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Rings on 5 fingers, bracelets on both wrists. nm

Posted By: editor on 2005-12-29
In Reply to: Do you wear rings or other jewellery while you transcribe? - mt


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what keyboard would best help with arthritis in my long fingers and wrists
Doc says I do not have carpal tunnel syndrome or cubital tunnel syndrome, I have osteoarthritis.  Most painful in the long fingers and the wrists of both hands.  I have tried the ergonomic keyboard and just can't seem to adjust.  I do use the A-style keyboard layout and love it.  Anyone have one they use that is not as abusive to the arthritis.  Thanks in advance. 
magnet bracelets ? what brand, or do all brands work ?
My sister said a magnet necklace worked well for her neck pain. I have seen these as little as $5 and as high as $100+. I am allergic to most metals like the brass copper twisted strands bracelets so which one is working so well for you ?
Thanks for your info.
I guess we have to wear ID bracelets "no docs not on approval list" nm
Wow! You know your Lord of the Rings! nm
Apple Rings
4 cups cooking apples
2 cups water
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 stick margarine
1-1/2 cup plain flour
1/2 cup Crisco
1/2 tsp salt
5 Tbsp cold water

In a.m. (or night before) peel and grate (slaw side of grater or use food processor) 4 cups cooking apples; chill. (Granny Smith apples) In the p.m. (or next day) spray a 2x9x14 Pyrex dish with non-stick spray. Mix 2 cups water, 1 cup white sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 stick margarine. Bake at 400 degrees until bubbly, while preparing pastry.

1-1/2 cups plain flour
1/2 cup Crisco
1/2 tsp. salt
5 Tbsp. cold water

Roll out pasty in oblong rectangle. Spread applies (squeeze out liquid) over pastry. Roll into a jellyroll, about 4-1/2 inches in diameter. Slice into 1-1/4 inch circles. Drop into hot liquid, and sprinkle with cinnamon mixed with a little sugar. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

We're in the process of making a cookbook at our church, and I put this one in. My MIL makes it, and it is so good!
My phone rarely (if ever) rings, but my -
cat is constantly interrupting me, getting in front of my monitor to get attention. Either that, or she'll sit in the kitchen and yowl until I come out to see what on earth is wrong - only to find she's all bummed out because there's a single cat-hair floating in her water dish. :/
Do you wear rings or other jewellery while you transcribe?
I am finding I cant stand to have anything on when I work now.  Weird.
orlando bloom(lord of the rings without the elf ears)
thin crust pizza that has bacon and green olives only on it and corona with a lime and salt.
Vigo whats his face from Lord of the Rings!!!!! YUMMMM

so if someone else posts something that rings true, you ignore it? you need adminstrator approval?
first you cry to administrators to fight your battles and now if they tell you that they wrote the post, you will take it to heart but otherwise, you don't care? dano, you need a psychiatrist to see why you need authority figures approval and why you are still tattling to get this authority figures attention. seriously. you got issues.
Belly button rings just look plain nasty on older woman, trying to act young.
I had bad wrists from the get-go
I have had two ganglion cysts removed from my left wrist and one removed from my right wrist.  Also, in August 2005 I had sugery for DeQuervain's in my left wrist.  It was after this that I finished my schooling and became an MT.  Maybe I'm asking for more trouble, I don't know.  But this was what I really wanted to do, so I'm willing to take the risk.  I have been having trouble with my wrists since I was in the 6th grade...so I guess I'm used to it.  So far, things have been OK for me.  I haven't had any trouble, even from the most recent surgery.  I try to take at least 5-10 minutes every hour and stretch my fingers and wrists, and just give them a "breather".  I know I will end up with trouble in the future, however.  So, I feel your pain.
And sore wrists. Have you tried any of these?

Smart Gloves.  Google them.  They're wonderful.  About $20 bucks apiece but well worth the money.

Carpal tunnel type straps.  Wal Mart.  $10 bucks apiece.

I have both and I alternate.

I ended up with numbness in my right index finger, but after buying these, it just went away after a few weeks.  My fingers and wrists have some discomfort on occasion, but nothing like they were before.

One more thing, and I know people that do this, if you do "pound" the keyboard with your fingertips, relax those hands, elbows and shoulders and just tap. If that doesn't work, you may want to get a better keyboard.

Good luck!

sore wrists
I use Oregano Oil on my wrists and the tops of my hands. Sometimes it hurts to lift fingers and I run the Oregano Oil along those bones.
Invest in some wrists splints soon. ;) nm

good for a while, until your wrists give out.
Therapy for hands and wrists that keep me typing. sm

With a medium-weight rubber band around your fingers and thumb, stretch your fingers and thumb out as wide as you can against the rubber band.  Bring fingers back in then stretch them out again, repeat 10 times 2 to 3 times a day. 

If you maintain a daily schedule with this you will definitely feel a difference.  Hope this helps!

Also wear Handeze. They keep wrists and hands
warm with some tension, not too much though, but helps with carpal tunnel also, being that they are elasticized.  I bought mine through craft catalogs, such as Herrschner's and Mary Maxim.  Can buy them through the catalog or online. 
Sorry! Wrists at 180 degrees in same flat plane as
I have arthritis in my wrists and thumbs, and find - sm
it works just as well to make my own. I buy cheap, thin, snug-fitting gloves, then cut out the fingers so that about 2/3 of each finger sticks out. That way all knuckle joints, base of thumbs, and wrists are warm, and when they're warm, they rarely hurt & I can type faster.
personally, I cannot type unless my wrists rest on
something, and my right hand is more "pegeon-toed" inward than my left.

Isn't decorating cakes hard on the wrists and

I wouldn't be able to handle not making more money when I need to. 

This board is not know it all and neither are the people who post here.  MT is not going away.  There are too many physicians and/or clinics that still use tapes.  Come on, let's be realistic.  There are changes and cut in pay, but do you not think the physicians are feeling the crunch as well?  They only get paid a certain amount from insurance companies.  They've been told not to prescribe certain meds.  It's not just MT, everyone is feeling the pressure of higher prices. 

It's a shame you've never found a company that truly appreciates your work!  Good luck with the cake stuff!  I hope people don't quit buying cakes because of the price of food rising!  The economy is tough, very tough! 

Oh, that is funny. What a visual...an MT with Frankenstein scars at wrists from
Tip on Aching Wrists/Target Laundry Detergent!
Okay, I have hesitated sharing this one for a long time now, cause I know, absolutely know, I will get flamed somehow, cause its sort of silly, but its not silly to those of us whose wrists and/or arms are shot from this "career".  I have really bad wrists now AND elbows - actually if your wrists hurt, chances are your tendons are aggravated right up to your elbow, too, though the pain might not localize there.  At any rate, I also found my wrist would hurt with some "ADLs", mostly laundry.  No matter what size of detergent I bought, they were always heavy, and the motion of pouring deturg into the cups really hurt my right wrist. Sometimes I could even hear an audible "pop" on that motion of holding this heavy bottle and pouring. My physical medicine guy said it was the motion of that with the weight on top of typing that wreaked havoc on my wrists, and that even lots of women who don't type have popped their tendons out using laundry detergent!  Well, this is SO stupid, but...a few months ago I went to Target and saw their brand "Method" laundry detergent.  Its super concentrated and fits 32 loads in a tiny bottle. Plus, its like those mouthwash dispensers where you just hold the bottle upright and squeeze and a tiny bit of the detergent fills in a tiny cup at the top. You fill to the line, which takes all of 1 second, and that's all the detergent you need! Plus, this stuff is awesome with the laundry.  Prior to that, only Tide could get my kids clothes clean. This stuff is the BEST, and it smells great! Its about $6 for this bottle, which I would have thought expensive, but the savings on my wrists are priceless!  My carpal tunnel and elbow tendonitis have nearly completely healed. It was just this stupid combo of motions that did my wrists in!  For those older MTs like me, who've been at this for over 20 years, try it! It might help!!  Again, I see a sports med guy, and get injections occasionally. I used to have to wear wrist braces, etc.  I was scheduled for surgery until I started using this silly Target laundry detergent! Now, no more pain!  Isn't that so weird? But neat?
Any suggestions for painful hands/wrists from typing?

My hands are always freezing cold.  I wear fleece "wristies" to keep warmer.  I have pain in both hands all day from typing.  One wrist has a ganglion, and both wrists have some arthritis showing on x-ray.  I rub capsaisin on hands/wrists.  Still the pain persists.  Pain relievers (Advil, etc.) do not help much.   Prescriptions from doctors did nothing.

I was wondering if other heavy typers out there might have found some helpful things to alleviate hand/wrist pain.  I even purchased "warming cream" which is supposed to help increase circulation to the hands, but it did nothing.  I have several keyboards that I have tried also. 


What do you do when your wrists ache and your hands weigh a ton but you have to keep typing?

I know I have read posts on here before regarding this topic but I can never find them in the archives.  Besides a different keyboard, is there something you can take like a vitamin or different foods that will help?  I have noticed that if I eat potatoe chips, my hands are stiff the next morning.  Is there a certain brace or splint you can buy that you can wear when not working or do you even wear these when working?  I thought I saw some magnetic splint somewhere.  I am not like this every day, just some of the time but when I am, it is very frustrating. 

Also work on eScription. Make more. Easier on wrists. sm
It's editing work, and the reason I personally make more is that I'm a slow typist but a fast reader and "punctuator." The eScription software is very easy to learn.
Mine are on a beanbag wrist rest. Need wrists at 90-degree angle
same here- my fingers just do not

.... with fingers.
Could it be something on your fingers?
And I ask that in all seriousness and no offense meant. I have had 3 MS Keyboards and have not worn the letters off any of them. Are you maybe putting some kind of lotion on your hands that would eat the letters off? Maybe if you get the sticky letters another poster was talking about you could stick the letters on the front of the keys instead of the top so they don't wear off, but you can still see them.
Nothing to do with your fingers sm
The "Million Dollar Question" was once, "What is the most used vowel in the English Languate?" I supposed "E" as this lasts least on my keyboard.Guess what - it was "e" - DON'T THINK IT WAS ANSWRED CORRECTLY but we who pound the keyboard would have known. Understand 1110 per cent!
Ya know what FINGERS

You speak ridiculous.... let's all tell our employers we are not working until..........

The idea was to organize and get all your ducks in a row.  If you are going to do something, do it with a plan and organize.  You can't just jump the gun and go into something blindly.  You will look ridiculous and get nothing accomplished. 


Cold fingers
Even though I keep my house comfortable, I find my fingers getting cold when I type.  Is it just me. Does anyone have any suggestions.
frozen fingers
do you guys have troubles with her hands getting cold? and what do you do about it?
cold fingers
All the time when I start out before the work area is sufficiently warmed up with the SPACE HEATER. Space heater essential to get fingers going.
let ur fingers do the walking
No....but I transcribed asleep once. I was working 3rd shift and dozed off. I don't know how I managed to work the foot pedal and my C-phone and go through several reports. Luckily for me I woke up and realized what I had done. I scrambled to put my last several reports on hold to check them before the doctor received them who was one hallway over. It scared me so bad I wasn't sleepy for the rest of the night. I've never let myself sit there that sleepy anymore either. I get up and walk around to get myself more alert. Funny thing was I was not transcribing what the doctor was saying. I was using some of their phrases. I guess I would hear a word and it would trigger my memory and I would type a regular phrase. Scared the bejeebers outta me that is for sure!
trained fingers
Makes me think of what it is like for your fingers to "know" a telephone number but for the life of me I couldn't tell you what it is--I'd have to dial it for you.
Cold Fingers
Try typing gloves! I have the same problem. They do help some. I also have been known to sit on a heating pad while typing -- helps warm me up.
Actually the ones I have do not have fingers, just a thumb.

I really love them, There is a strap around the wrist to adjust the tightness, but the neoprene is a great fabric that seems to work really well for me.  I hate to recommend anything because sometimes what is good for one is not so good for another.  I would recommend going to a surgical supply store and they should let you try them on, that is what I did. 


fumbling fingers

When that happens to me, I consciously slow down and meticulously try to make no errors and eventually increase my speed.  That seems to help me. 

Another trick is to not think about your fingers at all, but still slow down a bit, and then you will find you are on the right track again after a while.  I think it also happens when the dictator does not speak in a good flow of words, is choppy and starts and stops a lot.  Your rhythm is off when that happens.

Hope this helps. 

Gee you must have bionic fingers

and/or a very good line rate.  How do you do it?

The only movement should be fingers. I have
 and keyboard where I dont have to reach up or down to type. I wedge a pillow between the arm of chair and my body so arm is resting on pillow and supported.  Also have comfort keyboard configured like capital L and reverse capital L.  Hands are in neutral handshake postion at all times.  Also have left backspace bar set up as backspace to stop groping of backspace key (I have small hands).  Took a lot of tweaking and paying attention to what I was doing to streamline things.  Also am streamlining all aspects of work.  Every second I can shave off is more money in my pocket.
lol. I figured my fingers
got all jumbled up and I somehow did it to myself.  It would be quite a coincidence if we both jumbled up the same way at the same time, I think.  Maybe we can get some help from the site administrators. 
fingers won't work
Your mind and fingers seem to be at odds. Try to relax more and have a look out the window and maybe free your mind some.
Could be other things also on the fingers sm
I have had my MS Natural keyboard for about 7 years, and the only key that is fading is the N. It wasn't until I left my previous company a few months ago and had to send back their computer that this key started getting messed up. The difference? My kids, my husband, and I all use this one computer now, and I am constantly on them to stop eating at the computer. My mother-in-law is a constant on-line game player and eats at her desk frequently. She has gone through about 5 keyboards in the same 7 years due to the letters wearing off. We're getting another computer soon, and I'm buying a new keyboard for myself so we do not have this issue again.
Let's hear it for bionic fingers!! (nm)
I was not pointing fingers at a particular region, sm
just pointing out that we in the Northeast have our share of bad weather.  In fact, we get just about everything here.  Blizzards, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, even earthquakes for that matter, albeit, minor earthquakes in the last century.  Highest recorded winds were on top of Mt. Washington in New Hamphshire.  Been there several times.  Cold.  It's expensive to live here, too.  Due to proximity to the Big Apple, we get a lot of celebrities and rich types living here, driving up the per capita, while the rest of us pay the price at the pump, for real estate, you name it.   Nobody tries to give us a hand.  Just take from us.  Funny, I work for a national, but don't get paid anymore than those in lower expense areas.  When I worked for corporations before MT, pay was gauged to the region of the country we lived in.  Those on west coast and Northeast made a little more because of the expenses in our areas. 
Painful fingers from typing
I experience sore, aching fingers each day from typing.  Because of this, I cannot do more than 1000 lines a day.  Ibuprofen helps somewhat.  I do not know what is wrong.  The knuckles appear a bit enlarged and upon waking in the morning each finger appears swollen.  I am a thin person.  I wear fleece gloves with no fingers all day while typing for warmth.  This is more than just an annoyance  but rather something that gets bad enough that I have trouble concentrating on typing because all I can think of is the pain.  The doctor I saw was no help at all.  Anyone else having this problem?
Keep your fingers on the keyboard and not the mouse. sm
I average anywhere from 500 to 600 lines an hour on recognized files; however, it took a little while to get there.

There are eScription provides tips and shortcut keys so you do not have to use the mouse (a lot of control + keys).

Do you have those tips? If not, I could try to e-mail them to you.
cause is brain going faster than fingers
I don't think there's anything we can *do* about it - except perhaps proof better as we type and/or not type as fast as we are.....it's our own flaw..I think.....and every time I re-read - I find something omitted - so I'm re-reading it all :)