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No need to worry about buying a product that

Posted By: is not right for you...sm on 2006-05-01
In Reply to: Instant Text THANKS! - amj

With Instant Text, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free for one full month.

For more information regarding our return policy, please see the link below.

Kind regards,


LINK/URL: Return Policy

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Don't worry about it. In 5-6 years you'll have plenty to worry about!
A 10-year-old is never in a situation where anything can "happen," and they don't understand anything "happening" anyway. At this age they're only capable of "having a boyfriend" because that's what they see on TV - that's what the world "expects of us", to pair up and "like each other."

Her friends aren't talking about adult "things" to do in a "relationship" yet, and she doesn't even have those feelings, hormones, or needs yet so don't worry about it.

At 10, having a "boyfriend" is the equivalent to playing "dress up" or "make believe" and is just "sitting together in the cafeteria" at best.

Plus they move on to a new "boyfriend" in a week, a few weeks tops.

Relax, Mom. The part to worry about is yet to come and I wouldn't want to deal with that again for anything!

Best of luck and enjoy these years while you can.
try this product...sm

I've used a product called OdoBan....I buy it at Sams but it's available at the supermarkets too.  It can be used for a whole lot of odor-causing problems.  I use it for pet messes, and no more smells.  Maybe this would help.  Good luck...I couldn't stand to smell that all day.

My niece is a product of IVF (sm)
I remember only too well my sister-in-law's tears as she and my brother-in-law (husband's brother) struggled to have their first child.  Finally, they tried IVF and had their first daughter, my niece and my Godchild.  She just made her First Communion a couple of weeks ago.  They had two more girls after her, both through IVF.  (They are 7, 5, and 3).  I know those 3 little girls are so adored.  Mom and dad are going to be paying that debt down for quite a while, but I know that they, and I'm sure everyone who has gone through the same, will say that it was worth it.
I would try a product called Out
It is available in both the pet care and baby care sections of Wal-Mart. I use it for pet accidents (puppy not trained yet) by pouring it directly on the spot after soaking up the spot first, allow to soak a few minutes and then blot it up -- works great that way, but I also now add it in when using my Hoover steamcleaner, and gives a fresh scent to the whole room.
Do you have a product number on this? Some way to
Yes. This is an excellent product.
Is there product that can get a stain off a
Look for a product in the store that...sm

the scout ants will carry back to their nest(?) and eradicate the entire colony.  What I used was a product that was a small, enclosed tin thing with a hole in top.  It held a poisonous gel.  I think there were 3 in a box.  Sorry, can't remember the name.  Anyway, I never saw ants in the house since using these. 

What's your favorite cleaning product....sm
for say the bathrooms and kitchen?  I usually use whatever is on sale and that I have a coupon for as they all seem to work about the same to me - and if I see one more advertisement that claims that something will clean without your having to scrub and not see it come true I'm going to have a hissy fit! 
Armstrong makes a product
If I remember right from my linoleum days (have tile now), Armstrong makes a product that will strip the floor completely and does a great job at getting rid of any of the imbedded dirt and such so it might work on the yellow stains.  Then you apply the second part which reapplies the shine to the floor.  I had used it to remove embedded dirt on mine and it made it look brand new
Deb Soule has an amazing product - sm
called Flea-B-Gone. She is an herbalist up in Maine, and having had a beagle (and we all know how beagles can be), I back this product up 1000%.

Here is her website

Also, use a quarter cup of lemon juice in the bath water.

Another thing to keep in mind - if you purchase a dog shampoo from a store, read the bottle. If it says to "wear gloves," DO NOT BUY IT. Think about this ... if YOU HAVE TO WEAR gloves to apply this to your animal's skin, do you really think it's safe??? Hmmmmm
Oust is a great product!
I heard that Walmart has a product sm
that works really well.  I think it is called Acne Free. 
Tylex makes a product just for that....

If you purchase a used product online,
be sure to use your credit card only for the transaction.  That way, if the product is defective, you can file a dispute with your credit card company, and they will recoup your funds if the seller refuses to send you a refund directly.  PayPal has a program in place also to help customers recoup their loss if the transaction took place via PayPal. 
There is a product called Green Light
or you might try a systemic insect killer that you just put on top the soil and water it. Just do not use it for any plant that bears fruits or vegetables. They both work well.
Old MT for 15 years. Same thing. Product at Walgreens for
Anybody tried Avon's new Anew night/day product? sm
I think it's called Anew Intensive. I'm hearing a lot of good stuff about it and when my mom tried to order it for me, there was a waiting list...
and insist product(s) safe...see link...sm


Bausch & Lomb: ReNu appears safe

Delay announced in 10-K filing; no reason given

BOSTON (MarketWatch) -- Bausch & Lomb Inc. executives are at a loss to explain why some users of its ReNu contact-lens solution have reportedly developed serious eye infections, saying Wednesday that all tests run so far have shown the product is safe and effective.

But shares of Bausch & Lomb (BOL :
Bausch & Lomb Incorporated

Last: 46.96+1.35+2.96%
10:46am 04/13/2006
Delayed quote data

Sponsored by:

46.96, +1.35, +3.0%)
resumed their move lower, dropping 7% to close at $45.61.

In a conference call held with analysts, Bausch & Lomb's management defended ReNu with MoistureLoc, a popular eye-care product used to clean, disinfect and store contact lenses.

"Every additional test indicates the formulation is as safe and effective as anything else on the market," said Ronald Zarrella, chief executive of the Rochester, N.Y.-based company.

Bausch & Lomb rattled both investors and consumers late Monday, when it announced it was suspending U.S. shipments of ReNu with MoistureLoc due to reports that some users had developed a rare but serious eye infection called fungal keratitis.

The Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration are investigating 109 reports of fungal keratitis around the nation, but they've yet to conclude that the ReNu product is a cause. It was also unclear how many of the reported cases actually involved ReNu, according to the agencies.

While allowing that ReNu could be eventually be linked to the infections, Zarrella also emphasized that all testing to date has shown ReNu with MoistureLoc was safe and effective in combating microbes that can trigger fungal keratitis.

Bausch & Lomb also has been able to test bottles of ReNu solution retrieved from infected users, but found nothing out of the ordinary, he said.

"As far as theories, there's a lot of them, and we've run a lot of them to ground and come up with nothing," said Zarrella.

Fungal keratitis is a painful inflammation of the cornea that can, in some cases, lead to blindness. The infection, caused by a fungus found in the environment, can appear as a result of eye injury, improper use of contact lenses or contaminated contact-lens products.

Zarrella said that FDA officials were currently inspecting the company's Greenville, S.C., plant, where it produces all ReNu with MoistureLoc products for the U.S. market.

Zarrella also said that the company had no insight into how long the FDA and CDC investigations will take and whether it will eventually have to recall all of ReNu with MoistureLoc products from the U.S. market. At this point, Bausch intends only to stop shipping new product to retailers, not to reclaim bottles already on store shelves.

However, retail heavyweights Wal-Mart Stores (WMT :
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Last: 45.81-0.09-0.20%
10:46am 04/13/2006
Delayed quote data

Sponsored by:

45.81, -0.09, -0.2%)
, CVS Corp. (CVS :
cvs corp com

Last: 30.49+0.30+0.99%
10:46am 04/13/2006
Delayed quote data

Sponsored by:

30.49, +0.30, +1.0%)
and Walgreen Co. (WAG :
Walgreen Co.

Last: 43.27+0.26+0.60%
10:46am 04/13/2006
Delayed quote data

Sponsored by:

43.27, +0.26, +0.6%)
said earlier Wednesday that they were removing the product from their shelves, pending the outcome of the regulatory investigation.

According to the company, ReNu with MoistureLoc generated U.S. sales of about $45 million in 2005.


Analysts on the call voiced concern that the product alert could end up eroding sales of Bausch & Lomb's other eye-care products, which enjoy great popularity with consumers.

Zarrella responded that Bausch & Lomb intends to immediately embark on a new marketing campaign to promote the integrity of its products, adding: "We're going to convince consumers that our products are safe and effective."

The executive also announced that it was "unlikely" that the company will file its 2005 year-end financial report, or 10-K, with the Securities and Exchange Commission by April 30. Zarrella repeatedly declined to comment during the call as to why the company wouldn't meet that deadline.

A product called *Oops* might do the trick
It can be found at places like Sherwin Williams Paint. It seemed to get up all kinds of stuff when we built our house. Good luck!
best product for facial hair removal?

What is the best product for removal upper lip hair? I have tried Sally Hansen but not much luck.  I have not tried bleaching yet because I really would prefer to have it gone!  Before I spend more money, can you tell me what works for you?  Thanks much.

Instant Text is an inferior product
The features they promote are confusing, aren't available if you are doing on-the-fly medical transcription, contradict each other and then when you only use it for a PRD type program, you have overpaid for it, and could have used anything else.  Remember the joke when PCs first came out:  "A doctor can learn to use a Macintosh in the time it takes them to get frustrated on an IBM" -- well substitute ShortHand for Macintosh and InstantText for IBM. Could we get some input from Smartype users?  If Stedmans is a great resource for books, how is their speedtyping program? 
i dont blame you at all. If you buy a product you should be able to use it till at least the foot p
I wonder if you can copy it from one computer and burn it on a disk so you can have a backup. I will try that and see.
Everyone markets their product that way. Like loss-leaders at supermarket.
They get people into their stores by give-away prices on one item and hope you continue shopping at their store. It is a marketing ploy everyone uses.

As far as the GE microwave Walmart ploy, if the buyer doesn't research the market to see if they can get the same GE microwave cheaper, that would be the buyer's problem not Walmart. Stupid is as stupid does and to impulse buy something like a microwave is just plain stupid and/or lazy. Think this through. Been to a sale lately at say Kohls and then saw a full-price outfit you like better than the sale outfit. What do you do? Think Kohls is horrible for doing this? Or smart marketing?

I think anti-Walmart propaganda has too far and people get caught up in it without thinking every other successful retailer uses the same marketing strategy.
I would never voluntarily give them "my" normals, my work product. SM
The nerve of these people. 
I heard a doc that I transcribe for call it "the product of conception."
Speaking of rip-offs, anyone have any advise on how to get back money paid for a product you never
received?  I needed a Dictaphone C-phone for my job (was using a loaner) and put a note on the equipment board pertaining to this back in May.  A woman contacted me stating she had one for $100 (I only needed the phone, power supply and phone cord).  She said she was going away for 3 weeks and to Western Union the money to her that night and she'd send it out the next day.  I did not like the high pressure and was still shopping around anyway so I told her I'd wait the 3 weeks and contact her then.  About a week later she emailed me stating she cut her trip short but was going away again that Friday (It was Tuesday), I had by this time decided to buy her phone.  I mailed out that day via Priority mail a M.O. for $100.  She was very anxious for the money, and thought I'd sent it Express Mail, which I of course informed her I did not.  She stated that it should be there by Friday and if she did not see her mail that day that she'd have her mom check the mail and then mail the C-phone to me.  After 2 weeks I emailed her as I had no phone as yet, no response.  A week later still no phone, emailed again, no response. Then I called her (looked it up) and she claimed her email was "broken" and she had not received my emails but would email me back as she was on her way out the door to a baseball game.  I asked her how can she email me back if it was broken??? So then she backpedaled and said she'd call me.... I held my breath at that point.  So the next day by some miracle I get an email from her stating her mother had mailed it regular mail, no way to track it, etc.  So supposedly it is lost.  I emailed her back which it appeared she did not get as she did not respond to my questions but she did email me again saying she'd return my money.....again I am holding my breath.  That was 8 days ago.  She is in OK, I am in VA.  If she sent me a refund promptly it would have been here by now.  Now when I call her, she does not pick up, and no answering machine either.  I am planning now to mail her a copy of her email and my response to getting my money back.  I am assuming at this point that I was taken for a sucker and was obviously too trusting.  Right now I don't have $100 to burn (who does?) with my drives to the hospital (60 miles round trip) for my daughter's chemo, doctor visits, etc, on top of only making about 1/2 what I used to make due to the changes in my life right now.  In the meantime I got kicked off the account for which I needed the C-phone for (add insult to injury here) due to problems at the company I was working for, so that does not sweeten my disposition any.  So does anyone have any idea how I can squeeze her and get my money back?  Contact the police there for fraud? Small claims court in OK?  I am a persistent pain in the butt and will keep at her until I get my money back, if it is fraud then she picked the wrong person to screw with, if it is on the up and up then it is unfortunate but she should have insured it to cover her own (and mine) butt, and sent in with a delivery confirmation too....but you know what they say about hindsight.  Any ideas???
5HTP is a natural product that helps the body to produce Seratonin sm
in a natural way. The chemical SSRIs do it differently. But 5HTP is the closest thing to a natural antidepressant agent you can find.
You can also download (free) a product called Cool Timer from CNet.
You can set it to act like a stopwatch or to countdown time. I use it all the time and it has helped me immensely. I just have it open all the time on my toolbar. http://www.download.com/Cool-Timer/3000-2350_4-10062255.html
or contact Bytescribe and request that the Product Serial Number be reset so that you can register o
didnt fit

If you have exceeded this number of registrations, you will need to purchase a new license or contact Bytescribe and request that the Product Serial Number be reset so that you can register online.

Wants high quality finished product at 3 cpl editing and 6-8 cpl straight typing. Also rumored she
doesnt like to pay in a timely manner. I passed..
Buying new
The MT company I work for supplies my computer but I have account on the side from my home computer. I had a computer "cracker" here last week for a serious problem and he suggested I go on line and get a Gateway. Does anyone have any input?
After buying car after car and never really sm
having one completely paid off, I finally got into leasing. I traded for a lease car and had it for 4 years. It was in great shape, inside and out at the end of lease period. I took pictures of the car from all angles to cover myself. Then I "traded" that for another lease, the car which I have now. The payments for lease cars are the same as if you were buying one on loan. The higher the down payment on the lease, the lower the payments are. The longer the lease period, the lesser the monthly payments but there is also the interest charge to consider.

At the end of the lease, though, you have the option of trading it for another car or buying it outright. I leased my current car, a mini SUV, for 4 years with payments of $300 per month, then ended up buying it for $7K at the end of the lease period. I essentially paid the same amount leasing and buying this car as if I had a loan on it. Leasing is not cheap, but you always have a new car. With leasing, you get no equity in the vehicle. If you are a person who wants a new car all the time, then leasing might be good for you. I like a new car all the time, too, but the monthly payments are too hard on my budget. Also with a lease you are required to keep up with the maintenance of the vehicle--more so than if you owned it outright. I don't quite understand your statement about "low payment because you only pay for the amount of money it would depreciate for the time you own it." You never own it, and the monthly payments aren't low.

I hope this helps. I haven't had my caffeine yet.
before buying one...

You should maybe rent one for the weekend, drive it around, and see how you like it. I had a rental when my son wrecked his truck, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.  I fell absolutely in love and my hubby got me one for Christmas!

Renting one for the weekend will give you a pretty good idea if you're gonna like it or not. I personally have never owned a convertible, but did drive one (my bosses wife's car) and it was ok, though not that great...good luck!

Not buying it...sm

I didn't graduate from CS or from either of the other 2 schools considered the BIG 3. I had a recruiter from MQ call me the very week I passed my course.  My instructor gave them my name after I graduated.

And if you look on MQs website under FAQ, it states that under certain circumstances, they will accept candidates with less than 1 year experience if they graduated from ONE of the MT schools MQ has a relationship with.

Sorry. Not buying it.
You must work for the folks who are pushing this fiasco. I can tell you from first hand experience. It indeed DOES take longer or as long (just to be fair) to edit as it does to type it.
You are so right about buying there
I bought several items this year off Etsy for my Christmas presents, flower pens, individual painted flower cups for the ladies I gave to, have bought soaps there before, lots of stuff. I really like Etsy, some really nice things.
I'm not buying it.
These are just some of the incidents some of my Canadian friends have gone through:
1. My GF's husband decided he was still a teenager and went snowboarding, tore up his knee and had a 6-month wait for an MRI.
2. Same GF her best friend had an abnormal mammo. 3 months to get an ultrasound.
3. Ex boyfriend's ex-wife broke her leg while they were skiing. They kept her on Morphine from Friday until Monday because no orthopedic doc was available to do the surg.
4. Another GF of mine was on a specific type of thyroid medication that was the only one that they found worked for her. Then they decided it was not a covered drug anymore and she could no longer get it in Canada.
5. Another GF's husband needed cardioversion waited over a month to get it, meanwhile he was in horrible shape, legs and ankles swollen.

I'm sorry this is not acceptable patient care. The latest estimate is $1.3 trillion dollars to re-structure our health care the way Obama wants it restructured. Everyone puts Bush down for his "agenda" on Iraq no matter what the consequences. This is "Obama's" agenda. This country does not need another $1.3 trillion debt for future generations to have to try to pay off. JMHO.
I'm sorry, is anybody buying this story? sm
part-time, 16,000 per pay period!!! Come on, I'm not buying this at all.
Buying local ....
Unfortunately, some of us don't live in areas that have a lot of choice. My town is tiny and we have a teensy WalMart that has items that (I really think this!) have been there waiting to be sold since the day it opened years ago! I buy from JC Penney's from a catalog outlet here in town (if they're open) or online, sometimes I shop in one of the larger neighboring cities. Frankly, unless I'm buying cotton or watermelon, it ain't happening here :-).

However, in defense of your statement, when I lived in a larger city and had variety (and choices!) I did shop in town more often than not. I miss those days LOL.
BOS is changed so you have to keep buying the new one--$$$$
Better off buying on Ebay.

I bought this computer and what a mess.  I was told that it was bought for her daughter just the previous year and still had the warranty.  She was going to transfer the warranty to my name. 

I thought that because I used paypal I would be safe, but that is only if you buy off of E-bay.  When I received the computer, it was a whole two years older than I was told and there was no longer any warranty.  The seller conveniently died a week after I received the computer.

So, if anyone contacts you about this computer, BEWARE. 

Just an FYI when buying it from another user
Be sure to notify Textware Solutions that you purchased it & who you purchased it from so we can update our records showing that you are now the licensed owner. This will ensure that you can receive technical support, discounted upgrades in the future, etc.
I usually stick with buying........
...mine from the tattoo shops.  However, I most recently bought one at one of those little jewelry stands in the mall and I haven't had any problems with it. 
Buying a house sm

I need some advice. 

We're in the process of buying a home.  When we were searching today for quotes on a homeowners policy, we found out the home had $14,000 in water damage in 2003 and the insurance company (Farm Bureau) wouldn't insure it for us.  There was, however, one company who would insure it but for a really high premium.

We were supposed to close on the 25th.  I'm considering backing out of the deal because of this.  Would I be able to get my earnest money back since the seller didn't reveal in this in their disclosure?

Also, would you pay the higher premium and buy the house because maybe whatever caused the problem is fixed?

By the way, we haven't had the inspection yet.  It is to be done on Monday.




No sense is buying anything until you have a job.
Transcribers are rarely used anymore unless you get a local account.  C-phones are still used occasionally, but most work is done using a foot pedal.  If a company requires a foot pedal to test you can use Express Scribe, which is free, and just use the hot keys.  I wouldn't want to use hot keys all the time, but they are fine for testing. 
ShortHand is $100. Get to try before buying it, too. nm
buying a laptop

Good morning.  I am just today going to buy a laptop and need some advice.  There are 2 I am looking at, a Dell and a Toshiba.  Any suggestions on which one to go with. 

I am planning a trip and do not want to take vacation days since my pay would be so much less by doing that.  Anybody that has done this, please give me any and all advice that would be helpful...  TIA!!!

buying computers
Do we have the option of buying the computers from Medquist and does anyone know how much they would want? I would just as soon use this one which is customized to my favorite websites instead of buying a new one- don't want to get in trouble for checking my email, doing banking, etc.  Do they offer the option to buy the towers from them versus returning them if you quit? I have only been with them for 3 months so my station is a newer build.

Noooo! That's like buying the cat in the bag!....nm
You work for both MQ and the company that might be buying