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If you're working in Word, if your Standard & Formatting toolbars

Posted By: are checked, look for the 200% or 300% on top to c on 2007-09-15
In Reply to: MS word is all I have been told - Problems, problems....


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Well, if you're working in Word
you can use that Word Count and do the math yourself, or there is Abacus.  I don't know of any free line counting programs.  I work in Word and just use the tools in word to count lines.  You highlight the document and count it that way through the tools menu.
I assume you're working in Word?
Did you record the Find & Replace macro? You'd get more help if you posted your macro code so we can see where the glitch might be.
Need help setting up formatting in MS word - sm
Computer crashed and died and now setting up my backup computer.  I need to fix it so I don't have 2 spaces after a period.  It is doing it automatically and I cannot find where to "fix" this.  This is Word 2000 that I am using on a computer with XP Pro.  Any help with this would be appreciated, it is driving me nuts (I am ending up with 3 spaces after a period as I am so used to spacing it myself).
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You're not going to find a word expander for free. You're going to have to pay
MS toolbars
No, it won't muck up the system. You go to View, Toolbars, and open as many as you want. The only thing is, the more toolbars open, the less space to see your document. I have an average sized monitor so can see quite a bit, plus I drag toolbars to use less site. You can turn on/turn off any toolbars at any time.
MS Toolbars. Thank you so much! nm
No toolbars at all, only a ruler!
Thanks, but I've played around to see if the toolbar is hiding behind the only other thing visible on the page now, the ruler. Nope, not there.
This is totally nuts, huh?
My cats apparently moved my toolbars once -

They apparently jump on the keyboard one night.  It took me forever to figure out what to do!

Is there a View/Toolbars setting in the 2003 that you
View > Toolbar > Lock the Toolbars
They're still working on that...nm

You're working against us, then.
You better stop working for yourself then because you're the one
who started all the sniping and rudeness with your sweeping generalizations.  If trying to hire a good MT has you that frustrated, maybe you shouldn't be in management.  There are plenty of negative people out there who don't have what it takes to run a company.
They're talking about working for sm
a company doing VR, not doing VR on their own.  Those are the "editing" jobs you see. 
Does anyone else feel like you're always working
i feel like i'm typing constantly!! my whole life is type type type type type
do you ever find yourself "editing" when you're not working? sm
I find myself, like when I'm reading a menu or magazine, newspaper, etc, always finding the grammer errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors, and it drives me--not to mention my DH--nuts! I guess it's out of habit, but I can't seem to turn the "editor" in me off!  I'm always, instead of enjoying the story or article, or whatever I'm reading, looking for errors or typo's.  Does anyone else ever do this? I guess I'm obsessive/compulsive.  Think I could get work comp for that?
Nine cents is fine if you're working for someone else. sm
But, not so good if the account is your own. :)
We're working on the website for better optimization.
Misha, you're almost working for free--
--doing this. There are many general transcription companies that pay real money. I know, because I work for a couple. General transcription is a real industry with real people supporting families with their income. Whoever is paying this low a wage is LAUGHING at your gullibility.
working in Word..need to know..sm
Is there a way to bold without using the mouse to click on bold every time? (function keys?) Thanks
If you are working in Word...


I am not sure if you are the one who posted this on the equipment board or not, but I will repeat my reply to a similar question on that board......I use the AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Word.  You have to build your own entries, but once you have done that, it is great.  I have a doctor who says a lot of the same phrases over and over.  For instance, he says, "Thought processes are goal directed."  I type in "tp" and it types out that entire sentence.  If you use Word as your word processor, than this feature is free!  The other way I use it, is for expanding words, such as depression...depn... I use the first 3 letters of the word and the last letter.  This usually works pretty well.  One more... preoccupied..'pred.'  If you have any further questions, please let me know.  I spent over $100 on an expander, and I like AutoCorrect better.


If you are working in Word,
the menu across the top starts with File, then Edit, then View . . . this is all without clicking on anything.
If working in MS Word, go to (sm)
Tools and scroll down to Auto Correct.  If the first option given has a check mark next to it, uncheck it.  This should correct it.  If not, please get back to me for an alternate method. Good Luck. 
You are working for less than $0.01 per word!

Even at $0.01 per word, that's low for medical transcription!

To make a comparison with line rate, open a couple of your documents up, check the character count with spaces and the word count. Do the math for both, using a low number like $0.08/line. I think you'll see that you are not being paid well and hope you will either ask for that raise or find a better paying job. With 5 years experience, you should be making at least $0.08/line.

if you are working in Word you can....
click format on the toolbar, then click chane case which will give you options. First highlight all text you want changed.
If you are working in Word, sm
try to adjust your Grammar check, so it will pick up on those little mistakes you are making.

I have mine set, so I don't miss anything, including commas, sentence structure, etc.

If you are not working in Word, than just try to adjust your ear and slow down just a tad. If you proof while transcribing, you will probably catch the small things.

Good luck to you, keep your chin up, and smile!!
Go to bed. Get off the thread. You're tired alright. Looks like you have been working
all day trying to defend MQ. Get some rest. When's second shift coming to relieve you. Hope they have something more original to say. RIGHT? Whoops, my caps are starting to run away with me and I can't stop myself...... I have been reading too many of the multiple personality CAP person's posts. HELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP
...to change the magnification of your page. If you're working in
Works perfectly. Just keep it minimized while you're working. nm
There's a quick way of doing this if you're working with Express Scribe.

I found it in their Knowledge Base.

  1. Go to the Settings window and select Control tab.

  2. Click the ADd button under the "System Wide Hote Key Assignment" heading (at the bottom).

  3. Now press the key conbimation that you will use for the command (e.g. Ctrl+G) and then select the "Copy Time" option from the dropdown list.

  4. Click the OK.

When you need to add the time hit your new command (Ctrl+G) to copy the time from ES and then Ctrl+V to paste it in the desired location.

Hope this is helpful!

Thank you! When I started working in WORD ...sm
2 years ago I asked the same question and got no answer. My glasses need to be changed every 6 months since using WORD (OK...I'm over 55). thanks for the great advice!
Will soon be working in Word for the first time sm

and I was going to use Shortcut, but do I need to?  Would the auto-correct feature of Word work just the same, or is there an advantage to using Shortcut?  I am an old PRD+ user, and am now using Bayscribe, which uses an Expander similar to PRD, so now am having to evaluate options.

Thanks for your input.

I think it's for Meditech it's working for me in Word.
Me, too. I told my kids that since they're not in school and I'm working two jobs
just to try to keep the utilities on, they get to do chores. Don't even get me started on holiday stress. My extended family sent me gift cards, so I'm using those to buy for the kids. I even offered to pay them $5 an hour for cleaning so they'd have Christmas money. Instead, what are they doing? Watching TV in their pajamas still. That's OK. I'm about to go unplug all the electronics in the house and give them a big chore list with NO pay.
I hate when companies treat us like we're working for pin money

Am I supposed to be happy when a company only gives me 200 or 300 lines a day when they promise you a certain amount (that is higher than that)? How would the company employees (not us lowly transcriptionists) feel if the company told them that they were only getting paid 100 dollars this pay period, that there wasn't enough work. Not enough to pay bills and keep food on the table, just pin money.


I agree with this; hence, my query about how folks who say that they're working for SERVICES ...
are making this kind of money. 
Yes. Three months paid training? That's just ridiculous unless you're working
in the office.  What service can afford to pay an MT for three months of training?
You're right, i spend way too much time on this board when should be working, I am just so burned
Was told working directly in MS Word...sm
when I asked what the platform was, that's what she said.

Now I see why I have to have unlimited long distance, and a second phone line!
It depends on your version of Word. Which one are you working in
and which version of Windows? Later versions no longer include the WP5.1 filter but you can use the old one if you still have old installation CDs. You can also download the filter from the link below.
Ctrl/T is for terminating a job. What are you hitting those keys for while you're working? ExText
You hit the nail on the head. We're working harder, longer, and less pay. This is the only profe
that you make less now than you did 10 years ago. I remember making 10 cpl and thinking I should be making more. This is so depressing. Where did we lose ground, what happened. I find myself sitting here for 12-15 hours a day, every day, trying to make a living.  All I have ended up with depression, weight gain, losing my friggin hair, and stressed out the max. I miss my family, my friends, and mostly my life. It went with all of the dignity I had.  Now, it's considered "average" to be offered 6-7 cpl for years of experience. I do not know whether to cry, scream, be insulted, offended...or all of the above. Even 8 cpl is pathetic. I make 9 cpl now and still struggle. I am going back to what I know best..insurance billing. At least, my job will never be replaced with Indians and VR.  They will always need me and I will get raises and compensated for what I know. I am done with this depressing profession. Good bye 14 years, hello bright happy future.
I used Stedman's when working in Meditech, but I would type in Word and
copy to Meditech. 
If you're using Word.
You can use Bookmarks and Cross-Reference.
Yes, F11 if you're using MS Word. nm
What is the version of word for windows that works best for you? Still working off 2000.
If working in Word, autotext/correct can be used for free, but (smsg)
if you need a separate expander, then I recommend Shorthand.  I think their cost is reasonable, and it is user friendly.  I've used it for years, and it has worked in numerous different platforms, or if not directly compatible, I could convert my list either way fairly easily.  It, too, has a free demo period for 30 days.  Aside from Word's own autotext/correct function which is limited in its compatibility to a degree, you aren't going to find a good free one.
Working in Word, and suddenly my screen splits into two pages, and I can't reverse it. HELP!
Does anyone know what I've done and what I can do to get it back to just one window? It is Word 2003 on a XP platform, if that helps any. Thanks.

XML formatting - does anyone know how....sm
to create a double space after punctuation that holds and doesn't get stripped in XML?   Thanks!
Generally, if you don't have to identify the speakers by name or if there are several speakers -- just start a new paragraph with each change of speaker.  Or, if it is a question/answer type of interview, you can put Question and Response as headings on each new paragraph.  I've even done them with Male and Female headings to identify speakers when the company didn't want them identified by their names.  Good luck.