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No, but I do have a toe ring. :)

Posted By: editor on 2005-12-29
In Reply to: And bells on my toes! Sorry, couldn't help it! nm - QA3


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Wear my wedding ring and a ring my parents
gave me for my 6th Christmas (I've had it resized).   No other jewelry.  Rarely I'll wear small earrings, but usually find that with my earphones on it feels like the posts of the earrings are digging in. 
I get it under my ring too!
cheese ring
Don't exactly know what you are looking for...perhaps a cracker or biscuit, but try this link. Lots of recipes to browse.

They ring an item up, put it in a bag
that is separate from the rest of the stuff, or accidentally put it on a ledge below the counter. When you get home, the item is not there.

You also have to watch Walmart prices. The advertised ale price on the shelf is frequently not the price that rings up on the register when you check out. They will change it for you (but not everyone else) if you call it to their attention.
I keep a 3-ring binder for each MD...sm

When I get a private account, I set up a small 3-ring binder with the specifics and also their samples that they give me.  I also keep the statements there until the month is completely done and then I do a monthly billing only.  Once they pay, that stuff gets transferred over every few months into a 10x13 envelope and stashed towards the following year when I do taxes....it is all part of the records that I keep should I ever get audited.  I also try to keep the private MDs pretty much the same way, unless they have account specifics besides their samples, as much as I am able to.


This is the magnetic ring site....sm


I put it in the URL/Link below but not sure I did it right.......   http://www.magnetictherapysales.com/subs.asp?subid=15


The phone in my bedroom does not have the ring on
my hubby with his line of work has different sleeping hours than me so the phone does not ring so he wont be bothered. Other phones in the house have the ringers on. That solves my problem.
while working my answering machine is set to ring twice
Period. If i hear the machine message saying emergency, i will grab it; otherwise they can wait until I am done!
'three-view right ring finger', or
(Note the punctuation for each version.)
I need ideas for how to get kids to not ring the doorbell tonight after....sm

the light is off on the porch and it's getting late, i.e. after 9 p.m.   It amazes me the # of kids .... and adults... who don't use good common sense about trick-or-treating and ignore the usual "lights on means ok to knock/ring, lights off means go away/no goodies" rules that have been around for decades. 

I'm thinking about turning on the lawn sprinkler close to the front door - but some idiots would probably just run through it.

In the past I've put the dog out on her tie-out in the front yard and that scares some away, but the people that my dog knows get by her by just petting her because she knows them.

What are your plans/recommendations?

How do you get a water ring mark off a wooden table, nm
does eminent domain ring a bell......to start..sm

By the way, you'd be correct on the media - I'm not into American Medial...I get my news from Europe, other foreign places, MY VENEZUELAN FAMILY (in laws)...BBC is a good one (love Christiana Amanpour).  But Chavez is a Castro Mini-Me in my thinking...and I'm being *kind* due to being on a public board....





Poseidon adventure - the old lady going to Israel - ring any bells? (sm)
You must be a real youngster.
Dee pashun habba fleck ring in uzza cootanyou peachers.
(The patient had freckling and other cutaneous features.)
Chicken and dumplings. Just about to put the dumplings in and ring the dinner bell!