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No toolbars at all, only a ruler!

Posted By: Nancy on 2005-11-29
In Reply to: Moving menu bars - MT

Thanks, but I've played around to see if the toolbar is hiding behind the only other thing visible on the page now, the ruler. Nope, not there.
This is totally nuts, huh?

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Hey, maybe we had the same teacher! Cracked the ruler
on the desk and on some guy's knuckles when they were caught looking at the keys or the paper. LOL, she was a true peach!
HELP! how to get rid of ruler in microsoft word
I have forgotten how to get rid of the ruler in Microsoft work,  Thanks in advance
MS toolbars
No, it won't muck up the system. You go to View, Toolbars, and open as many as you want. The only thing is, the more toolbars open, the less space to see your document. I have an average sized monitor so can see quite a bit, plus I drag toolbars to use less site. You can turn on/turn off any toolbars at any time.
MS Toolbars. Thank you so much! nm
My cats apparently moved my toolbars once -

They apparently jump on the keyboard one night.  It took me forever to figure out what to do!

Is there a View/Toolbars setting in the 2003 that you
View > Toolbar > Lock the Toolbars
If you're working in Word, if your Standard & Formatting toolbars