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What's a "pull foward?"

Posted By: clueless here on 2006-03-27
In Reply to: Was it Inhealth? SM - GAtrans


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Couldn't the QA just check the info and just get it done in one instance rather than foward to QC
Just seems a little crazy to me.....
After we donate (I just did) how do we "pull from the bag"? Sounds fun AND for a great cause!
It is where the doctor tells you to "pull forward" SM
something from the patient's last visit. For example, he will say pull forward my problem list, medications, and allergies from job # whatever and you will go back and copy and paste that into the patient's new report. Sometimes they will make changes and sometimes they won't. I didn't know what it was until 2 years ago when I started an account that did it.