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No, YOU are implying that this mother doesn't want to be bothered with her kids. How do YOU know?

Posted By: You probably don't even have kids. nm on 2005-07-08
In Reply to: OMG! This is too weird! You can't comprehend what I'm saying, so I won't waste your time! - Unreal


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    Your reply below shows you know EXACTLY what I was implying. How sad for your kids.

    Happy summer bonding and spending quality time with your kids.  I only hope that they NEVER hear you say something mean like that, or see you write it. And they're TIRED AT NIGHT.  No other way to explain it, and you know it.

    about implying
    I do not think that is what was meant, I think it just means that we can be at home and be good MTs too. I personally do not have a problem with people who choose to use daycares, what I have a problem with is people telling other people that staying at home with kids and working cannot be done, when I know that it can, just my opinion
    so what? What are U implying?
    Ur obvious ignorance is showing. Big deal if the poster is Indian. So what. Do you have a problem because the person is Indian? What of it?
    are you implying that transcriptionists
    that work for MQ are less professional??
    She doesn't. She is implying she knows but no
    announcements have been made about the new plan. Her post reads very much like a scare tactic.

    You are correct - the only thing we have heard about is an ASR reduction but, honestly, we cannot even truly verify that and whether it is a specific office, etc.

    I don't want to see anymore of the negativity that has been posted. It's not a fact on any of it yet. Until we have something from MQ in our hand, we don't know. If these MTs do have something, they should scan and post it here for credibility, but I doubt we will see that either. Be safe and consider all here as hearsay until you can confirm it for your own self.
    I disgree with you implying she should be
    paid for the meeting. That is something that normally does not happen in the IC world, especially if it is setting up the conditions, etc., on transcribing their reports.
    I honestly wasnt meaning to be implying your sil was gay.. I just
    That one bothered me a lot too......
    I wasn't over it and then this Amish thing. We were actually planning a trip to that area (Amish) next week but decided on Niagara Falls instead.

    Anyway, about the girl in Colorado. I just kept thinking about what her morning with her Mom might have been like. Then she goes off to school and her Mom never gets to see her again. (Obviously I can't help but look at this from a Mom's point of view). I just couldn't even imagine how I could deal with that.

    I saw an interview with a woman who says she now prays with her children every morning before they leave the house. I think that is a good idea. I have twin toddlers.....wondering how bad it will be when they are in school. Ahhhhhhh :-(
    The thing that bothered me
    Was the fact that the doctors told her they wouldn't need her services any longer after today. I didn't hear a word from her. If they had given the job to another transcriptionist, I never would have known. I would have just started work today never knowing that I wouldn't be getting any more work and didn't have a job any more.
    since no one has bothered to answer you, I

    At MT Stars there are archives - with all sorts of opinions on some of the things you are asking.  What with all the off-shoring going on, not sure it's worth your while to do it, whereas CODING and CODERS is booming.  The USA is desperately seeking all kinds of coders (medical and hospital billing).  Maybe you'd like to check into that......

    Best of luck!!! 

    Yes, they have bothered me for a while now. Taking SM
    advantage of stay at home moms.

    And please, if you do make that amount of money, I don't want to hear about it. I too do well, as would anyone working for close to 20 years, but that does not go for newbies to this profession or, rather, what's left of this profession.

    personally, I don't mind not being bothered (sm)
    and being left alone to do my job, make my money, and live my life! As long as I don't have any problems and they don't, I really enjoy not having someone "breathing" down my neck all the time.  I consider it one of the perks of my job! Oh, well, to each her own, right?
    Funny, she doesn't seem bothered when she's
    Thanks for your reply. This has bothered me, along with a lot of other stuff about this blankety bl
    I don't understand why you were bothered that she left a message on your machine. sm
    How does the 'generic' greeting you have to answer it indicate what type of message someone is supposed to leave? Would you have rather she left a totally informationless message? I just don't get it.
    The only person that bothered me at my wedding was the one who wore a white dress. Black is fine.

    Do little kids like caramel? My big kids won't even eat it! We make the basic Baker's chocolat
    I never said you shouldn't have kids! Feeling guilty? I asked WHY you had kids.
    You clearly stated in your post that you ship the kids off to camp all day, and they're TIRED AT NIGHT!!  You know exactly what you said.  You said it as a PERK - AS IN GREAT! They're gone all day, it wears them out, and so I shovel dinner in their mouths and off to bed!  You can try to paint it any way you want, but YOU SAID IT.  Again, I only hope your kids never hear you speak that way or write that way. Shame on you.  Why have kids at all?  Just another parent who has them, gets rid of them for day AND night, BRAGS ABOUT IT, and then calls ME wicked!  Give me a break!  Camp is fine - its WHAT YOU SAID AND YOU KNOW IT.  Your own words showed your heart. Period.
    I think I would look for another job. Doesnt seem right
    Kids are demanding and so is MT work. My question is how CAN you do this with kids, rather than how
    When you have two young kids, 11 months apart, (like I stated they are now 4 and 5) and have been doing this since they were born with no help from their father and no family around, YES, the kids get neglected. Part time might work but living on one salary, part time, is not an option. How can you possible tell me that anyone with two young kids can stay at home and work a full-time, 8-hour shift, and still give their kids the attention they NEED. I dont care how good you are at multitasking and how great your organizational skills are. It is a very difficult thing to do. And I am offended by your post making it sound as if it is easy to do.

    I do agree that it can depend on how well your kids behave and how well they are able to play on their own. But my kids were not able to play well on their own. They needed constant attention.

    So please take the time to realize that there are people out there in different situations than your own.

    Reading our posts should help you to understand that everyone has a different situation. I believe everyone should have the right to shares their experiences as it might benefit the original poster in her questions and concerns.

    I dont think anyone should be bashed for taking the time out to write about their experiences. I dont usually come on here to argue but you really ticked me off with your post. And try reading the post correctly. I said next time around I would have put them in day care. What I DID do with them was set them up to an activity like art or put on a movie for them. Geez.
    Stayed "because of the kids?" I say "leave because of the kids"
    You're in no position to buy right now. Keep saving, keep paying down your bills, and for heaven's sake get rid of that dead weight of a BF you're living with. You can do better.
    So, should I return the $75 (x2 kids) in music cards I got the kids for x-mas...sm
    My son has been telling me about free music sites and I was very leary.  How do they skirt the law Radguy?
    I don't have kids, but my Mom was from the "old school," and still had everyone, kids inclu

    call her by her first name.  The little neighbor girl next door from the time she could speak called her Aggie (my mom's first name), and they were great buddies until the day my mom pased away. 

    I don't think there really is much in a name, but more in the respect you are given and the way you are treated.   Personally, I kind of cringe inside when someone calls me Ms. Anything or God forbid, "maam" (makes me feel like Methuselah!) ... I'm always just plain Merrie.  :-)

    But, as someone pointed out, to each his own.  If you want to be addressed a certain way, you have that right, and people should respect that.  I'm glad you corrected the child ... hope it "sticks."    

    No doesnt sound harsh
    I agree with you to an extent about threatening with that, and I have informed family members that could be done if he does not get help and endangers them in some way. They of course say they know, I think they are trying to handle it without hurting the kids any further. He has not physically hurt them just scared them which is bad enough! Thanks
    High IQ doesnt = good MT.
    Link doesnt say if this can be done at home.
    Above poster doesnt know how to use antibark

    My dogs quickly learned when they had collar on and what that meant. They didn't bark.  Take collar off when you want them to alert you. Believe me, they know the difference between collar on and collar off.  Mine even knew the difference between dead battery and charged battery.  When they would bark with collar on, I knew it was tiime for recharge.

    Then hope your boss here doesnt end up
    Consulting dr. doesnt say but says he thinks
    Doesnt matter what we think. Facility way is
    It is not the Dr fault he doesnt understand
    Doesnt matter how many language I know.
    What happens if company doesnt send
    Maybe facility doesnt know how deal with IC,
    It doesnt separate. You end up transcribing at
    9pin doesnt work for me
    There are issues with it stopping and starting. The USB works best in V8. I work in V8 and V6 still so I have both pedals :(
    I still use 2. It looks better and doesnt get confused with abbr. periods.
    I wouldnt change to 1 unless the AAMT Book of Style rules on it and I dont believe they have. I could be wrong on that. If anyone knows, please let me know.

    Another thing I have noticed people doing is not putting a comma before the and in a list. I was always taught to use the comma but some people dont.

    advil doesnt touch mine
    I used to get this all the time it drove me crazy.  It felt like a constant burning band.  I was hold my arms up by my neck and shoulder.  Is there anyway you can find something to support your arms while you type?  I bought a chair with arms, and i put a 2 x 4 board across the arms and rest my elbows on that and let my fingers do the work, not my neck.  I also have a split keyboard.  When the pain was severe, like yours, I would get up and put a warm wash cloth and sort of massage it into my neck every couple of hours while stretching, and then apply some icy hot so it really penetrated into it.  As a poster stated, xanax works and anything that relaxes the muscles, Soma, or Flexeril, ativan,  buspar (antianxiety), on top of the massage, heat n stretches.  I also cut out the coffee and sugar because i'm an anxious person and I clench constantly.  That should get you through until you find away to rest the arms while working.  I know with this job, one part of our body will suffer, either arms, wrists or hand joints, even neck and shoulder.  I wish they'd invent something to take the strain off of every muscle for us gals who have to sit here day after day!  Anyways, I feel your pain, hang in there.
    Is there any spyware you can use that doesnt interfere with all your other programs at all. I have
    XP and service pack 2 etc etc just about all the programs you can have and Norton so dont know if they have Spyware in them or not. I have office also.
    I wouldnt go get him. Just treat him tonight even if he doesnt have it
    That may keep him from getting it. Head lice is a nuisance but not hard to get rid of. I wouldnt sweat it. You should change their sheets, etc...
    I disagree...just because you are in a certain profession doesnt mean you cant have time off..sm
    My mom has been an RN for over 40 years now and I have several family members in some of the other professions you mentioned above. A certain profession does not mean you have to work certain days/holidays. If you have vacation time you are entitled to use it whenever you wish. I used to work in a physicians office for 10 years and I always put my vacation time in for my two weeks in December in January. Other employees put their time in for summer. So while they are out having fun with their time off in July I am not crying and moaning because they are having fun in the sun while I work to cover them. It is the same thing no matter when your time off is scheduled. It has nothing to do with what field you work in. If you want time off at Christmas be a little more organized and schedule your time off way in advance. And no I dont think I am the only one with a family who would like to be off for the holidays. I just make it a priority to take my vacation at that time. You enjoy your time when you want and I will enjoy my time when I want.
    What would be fair line rate if co. doesnt pay
    Does it really make a ton of difference in your pay?
    XMTSO doesnt care where you are going to work or what they
    Brand name doesnt matter as much as what is built into
    person we are paying for a service doesnt
    Your post doesnt make much sense. Were you
    My MTSO doesnt care if use cc or mL, just be consistent.
    if you have benefits, doesnt that make you an employee?
    that doesnt sound right. I have downloaded mine I know 5 times
    Maybe you should talk to a different person.

    You should be able to download the player again with your password. I have had mine for 5 years and never had any problem reinstalling it. I know I have installed mine 5 times.
    I think they will see these newbies run faster and harder than we ever did if something doesnt suit.
    Do you honestly think MQ doesnt send work to India, etc.