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No, wasn't them. nm

Posted By: newerMT on 2006-03-28
In Reply to: Was it Inhealth? SM - GAtrans


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If it really isn't you or wasn't you...

I would check out the posts made by MQMT under "Straw that broke the camel's back".  Maybe I'm seeing double....who knows anymore at this stage of the game!!  Have a good day. 

By the way, I did have a complete burnout on MTing after about 30 years so took a two year break; Glad I'm back now but the break was a "good thing"!!

Maybe the CEO wasn't (sm)
addressing students who were kicked back in their easy chair with time to surf the internet. Maybe he only meant it for students that had evacuated and would eventually find their way to a computer where they could go online and contact the school, since they didn't have the phone number in their pocket when they ran.
I know it wasn't
my post. I just get tired of people who seem to be looking for a reason to jump all over some one. You are the one who needs to take a chill pill. Unlike you, I am perfectly calm.
Actually it was. I wasn't trying to
say your kids are perfect angles or be a smart ass. Maybe I should have worded that better. Sometimes you/we come across different in emails, internet or whatever then what you/we are really trying to say. Maybe we all did. Enough said.
No, that wasn't one of them.
You mentioned below that it was a local company. I'd give it a try. If you find out down the road that it's horrible, you can quit. Otherwise, you might miss out on a good thing because some person on an Internet message board had a bad experience with some other company. We are all seeking different things in relation to work. Don't let our experiences scare you. One employer, one MTSO or one account doesn't set the standard for the entire industry.
Thanks, wasn't sure how I was going to keep up with it
moving that fast.  Looking forward to next week and trying to sort it all out. 
I said I wasn't going to do that
so I'm not sure why you felt the need to be arbitratary but that's your choice.
No, I wasn't.
And you pelase stop with your diva/gangsta/pushy tone? It got old the first time you played it for us, and it isn't giving any credence to your stance.
Thank you all for the help. I wasn't able to
recover but at least know where the folder is so I can back it up in the future.
See, I wasn't going to say it because it was
When did I say that I wasn't doing it?
I never said that. I don't get all of his reports. I work for a national. I am not the only MT on the account. This was the first I had heard him request this and I did what he asked. Had I known beforehand I would have done it before. Someone else dropped the ball on that. I let my supervisor and QA know about his request. Apparently the MT who got the request originally did not do that.
Thank you, I wasn't looking at it that way.
Too bad there wasn't
a way to make these people in India aware of how they are being ripped off only making $27 a day, when some of us make that in an hour. Maybe then they would demand more money from these US companies and the MTs in the US wouldn't look so expensive to employ. I almost fell out of my desk chair when I read what they make in a day.
I wasn't asking what the
company pays. I was asking what you consider good pay
This wasn't sm

TransAm by chance?  They are scam artists and always have been.

I think you have been had and I am sorry for it.  This is NOT what you signed up for and I think you have been taken advantage of.  Please cut your losses and look for a real job. 

I would love to tell you that no company ever charges a "setup fee" but that is not strictly true.  I know that I have been asked to buy a pedal or Docushuttle before.  I have been asked to upgrade to XP Pro, but I declined that job offer.  There is still one major national who expects you to pay for transportation to their New Jersey facility and pay for your lodging.  They reimberse you for part of this if you stay at least 6 months.  I personally would not do that. 

All companies are in this for the money (so are we) and that means they get you set up to MAKE money, as much and as quickly as you can. 

I wasn't disagreeing with you...sm...


I was just elaborating on the positive aspects which give us freedom of choice.  I agree with you 100% about the negative aspects.  That's why I've been "happily divorced" for 8 years.  

and if her mom wasn't on television (sm)
she'd be criticized for NOT being there. So she's damned either way.  She needs support, guidance, and prayers.  She should not be held responsible for her emotional outbursts. Honey, if my daughter was missing, you'd see a lot worse out of me!
I never said I wasn't a great MT.
It does take teamwork, however.  That's something I've noticed is SORELY lacking in this industry.  Everyone complains about everyone else instead of looking at their own contribution to the problem.  And garbage rolls downhill, so it's the MTs who get the brunt of it for EVERYTHING.  Everyone else thinks they're superior to the MTs, so there's no accountability whatsoever.  Instead, the blame is shifted to the lowest person on the totem pole, AKA the MT.  Righty oh?
No, and I wasn't whining either.

I just made an observation that you hadn't responded yet.  And I was working myself, so I was trying to be brief.  Like I told Endiqua, it's not that I, myself, don't believe you or anyone else who is earning really good $$$ at MT.  I don't really care if other MTs believe you or not.  That's their problem.  I do believe it can be done, but I want to know how I can do it, too.  Honestly, I appreciate the advice and sharing of experiences.  I'm not trying to come across as snotty or trollish.

My last (??maybe?) question for you is how long you have been on your particular accounts, and are they low, mid or high level accounts?  I worked for both MQ and S, but I left for greener pastures because they kept bouncing me from difficult ESL account to another within a week of the last one.

I made more in the past year doing MT than every other year combined since I started several years ago.  I'm not working a part-time job as backup any more either.  I've also tripled my expander stats in the past month.  I could be satisfied with that, but I believe the potential is there to do so much more.

No, I wasn't trying to be ugly to ANYONE. I truly was
trying to make some peace.

Goodness gracious.

Sorry folks.
No, it wasn't credited.
Two paychecks have been incorrect.  I've been an MT for 17 years and I know when I am not g
No, it wasn't credited.
I know when I am not getting paid correctly.
How can it be against the Bible when it wasn't even
invented yet?  You're saying that people who read their daily horoscope in the newspaper are against God and the Bible?  It's not like we're smoking bidis, sniffing incense, and visiting the palm readers or fortune tellers.  Entertainment purposes.
After one day, it realized MDI wasn't for me - sm

System seemed nice at first but quickly turned out it wasn't.  Someone else I know told me hers kept locking up on her.  You don't have access to your Word entries and if you don't have a compatible shortcut expander, you have to start all over again in theirs.  That stinks.

I found my QA to be very, very picky, over the top, ridiculous things.  I don't think they want people to work for them because it seems you can't do anything right and I'm one who has been in this business a LONG time and no one ever complained about my work before. 

I was very disappointed as I had heard good things about MDI-MD.  Just goes to show what is right for one MT is not for another.


And, again, I wasn't talking about you. sm
When I said I thought maybe she overindulged her children, I wasn't referring to where she takes them. I was referring to her comment about how she needs the time away from them, and how even her mother admitted she must be pulling her hair out trying to deal with them. By overindulged, I meant by the way she must let them behave and the attitudes she lets them get off with, or she wouldn't need so much time away from them. So, again, no ... I wasn't speaking about you.
it wasn't funny
It wasn't funny
It was tasteless and offensive. Funny how the moderator takes off offensive language (as he or she should) but allows tasteless jokes.
The ESL overload wasn't my cup of tea at all. nm
Oh, it wasn't in his dictation, it was an aside to his PA sm
I think he just had never seen that size before, nothing indecent intended.
I wasn't kidding.
I've been crying all day anyway. At least at BK, I could get some Star Wars toys for my kid.
She wasn't a friend
She was a parasite. You have lost nothing. You are better off without her.
well then I wasn't talking to you at all...sm
you posted at me *don't feel sorry for me* and I see no posts of mine feeling sorry for you or even talking with you.........
I just got a new job and it wasn't an issue
I think it was worse before I filed bankruptcy because my credit was really terrible then. Since I've filed you would not believe the number of offers I have gotten for credit cards and new car loans. Since you have a clean slate, your credit rating actually goes up in the first year after you file. The only place it really mattered to anyone was when I worked in a pharmacy right before I filed and had left MTing due to burn out. The report was supposed to be confidential, but everyone and their cousin knew everyones credit reports, drug screen and past criminal history (not just mine).

It might make more of a difference if you work on site rather than remotely. It was the best decision I had made in many years and I do not regret it in the least.
Overall wasn't impressed... sm

Assuming it must be very hard to perform Stevie Wonder songs, very few of the performances last night were outstanding! I was disappointed with Kellie and Mandisa. Katherine did a good job as well as Paris.  Kevin did okay but hearing him sing a song with "lover" in it was amusing lol!  Overall, I personally liked Taylor and Chris the best last night.  I really think Chris is going to win this competition.

But that wasn't conversation....
that was criticizing the original poster for "assuming" that others celebrate Easter.  I don't think she assumed that at all; she was just asking what others were serving.  I think she would assume that those who don't celebrate wouldn't answer because the question wouldn't apply to them.
Nope that wasn't me. (m)
I would be working from home for a company states away.  I'm just not clear how it all works.  I know some people DO work at a set schedule but I'm just no clear on how the line count requirement works.  What would be typically required of a full-time MT (line count/day) and that of part-time?  I just wonder if typically you just meet your line count w/in the allowed time (8, 12 hours, whatever their TAT is) or if you are expected to be available and work x amount of hours daily.  For example, if you just 'login' and get work (as opposed to being pre-assigned to you), do you just do however much until you reach your line count, whether you work 2 hours or 6 hours?   I hope that makes sense.  I know what I'm trying to ask, but I'm not sure if I'm saying it right. LOL.  Thanks for any help.  Wait, I guess another question would be, do companies typically TELL you they need you to work from x-x?  Or just "get your lines done in five hours" or whatever specified time.  Thanks again for any help!
Wasn't it a HOOT when ...
Taylor fell in the floor--I just smile the whole time I am watching him.
Wow! Wasn't that some movie!
It wasn't so hard for me
because my family has all passed away, but I still would like to visit graves and just see 'home" now and then.  I can certainly understand her missing her family, but once she gets used to where she is and can visit home a couple of times a year, it will get better.  I'm from WV originally and every time I see a commercial playing "Take me home country roads" I get teary eyed. 
OH... wasn't it! My friends and I were all saying that.
It was like that's all we get after all that anticipation! lol! But it is getting better already. I just love Bailey.
That's right. It probably wasn't YOU, and yet management of course (sm)
always has to make it seem like it's the MT's fault. "Blame-it-on-the-MT" -- for doctors and management alike, that seems to be their "EASY" button (like the TV commercial).
Thanks, I wasn't sure if I was in the right spot
It wasn't thought out
I didn't make a decision to do it until they told me it would be $241 for my records and then they left out all the nurse's notes, the op report and my pathology report. I had to get those copied - which I did not pay for those. According to my bank, doing a stop payment on a check is not against the law, and had the hospital ever asked, I would have been glad to explain that their charges were both for the medical records, as well as their services, were highway robbery.
I wasn't told that I had to buy it

I was just told that's the platform that was being used, plus a link to read about it.

However, if I'm an IC then I can be required to buy it, as much as I would have to purchase a C-phone if that's what the company required. That's one of the disadvantages to IC status.

Right now, I'm concerned with how the product is to use and how my lines will be.

I wasn't clear about that - what I mean was that - sm
more likely than not, they'll get ripped off on their minute-counts, dinged for nonexistent 'mistakes', or have some of their pay 'skimmed', as has been complained about in so very many posts throughout this website, and by too many companies to count. I suppose the truly honest employers in MT can probably be counted on half the fingers of one hand.

You're right about 'weighted' dictators, and it's actually a good thing. I think if a doctor is a difficult dictator to transcribe, he should be weighted, and in addition to paying the MT more to type him, the hospital should be charged more to transcribe him. If it cost them more to have the garbage-work transcribed, maybe somewhere down the road all those ESL doctors right off the boat from somewhere else won't look like such a good deal, after all.
There wasn't this many visitors when
Go troll elsewhere.
Wow! Wasn't that original.....

guess it wasn't sm after all. LOL......
Wasn't trying to come off as advertising

Hello guys, I'm sorry for the multiple posts today. I wasn't trying to come off as trying to advertise, especially since I'm not making any kind of money at all, just trying to be helpful. I didn't mean to come across as self-promoting or anything.

This wasn't just one typo, there were several.
I wasn't getting snippy...

It sounds like you have your mind made up.  So, just go ahead and ask for the raise or whatever.  But, I thought you wanted shared experiences.  Maybe not...  Have fun...