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Need som advice from somebody's hubby about car auction.

Posted By: MI-WMXer on 2006-03-17
In Reply to:

Looking to purchase a slightly used car from a car auction and not really sure how it works.  I am a single gal so of course I do not want to go into this blindly.  Want to know if there is a maximum amount before bid will be considered or is it whatever the highest bidder is gets the car even if it is let's say 500.  I am looking to spend about 5000 to 6000 but if I am highest bidder at 500 or so, is it mine?  Not sure.  Feel kind of girly and dumb, LOL.

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Darling hubby, dumb hubby, dufus hubby. Take your pick. I have been known to use all three--
I bought my car at an auction last year,
and got a great deal entirely on my own.

Have your top dollar amount in mind, and don't exceed it. People mainly get into trouble at auctions when they get carried away and bid more than they can afford.

Make sure that you've factored in any dealer prep fees, taxes and registration into your total. Do you have the Blue Book price of the car you're looking at? What's the mileage?

The main concern is to make sure that the car is in good condition. If there isn't a Carfax report (and there should be), get the VIN and go online to read the vehicle's history before you consider it. You should also insist on a test drive. Open the hood, and check the tires.

You can do this. Happy motoring :)
anyone bought NC headphones off auction
sites and felt they got authentic products, in good working condition?  I'd really like good noise cancelling headphones without paying the top dollar. thanks.
how 'bout Bay??? Or a local auction house, or
take pictures to local jewlers. (Wouldn't recommend taking the original on first visits). ebay might also give you some information re: comparables.
Get a refund? Check details of your auction
Hopefully your auction included the potenitality of a refund (buyer may or may not have known of a defect) and there is often a buyer's protection offered for items of this amount. Check out those possibilities quickly as you don't have unlimited time to make a claim.

I would unplug the C-phone and then unseat and re-seat all connectors. Make sure you have the connectors in the right way, and also of course check that volume control :) !

good luck.
That means you didn't win the auction, but the seller is offering
the item to you anyway. Either the winning bidder backed out, the seller had a duplicate item, or they lowered their reserve price.
Management of local branch of natl car auction co. He makes
Your hubby must my hubby's twin. sm
He can't find anything or put anything away either. He did learn a long, long time ago to empty his pockets, though. I have a nice big doghouse where he spends with his dog with things get too hot. Or, he can sleep in his corvette, but it gets a little cramped in there!
It is not hubby, is her father, but not hubby. nm
Advice to YOU..1st learn to spell before insulting poster and trying to give advice...sm

Sound advice from a fellow MT if you want advice or support (sm)

I have been an MT for over 10 years.  I also am getting burnt out, tired of my job, day in day.  However, I do love transcription and make excellent money at it, have grossed over $50,000 per year the last 5 years.  I decided to go back to nursing school and am very happy with my choice.  However, over these 10 years of transcription I have had my ups and downs.  My biggest issue with being at home working is lack of socialization, being home day in and day out with just the kids and the animals really gets to a person, sure hubby is home at night and thinks working from home is the easy life, thus the return to school and boy has my overall enjoyment of life changed once I realized I was the problem, not everyone else and I needed to find myself again.

Anyway, my biggest advice to you three-fold:

1.  Get into counseling for yourself, find out who you are and what your needs are, whether or not you think you need to, I sense you are feeling overwhelmed and need someone other than your family to talk to that can be nonjudgmental to your feelings and needs.

2.  If you're only making $100 after you pay preschool you can either keep doing it and be miserable, or quit because you are lucky enough to have a husband who can support the family without your income. (See how fast his mind changes just by losing the income you do have as to whether your job means anything.)  Or look for a different company or office that you like more and are more productive if you really want to do transcription (lots of fish in the sea as far as companies).

3.  Find a local "mom's" group where you can get out and socialize.  MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) is an excellent one that is nationwide, they have a website.  Also Mom2Mom is in a lot of areas.  They provide a once a week time for moms with kids the same age to get together, socialize, (some offer spirtual guidance some don't) and each week a different mom takes a turn watching everyone else's children at the facility that hosts it so the other moms can talk about things they have in common.  Every stay-at-home and work-from-home mom needs to socialize with adults, without their kids, or they will have a nervous breakdown eventually no matter how much they love their kids.

Sorry so long but it does get better but you have to take the first step at making yourself happy.

My hubby is..
In the Army.  He makes more money and carries the benefits...medical and dental.  This is actual the ideal job for me as we move a lot.  I stay home and watch the kids too, so I am not making a lot of money at this.
Hubby is away, I'm going with you lol nm
Not me, but my hubby did (sm)
My husband dreamed of his first wife's death the day she died.  She was only 43 and not apparently ill. 
we are blessed. 
you have to find a husband who is willing to help with the chores or at least help you out at times.  My husband helps me out on the weekends and the weeknights we take turns with the kids and dinner (and he works 10 hours a day)  hope you can find a happy medium.
My Hubby
He sounds like yours. Mine also works 12 hours a day, and he out with all aspects of the housework, including laundry as well as the outside work. He knew it was important for me to be hope since I couldn't be with our first daughter.
Hubby has this....
Every company is different...but the profit sharing is usually paid out either as a bonus once or twice a year. You will have to read the specifics on your plan. At the last company he was with it was pretty much profit sharing in title only until he became a vested employee. 401K is completely different.
My hubby just got me a new one
from Tiger Direct for only around $300-something. It is a pain though to move things.

Otherwise I'd have to call in a computer geek type to try to fix it. I have no talent or patience for computer problems.

I hope it gets fixed quickly.
Your Hubby Gets Around
They have 3 cables cut now in totally different areas. What a coincidence!
my hubby
Well, my hubby was on a total of 32 prescriptions meds before he passed away, and I thought that was a lot!  But, over 50, that is just sad.
My hubby gets it right now. Here's how they...

This is just a small excerpt from the website.  It was easier for me to copy and paste then to try to explain it!! lol.  It varies from state to state.  Go to Google and type  'unemployment benefits yourstate".  It's the UIA-Unemployment Insurance Agency.  It will tell you everything you need to know like when to file, how they determine eligibility, etc.  Or type www.yourstate.gov.  I Hope you never have to use it.  It took maybe 4 weeks or more before my husband got his first check.

Amount of unemployment benefits

UIA staff calculates how much you receive in unemployment benefits by multiplying the highest amount of wagespaid to you in any base period quarter by 4.1%. The UIA adds $6 for each dependent you claim, up to five dependents. The weekly benefit amount is capped at $362.

To determine how many weeks of benefits you may receive, the UIA multiplies your total base period wages by 43%, and then divides that answer by your weekly benefit amount. The claim, however, cannot be less than 14 weeks or more than 26 weeks.

No hubby!
Not in the service but hubby is...sm
Im sorry that your husband is in such a mess but there are other ways of handling it. My husband is just finishing up a 20-year career and I know very well the things that go on. Your husband should have used his chain of command...that is what it is there for. My guess is he will get a court martial, probably go to the brig for a while, and get a dishonorable discharge.
hubby who went ua from marines

I was wondering the same thing?  I'm sorry for your situation, but it seems it was brought about by the choices that your husband made himself.  We all are not perfect and obviously he regrets the mistake in comitting to the service that he made & it will be a hard lesson learned.

But, for the life of me, I'm not sure why you are posting on theis board/ I thought the OP was from your Mom? about her son-in-law, then you, his wife replied to someone's negative comment? As a poster mentioned above, if your an MT, then it's reasonable for you to post here, but I think you would probably find more needed information from some type of military board, or Maybe Google it.

My daughter, like many of the "kids" who are in Iraq now, signed up for the reserves to serve their country but also to get help with their higher education..many never dreaming they'd be called to war.  We had just returned from shopping, finally finding *the* bridal gown, walked through the front door to find my husband and the rest of our kids, along with her fiance (who is in the same unit) practically in tears. Yep, they both got their orders and they both were in the first invasion.

Their unit was military police but their initial jobs were to supply mortuary service! Not anything that either of them nor anyone else in their unit, mostly kids fresh out of high school, could have ever dreamed a year prior that they'd be doing.

I thank God they all returned home safe & sound and were able to have a beautiful wedding before my sil got called back.  He's still over there, my dd is home and just finished serving as an honor guard for 5 different funerals within one week for kids that did not make it back alive and well.  No matter anyones opinion about the war, when you sign into the military, you have to serve.  Like many have posted earlier, there are thousands serving who are in the same shoes as your husband, with a spouse and kids they want to be with.  But rules are rules, if you break them, then you will suffer the consequences.

I do not think it is fair for you to come to this board asking for help, then when peopl post a reply honestly, you get down on them.  Yes, I know this is an emotional time for you, but it's also an extremely emotional time for those who know or have lost loved ones, or like myself, living in a town who have lost so many so fast and the funerals are tying up traffic more than construction is.  They have been beautiful with the roads lined by thousands of strangers who just feel for the families of these kids.  So be thankful, your husband IS home and will be able to come BACK home, after he pays the price for his decision, which is only fair.  He stillhas choices, many of the kids do not.

Sorry, just struck my last nerve.


It's going around. I have it, too. So does hubby and daughter.
Hubby bought me ...

this great little Holmes I-Touch electric heater probably from Lowe's or Home Depot.  Cost about $20... very light and compact with a blower.  Hmmmm, toasty!

Traveling Hubby
I, too, have a traveling husband with so much responsibility in his job for the past 20+ years.  Often I have had to be put on the back burner with a small child so that he could progress to the successful executive he is today.  Things have never been about me, and I have had to accept this.  I must say it was much more difficult when my child was young.  When he is free, we have to remember to schedule nice things together and get those in his DayTimer before life marches on by us both. 
tim is Elisabeth's hubby....sorry....LOL...nm

I will pass this along to my hubby. He's always looking for new...
investment opportunities.

Very thoughtful of you! Thanks!
Hubby is a CPA - I try to match him in pay :)
My hubby was a car salesman...
Kia's do not hold their value.  You will lose money on this car.  He had a man who wanted to trade in a Kia that was only a year old and the dealership would only offer them $2000 for the car.  Needless to say, he could not trade it in as he still owed way more than that.  I wouldn't touch one with a 10-foot pole.
Hubby IS a car salesman and says you
They are junk!
Okay, hubby and myself on a weight

even tho this is a fattening occupation, sitting on my rear all day, so I take several breaks and take 15 minute walks with the hubby and puppies (one of them is getting quite portly) so we can get in an hour of walking that way and I can still type and don't get so stiff. 

Dinner tonight is low-fat lasagne and steamed carrots.  Yum. 

Dieting can be an adventure.  I get recipes and think of ways to cut the fat and calories, make them healthier.

Didn't help my hubby. sm
But it worked great for his depression. He figured that was all that counted.
I had the same problem w/ my hubby...
I nearly divorced him over his silly online game! Imagine, a freaking game taking priority over our family!!! He was like a robot! I know he has an addictive personality, so I think that's why he was so consumed by playing that game all the time. I mean, hours, days, weeks, MONTHS!!! Well, he knows my tolerance level over this sort of thing is NIL. I mean, an hour a day, I can understand, but come on!!! We finally had to get rid of the game because he had NO CONTROL. He would get angry and almost violent if I even entered the room! The heck with that! Life's way too short! It was either me or that game. Fortunately, he chose our relationship over the game, but that was only after KICKING HIM OUT FOR TWO DAYS! Can you believe that? What do those games do? Suck all the brain cells out of people??? My gosh, it's NUTS!

LOL--My hubby had the same obsession sm
3 years ago. He's now the owner of a 77 black Corvette T-top.  It's his baby, loves the car more than me, I'm afraid. I think it's the need to "escape", however, he doesn't have much hair left to blow in the wind.   At least he finally find a vehicle that goes up in value and not down. 
I'm with you on this one, but I divorced hubby....

That is so illegal. My hubby is sm
also in health care administration. If the doctors don't dictate their charts, they are put on suspension I don't know how ANYONE could think that an MT has the right to "glean" information from a chart and make up a discharge summary.

That is absolutely totally nauseating to me that someone would "make up" a dictation! That is coming from an MT with a chronic illness and many hospitalizations! That is the scariest thing I have ever heard of.

MTs are not doctors and why any MT would take that kind of risk is beyond me. I would call Risk Management if it meant losing my job, but no way would I sit back and watch that go on.

I don't know what has happened in this profession in the last 30 years, but this is ridiculous. Unbelievable!
I tell my hubby I have to run to the store,
and he said he would like to see that.....
Also With A Non-Understanding Hubby
I understand completely! It took me a couple of years to start making good money, and it wasn't until recently when I jumped ship from the large MTSO that I was working for and joined a smaller, private company that I really started making the big $$. In first learning these new accounts, I was working 15- to 18-hour days, but now about 3 months later, I've got it down to an 8-hour day and I'm hitting right at $950 per week!

I think the key is finding the situation that works best for you. I have decided that the smaller companies work best for me. I started out with one and then went to a larger company for the increased benefits, but then I found that I actually worked less because of the 'motivation factor.' When there are 100 other people working on the same account as me, I tend to feel less important and I don't work as quickly. However, when I have my own accounts and I know that I'm the only one in charge of getting it done, then I find that I can sit here longer and work harder and faster, and I also don't get distracted as easily.

However, my husband does often complain about my hours. He's been used to me working from home for over 7 years now, and he doesn't like the idea of me working outside of the house. I know that may sound bad, but he's just used to knowing that I'm at home with the kids and we're all in one piece. (I think it's because he travels a lot and he likes to know that his family isn't also scattered around.)

He likes that I am able to work from home, but he would like it even better if I worked just from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then still have my mornings and evenings to cook and clean and sew buttons on shirts...or whatever it is that he has in his head that a housewife does. I have to keep reminding him that I am a 'wife who works from the house,' but I am not a 'housewife.'

And although his paycheck nearly doubles mine, I still have to remind him from time to time that my paycheck is equally as important. It gives me my own personal confidence AND it provides for vacations, shopping trips, etc. In addition to being able to provide for extras, Iím also flexible for when his job relocates him (which has happened 3 times in the last 5 years). Iím waiting on his promotion that will take us to Floridaóhopefully in about 3 more years. Iíve told him that if I didnít have the job that I have, then we wouldnít just be able to pick up and move whenever his job needed us to.

Anyway, donít let his insecurities and disbeliefs discourage you! It wonít be long before youíll be able to prove what youíre capable of. And even then, youíll probably still have to remind him what itís all for about once a year or so! I donít think that argument will ever go away! Happy Holidays!!

I don't know any details, but my hubby

Bush sending checks out again.  He wasn't sure of the amount though, and I didn't ask him where he heard it.      Would be awful nice though huh? 

Cool! My hubby is from the sm
Guntersville/Blountsville area. His family all live in Guntersvills, Scotsboro, Grant and Huntsville.
Oh my you and your hubby both work there? sm
Sounds like crap I have been through. My hubby works at the only major medical center where we live. I have a chronic illness and have been in the hospital 64X since 97. Have had lots of "mistakes" and can do nothing about it for fear he will get fired.

What about reporting this to teh medical board? T hey take this stuff really seriously.

What a crock! I feel for ya
Hubby cooks?! lucky you! --- is there
get him to do that? I do ALL the cooking at our house and while I like to cook, once in a while it would be nice for me to be on the askingjavascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
javascript:editor_insertHTML('text',''); end of "What's for dinner?"
You are blessed. Congrats to you and hubby
My hubby does 3rd shift. Some suggestions

I don't know about your situation, but my husband has learned to go to bed when he's done with work. He'll probably read the morning paper and have something to eat like a hamburger or leftover spaghetti.  Remember that breakfast is supper and supper is breakfast when you work 3rd shift. He has cereal when he gets up in the afternoon.

He used to stay up for 3 or 4 hours,  like he did when he got home from a day job (like we all do if we work 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).  He has learned that "sleep time" is essential when he is done his shift and when the kids are off at school.  He's usually up when they get home at 3:00, but sometimes he gets up at noon or he sleeps until 5:00.  He's learned to let his body tell him how much sleep he needs.

If he does stay up, he will nap for a few hours.  Sometimes he even naps from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. before he goes in to work.  It works for him.  He's been doing it for almost 7 years and wouldn't trade if for the day shift.

The bedroom has blinds that will make the room very dark to keep out the light. He has one advantage though.  He's deaf without his hearing aids.  When he wants to sleep he takes them out. That way there is no "hush, daddy is trying to sleep."

Good luck.  I was thinking about doing 3rd shift myself until I realized that the reason my husband and I get along so good is because we work opposite shifts!  

Happy BDay to your hubby! nm
Tell your hubby HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

ROFL! I just told hubby I was going to do that.
He came home early from work today and wanted to know what was wrong with me. I burst into tears and told him about how lousy my job is, how little money I'm making and that I should just go work at Burger King or Shopko because I'd make more money. He tells me a job feels like that sometimes. It's not a feeling, though! It's reality!
When I was a W2 employee, hubby was self employed
and it was enough to cover his taxes and sometimes we got a refund.