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I've said it before and I'll stay it again, there is absolutely no added worth to being a CMT.

Posted By: Tinks on 2007-02-11
In Reply to: Is it worth it to become CMT? - Lisa

It is a waste of nearly $300 and it serves little or no purpose.  You maybe get a penny more a line from a handful of services.  That's it.  Does it sound like it's worth it to you?

Furthermore, you'd be giving your hard earned money to an organization that advocates offshoring American MT jobs.  They even recently were asking American MTs to volunteer their time and pay their way on a $4000 trip to China to train the Chinese to take our jobs. 

Then there is the whole problem with the ever-changing BOS.  Just when we learn their rules, they go and change them on us and make us all pay 90 bucks for the newest edition. 

Uhem, sorry.  This subject tends to get me fired up.  The short answer would be -- No, it isn't worth it at all.

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I signed it, and added my 2 cents' worth, as well!
Maybe we should print copies of this letter, stand outside hospitals and clinics, and hand copies of it to patients as they're leaving. Or else put it on their windshields in the parking lot.
You're absolutely right that we are worth more, so when are you going to stop


Yes and absolutely worth it. I love to work
outside when weather permits.  I don't do it every day because hooking up and unhooking and having to carry everything gets to be a pain, but I do it on occasion.  I also like to travel, which is why I got a laptop to start with.   It allows me to work in the car or a couple of hours a day wherever we go so there is still some income, but I also have time to enjoy time with family.  
We've put rabbit or other small fencing around them, added dirt, and used them as planters. Takes
It ain't worth it - you'll make about
$11.00 an hour and no bennies.  After 25 years of doing this people are still making crappy money!
You'll be fine. Just stay busy with....

...work and last minute wedding details and the time will fly by. But remember to eat. That is one thing I can say is I neglected to eat I was so busy with everything and weighed 7 pounds less than my usual (128) on my wedding day. Which I guess is better than the alternative. LOL.

And remember, even if something goes wrong try not to freak out. After all, it is your love and future that really counts!  Best wishes to you.

Still happily married, 11 years, and it gets better every day!!!

With your people skills, you'll stay unemployed. nm
I guess we'll stay home and eat Ramen. Hadn't though about food going up too.
I'll wait a few days, week or so, no hassle, no BO to smell, it will be worth SM
the extra money.
I've heard that you have to stay away from lotions and
use creams as they contain less water and lotions with more water tend to make your skin dryer. Anybody else ever hear this. Petroleum jelly based ones may work better, I'm not sure of this though and hope someone else will know for sure.
I've always asked if they needed the 2 wks or if I could just go now. Only had 1 ever say stay
I've been letting them stay up pretty late, so they sleep until 10:00.
Still, they get bored in those two hours between getting up and my finishing work at noon.  Goofy kids.  I do have them in band, but it ends this week.  Maybe a day camp for a week or two.  I think I'll haul them off to the library for some books.  The only Y or rec program in town is in the rougher neighborhood, and they only offer certain scheduled classes.  Thanks for the tip!
you are absolutely right, I've never heard of this

I have to wonder about compatibility issues and what operating system or platform it is being used on.  If the platform is proprietary even if it uses Word, it may be a stripped version of Word.  If that is the case, this would make ST not act properly as it was only intended to work with an full version of Word...that is what makes me keep coming back to it not working properly with Word.  If you have to correct things on Tools, it is a compatibility issue with Word.

The only known issue I was aware of was that once Stedman took over ST and Word went to 2003, ST has expansion and crashing issues because of an upgrade that Word made causing compatibility issues within ST.

My best advice is to go directy to customer service or perhaps locate B. Grow and ask her advice.

I've got a DX6490, 4 megapixel and absolutely love it. sm
It is so easy to use. Daughter is in the High School band, so we've taken a ton of pictures of the band kids over the past 2 years, always get compliments. So good that the band teacher just bought a Kodak for himself. Very easy to e-mail, print pictures. I have great action shots with mine. Just one tip, if you're planning on using the night-time feature, be sure to get a tripod. You really need to be steady for that. You will be very happy.
I absolutely agree with you. You've made it grammatically correct
hope this all comes through.

Your change is much better than the one suggested below which totally changes the sentence and would not be correct in my opinion.
If I've said it once, I'll say it again, do NOT take a course
Many companies offer coding courses with national certification as the end result. There is a clause in HIPAA (HIPPA..I'm too tired right now to care to get it right) that stops just short of requiring national certification of all coders but with the coder putting their education and professionalism on the line with jail time and monetary penalties for miscoding, ask yourself if you are willing to save a few bucks and then not be able to get a job.

Been there, don't that, got the certification and keep the costly yearly CEUs (way more than to keep CMT) to keep it that way.

IMO, AHIMA is pompous and is akin to AAMT whereas AAPC stays true to the AMERICAN coding profession and was in fact the original and only national certification organization until AHIMA realized how much $$ they were missing out on by not offering national certification.
Thank you both. I'll look at both. I've
been in a serious panic with having to find a new job and get several new programs. 
I know I've said this before and I'll say it again
I had a doctor that I work for tell his residents (student doctors) that they should transcribe reports for at least five years before entering med school because they would be more apt to answer the questions being asked.  The patient being examined was my mother.  The doc was asking the questions for the student docs to answer, and I was answering them faster then they could.  This is not at all to brag.  This comes with the territory of having experience in this field.  I'm sure most can attest to knowing exactly what the patient will be diagnosed with and recommended before the doc even has a chance to complete the dictation.  I was actually very flattered to say the least, but you know what, I kind of have to agree that maybe med school should include a year of transcription because I think that would give the docs that do not speak clearly a taste of what we get each and every day!  God bless....   Good luck no matter what you decide, and I wish you well. 
I've said it before and I'll say it again!

There are a lot of screens to go through and hopefully you're getting the correct patient account number and all of that jazz!  Good luck with it, but I would request an hourly rate for Meditech work if I were to do it again after 15 years of that stuff I put up with using it!

From what I've heard, you'll have fun! (nm)
I'll take your hubby. I've got one just like him and another one won't bother me... except.

my hubby will leave 1 knife, spoon, or fork on the table and it gets buried under the mail he never reads. He will take his shoes off at the door if the ground is dry outside, and keep them on if the ground is wet, snowy, muddy, etc.

He will make himself a sandwich, put everything away EXCEPT  the mayo, leave the bread tie on the table and twist the bread closed and fold it under. Oh, and the best thing.....he never, ever uses a paper plate for his sandwiches or snacks of chips, pretzels, etc. at the kitchen table. What falls on the floor stays on the floor.(sigh)

But, I feel lucky because he puts his dirty laundry in the hamper and carries the hamper out to the laundry room if he needs clothes, I fold his clothes and put them on his bed and he puts them away...on top of an open drawer, on top of the bureau, on top of a chair, etc.....I give up.

BTW, I'm with him 40 years and been trying to train him all those years. I did make a couple breakthroughs, but not much. So, ya gotta love 'em or leave 'em. I choose to keep him.

Wait'll you've been in it for THREE decades,
I've been using it a few years now. It's pretty good. You'll get used to it. -nm
I've never tried it with sausage...I'll have to give it a shot!
I've said it before, and I'll say it again - animals know things people don't.
I've been told, "Work harder and faster, and you'll make more." Not kidding. nm
well it added up for me,
characters divided by 65 -- they DO count spaces.

plus i just rec'd the unexpected check for 'errors' of over $400, yeehah!! and another letter explaining the new 'pay plan' which includes another week off for FT'ers, pay based upon experience, etc. MQ, like i've said before, is always improving, i love this company!! i just hope they continue to be who they are and not ever sell out!!
Thanks for your Feedback.

MTStars Support Team.

Should have added.
new platform, even after 3 months typing about 300 lines less per day.  Plus they might be doing away with incentive pay, so seeing what is "out there."  The insurance coverage also got so much worse with 3,000.00 deductible, no meds covered, etc., which is a huge benefit loss.  Will probably stay there, but seeing what other companies offer for a good overall pay/benefit package.
Oh I also added more RAM
I also added more RAM and it made not one whit of difference
ADDED: She knows she's likely to lose some accounts due to poor quality but figures she'll worry about that later. I think it's a horrendous way to run a business, but nevertheless, it's exactly the way it's being done.
Also, I should have added that if your
facility goes by BOS, a copy of that is also an excellent idea. BOS2 is what is most commonly used, however there is a BOS3 out now. I would not purchase these, however, until I had a job and was told that I needed them as they can be quite expensive and not everyone has flipped over to BOS3. There are many things in these books on style, how to type certain things in reports (not always logical), etc.
Have you added in the other benefits

The company has great benefits that can add up to several thousand a year. Paid downtime. Paid holidays. Vacation/PTO starting the first year. No equipment rental fee. Big discount on word books. Rental library for medical education. Reimbursement for continuing education. Decent insurance. Might make a difference.

HomeSchoolers Added.

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Thanks, MTStars Administration.

You can configure it yourself and have one added in
Added" rather pay to have it done right the first time.
The added pay for the CMT some companies SM
pay, like mine, is on top of basic pay, so you'd even make more than yourself if you had the credential.
One more thing that can be added - (sm)
You said: 'I was informed by 48 out of 54 potential employers that the CMT Credential that I thought I earned was false, counterfeit, and not worth the paper it was printed on.'

To all thinking of obtaining AHDI's CMT test (supposedly the 'legit' certification):


How do you spell S-C-A-M ?
TL is a do nothing, worthless added layer of
management to make some people think they are more important than they really are.  Most of them know jack-sh** about anything, are just company pets and get paid to be a PITA.  
I have explained several times now that we have added the
Indian URL to the Google Adsense filter so that it will stop appearing, but it does take a few days for it to take effect.  We have NO control over Google when a banner appears, but we can remove it though it does take time on Google's part.
Cool! Thanks. I added it to my favorites!
That is because tobacco co. added 10% more nicotine
I quit for fives years beginning in 1989. It was difficult but five years is a long time. Then, married a smoker...well, tried to quit again numerous times, going for 1-1/2 years without only to start again in 2002 and then 10 months without and starting again this past June.

I want to quit, the price is outrageous. The cough is so unappealing. And my mother just died of respiratory failure.

sry that should be c'mon, my shorthand was on and added the th. nm
He added over 200 to the counter right from the start.

It's a trick.

Hi, Lisa. Have you added macros to SM
your Expander yet for many of the common VR changes--such as for backspacing over a comma, adding a period, and capping the first word of the new sentence? How do you drop common words like, say, "she" into a sentence on the run? I hit "k" and in it goes, but I'm off scanning the next line by then and don't actually see it. Do you constantly use your program's function for jumping the cursor to the point of dictation and vice versa (assuming it has one)? This is a big speeder-upper.

And a reality that's hard for some to run into: Editing skills and talents are different than transcribing skills and talents. Reading fast and accurate becomes big. Punctuating fast on the run was always desirable, but it's more significant now as the ability to simply get the letters on paper becomes less so. Are you one of those this work suits or one it doesn't? If yes, keep working on speed. If not, move on sooner rather than later.
Glad you added that (:) to clarify. (nm)
I signed it, and added my 2 cents, as well.
Productivity board to be added today.
The India ad is a Google ad and has been added not to show, however

it does not not remove instantly. It usually takes hours to a day for these types of ads to no longer appear.  We have no control over what ads pop up, but we can set them up to no longer appear once we see them and can block the URL. 

Thank you.

Should have added below that my Infinity USB pedal works with it as well.

It would be a lot of added risk to an already risky surgery. nm