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My claim was denied b/c officially, I was still employed but we were out of work. Crazy. nm

Posted By: babs on 2005-11-28
In Reply to: Unemployment compensation? - Since so many companies seem to run out of work


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claim was denied.
esd said that i was not laid off because of no work so that i could not claim. you have to be laid off because of no work or company shut down (like for inventory, etc.).

no dice. :(
Thanks Melinda. Certainly doesn't work like most claim. NM.

TaxAct and TurboTax will work for self-employed.
No need to buy the expensive business versions of them either. I don't know about TaxCut, but I'm sure it's the same. No, you do not have to prepay your taxes quarterly either. The first year is considered a "trial run" meaning that you need to establish a base pay before they can establish a quarterly tax payment amount due. I've been self-employed for 10 years now and have never made quarterly tax payments because I've never owed.
Yes, they can quit their job, go self-employed or IC, and work under the table.
However, the courts aren't stupid. There is a worksheet the judge does based on the past several years' worth of taxes that XX is the amount this person is capable of making, so therefore XIX is their child support amount. It's legal and binding. There's no changing it by trying to scam the system. It is difficult to enforce but that's why our state has deadbeat parent laws. My friend's ex wound up in jail with liens against all of his property for not paying his child support.
Anyone else crazy enough to work nights with a..
family??  Considering changing shifts, but have only personally known other MTs working nights because their spouse did and had no kids, etc.  Spouse works regular days, 3 kids...am I asking for trouble?  lol  If any of you out there manage this...how do you work out on the weekends on your days off?  No way it would work around here with me sleeping most of the day and leaving hubby to tend to 3 kids alone! Is it too hard to flip schedules between weekdays/weekends?  Thanks for any input. 
I'm crazy enough to work nights with two schnauzers. sm
They wake me up promptly at noon - I open my eyes, and they are both staring a hole through my head. If I don't respond, Mollie claws at me, and Toby licks me in the face. I get up, let them out, then I go back to bed for a couple of hours.

I can't wait until we buy a house and are able to fence the yard! (or buy one with a fenced yard).
Oops...i don't know how to work this crazy posting thingee yet...
I meant for my post be below Never... D'oh!
Yep, I am officially hooked
Me too -- officially she is "Magnolia"--if we every -sm
registered her (which we did not). We'd known a "Maggie" dog before and loved the name too. We were driving past streets with tree names (Oak, Pine, etc, plus used to live on Walnut) on the way home after "picking" her out at the breeder, and I love a Tom Petty song called "Magnolia" - hence Maggie was named!
Thanks to all of you!!! I have officially given my notice. sm

That was a real slap in the face.  I will never be an employee again.  Will be

independent contractor for the rest of my life!  Thanks again to all of you!!!

It's Officially in the Attic
Since my husband heard the noise, it's officially there.  My hearing didn't make it true.  I want to rub it in but am not so glad that it's there.  Funny how it had to be verified, and I was just imagining it.  I'm just being paranoid, yeah right.  I'm glad he did hear it (kind of).  So he's got the light fixture on the ceiling open and is trying to catch it that way.  I live in an old, holey cabin too.  I love living in the country but hate having to deal with some of the critters. 
Ya know, winter doesn't officially start until tomorrow

And, I'm already tired of the cold,

tired of all the snow,

but my kids love it and I can't move.

Then consider the heat bill.....now I'm crying

Never had MOO, but BC/BS denied every
single claim, even well child visits.   I was so glad to be rid of them. 
Name one person who has been denied the

right to buy a Christmas tree, go to church, have *Santa* deliver presents to their kids, mail Christmas/Holiday cards to their friends and relatives and have Christmas dinner with their family.

If we want to keep freedom OF religion for all, we need to implement freedom FROM religion in government offices, public schools and any other place that is supposed to be for ALL people, regardless of their religious beliefs.

There will always be places of worship for everyone, regardless of their beliefs.  There will always be religious schools available to children with parents who want them to have that kind of education.

In my opinion, the issue is religious freedom for ALL, not special treatment for SOME.

Merry Christmas.

Sorry...That should be "declined" not denied.. NM

Spheris has never denied offshoring.
That's why all the US MTs get left with the ESL garbage.
If you've been denied credit within the last
30 days you can get free credit scores for yourself. Also, if you are on any state or federal assistance program, you are entitled to one free report a year from each of the 3 reporting agencies.
Insurance denied anesthesiologist during EGD


Labor Board Denied
The Labor Board only deals with "Employer/Employee" situations.  I only have and always only had Independent Contractors that I provide a 1099.  She claimed to be an "employee".  If you read up on the ABC and/or the 20-law factors of the IRS, you would understand more on this.  She also claimed some other issues that did not involve the Labor Board as well.  I have all the paperwork.
Spheris has never denied offshoring.
But you say Labor Board denied this person.
good luck trying to explain this to her, so far she has denied being wrong and has
No wonder they claim they want to (sm)
make us happy!! We are making them REAL happy!!
I did not say not to claim it

I did not advise her not to claim it, she can do what she wants.  A company can expense out without filing a 1099.  I have expensed out without doing 1099's before and have never been questioned by the IRS.  In fact you have to notify the IRS that you will be filing 1099's.  Do all hairdressers report all of their "cash" tips?   I suppose you could do 1000 jobs at $500 each to make your 50K per year and not claim it but I doubt that you could find that many jobs.   All we are talking about here is one job and that is what I based my answer on not the hypothetical "thousands of jobs under $500".  I doubt that the amount she made would change her "owed taxes" except for social security and even then not that much.  Sp again -- she needs to do what she feels is the correct thing to do and if she loses sleep over not reporting a couple of hundred dollars then report it but do not expect a 1099. 

Those who claim to have so much compassion....

say so only to make themselves feel superior.  You think you're better because you say what you say.   But how much do you do?  When Bush cut taxes, did you feel  so strongly that it was a mistake that you insisted to continue to send in the former higher Clinton taxes?  Or do you think that only those horrid selfish "rich" people should pay?  Sounds bites and lip service. 

I have my DH claim 0 and single, but we also have
extra $$ taken out of his check.   We have been hit with a penalty of under $60.00 the past 2 years for not having enough taken out for state though.   Hopefully this year we have taken out enough.  
New studies claim..sm..
cell phones are perfectly safe to use in non-clinical areas, such as waiting rooms and hallways.  Just Google hospitals "cell phones".  Tons of info.
Sheri, can you at least file a claim
for the automatic $100 of insurance UPS has? I know it won't help immediately, but perhaps you can recover something.
There are scam emails that claim to come from
Gotta be careful.
You claim it in 2009. If you did not receive
it in 2008, it does not matter it was owed, only what you received in the calendar year.
I'm afraid I'd have to see the evidence for that claim. sm
It would really take all the planets being lined up to see that kind of average production among that many people.
Don't let him stiff you for the $ -- file a claim

Currently employed
Hi. I have been with then since 02/2006 and extremely happy with them. As of this past month, I actually became and employee instead of IC and will be getting insurance. Hope this helps.
I think 30-40K if employed

There are variables.  Is the person working 10-12 hours days and pretending they are working 8?  I know many who are.  If so, income should be considerably higher.  People with their own accounts can usually make 50-60K or more. 

For a 6-8 hour days, 5-day weeks, as an employee with experience, I don't think this job should ever pay less than $30,000.  It takes too much concentration, medical knowledge and complete isolation to pay any less.  Hospitals pay at least that and you are expected to take breaks, lunch, talk with other staff and physicians, get sick sometimes, have bad days and get bad authors sometimes, take vacations and generally be a human being.  Working from home, most of us hunker down and feel guilty if we have anything else we need to do, then making it up at all hours of the night or our supposed days off.   


Are you self-employed with your

If you are employed at
MQ, the reason people are making 8 to 10 cpl is probably because that is what they were hired in at when their company was bought. They probably have not had raises either.
I most certainly am self-employed

Obviously, you work as an employee.  Sure hope you got a raise to change from what you were hired at.  Again, not all of us can be that flexible to just change.  We do have a life.  Furthermore, anyone can dial in and listen to a dictation on the weekend if they need it that bad.  Just call the floor get the identifying numbers, call the number, plug in the identifying patient info and badda bing, you've got the dictation.  It used to happen all of the time at the hospital I worked at because they didn't want to wait on the outside MTSO that was soooooooooooo slow.  TAT was never met or hardly ever.

The worst? pretty wide claim.
Seems like you're over-reacting to something that you claim not to care about.
If you paid with Paypal you can file a claim with them, just do it before

30 days is up.   If you paid via credit card you can file a claim with the credit card company, even if you paid via Paypal with a credit card.   You can also file a fraud charge with the U.S. postal service if the item went through them.    With the post office it would take a while to get your money though.   You can also notify the police in her state/county, though most likely they will take a report and that is it, unless this is a habitual thing and others have complained.  

Hopefully the administrator will be able to help you.  

You pay your home state tax, whatever percentage that is. You can claim
deductions for anything associated to your job....i.e., a percentage of your utilities, expenses such as supplies needed to do your job, etc.  Save all receipts for any of those items that you purchase related to the job, and I think the 1099 would be sufficient. 
their own issue. A lot of people claim bigotry to
If you think you can claim a part of rent as propety tax you can't.
It probably asks if you rent because then there would be no property taxes to claim.  If you owned then there would be property taxes.  It s/l it is walking you through the steps.  You can claim property taxes for vehicles, but you have incurred no property taxes as you don't own your residence.   I'm sure property taxes are considered when they decide how much to charge for rent, but who ever owns the property is paying the taxes and not you. 
if you made less than 600 dollars they don't legally have to claim it.
Just found that out also as last year my IC job only started in October and didn't make enough for taxes. This year will be different though. My employer said consider it free money. Can't argue with that. Checked with H&R Block and they confirmed it.
Their claim to be 'not-for-profit' cracks me up.
They're making $$ hand over fist at those seminars. Love the photo of the race horses at the top. Bet more than a few of them own some. Oh - and most companies with an LLC behind them are in other countries. Like India and China, to name a couple.
Are any IC Incorporated since they are self-employed?
Just wondering if any IC out there have set themselves up as a Corporation.  Being tax illiterate, it seems like I do not have many deductions when it comes time to file.  My DH is looking into opening a business to provide a service and someone with a similar service suggested to him to file for corporation to be able to receive more tax benefits and deductions.  My CPA over the last 10 years has never suggested it to me even though I ask him what I could I do for more deductions.  Is this possible?
The first rule of being self-employed is that

you set your own line rate.  However, we all know that NONE of the MTSOs hiring IC MTs allow us to set our own rate.  They "offer" a rate, and we accept if it's OK.

I worked for a real cheapo doctor when I first started out.  He paid hourly and kept riding my backside to type faster because he only wanted to pay for the actual time dictated instead of the time it took to transcribe.  More than once I told him that it takes an average of 3:1 typing to talking ratio to get it done.  It worked out to be $.03 per line.  I dropped him like a bad habit.  He bounced through a few other transcriptionists who all quit on him before he wound up having to pay to outsource to a service.

Ind 401K for self employed

There is a new type of retirement fund for self employed business people where you can put money in as both an employee ($15,000) and as a percentage of your profits as the business owner.  It is called an Ind 401K.  Here is a link...


I wanted to go with T. Rowe Price but they do not allow loans, so i decided to go with Oppenheimer.

Self-employed-need advice

I am a self-employed MT, trained by the office I have been contracted with for 9 yrs.  When I started, it was myself and an in-house Transcriptionist working for 4 physicians.  I gave a 24 hr TAT.  I had one 18-month-old child when I started, and was able to work around 6 hours a day.  I drove about 40 min to work and back, picked up tapes, working sometimes 6-7 days/week.  Since then, they have hired 2 more drs. and 3 NP's.  The in-house MT retired, but they did hire another MT who works at home.  I had another daughter, and a set of twins in those 9 yrs.  They have always known I try to work around my children's schedules.  As I am sure many of you do, I was getting up in the middle of the night working, working on and off throughout the day and at night.  The new MT and I are backed up now and we can't possibly get it all done.  It is more like 48-72 hr TAT.  They call all through the day asking me to stop what I am doing right then and search the tape, type the note and fax it ASAP.  I picked this profession to work around my children's schedules, not have to push them aside at every moment to cater to the office.  I do not have a certificate in MT, was just trained by this office.  I checked in to other places, but the pay is much less as I get paid 65 char/line including spaces at $.125/line.  The reason they pay so well is because they know I probably can't get on somewhere else with no certificate and no experience in any other field.  They want to make sure I stay there.  Also, the driving is ridiculous.  They refuse to get technology for telecommuting.  They refuse to hire someone else.  On top of that, I was just diagnosed with IST, and am on Toprol and not capable of working the hours I once did.  Is there anyone else out there who understands or has any advice?

yep, two. I'm self employed in three ventures. sm
1. I am a soapmaker at www.sarva.biz and, as of recent, http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5120869

2. I am a yoga therapist in the style of www.pryt.com

And also studying to be a yoga teacher in another lineage.

Yes, I do all of this with bilateral CTS. I intend to specialize in yoga for CTS sufferers and am nearly there with my education.

Turn lemons into lemonade :-) It's those other things that motivate me to finish my MT work every day, and my MT work informs my yoga therapy so tremendously.
Happened to U but are you now employed,