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When I was a W2 employee, hubby was self employed

Posted By: so I claimed single and zero dependents on 2006-01-17
In Reply to: If you have a spouse who is an employee have - me

and it was enough to cover his taxes and sometimes we got a refund.

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Darling hubby, dumb hubby, dufus hubby. Take your pick. I have been known to use all three--
Your hubby must my hubby's twin. sm
He can't find anything or put anything away either. He did learn a long, long time ago to empty his pockets, though. I have a nice big doghouse where he spends with his dog with things get too hot. Or, he can sleep in his corvette, but it gets a little cramped in there!
It is not hubby, is her father, but not hubby. nm
Excuse me but federal taxes are paid as employee by employee
The ONLY difference in IC is you pay the ENTIRE amount of the SS which is the 15.25%, as an employee you only pay 7.75%.  And you can easily make up that difference in deductions.  As an employee you just have someone else manage your withholdings and as an IC you do it yourself.  I have much more usable income being an IC and not an employee and I am strict about putting aside what I need to.  But everyone always says you have to pay your own taxes, well your employer does not PAY them for you -- except 7.75% of SS, they merely withhold it for you.  As an IC you are the employer. 
Currently employed
Hi. I have been with then since 02/2006 and extremely happy with them. As of this past month, I actually became and employee instead of IC and will be getting insurance. Hope this helps.
I think 30-40K if employed

There are variables.  Is the person working 10-12 hours days and pretending they are working 8?  I know many who are.  If so, income should be considerably higher.  People with their own accounts can usually make 50-60K or more. 

For a 6-8 hour days, 5-day weeks, as an employee with experience, I don't think this job should ever pay less than $30,000.  It takes too much concentration, medical knowledge and complete isolation to pay any less.  Hospitals pay at least that and you are expected to take breaks, lunch, talk with other staff and physicians, get sick sometimes, have bad days and get bad authors sometimes, take vacations and generally be a human being.  Working from home, most of us hunker down and feel guilty if we have anything else we need to do, then making it up at all hours of the night or our supposed days off.   


Are you self-employed with your

If you are employed at
MQ, the reason people are making 8 to 10 cpl is probably because that is what they were hired in at when their company was bought. They probably have not had raises either.
I most certainly am self-employed

Obviously, you work as an employee.  Sure hope you got a raise to change from what you were hired at.  Again, not all of us can be that flexible to just change.  We do have a life.  Furthermore, anyone can dial in and listen to a dictation on the weekend if they need it that bad.  Just call the floor get the identifying numbers, call the number, plug in the identifying patient info and badda bing, you've got the dictation.  It used to happen all of the time at the hospital I worked at because they didn't want to wait on the outside MTSO that was soooooooooooo slow.  TAT was never met or hardly ever.

Are any IC Incorporated since they are self-employed?
Just wondering if any IC out there have set themselves up as a Corporation.  Being tax illiterate, it seems like I do not have many deductions when it comes time to file.  My DH is looking into opening a business to provide a service and someone with a similar service suggested to him to file for corporation to be able to receive more tax benefits and deductions.  My CPA over the last 10 years has never suggested it to me even though I ask him what I could I do for more deductions.  Is this possible?
The first rule of being self-employed is that

you set your own line rate.  However, we all know that NONE of the MTSOs hiring IC MTs allow us to set our own rate.  They "offer" a rate, and we accept if it's OK.

I worked for a real cheapo doctor when I first started out.  He paid hourly and kept riding my backside to type faster because he only wanted to pay for the actual time dictated instead of the time it took to transcribe.  More than once I told him that it takes an average of 3:1 typing to talking ratio to get it done.  It worked out to be $.03 per line.  I dropped him like a bad habit.  He bounced through a few other transcriptionists who all quit on him before he wound up having to pay to outsource to a service.

Ind 401K for self employed

There is a new type of retirement fund for self employed business people where you can put money in as both an employee ($15,000) and as a percentage of your profits as the business owner.  It is called an Ind 401K.  Here is a link...


I wanted to go with T. Rowe Price but they do not allow loans, so i decided to go with Oppenheimer.

Self-employed-need advice

I am a self-employed MT, trained by the office I have been contracted with for 9 yrs.  When I started, it was myself and an in-house Transcriptionist working for 4 physicians.  I gave a 24 hr TAT.  I had one 18-month-old child when I started, and was able to work around 6 hours a day.  I drove about 40 min to work and back, picked up tapes, working sometimes 6-7 days/week.  Since then, they have hired 2 more drs. and 3 NP's.  The in-house MT retired, but they did hire another MT who works at home.  I had another daughter, and a set of twins in those 9 yrs.  They have always known I try to work around my children's schedules.  As I am sure many of you do, I was getting up in the middle of the night working, working on and off throughout the day and at night.  The new MT and I are backed up now and we can't possibly get it all done.  It is more like 48-72 hr TAT.  They call all through the day asking me to stop what I am doing right then and search the tape, type the note and fax it ASAP.  I picked this profession to work around my children's schedules, not have to push them aside at every moment to cater to the office.  I do not have a certificate in MT, was just trained by this office.  I checked in to other places, but the pay is much less as I get paid 65 char/line including spaces at $.125/line.  The reason they pay so well is because they know I probably can't get on somewhere else with no certificate and no experience in any other field.  They want to make sure I stay there.  Also, the driving is ridiculous.  They refuse to get technology for telecommuting.  They refuse to hire someone else.  On top of that, I was just diagnosed with IST, and am on Toprol and not capable of working the hours I once did.  Is there anyone else out there who understands or has any advice?

yep, two. I'm self employed in three ventures. sm
1. I am a soapmaker at www.sarva.biz and, as of recent, http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5120869

2. I am a yoga therapist in the style of www.pryt.com

And also studying to be a yoga teacher in another lineage.

Yes, I do all of this with bilateral CTS. I intend to specialize in yoga for CTS sufferers and am nearly there with my education.

Turn lemons into lemonade :-) It's those other things that motivate me to finish my MT work every day, and my MT work informs my yoga therapy so tremendously.
Happened to U but are you now employed,
Not good ones and so far I am still employed
Self Employed Question

Hi all. I am new to this board. I have a home based secretarial service and do both medical and legal. I have never worked for a big company, just attorneys and docs as well as sales profesionals with no secretary. I have always charged by the page, but I have a possible new client that wants me to bill her by the line. Is .12 per line reasonable or too little for medical? Are there any other home based self employed individuals who can offer advice on per line charges?




My friend has been employed by the ...sm
same hospital that hired her as a newbie. She has been there 10 years. She does good. She has her hourly wage plus incentive pay and benefits. She has one of the good jobs. They outsourced the rest of the MT work except radiology, which is what she does. They outsourced the radiology also a few years ago to an MTSO and she went to work for the MTSO who got the radiology account from her hospital. Well the doctors there in radiology at the hospital raised some cane and demanded the inhouse MTs be brought back. The work was bad from the MTSO MTs and they demanded their MTs back. She was lucky. That is what you call appreciative doctors who value the MTs who do their transcription.
Self-employed even worse getting paycheck
Bill three doctors at the end of the month, and still waiting two weeks later, sometimes three. I even stay up all night and do a 12h turnaround time. You'd think they would see I was paid in a reasonable amount of time!
He can do it. If he is becoming self-employed, he can cut his child support
too if he does not make a profit for the first few years.

Better to be prepared.
MT week - did anyone employed with Diskriter get
anything for MT week??? Just curious - I didn't, but I see that they gave out an American Express gift cheque.
Taxes regarding self-employed = getting an accountant
Get yourself one, and he'll explain everything you need to know.
Try the National Association for the Self-Employed. SM
They have lots of options. 
I'm already employed. I feel my company has sent
ditto - am self-employed, 1-person
for local physicians.

There is no one else to have do them. I just type them and forget them as you did.
Medical Insurance for Self-Employed
Hi Everyone:   Does anyone know of an medical insurance that is a PPO Plan for me and spouse in Tenn that does not cost an arm and a leg?  I have 2 job offers, one is a company but cannot afford their insurance for both of us, so I will take out on me only and the other job offer is IC at 13 cents a line which is good for this area.  Help!!!!
TaxAct and TurboTax will work for self-employed.
No need to buy the expensive business versions of them either. I don't know about TaxCut, but I'm sure it's the same. No, you do not have to prepay your taxes quarterly either. The first year is considered a "trial run" meaning that you need to establish a base pay before they can establish a quarterly tax payment amount due. I've been self-employed for 10 years now and have never made quarterly tax payments because I've never owed.
Yes, they can quit their job, go self-employed or IC, and work under the table.
However, the courts aren't stupid. There is a worksheet the judge does based on the past several years' worth of taxes that XX is the amount this person is capable of making, so therefore XIX is their child support amount. It's legal and binding. There's no changing it by trying to scam the system. It is difficult to enforce but that's why our state has deadbeat parent laws. My friend's ex wound up in jail with liens against all of his property for not paying his child support.
You know who I see working at Walmart? People who may not be employed elsewhere.
Old people, under-educated people, etc. I doubt those workers were ever paid better elsewhere and they seem quite content with Walmart who gives them the dignity of a job. I know one lady in particular who seemed a little "off" and she was so happy to participate in retirement plan. My son worked at Walmart as a temporary pharmacy tech and also liked the 401K offered to even the lowest part time employee. I think Walmart is good for the poor and unfortunate people of the world and I know I have not walked away from Walmart thinking I had been cheated or people who worked there were unhappy. Same with Sam's Club.

Sorry for the open your mind. I actually did not mean that as an insult either. It's just that some people are so angry they refuse to listen to new ideas and the other side of the story.

I am sorry for the small business man but I am just as sorry for the MT whose job is going to be obsolete in the near future. The times are changing and we need to face it and deal with it. It is what it is.
Thankfully, self-employed so I don't have to deal with the likes of you.
What an arrogant bitchy know-it-all you think you are. You are laughable. I'm sooo beyond you. Later.
Your national is liable for SS and Medicare tax not you. They thinkyou are self employed. nm
NASE (National Assocation for Self Employed) has insurance sm

but not sure how expensive it is or how much it costs to join NASE.  Their website is www.nase.org.

Good luck!

Any former Spheris employees employed elsewhere now and deliriously happy?
Would love to hear from you.  Seriously considering looking elsewhere.  Thanks much.
My claim was denied b/c officially, I was still employed but we were out of work. Crazy. nm
I look at the jobs posted and tons of MTs are applying. I am employed but not terribly pleased with

prefer OPs and have done MT work for about 16 years.  I have worked for MQ for 11 years for the Univ. of Pa. which they lost and now I am working for a small company in Michigan with just tons and tons of crap work.   I would like an IC job with OPs if possible. 

You an IC, statutory employee or employee?
That designation, and/or forcing the IRS to designate you, can make a diff. Are you a corporation? Partnership? You need WAY more help than we can give you.
If you are employee, unless suit against your employee
otherwise the posts on here as far as I can see telling it like it is. I think a lot of the posts are so young they just donít have a clue as to what it means to be an employee. You do as your employee wants (I am talking reason now, not stupidity as far as sexual advances, etc) or else you find another company that fits your personality better. You do not confront, you do not tell your employee no, that is their job, not yours. This is such a simple thing for people who have been in the work force for any period of time.
My hubby is..
In the Army.  He makes more money and carries the benefits...medical and dental.  This is actual the ideal job for me as we move a lot.  I stay home and watch the kids too, so I am not making a lot of money at this.
Hubby is away, I'm going with you lol nm
Not me, but my hubby did (sm)
My husband dreamed of his first wife's death the day she died.  She was only 43 and not apparently ill. 
we are blessed. 
you have to find a husband who is willing to help with the chores or at least help you out at times.  My husband helps me out on the weekends and the weeknights we take turns with the kids and dinner (and he works 10 hours a day)  hope you can find a happy medium.
My Hubby
He sounds like yours. Mine also works 12 hours a day, and he out with all aspects of the housework, including laundry as well as the outside work. He knew it was important for me to be hope since I couldn't be with our first daughter.
Hubby has this....
Every company is different...but the profit sharing is usually paid out either as a bonus once or twice a year. You will have to read the specifics on your plan. At the last company he was with it was pretty much profit sharing in title only until he became a vested employee. 401K is completely different.
My hubby just got me a new one
from Tiger Direct for only around $300-something. It is a pain though to move things.

Otherwise I'd have to call in a computer geek type to try to fix it. I have no talent or patience for computer problems.

I hope it gets fixed quickly.
Your Hubby Gets Around
They have 3 cables cut now in totally different areas. What a coincidence!
my hubby
Well, my hubby was on a total of 32 prescriptions meds before he passed away, and I thought that was a lot!  But, over 50, that is just sad.
My hubby gets it right now. Here's how they...

This is just a small excerpt from the website.  It was easier for me to copy and paste then to try to explain it!! lol.  It varies from state to state.  Go to Google and type  'unemployment benefits yourstate".  It's the UIA-Unemployment Insurance Agency.  It will tell you everything you need to know like when to file, how they determine eligibility, etc.  Or type www.yourstate.gov.  I Hope you never have to use it.  It took maybe 4 weeks or more before my husband got his first check.

Amount of unemployment benefits

UIA staff calculates how much you receive in unemployment benefits by multiplying the highest amount of wagespaid to you in any base period quarter by 4.1%. The UIA adds $6 for each dependent you claim, up to five dependents. The weekly benefit amount is capped at $362.

To determine how many weeks of benefits you may receive, the UIA multiplies your total base period wages by 43%, and then divides that answer by your weekly benefit amount. The claim, however, cannot be less than 14 weeks or more than 26 weeks.

No hubby!
Not in the service but hubby is...sm
Im sorry that your husband is in such a mess but there are other ways of handling it. My husband is just finishing up a 20-year career and I know very well the things that go on. Your husband should have used his chain of command...that is what it is there for. My guess is he will get a court martial, probably go to the brig for a while, and get a dishonorable discharge.
hubby who went ua from marines

I was wondering the same thing?  I'm sorry for your situation, but it seems it was brought about by the choices that your husband made himself.  We all are not perfect and obviously he regrets the mistake in comitting to the service that he made & it will be a hard lesson learned.

But, for the life of me, I'm not sure why you are posting on theis board/ I thought the OP was from your Mom? about her son-in-law, then you, his wife replied to someone's negative comment? As a poster mentioned above, if your an MT, then it's reasonable for you to post here, but I think you would probably find more needed information from some type of military board, or Maybe Google it.

My daughter, like many of the "kids" who are in Iraq now, signed up for the reserves to serve their country but also to get help with their higher education..many never dreaming they'd be called to war.  We had just returned from shopping, finally finding *the* bridal gown, walked through the front door to find my husband and the rest of our kids, along with her fiance (who is in the same unit) practically in tears. Yep, they both got their orders and they both were in the first invasion.

Their unit was military police but their initial jobs were to supply mortuary service! Not anything that either of them nor anyone else in their unit, mostly kids fresh out of high school, could have ever dreamed a year prior that they'd be doing.

I thank God they all returned home safe & sound and were able to have a beautiful wedding before my sil got called back.  He's still over there, my dd is home and just finished serving as an honor guard for 5 different funerals within one week for kids that did not make it back alive and well.  No matter anyones opinion about the war, when you sign into the military, you have to serve.  Like many have posted earlier, there are thousands serving who are in the same shoes as your husband, with a spouse and kids they want to be with.  But rules are rules, if you break them, then you will suffer the consequences.

I do not think it is fair for you to come to this board asking for help, then when peopl post a reply honestly, you get down on them.  Yes, I know this is an emotional time for you, but it's also an extremely emotional time for those who know or have lost loved ones, or like myself, living in a town who have lost so many so fast and the funerals are tying up traffic more than construction is.  They have been beautiful with the roads lined by thousands of strangers who just feel for the families of these kids.  So be thankful, your husband IS home and will be able to come BACK home, after he pays the price for his decision, which is only fair.  He stillhas choices, many of the kids do not.

Sorry, just struck my last nerve.