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Nope, not a higher count. Actually, the count is the same...

Posted By: IHMT on 2005-09-22
In Reply to: of course you will - srm

I use a word count and not a line count, but because you mentioned it, I ran a few documents using line count, and the count is exactly the same. However, Flashcount has a lot of nifty features.  I like it.  :)

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You'd have a higher line count, though!
Sylcount is good. It gave me a higher count
Some jobs will disable your Ctrl/I function as it's supposed to give a higher line count. Can'
Take the character count divded by 65 and that will give you your line count.
it does not count gross lines...I count 37 and it counts 67.
You need to watch your line count. I was working for them and got reports that had line count of 0
You need to watch your line count. I was working for them and got reports that had line count of 0 in them. They did not pay for templates, they would deduct the template even if it was not used and deleted. I notified them and said they could not change it.

So I asked to be put on another account and they refused. I quit.

I was also promised they would have an incentive plan going into place if you type a certain # of lines. Two years went by and nothing.

I was really disappointed in OSI.

They also offered to pay half on joint AAMT, which they failed to do.

I am glad I am no longer there.
Word count: 824 lines. DocuCount count: 897 lines.
I just counted the same file in Word and then in DocuCount, and DocuCount was higher than Word.

Just as an aside.
Don't count on it
If they can program out the space count, they can certainly pick and choose which characters they don't want to pay for.
Even if you could count on MT as
we know it to be around forever, unless you are a robot or a glutton for punishment you will probably burn out well before your 20 years until retirement. I wish I had used MTing as a way to make a living while studying for a better job, but it is probably too late for me now. I will probably die slumped over the keyboard trying to make a few pennies to supplement my Social Security!
count me as one!
Help with MP count

Cannot figure how to use this with word, is there a way to have it come up in the program?  I want to count lines only.

thanks ya'all!

WP Count
Chews the heck out of work but it does count... company is based in Carnation, Washington.
They don't count at all, I don't think
As an IC with this company, if I don't submit an invoice, I don't get paid. I wish THEY would do it. Oh well.
Does Fox count as
one of those channels that Bush can interrupt?  Boy, if I miss 24 or Prison Break, I'm gonna write a letter to him....
While I don't think you can count on
any industry anymore, you can always count on yourself. If you decide to return home, maintain your other abilities and contacts and expand your options. Additionally, have you spoken to your current employer about the possibility of working at home one or two days a week? Turnover is costly, and they might prefer to work something out than lose you. Good luck to you.
MP Count
Does anyone have the Software for MP Count?  (The older version).  TU
MP Count
Anyone have the exe file for MP Count?  My computer crashed and I lost it.  Thanks.
Here's how I count.
I count 65 characters with spaces, tabs, returns, indents, header/footers, and bold, underline and caps on/off. I also use Abacus right now.  Abacus will also count all caps or all bolds or underlines but I don't think that's fair. I used my fingers to turn them on/off though so I charge for that.
Count me in!
I would be interested in this. I agree the effort has to be specific to a person or show to have an impact.
Don't count on it
The cost of shipping them would be very high as well as the shipping the reports back as they would probably want them ASAP and so Fed Ex or next day service would be quite expensive.   Most of the docs want 24 and a few will go with 48 TAT.  That is just the standard.  My suggestion would be staying with digital only but it is the dire hard using the tapes that are utilizing a lot of us small MTSO's.  Good luck, again check into Fed Ex and see just how expensive it is.  I don't think that they will eat the cost as it is your choice not to come in  to pick up, again I think the liklihood of a clinic going this way is extremely low.   As for HIPAA/HIPPA -- cannot remember which one sometimes, violations, they do mail reports all the time to other clinics, etc.  You just have to use safeguards.  
You can set it to count that. nm
Let's count off.
Add one more to the count
My husband is the worst of them all. Recently when people ask how work is going for me, etc. He will chime in with "She doesn't work!" I have told him if he keeps it up, I won't be working and he'll see the not working paycheck. He also likes to think that just because I work at home that I shouldn't take breaks like every other employee in the U.S. If I take a quick break - I'm screwing off and "not working."

I think it is a lost cause trying to get anyone to understand what transcription and/or working from home is all about.
Not up to the count sm please!
It will be up to the "courts" -- we do not need people like you defaming us. Shame on you! Don't bother to flame me, I won't open it!
I should add that you can only count ř"
reports at a time if you do not have a code to enter. My employer gave this program to me as that is what they use to count lines, so am not sure what you have to do to get the code.
Line Count...
Does anyone know if the Word 2000 line counter is generally the same as what most MT companies go by? I'm trying to see how I do being paid by lines as opposed to report.
Line count. No way, no how, ever. nm
I think that's a good count
Personally, I have to think those #s are exagerated. I know there are some whirlwind folks out there, but really: I know of someone who claims 2,000 per hour. I think not.

200-250 is most respectable. I do about half that unless I am doing all OPS, and I'm a fast typer and researcher. I always tell myself slow and steady wins the race.
Line Count
I have worked for SS for a few years and I DO NOT like the fact you cannot check individual line counts. I do not like having to trust someone to be in charge of my line count and I have no way of verifying it is correct. The line counts bounce all of the place. Try it yourself. I have a line count program and one day it is a couple of lines off and others over 10%. Not good and I can't believe they get away with this.
Character count
I have no tip, but my co is also doing that. UGH!
DQS does count spaces
DQS counts everything on your text page including spaces. However, it does not count anything imported into the ADT field. It does count anything the MT types into the ADT field.

My problem with your post is that your office actually reduced your line rate because they said you would be making more money? That is really messed up. Here's why: Even though many ADT fields are autopopulated, these are characters we would normally get paid for. We still have to listen through the dictator giving the information, information I was able to type in no time and get paid for it. Then there are the times we have to do searches and sometimes be very creative with the searches and sometimes have to sift through multiple admissions to be sure we have the right selection. Then there are the times the doctor keys in data for the wrong admission and we have to recognize and fix.

Therefore, this simple ADT field and the fact we do not get paid for it, IMO, takes away whatever production assets the program offers. I have been on DQS for a year and am lucky to produce the same as I was on my old platform. Since I know everything in the text field is counted, the only reason I can figure is the ADT field.

Any MT who was cut back in pay when put on DQS should absolutely be upset because I don't think anyone's production has really been increased that substantially.

DQS does count spaces, but you definitely deserve the 1/2 cent increase.
changes in DQS line count..sm
Apparently, now the ASR count is included in the "transcription" count. As of yesterday, I had to
look under "correction" to see ASR count and as of today, there is no "correction" listed. Hmmm.
line count
When they first started ASR it was under transcription, then they separated it, now put it back. Actually QC is a level higher than QA, at least that is how it has been explained to me, if QA can't fix it then it goes to QC
mq line count
Yes, I was surprised to see that suddenly happen on Sunday, I believe it was.  Seems like explanations should be given to us before or at least shortly after making such a change.  Maybe their lawyers suggested they do it this way?  I have not yet had a pay cut for ASR.
To MQline count
They ahd the system down for 2 hours on sunday to revamp it, that is when the changes occured.  Not sure why, but when you go into DocQmanage, there is a little box to click to see all the new improvements (in their eyes)
Count me as a dumb MT if
you want.  It made perfect sense to me.
line count
Hit F9
Hit detail
Hit today
Get line count
Line Count
I have a Line count software, if you want please do email me, I shall help you out!
DQS and line count
I have been frustrated with line count on DQS since I started on program well over a year ago, but have adjusted to it. It might not have been as disappointing/frustrating if they hadn't made such a big deal about how many MORE lines we would be able to do on this program....... even had "employee statements" to back it up. I have since decided they were just actors, like you see in those drug commercials, you know, "I am a doctor/nurse/medicine man", etc. ......... It DOES get better ........
MQ line count
YES - I work for a hospital that uses the DQS software from MQ. Our pay went down 40%. Nobody knew what was going on, until we discovered that they cheat their transcriptionists! QUIT THEM... I want to see them go totally under. They are horrible, horrible people!
Line count
Can anyone tell me what is good for a newbie to get for line count?  I have a company that is going to pay 8-10 cents a line. Is that good?  Please help!!!
line count
No its not a IC position, its a employee position, I have benefits and so on.
150 lph at .06 = $9.00....if you are new count on making less than that. - nm
line count
It depends on how the company is counting the lines. Transcription companies are getting better as to what they can count and what they don't. Spaces after lines have entered can easily be taken away. As technology moves forward, so does the ability to be more accurate with counting.
line count, etc.
It has been my experience that companies get defensive and leery of hiring you if you ask much beyond the very basics.  They have sort of a do you want the job or don't you attitude.  I hate it too that we don't even get to find out what their software is like before we accept the job.  I usually can tell IMMEDIATELY if I want to work for them after being on their software for 5 minutes.  Waste of their time and mine if I don't. 
Does having a *Taz* keychain count
as contributing to my *handbasket*??????????
I use Free MP Count
A long time ago I used Sylcount, then I used DocuCount on my old computer but when I upgraded to a new computer/software, I had to find something else. I compared Abacus and MP Count and I, personally, was happier with the consistent counts I got with MP Count. Also, Joe Vann supports his product well - even the free version! It makes for a very professional Invoice/billing statement that I use for my own local account.
Line count
I count gross lines using the Microsoft Word.  It will count the blanks between lines but I count those also.   Have used Syncount and liked it, a little different to get used to and you have to save your documents differently but it did fine.  You can define it to count several ways.   Guess there is a lot out there and you should get several answers. 
Count Your Blessings

You are blessed to have love in your home, sent to you in the form of a cat. Animal companions are much like toddlers--they don't realize that you are working and want two things from you, love and attention. How many times one of my twin sons would press a key or do something to get my attention as I worked. Same thing with my husband's dog, and later my little girl's kitten. In those moments when any of them would send a report back for me, I would call my supervisor and explain. I learned to proof my work paragraph by paragraph, as each paragraph was completed and to save my work frequently. I also learned how to distract the pets with a box of toys or, specifically in the case of the cat, a long ribbon with a toy at the end, looped through a metal eye at the other end of the room--the other end of the ribbon tied to another metal eye on my desk. When the cat would bother me, I would pull the ribbon and the toy at the other end would jump. Also, try a Renuzit solid in a citrus smell--our cat hates it--this will keep the cat away. If your cat likes to reach through openings at your desk, put up cardboard so it can't do that anymore.

The cat loves you, much the way a little child would, and wants to be with you, get your attention. Still, if the cat is causing you that much additional stress, take it to the local Humane Society before your temper gets the better of you.

I count my own lines and would not think of doing otherwise SM

Yes, you may have to spend money on a counting program, but isn't it important to have everyone on the same page, so to speak?

You would need to be an employee, SE or IC don't count