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During warm weather I do (sm)

Posted By: Lori on 2005-12-29
In Reply to: Do you wear rings or other jewellery while you transcribe? - mt

but when it's cold my fingers shrink and my rings start spinning around! That's when they come off.

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You betcha! Sounds great! Though I would prefer warm champagne to warm milk, OK??
I'll be waiting...just honk twice! I'll put Dr. Mumble Mouth on hold, and dash away before he's done chewing and swallowing...
I live in the Ohio Valley, it's like this all the time here. A few days ago, no coats, this morning 1 inch of snow. I gave up ever switching out winter/summer clothing a long time ago.
what state are you in? I am in Texas and it was 81 here yesterday and this morning at 10 it was 28. No wonder we are all sick! But I love this cold!
I hate it too! By the way, are you in texas?

Really nice here, a little on the warm side for me - 85 degrees in Dallas! 

Thank you for the warm welcome!
I will look forward to chatting with you in the future.
Thanks for the warm welcome and the (sm)
warning. I think that is one thing I have learned while surfing the net, trolls exist just about anywhere you go, but my opinion is this site has that very much under control:)
Texas weather
We haven't hit 100 yet, but i'm sure it is in the near future. Thank God I'm not in arizona!
Same here. The weather outside is gorgeous, though.

I have almost everything caught up around the house now.  Gee, should I go clean something else or read a book outside?

tired of this weather
i never thought i would say it, but it is just too hot for me.  It has been high 90s here all summer and humid.  It usually isnt this hot here.  I want fall to come with some high 50 to low 60 degree weather.  CANT WAIT.  I need cozy days and comfort foods!
Thanks...and believe me...I do remember that about the weather...
My uncle says that all the time...LOL. Nice to hear a little bit of 'home'!
Thanks Patti! How's the weather in OR? I sure
Oregon weather
It is cold in the morning but dry and sunny throughout the day up to about 50.  Beautiful on the river.  Know that our wet weather is coming soon though.  Gotta run and make deliveries. 
Me neither! Ha! We must both be missing something! Maybe we should try the warm
milk? Blech...sounds gross! Actually, I'm just getting rolling now - my morning - so am having coffee! If I were to have sounded irritated, certainly my irritation would be 100% to the dang fool recruiter who pulled this "faux paus" on the poor woman in the first place. Now, if you want to get me irritated, just get me yamming about recruiters...currently my FAVORITE people in our industry...I can't find the appropriate face-thingie to express pure disdain....How about, PEW!!
Menopause keeps me warm.
Be a 52-year-old woman and you will have no trouble keeping not only yourself warm, but radiating heat to those around you.
Warm Hands
Or how about a heated wrist pad for in front of your keyboard?
all they want is a warm body?
I warm my feet.
When my hands are cold, I warm my feet. Not sure why that works, but it does! I have an electric heating pad under my feet (type barefoot or in my socks) and it warms me up. I also have a blanket I crocheted and that helps too.
warm hawaii
it will be my first time living in hawaii-any advice? are you getting your own place out there? I'm in the freeeezing cold smack in the middle of the country right now so I am also looking forward to escaping!
At least you have beautiful weather most of the year. nm
I think it's because it is warm and cozy, like a crate. sm
My first cocker loved it under my desk and you couldn't get her out of there. I won't let my new cocker get in that habit because he won't leave my toes alone. Luckily, the golden thinks it is too hot in my office and seldom joins me. That's fine because he is always panting and that just heats the room up more.
Your welcome, Canada :) You snowbirds keep warm up there.
How is THAT warm water? hmmm? LOL..nm
Keep your hands warm! Even if it means your (s/m)
body temperature feels a little too warm, better that than cold hands. Athletes don't do their thing with cold muscles and joints - if they do they risk injury. Same goes for the muscles and joints in your hands and wrists.

If that fails, I get pretty good relief with Aleve.
How's the weather in Bangalore? usually stops them in their tracks

When a US rep of SBC called to try to get me to switch my cable service for their high-speed interent, I told them no, I don't willingly deal with companies who have all their customer service "help" offshore.  She pointed out that I probaby pay more to use my local cable service.  Yes, I agreed, I do pay more...and I talk to people in my community and can even go talk to them in person if I want to. 

But asking how the weather is in Bangalore is a nice way to break the ice with someone at a call center in India. Weather reports are definitely not part of their scripts.

And with this awful bitter cold weather
going ballistic on the drivers when they do return!
we have had beatiful weather here in Santa Clara
funny how the weather varies depending on what part of the Bay you live in :)
LOL Actually, I've got a husband and kids that keep me warm.
They're all "heaters", meaning they get very warm when they sleep.
The beach, anywhere. Warm and sunny and lots of fun!
But, Niagara Falls is always beautiful no matter what time of year. It's actually cheaper to stay there in the winter than the summer.

You gotta pick anywhere where you can just focus on each other and let the world go on without your for a night, a couple days, a weekend, maybe a week (yeah right) whatever.
Cool staff. Thanks for the warm wishes.
Hope everybody here had a good Mother's Day.
Not all have the warm and fuzzy feelings about mentors
I learned transcription inhouse in a hospital when I found out about a person being able to make more than just their salary each week by being fast and that I was. I thought it would be a piece of cake, hey I had worked in hospitals, both adult and children, doctor offices and the like. It took me a year of her training before I was put on incentive. My boss (mentor?) got upset with me 1 time and put me on 3 days work a week when I had been working full so then got a parttime job for those 2 days until the boss lady HAD to ask me to return. Their work was heavy in the first place, but that was what she did. Another time she told me after a person typed over 50 minutes a day (I was the only 1 doing this out of about 6 or 7 transcriptions)that then that person would stop and do paper work. I told her that would not work as it would only apply to me and I would have to go further up about that. Lastly when I left after 7 years working in transcription I had an outgoing evaluation and she put down average (instead of outstanding, superior) for attendance and told her I had not missed 1 single day of the last 3 years and she would have to give me the best mark on that if nothing else. She said she really had not checked her records. I am glad I learned but warm and fuzzy, not here. Reading above noticed you said only 2 more years until retirement. What is that? I am past retirement age now but this Friday am due to start drawing full social security payments. I am so excited and hope to continue working as the money will be twice of what I am making now. Sooooooooo excited.
Even here in NY it's beautiful today, no cold weather this week.

You know what they say, if you don't like the weather in Ky - wait 5 minutes, it'll change - i

nice to see rain and maybe they will release our water restrictions, of course, now I don't need to water my lawn but maybe washing my car would be nice.

How's the weather where U are? Pouring cats & dogs in San Francisco....

   ..... guess it's time to think about building an ARK!  


We have such gorgeous weather here today, Easter Sunday!

What about where you are?! 



40 degrees in August? Where do you live? Even Alaska is warm now.
You can proof the yeast by putting it in some warm water...

with a teaspoon of sugar.  If it starts to bubble within 10-15 minutes it's still alive.  Otherwise, it has died and will not breathe it's bubbles into whatever you are making and you'll get no rising. 

Next time you buy yeast, stick it in the freezer.  That puts it to sleep, and it will last years. 

Get a cloth damp with warm water and wipe
it, if that doesn't do it, spray a citrus-based cleaner on a cloth and wipe it with that. 
I use SoftFlex gloves to keep hands warm, and I have Raynaud's. (nm)
I use golfers gloves..thin and keep my hands warm.
Yep, we live in cold climate too. Getting outdoors is a MUST in good weather.
That's what I was thinking, Eat bread or drink something nice and warm to help dissolve.
Ok, I invite you to hop on a bicycle for 15 mile ride in below freezing weather, snow, ice, etc.
For arthritis/cold weather, I use cheap, thin, one-size-fits-all
grocery-store gloves, and just cut the fingertips out. Warm & comfy. And cheap.
I have drainage too and a ton of ear wax! YUK! I lavage my ears with a bulb syringe and warm saline

about once a month or they will start to itch something fierce.  Nobody tells you about the ear hazards of being an MT, do they?  I also have to deal with recurrent bouts of labrynthitis which my doc has said may be a side effect of ear phones in my ears all day long! 

We should get hazard pay or worker's comp! 

definite dearth of good TV on Sunday. Hafta watch weather, sports