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No, it's a SCAM. (n/m)

Posted By: Raddie on 2007-02-11
In Reply to: Is it worth it to become CMT? - Lisa


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They are SCAM, often referred to as "Trans-scam" sm
Trans America Associates used to be Trans Am and they are apparently altering their name so as not to be recognized for the scam they are.
THIS IS A SCAM!!! This is an absolute scam -
please tell us that you did not send them any money!! There have even been articles written in magazines about this company being a SCAM!!
Is this a scam or what? (please SM)
I wrote a check to pay auto loan which clearly stated the amount on the amount line and was written out in the line of amount (two hundred forty-six dollars and 00.91).

The check went through for 200.96.

I got a call from auto loan HSBC (Household) who said I owed them 61.00 for late fees. I bank with Wells Fargo.

What is up with this??? I have never in 25 yrs had this happen. Who could be at fault? Has anyone had this experience.
I'd say it is a scam. They want a $97.00
registration fee, one time supposedly. I doubt you would get anything for that one time fee. Who knows what you are typing and if you are part of spam itself.

I wouldn't go with it.
OMG - SCAM. You do not have to
pay for a grant!

You should call the Federal Trade Commission with that phone number and any information you have about this group.

Bless her heart.
Sounds like a scam to me, report it to your State Attorney General's office and if they can, they will get her money back for her.
Yes, do believe this is a Big Scam.
Did she give them her checking account number so "they" could debit the $300 ?? If so, they can clear out her bank account.
yes its a scam
if you don't have the same email in your "my ebay", then it is a fraud. Being you haven't even bid on such, it is definitely a fraud. go to main ebay site and read about scams and how to send them the info -- these e/mails can give every appearance of being legit -- some scammers are very very good at it. I never even open 'ebay' email unless its in "my ebay" email, or unless its an invoice on something i've bid on.
It definitely is a scam. nm
It's a scam.
However, you can uninstall it using the regular method.

809 phone scam




Of course it's a scam. Most MQMTs don't get it.
But then again MQ relies on those who don't get it.
scam contests
I once sent in a poem that was not that good, and each year since (5 years) I receive a notice that I am being considered for "Poet of the Year" and the poem is redated each year.I also get invited to conventions to receive my "silver bowl award" at a cost, of course.  Yes, I did BUY the book. How stupid am I? Don't fall for it.
Sounds like a scam. nm
It is a scam. I got one that says I never sent payment and they
are going to report me, but it doesn't say what the item is.  I've also gotten one where someone says they are trying to Paypal me money but it won't go through and I don't have any items pending.    If ever in doubt never click on a link in an e-mail but go directly to the website and enter/view any information there. 
The AmeriPlan Scam

I would just like to say to the MLM Scam that seems to know everything about EVERYTHING!

AmeriPlan is NOT a scam...it never claims that you will get rich quick or anything else.  What it does do is provide a way for people to work from home if they want or need to.  Yes, I am a Independent Business Owner for Ameriplan and I'm so proud to say that I am.  I am a Christian with high moral standards and if it weren't for AmeriPlan my husband that is paralyzed from his neck down would receive no medical help at all.  If it weren't for AmeriPlan my husband would not receive his prescriptions in a timely manner.  If it weren't for AmeriPlan I would be working outside of the home with my husband in a "home" somewhere other than ours.  My 2 and half year old daughter would be in day care and wouldn't spend everyday with her mom and dad.  I support a family of 6 (my husband, myself and four chidlren) thanks to Ameriplan.  Prior to AmeriPlan I was constantly stuggling to make ends meet and most of the time they did not meet at all.  My husband was placed in the hospital on several occassions because I could not afford prescriptions that he needed so desperately.  He will be receiving Medicare at the end of this year (2006), but until then we are so thankful and grateful to have a wonderful plan like AmeriPlan.

As with any company, there are going to be disgruntled Employees.  Some businesses work great for some people, but they do not work for others.  The fact of the matter is...if someone really wants to work from home and do the work, treat it like a business then they will succeed.  If they choose not to do this, more than likely their business will fail.  Doesn't take a rocket scientist or "MLM Scam Pro" to figure that one out.  There are some scams in MLM network marketing, but their are a lot of programs that are not.  You just have to do the research and find out for sure.  As far as the better business bureau goes....AmeriPlan has complaints I will not dispute that fact, but you also have to consider the extremely high volume of customers they deal with.  The last time I checked it was 200+ complaints, but in regard to that we have 1.7 million members!  These are people that are completely satisfied with our services.  The complaints come from people that are trying to work the business that, as I stated before, were not successful.  MLM marketing isn't forever one and just because they did not succeed at it does not make it an illegitimate company nor a scam. 

As far as people referring to it as insurance...this is a huge mistake many new brokers make.  Ameriplan will terminate someones business immediately if an independent business owner sales our discount benefits plan on the premise that this is insurance (and they are made aware of it).  Of course AmeriPlan cannot validate every single person is not referring to our plan as insurance some time or another.  It is unfortunate that people do misrepresent what AmeriPlan has to offer, but again these are INDEPENDENT Business Owners, so AmeriPlan cannot "police" their every single more or comment.  Also, there are "bad seeds" in every apple...unfortunate, but true.  Ameriplan works diligently to weed out those bad seeds, but just like any other large company you don't always find them until it's too late.  Just ask the now bankrupt Enron how great Kenneth Lay was?  They didn't realize he was a bad see until he had depleted everyone of their retirement.  I'm sure every employee of WalMart, Target, Dillards, and JCPenney's have not all been exemplary, but they are not considered scam artists because of the fact they have a few bad seeds.

Now for the refunds.  AmeriPlan does offer a 30day money back guarantee to MEMBERS...not Independent Business Owners.  They do not guarantee you to make money in 30 days because they cannot guarantee that a IBO (independent business owner) will do what they are suppose to do in order to make money immediately.  I personally can guarantee that if someone signs up to  be an IBO under me and they take the training that I offer, accept my help and coaching calls that they will make money in 30 days.  This isn't a written guarantee nor is what I'm saying backed by AmeriPlan because I am an INDEPENDENT Business Owner.  The odds of someone doing all those things are pretty slim, unfortunately because I would love everyone to be as successful as I have been, but no everyone has the drive that I have.  It takes someone that is extremely serious and willing to focus and put in the hard work in order to be successful.  To say that AmeriPlan does not stand behind their services is completely false!  They are excellent services, I use them myself as well as many of my family members that has insurance to boot.  We have a 90% retention rate with our services which means that 9 out of 10 people that use our services KEEP our services.  I'm not sure which state you live in because I find it extremely hard to believe that you have only a couple of providers in your whole entire state.  Maybe  you should learn to quote the facts rather than make up whatever is convenient for you.  Ameriplan has 500,000 providers nationwide.

I apologize in advance for offending anyone if I have at all, this was not my intentions.  I only want to stand up for a very reputable company which not only writes my paychecks, but is extremely reputable!

Wishing you all a week filled with GREAT health and Blessings from Above!

Tammye Drewery




transcription scam

Does anyone know how to get hold of the article from Parents magazine on the transcription scam? I have been in the process of training with a company and I am not sure if they are legitimate. I have not yet passed one test. I always fall short by 1-2 mistakes. I have been at it for over a year now. Mind you, I have only done this part-time as I also work for a drug store. Thank goodness for that, as I am now not sure there is a future here. I went back to college and received a degree in Office administration/medical and have a certificate but really wanted to work doing transcription out of my home. The reason I chose this company is that I didn't have to have high speed dial up. All I have is dial up. My connection is good and I can upload and download fairly quickly. Unfortunately the majority of transcription companies want high speed or higher. If you can give me any information on this, so as not to take up my valuable time further,  and can still look for companies which do not require high speed or years of experience please let me know. I am desperate right now. I only want to work part-time as my husband is retired. My dreams with this career were to be able to go on the road and travel and work at the same time. I don't need a big paycheck, just some backup money. Please help if you can. Thanks

Scam companies

DO NOT WORK FOR TOTH TRANSCRIPTION.  They are a complete scam, and have screwed me out of 2 1/2 months of my life and have paid me less than 20 dollars.  Warning to any new grads out there, do not under any circumstance accept a position with TOTH TRANSCRIPTION.  The management/ownership is terrible, rude, inappropriate and THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU!

Bartlett's scam
Here's information for those who seek justice against Bawnie Bartlett.

Bawnie Bartletthome
2403 81st St
Kenosha, WI 53143-6281
(262) 764-3195Type: Land Line
Provider: Sprint Communications Company, L.p
Location: Kenosha, WI
Due to number portability, some numbers have been transferred to a new service provider.Household: Bruce A Bartlett

OMG! Before doing all this checking for scam AVs, I'd
rather pay

$ 30.--

for a yearly subscription with McAfee and am safe.

It costs $ 40.-- McAfee PLUS for 1 year and if one subscribes early for the coming year, McAfee gives a discount of $ 10.-- and it comes to $ 30.--.
Firewall is included. The scanning is very strong so that it does not let through programs that I want to install and it asks for permission.

Again: for Tech Support: Why do you not favor McAfee?

What a Sham, I mean SCAM

"Med Workshops is a national Medical Transcription School. We provide home-based medical transcription training to students from all over the nation. All of our students study at home in order to be placed in a Work-from-Home Job in Medical Transcription. We’ve placed 100% of our graduates in home-based jobs since 1996. " 


Scam schools

I am posting this in the hopes of locating other students/grads who attended the same school in Wisconsin that I did. Thank you for your help.

It's all a SCAM, and the hospitals are in on it, too
cheap Indian sweatshop labor is not only more 'cost-effective' (as long as you don't factor in potential malpractice or identity-theft suits), but that the work they do is actually NOT the garbage it really is.

Just wait'll some rich doctor has a medical procedure someday, his or her reports get sent to India, Philippines or Pakistan, their identity gets sold by some disgruntled Indian worker who is also getting shafted pay-wise and is ticked off at his/her employer, and the doc's bank account gets drained.

If it hasn't already happened, then it most certainly will. If it's a regular patient, the hospitals could care less. But when it happens to a doc (or a hospital head-honcho), then you just know the hospital is gonna hear about it, and LOUDLY.
See thread below - C phone scam

She posts C phones on the Equipment Board or trolls these boards looking for people who need equipment, then she contacts them and offers them exactly the stuff they're looking for at a REALLY great price, then pockets the money and runs.  She will try to pressure you into sending the money Western Union, and then when a week goes by and you haven't received the C phone (or whatever) she comes up with an excuse like her child is sick (or her grandmother is dying) and she had to leave town for medical treatment for three weeks (or whatever) and she's going to have her sister (or her mother) send the C phone right away, but of course they never do, and the excuses keep coming and coming and coming and coming and the C phones (or whatever) never arrive.  I'm only sorry I didn't post a message like this when it happened to me back in January, because I could have saved a lot of people a lot of money and grief!


That is a scam!! It is on snopes. It will not work
because it was posted by another gas company so you will buy from them!!
A lot easier to scam people for $11.75
This sounds like a similar scam that used to post here. Non-MT work-at-home jobs that sounded a little too good to be true and the email addy was always HR at something or other dot com.

People are probably not going to pursue losing $12 in a scam like they would several hundred.
Photo contest..is this a scam?..sm

Entered a photo contest and got an email congratulating me on it being chosen to publish in their book ($59+shipping) for a copy with a plaque eligibility for $5000 prize. Seems like a lot to pay for the entry??? Contest by "Cirle of Photographers". Is this the norm for these contests? I've never entered one before. Thanks for your advice.

scam or possibly truth? sm
My sister is on disability and has decided to return to college.  She received a phone call from somebody who told her that since she is on SSD and going back to school that she is eligible for a grant of $5000.  All she has to do is allow them to debit her checking account for $300 and she will receive the grant.  Sister was desperate financially, so decided to do it.  She borrowed the money from our mom and only after the fact told me about it.  I'm sure she has been scammed for $300.  Has anyone else had this happen and/or could I be right in this matter?  I'm curious to hear from anyone on this.  Thanks.
yes this sounds like a definite scam. sm
anytime someone wants money to give you money that is a rip off. I am on disability and have been for 8 years and never have heard anything like that. She needs to change her checking account now!
re: scam or possibly truth?
This sounds like many of the scams that are happening to the elderly and people on disabilty and the attorney generals from many states are trying to track down these scam artists. On a new station locally they had a story about this scam and the fact that if you are called, asked to give them money for a loan/grant/lottery winnings, etc to say no, write down the phone number or get the information from the person before they hang up. A lot of times the caller will hang up when asked scam concerned questions, and report it to your attorney general as soon as possible. A lot of times they cannot get the money back, but if this person travels from state to state doing this, sometimes they are caught, but usually without the money. Good luck. Just remember everyone if you are asked for money to receive anything that you know does not sound right, please say no, and never, ever give out your bank card number, etc. A woman in one state lost 70,000 to this type of scam until her daughter stepped in when she found out about it, but unfortunately did not get the money back.
There are scam emails that claim to come from
Gotta be careful.
Just delete them, never respond. Its a scam. nm
I agree, sounds like a scam.

I found VR Editing to be a scam
The company gets the same fee from the hospital they are contracted with, you get the headache because it does take a long time to get the speed up and the physicians' style can make it so that you would have typed it faster yourself without the VR
Good scam I guess.
I guess they have come up with a good way to keep this up, but with the amount of people that have come forward, it seems like there should be something we can do to stop them...
I think it's time to EXPOSE this scam.
on YouTube. Word gets out like lightning, and worldwide, on YouTube. Somethin' to think about.
Email scam - Please read!

If anyone has received an email from a "Susan Ronald" or an email talking about a $12 million deposit in a trunk at a securities company in the U.S. that they want you to pick up personally and send to them, please contact me by email and I will give you an FBI website to send it to for investigation.


He*l to the NO on all of your questions. AAMT is a scam. SM
What a ripoff.
If AHDI (or another scam company like them) - s/m
had preyed upon some OTHER profession, such as gardeners, or x-ray technicians, or nannies, or dental assistants, etc., how far do you think they would have gotten in their scheme before someone blew the whistle and they were outed, investigated, and put out of business?

But these profiteers did their homework, and picked an EASY target: MTs, who for the most part work at home... an entirely INVISIBLE workforce. And they raked in the profits, too, expanding their scam to India when jobs started moving offshore (which of course, they have been PROMOTING, not fighting). After all, by expanding their 'CMT' scam to prey on Indian workers, they're out of reach of US law; additionally, if US law were to catch up with them today (and how I wish it would!), then could simply drop the US and continue on in India, where there's far less regulation.

'It's the squeaking wheel that gets the grease', and I think the time is right for MTs all across America to start 'squeaking' like crazy.

To all of our posters on MTStars:  We have experienced an individual who is apparently running a scam.  We want to make you aware of this situation and urge you to be discerning in any e-mails you receive regarding this and diligent to report any contact with this person or other similar situations with us immediately:

Name: Sherry Robinson
Email: s_robinson28714@yahoo.com
Phone: 828 675 2119
Location : Burnsville, NC  28714
She is asking for $100-200 for work at home jobs.  Once payment is sent via PayPal or check, she vanishes and later (after repeated emails and calls) sends a mail with links (mostly broken) to Work at Home Job sites, which any MT can find by simply using Google.  Her scam is via telephone!   The emails she sends out contain only the following information:  Call Sherry Robinson 828-675-2119

MTStars Team

Don't you think a lawyer would be calling you??? Sounds like a scam!!!
oh my gosh, run, do not send them money - it is a scam. nm
Sounds just the poetry contest scam. (nm)
Has anyone ever received the $500, $1,000 or $2,000 sign on bonus or is it just a scam?
I've worked for several companies who state $500 or $1,000 sign on bonus, but when it comes down to getting the bonus, some drop your QA rating when it was just from them changing formatting of the reports, abbreviation usage, dates in reports, etc.  Then if you have a good QA rating, then they say you aren't meeting the required line count when you were meeting the required line count until it got time for the sign on bonus then they sling you a lot of ESLs just to slow you down.  Just curious if there is a company out there that really gives the bonus and does not do things that prevent you from getting it?
because it is SPAM, it is fake, it is phoney, it's a SCAM.
ho hum
Scam companies/schools that recommend them

In regards to scam companies mainly Toth—I also wanted to add this note . . . there is a school (a small one) that provides passing students with a list of places that hire new grads.  I cannot say the name of that school, as I have seen them advertise here and I don’t want to point fingers.  Anyway, I do not know if she still has Toth on her list for newbies searching for potential jobs, but she did at one time.  She claims she checks out the companies before she lists them, which is false.  I personally informed the school about Toth because I along with four other MTs who had taken her course were cheated out of pay.  She told me she didn't put Toth on the list – that she checks them out etc.  Not too long after that a new grad approached me because she found that Toth was on the list and wondered if it was the same company that had cheated so many newbies.  I told her that it was and she didn't take the job.  At least I saved one MT.  J  Anyway, please do your own research when applying for jobs.  Some schools don't care.  They just like to say that they have a high percentage of working grads (they fail to mention the grads are not getting paid)!  Please use caution.  The best way to learn about the good places is by word of mouth.  Okay-Thank you and have a good night.  I am getting off my soapbox now. 

It's a scam, alright - you see similar posts asking

Toth Transcription = SCAM! Please read
Please contact me via email if you have had an issue with Toth Transcription, either nonpayment or otherwise.  I am compiling a list to see if we can stop this from happening to anyone else.  Thank you. 
Scam artists, Toth Transcription
STAY AWAY FROM TOTH TRANSCRIPTION. They are scammers. I speak from experience from 8 years ago. I can't believe they are in business again. The husband is a control freak and a crook. He knows nothing about running a legitamate business. He can't hold down a regular job, so he thinks he can run his wife's business.

Wow, talk about scam artist giving MTs a bad name!

sorry - ....make them easy targets for the scam. nm