm tired, but put 'stats' in my cue that needs to be done up right away.

Either it's a cruel joke or the company really is testing me to see exactly what my breaking point is. 

I appreciate the advice and the ears.  Thank you for lending me them. 

Apparently not.
Apparently they are (sm)
Any teacher/counselor/whatever who would tell a student that work "used" to be done offshore and makes it sound as if outsourcing is a thing of the past is either deliberately lying to that student or is sadly misinformed.

The part about the quality being so poor that it has to be edited before being returned to the client is accurate, but that hasn't stopped anything.

There are, of course, some jobs that have been brought back to the U.S. but unfortunately, U.S. MTs are now being asked -- make that EXPECTED to work for the same low wages as offshore MTs.

Between outsourcing and VR, I couldn't in good conscience suggest that anybody embark on a career as an MT at this point in time. There was a time when this seemed like a solid career choice - but that time has passed.

Anyone who is considering signing up for an expensive course needs to decide who to believe - someone who's been there and has 0 to gain financially from them...or someone who wants their money.
an MT who may or may not be Indian...REALLY defensive if you read the entire thread when just a simple question was asked.

Yep, WAY too defensive and won't let it drop. I'd just laugh and say 'no' if someone asked me if I were in India. This one's practically frothing at the mouth which is kinda weird.
Apparently so!

Having been accused of being blunt, insensitive, racist, etc,  I thought I got where she was coming from.  And frankly, I don't remember seeing an LOL in her posts, though I admit to not having read all of them.   I just think it's silly to slam somebody, then add the LOL.  It's like taking a swing at someone, then saying "No hard feelings?"

Live and learn.  I've added to the list of posters whose posts I no longer open (it now numbers 2.)  Actually, it's kind of fun to read responses to someone's posts without having read the original, and having to guess at the content from the reactions. 

Awesome! Thanks so much!! I registered my 3 cats...

and will register a memorial for my dog who passed away 2 years ago. 

Just for the heck of it, here's the link to "my kids"

Again, many thanks

Can Frontline for dogs be used on cats?

Am short on cash right now and my two cats are needing treatment.  Don't want to make them sick and figure that is why cats cannot use dog flea remedies.  Wanted to see if anyone had ever done this.  I don't want to take any chances with Charles and Cali <meow>

Thanks !!!

48/female/single, two cats, one dog.
My kitty is sick and I don't know anything about cats.

He's about 3 or 4 months old.  He is a very playful kitty.  Usually attacking my ankles or feet when I work, attacking the dog's tail, etc.  A couple of days ago he just wasn't himself.  Laying around, not playful at all.  Yesterday and last night, he threw up three times, and today he basically laid in the same spot all day long sleeping and barely moving.  I'm not sure when was the last time he used the litter box.  I took him to the vet and they are keeping him overnight.  They indicated he was pretty sick because he didn't resist having his blood taken or being poked on and he didn't try to groom himself after they were done.  We haven't had him long.  We adopted from the animal shelter.  He was the only survivor of his litter and the momma cat was killed by a car. 

I am really bummed for my kids.  We just lost our cat and dog this past winter in a house fire and I just don't know how my kids are going to react if something is wrong with our new kitty.

Leash training cats 101
I have had cats for over 20 years now and successfully trained half of them to walk outside on a leash with a harness. The others seemed not as receptive to it (most of them were not kittens when I adopted them too). The first thing you have to remember is it needs to be FUN. You need to be very patient. Cats are not small dogs when it comes to leash training and really are not in the business of doing things just to please you as dogs often are. Remember to proceed slowly. For the first few times just attach the harness to their back (make sure it is not too tight!) and let them walk around with it on in the house. Offer plenty of praise and treats. Do this for a few minutes. A few hours later try it again but for a longer time. Do not forget the praise and treats. I used to hug mine, groom them, offer treats. When they are completely comfortable with the harness attach the leash. Do not let it drag behind them; keep it loose in your hand. Never tug on them unless it is for a safety issue. Remember, slowly. Talk to them, praise them, offer treats. Keep this session short. Do this for a few days, or as long as you feel they need it. It varies so much with each individual animal. I have had cats take right to it and be out walking in the yard the next day, while others needed a few weeks before I felt they could go outside on a leash. On the day you decide to take them out make sure it is a quiet day outside your door. You want this time to be especially nice for them because cats have notoriously good memories. Slowly let them walk out the door. Remember, you are there to guide them. I used to let mine trot around the yard and had one cat that would partially climb up trees. They used to line up inside my house when they heard the harness drawer being opened to be first in line to *suit up!* I even successfully used this method for 2 adult cats who I thought might enjoy it. Good luck to you! May your cats enjoy a safe walk on the wild side!
Leash Trained Cats
Can I ask if how you got your cats to go on the leash. Did you start them out when they were kittens. I always thought this would be a safe alternative. My cats both stay inside and are very content and happy. They go in the screened porch in the summer and actually hate going outside. As far as hiding when they're sick, my cat was deathly sick with a UTI and he hid in the basement. Thank God we found him. The vet said if we waited until the next day he would have been dead. I hope you find your cat safe.
several things that cats really hate usually,
if you can catch them in the act -- water spray with a bottle, or clap hands loud and aggressively shout 'no' (then pretty soon, a simple loud NO will do), and/or use a rolled up newspaper to swat at them (you don't have to hit the cat, but hit somehing nearby -- its the noise that gets their attention). If none help, can put in a cat carrier whenever they misbehave. Good luck.
No - fat cats vs. working poor sm

They did nothing for me and they are elitists. Even from the beginning, I saw that they were a bunch of puffed-up suits who knew no better than us but benefitted from putting on a show of "helping us out" and profiteering. There were a few like Vera Pyle who were good, but the rest - pffft, wouldn't give you two cents for their inflated egos. I vote NO on this. Like most other things going on today - trying to change the system to meet their greedy needs. They "change the rules" to suit themselves.

The only corner left to cut is to eat my cats.

I moved very close to but not on ...
Makemoney Avenue.

Considering the taxes I pay, I think I should have bought the one on that street.
Also moved to Amherst
All these different accounts every day - it's so hard to keep everything straight. I am so slow and less productive now - and who is there to call - do you know we got swallowed by Amherst and I have no contact information for anyone. It's so darn depressing!
Fired from one and moved to another
What is the point
I'm from Portland, but we moved to SM

Nebraska last July.  (We actually lived in Gresham.) I really miss Oregon so much!  I worked at Kaiser and loved it there.

I thought the program at Mt. Hood Community College was really great.  It really prepared a new MT.

:) Are you from the Portland area?  If you went to the AAMT convention last May I was there!  My first convention.  It was fun.

Have a great day, Patti! :)


No......I never had this happen until I moved to VA - sm
Before that lived in PA and MD, no one ever took my bags out to my car (or even asked), so no, this is not the norm.
Who has moved from company to
company the most times? I had steady work and employed many years before I started working at home for nationals.
Has anyone ever moved to another country and kept their job? sm

I want to know this because my fiancee is in the military and will be going to the UK for a few months and I want to go with him but keep my job.  Is this even possible?


I thought they had moved
I had been hearing that this board was now being run by an offshore company, but I wasn't sure. Oh well, I'll wait for MTstars.net to get up and running.