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scam or possibly truth? sm

Posted By: jus me on 2006-01-02
In Reply to:

My sister is on disability and has decided to return to college.  She received a phone call from somebody who told her that since she is on SSD and going back to school that she is eligible for a grant of $5000.  All she has to do is allow them to debit her checking account for $300 and she will receive the grant.  Sister was desperate financially, so decided to do it.  She borrowed the money from our mom and only after the fact told me about it.  I'm sure she has been scammed for $300.  Has anyone else had this happen and/or could I be right in this matter?  I'm curious to hear from anyone on this.  Thanks.

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re: scam or possibly truth?
This sounds like many of the scams that are happening to the elderly and people on disabilty and the attorney generals from many states are trying to track down these scam artists. On a new station locally they had a story about this scam and the fact that if you are called, asked to give them money for a loan/grant/lottery winnings, etc to say no, write down the phone number or get the information from the person before they hang up. A lot of times the caller will hang up when asked scam concerned questions, and report it to your attorney general as soon as possible. A lot of times they cannot get the money back, but if this person travels from state to state doing this, sometimes they are caught, but usually without the money. Good luck. Just remember everyone if you are asked for money to receive anything that you know does not sound right, please say no, and never, ever give out your bank card number, etc. A woman in one state lost 70,000 to this type of scam until her daughter stepped in when she found out about it, but unfortunately did not get the money back.
The truth will set you free and the truth is more low level income people w/o education or proper
skills to keep up their home or train their children live in trailer homes and low income housing. If that sets you off, maybe you should not visit these threads or read the posts regarding others viewpoints on trailer parks. They have zoning laws against them in many communities because they draw undesirable people are not particularly pleasing to the community as a whole, bringing property values down. If you have issues with this, seek out the government in various communities and have them change the laws. Fact is fact and you cannot dispute these facts.
The truth stings sometimes and I congratulate MTStars for having the kahoonas to post truth.
Tired of being lied to. I'm a big girl and can handle the truth. Why can't you?
They are SCAM, often referred to as "Trans-scam" sm
Trans America Associates used to be Trans Am and they are apparently altering their name so as not to be recognized for the scam they are.
Opened a can of worms, eh? Truth hurts, but it is TRUTH!

8 cpl is about the top out in the US MT industry. If you're making more consider yourself lucky because it just might be snatched away from you at any moment. For the 14 cent per liner, good for you! You went out and got your own accounts. Others should follow your example. As far as the "stupid" MT comment, keep in mind that she was not consistent and **often** had one excuse after another not to work, yet I could see her online and when I would ask her why she was online she would give VERY lame excuses.  Also, keep in mind that I also was the one who helped this gal out monetarily to begin with and she took advantage of my generosity.  Don't make me out to be the bad gal here just because I own a service.  The shoe could easily be on your foot.

So, NEWS FLASH, if you have an MT position that is paying more than 8 cpl, consider it a real blessing and pray that your job isn't outsourced offshore. 

THIS IS A SCAM!!! This is an absolute scam -
please tell us that you did not send them any money!! There have even been articles written in magazines about this company being a SCAM!!
You don't have to believe, the truth is the truth. I, too, have seen with my own two eyes and ha

years experience as an MT.  I say misfortune because MTs with this much experience usually have gigantic egos and feel like they've "seen it all and done it all."  They simply don't make mistakes.  Not possible, no way.  This particular MT became irate with me.  She actually threw her 20+ years experience in my face and said "I've been doing this for over 20 years, I think I know what I'm doing!"  It was painfully obvious, she did not have a clue.  She'd been doing it wrong for 20 years and no one ever told her, so she thought she was right.

I had another MT with 10 years experience call me to scream at me and hung up on me when I tried to explain her errors to her.

The plain truth is, some people can't take criticism whether it be constructive or destructive.  They don't like to be wrong or be told their wrong.  Egos get in the way.  We are all guilty of letting our egos get in the way from time to time, but in this field, you need to be willing to admit you're wrong and you need to be able to accept criticism gracefully and give criticism diplomatically.

As an editor, I encourage MTs to let me know if they disagree with any corrections I've made.  I am happy to provide MTs with my reference materials and resources.  I am happy to admit when I am wrong and I am happy to say that I make mistakes too.  Just don't try to tell me that an MT with 16 years experience can't possibly be making terminology mistakes - she can and probably has in the past and will again in the future.

Possibly because gas could go up even further SM
Katrina affected many refineries. Gas prices are rising VERY quickly now, so people could be filling before it goes up even more.
This could quite possibly have been - sm

I've just had the worst and the most unproductive working day of my life.  After several days of not a heck of a lot of work, I sat down today hoping to make up some lines.  So my internet wigs out on me.  Cable guy comes, fixes problem, I'm back in business.  About 3 ridiculous family emergencies later (loads of sarcasm here), my phone goes on the charger and I ignore the constant ringing for 2 hours.  Since I work at home, everyone thinks I've got loads of time to chat. 

My SIL was kind enough to take my boys to the pool today.  I was so happy to know that I would have 4 hours of peace and quiet to be able to transcribe.  But since my internet was not working from right after they left until the moment they returned, that didn't happen.  My son comes home from the pool with bleeding and raw feet (Athlete's foot) that I have had no success at treating with the Tinactin the doctor told me to use.  So, I A&D his feet, put some socks on, back to work.  Then my youngest dumps a box of Cheezit crackers on the floor and decides he will walk on them until they are very finely crushed.  After an hour in the kitchen, I'm back to work.  Not for long though.  Older son decides he wants a bowl of coco krispies.  They also end up on the floor, scattered from one end to the other.  Then big brother decides to use his younger brother as his sketch board.  So I spend about 20 minutes trying to get pen off my little one's face. 

Please somebody, tell me I am not the only one with these problems.  I'm beginning to think the only time I will be able to work and actually accomplish something this summer will be if I work when my little monsters are sleeping, which means no sleep for me. 


Have you actually done an "Edit" when your cursor is in the patient name field on doc info screen? I'm not logged in right now, but I think you actually need to edit the patient info ... Of course, on some accounts we are not allowed to do this nor do we have privilege.
you cannot possibly
be the same person.
Ok, did as much as I could possibly do
this morning and my count was 690. That was with excellent dictators and hardly having to stop. Being told 1000 lph, in my opinion, is totally unrealistic.
What could they possibly do that would
cost that much money? Most places of that nature don't charge a fee, but rather are made up of volunteers & activists who work together to try to bring about change.
What bills could we possibly have?
That was exactly what one doctor said to me when he called wanting my services and I told him what my charge was. He was in a town 15-20 minutes away and since tapes were the "in" thing", I charged for picking up and delivery, minimal charge.

Well, he thought that was ridiculous and told me I didn't have any "expenses" associated with this job, so what was I charging him for other than doing the reports. BTW, he got my name and number from his partner in the office who thought my charges were more than reasonable and willing to pay for it to get what he called "great" service.

Of course, we have no expenses, we live free, not having to eat, buy gas, pay all the same bills they do. You know, the necessities of life!!!!!!

Go figure!!!
wow- someone please explain how that could possibly
or cheaper for that matter, I'm sure Arby's employees are not on the high end wage category!
Is there something wrong with that? Being possibly SM

pregnant and reading junk magazines in the grocery line? She's a person just like you and me. I read junk magazines waiting in line. How could you criticize her for that.

Now I didn't like to see Brad and Jennifer break up. But these stars don't belong to us. They are people, people who have to go to the grocery store, who may indeed possibly be pregnant, and may just have a tummy.

What a statement!

Possibly oblique?
Adhesion possibly
Lisa -- this is what I was writing about before. What you are describing sounds like a trigger point that needs to get resolved. The Chinese call trigger points "blocked energy channels." It could be trapped proteins or by-products of cellular metabolism or scar tissue (adhesion). A well-trained Rolfer or trigger point massage therapist could help here. That's what I meant by not just doing chiropractic alone without soft tissue/body work. The old saying, the knee bone is connected to the hip bone -- by way of muscles, tendons and ligaments. All need attention before it's too late like joint damage! If you're getting numbness, chances are you may have nerve impingement (no diagnosis here). Stretching without working out the trigger point just adds to the muscle flexion or extension problem that tightens around the nerves. If the muscles are out of proper position, so will the nerves in that area. A good resource for you would be a trigger point manual with locations of muscles (insertions points) so you can learn. My recommendation would be to see a qualified Rolfer/trigger point massage therapist to teach you how to help yourself.
Possibly tulips, though I only have a few of them!
Mostly I like anything blue or purple. Love cherry blossoms and also red bud trees.
This can't possibly be for a national as an IC???
Possibly losing my job due to VR...

I was told that the clinic I MT for is considering an expensive VR program.  The person that told me works for them too and said that it is about 98% accurate.  She also said it might be something I should consider in order for my IC business to grow.  Hello?  Why would I invest in something I know the medical field would pay for in substitution for hiring an MT?  She told me that this VR program costs about $4,000 but she did not know the product make.  Is there really a VR product that accurate for that amount of money?  If so, then I think it is time for me to get out before I am no longer needed.       

Possibly, but they are the exception,
Hmm, I had even thought about it possibly having an
upgrade, asked about that and the specs are not that specific so don't know about that. I thought upgrade because has gone from almost letter perfect to hardly anything right with it now.
Thanks for the information, that possibly
answered my questions. I know it was good at 1 time, same as you and now it is pure salad. I used to really love and now sorta gritting my teeth.
Sounds to me like you would possibly
fit into the category of at least making minimum wage. I would definitely go and check into that. As with IC no such luck but with your status go and let us know what transpires.
Is this a scam or what? (please SM)
I wrote a check to pay auto loan which clearly stated the amount on the amount line and was written out in the line of amount (two hundred forty-six dollars and 00.91).

The check went through for 200.96.

I got a call from auto loan HSBC (Household) who said I owed them 61.00 for late fees. I bank with Wells Fargo.

What is up with this??? I have never in 25 yrs had this happen. Who could be at fault? Has anyone had this experience.
I'd say it is a scam. They want a $97.00
registration fee, one time supposedly. I doubt you would get anything for that one time fee. Who knows what you are typing and if you are part of spam itself.

I wouldn't go with it.
OMG - SCAM. You do not have to
pay for a grant!

You should call the Federal Trade Commission with that phone number and any information you have about this group.

Bless her heart.
Sounds like a scam to me, report it to your State Attorney General's office and if they can, they will get her money back for her.
Yes, do believe this is a Big Scam.
Did she give them her checking account number so "they" could debit the $300 ?? If so, they can clear out her bank account.
yes its a scam
if you don't have the same email in your "my ebay", then it is a fraud. Being you haven't even bid on such, it is definitely a fraud. go to main ebay site and read about scams and how to send them the info -- these e/mails can give every appearance of being legit -- some scammers are very very good at it. I never even open 'ebay' email unless its in "my ebay" email, or unless its an invoice on something i've bid on.
No, it's a SCAM. (n/m)
It definitely is a scam. nm
It's a scam.
However, you can uninstall it using the regular method.

Can you tell me how long you have smoked? Your age possibly?
I am about to quit. Have stopped and started throughout my life. Quitting for a year a few times, for five years once (until I married a smoker). The recovery is wonderful, I recall. Food tastes so much better. And, there is the freedom of not having to have cigs, lighter and an ash tray with you at all times. And yes, you feel better (no one realized how ill one feels while smoking until they quit). This time, I am going to carry nicotine patches with me when I get the urge for nicotine which, I recall, strikes with a vengence when stressful situations arise.

Congratulations, my friend. I like the part where you can run a mile (I just joined a gym yesterday). I know life will be better all the way around. Not to mention the savings $-wise.

Stay focused. We must remember that the end result of cigs is possible lung CA, undoubtedly emphysema, COPD and eventually the need for oxygen supplementation. What a miserable way to end ones life - gasping for breath. (My mom is now on oxygen at the age of 74).

You are in my thoughts as I go about this quitting business for hopefully the very last time.

Possibly Esmarch band?
Google is a good resource for looking up terminology.
Need help on possibly homeschooling a 9th grader

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Could I possibly talk with you through e-mail?
I have some important info regarding the panic attacks your son has had. I know all too well the situation.
Yes, he possibly just said the wrong thing.
How would anyone possibly recognize your vent (SM)
when it desccibes how every Transcriptionist out there feels. Guess it just goes with the business.
If you could possibly get new speakers with plug-in...
LOL! Possibly my husband's cooking?
You should see some of my personal medical reports other people have transcribed. Jeesh, can I sue as a patient for such poorly transcribed reports? Thanks for the laugh...
How could you possibly do any kind of production for either one. Does not seem
fair to either company.
Possibly - good idea - thanks - still
contemplating the recliner - actually had to move one into my office to make way for the Christmas tree - but I bet I would have 2 cats in my lap so must see if that would work!
Gross lines - possibly
I have two surgeons and when the do a lot of consults, hernia, breast cysts, etc. I have been able to get 600+ an hour but that is gross lines and I have physical templates set up for each type of problem.  I have done 1100 in 90 minutes but again it was gross lines.  I have been doing them for almost ten years and I know what they are going to say before they say it.  My only Expander though is  auto  correct and I often think what I could do with another expander but it is hard to teach this old dog new tricks though after the 1st am going to look at a couple of expanders.  But I share with my friends on how I count and try to show them how to increase their line counts so ask her.  I am always up for sharing my experience and tricks of the trade as long as I have the time and they don't steal my accounts.   Good luck. 
Or possibly a person in America who can't...

Can I possibly get some information about this company? nm
Possibly Wild Blue?....sm
I don't live in Oregon, but am in rural western Washington. I know a few MTs who use Wild Blue and are happy with it, so that would be my only suggestion.

I did want to say that I have been using satellite for about three years now (a small local company), have been on no less than 4 different MT platforms, and never had any problems. Yes, satellite can be susceptible to extreme weather...but if you're in a rural area you're about as likely to have your power go out anyway in extreme weather!
Best of luck.
809 phone scam