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New at this, do footpedals have to be programmed SM

Posted By: MT57 on 2008-08-25
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to work with a platform? Thanks

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I think you have a return programmed
after the last word in shorthand. Always make sure your cursor is at the end of the last character in your expanded term and it will not do that.
I have two 9-pin foot pedals (IN-DB9) for sale as I am no longer doing transcription.  They are in excellent condition and were not used very much at all.  I am asking $35.00 each plus shipping.  I also have a Dictaphone C-phone if anyone still uses those.  Email me if interested.  THANKS!!
It's how the count is programmed into ExText that determines good or bad, but otherwise it's a
ECS in San Diego rents VDI stations programmed to act as C-phones
They give you the rental monies paid towards purchase of a C-pone also.
Question regarding footpedals

I am going to need to have a footpedal for a transcription work. How do I know which type of footpedal to get. Will WAV pedals work with all software?
Both of my inifinity USB footpedals don't like to
rewind. I have to step on it about four times before it rewinds. Is there a fix for this? I've been wanting to buy another, hoping the next one works properly, but I'm afraid this is the way all their pedals work (or don't!). Does anyone have an Infinity USB footpedal that works well?
TranscriptionGear.com has footpedals
and can deliver them quickly. I got a GearPlayer, and it's great, but it didn't work for every place I tested with. I got through the testing even without a foot pedal, but it is annoying. Do use the F keys if it lets you. That helps a lot.
Well I must be lucky then. Both my footpedals
are 3 button footpedals and they work just fine with the adapter on.  Maybe it has something to do with the software used as well.  I use Start/Stop and Transcription Buddy.
I have 2 USB footpedals, one from StartStop and one from ...sm...

from Bytescribe, brand name Infinity.  The Infinity pedal works with StartStop or Bytescribe WavPlayer and the   StartStop (with HTH Engineering on the bottom) works on both StartStop and Bytescribes WavPlayer as well.  You could see call to double check with StartStop tomorrow when they're open or call Bytescribe to see if they sell pedals separately. 

My foot pedal is button #15 on the C-phone, I think it depends on what your co. has programmed. nm
No. Different programs use different footpedals. You might want to wait until you get a job - sm
to be on the safe side. I have been lucky so far. I have a 9-pin serial port foot pedal which works well with my Bytescribe, and will work with the free ExpressScribe too.
Emdat InScribe & Footpedals

Hi everyone,

Emdat InScribe 4.3 works only with foot pedals that can be configured or programmed for specific keystokes.  F2 is play, F3 is Rewind and F4 is fast forward by default in Emdat.  If you have the ability to configure a foot pedal to these keystorkes (function keys), then that foot pedal will work with InScribe 4.3.

Emdat InScribe 4.91 has a "configure foot pedal" utility that allows you to configure any USB foot pedal.  This is a newer release of InScribe and we have been informed of some issues with this configuration feature.  InScribe 4.92 is in beta and if you have a foot pedal (such as Infinity) that did not work with 4.91, please contact beta@emdat.com to get 4.92.

We apologize for this issue and believe it is resolved in the latest version.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Emdat Help Desk at 630-743-0500 x1.

What footpedals are compatible w/ Escription?
Start Stop foot pedal pre-programmed for EMDAT problems

I just got my foot pedal but have no idea how to get it to work with EMDAT Inscribe; much to my dismay a manual was not included with the pedal.  Obviously, even though it was pre-programmed to work with EMDAT, I can't just plug it in and get to work.  UGH!

Can anyone help me here.  I'm a real computer dummy so I need to be walked through the steps as though I were a kid.  BTW, my hot keys are F7 Play, F6 rewind, and F4 RR.


Mine isn't like that. Mine is 2. All are programmed different.