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Was it Inhealth? SM

Posted By: GAtrans on 2006-03-27
In Reply to: did anyone get to see the job posting for 5.5 cpl this morning? - on a different note...(nm)

They are hiring for an account with pull forwards and only pay 5.5 cpl for the ENTIRE report if you have any pull forward in it. I told them no thank you. I've worked on the same account somewhere else and know that it isn't going to even out to decent pay.

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Inhealth transcription????
Anyone know anything about them?  All of the posts I get when I search are old.  Thanks in advance. 
inhealth transcription

Does anyone who currently works for or has worked in the past for Inhealth Transcription have any pros and cons regarding this company?  Are they good to work for?  Is the work flow consistent?  Does QA give you timely and constructive feedback?  Do they pay on time?  Do they shuffle you on several accounts due to over staffing?

Any info would be greatly appreciated as I received an offer from them.