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Word count: 824 lines. DocuCount count: 897 lines.

Posted By: sm on 2007-08-18
In Reply to: Word supposedly counts 10% higher than most "regular" line counting - programs. Some places don't allow it. NM

I just counted the same file in Word and then in DocuCount, and DocuCount was higher than Word.

Just as an aside.

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How can you count your lines in Word, I used

to use the word count in Word and then divide it by something to get a standard line count for that report. Has anyone done this before? I forgot the way to calculate when working in Word.

Word Macro to count Lines Strict inside


The solutions others gave are good, but if I just needed to get the number of lines with typing (and don't need an invoice or a report), I'd use a Word macro.

The other solutions offered have this drawback: If the body of your document contains tables, the count Word gives you is vastly inflated, for Word counts each cell in that table as a line. This is not what the eye sees, and becomes problematic when you try to justify such to your client.

Below is a macro for counting what we at Emmaus call Lines Strict. (i.e. Lines with typing on them, vs Lines Extended that includes the blank lines).

To use it, copy from Public Sub through End Sub, and paste it into your macros along with your other macros. Easiest way of doing this is (after you have copied the appropriate lines):

1. Click Tools | Macros, and select an existing macro.

2. Click the Edit button.

3. Once the Visual Basic Editor opens, press Ctrl+End to move to the bottom.

4. Paste the clipboard contents.

5. Click File | Compile Normal. (If you've pasted things that don't belong, it won't compile.)

6. Click File | Close and Return to MS Word.

Merry Christmas!

OOPS! I looked at the HTML code after I pasted the code into the editor on this board, and it added things that when pasted into the Visual Basic Editor in Word will not compile. Here's the code if you want to retype it, but pasting won't work. If you send me an email, I'll attach the code into a .txt document, and you won't have any problems.  vjoet@attglobal.net

Public Sub GetLinesStrictCount()
    Dim CharsStrict As Long
    Dim Count As Long
    Dim ParaswBlanks As Long
    Dim ParasWOBlanks As Long
    Dim LineswBlanks As Long
    Dim BlankLines As Long
    Dim LinesWOBlanks As Long
    Dim NumOfTables As Long
    Dim NumOfRows As Long
    Dim TableRowCount As Long
    Dim x As Integer
    TableRowCount = 0
    NumOfTables = 0
    NumOfRows = 0
    ActiveDocument.ComputeStatistics (wdStatisticCharacters)
    ActiveDocument.ComputeStatistics (wdStatisticLines)
    CharsStrict = ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(wdPropertyCharacters)
    ParasWOBlanks = ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(wdPropertyParas)
    LineswBlanks = ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(wdPropertyLines)

    NumOfTables = ActiveDocument.Content.Tables.Count
    If NumOfTables > 0 Then
        For x = 1 To NumOfTables
            With ActiveDocument.Content.Tables.Item(x)
                NumOfRows = NumOfRows + .Rows.Count
            End With
        TableRowCount = NumOfRows
    End If
    If CharsStrict > 0 Then
        ParaswBlanks = ActiveDocument.Range(wdMainTextStory).Paragraphs.Count
        ParaswBlanks = 1
    End If
    If LineswBlanks > 1 Then
        LineswBlanks = LineswBlanks + 1
    End If
    If ParaswBlanks = 1 And ParasWOBlanks = 1 Then
        BlankLines = 0
        BlankLines = ParaswBlanks - ParasWOBlanks
    End If
    LinesWOBlanks = LineswBlanks - BlankLines
    Count = LinesWOBlanks
    MsgBox "Lines Strict (with typing) = " & CStr(Count + TableRowCount)
End Sub



You can set Word to not count blank lines by changing your paragraph style
to automatically double space after the paragraph.
it does not count gross lines...I count 37 and it counts 67.
Calculating lines using Word Count in Word
I have recently started a job where lines are calculated using the Microsoft Word word count tool. I think I read that you get cheated out of lines if a company counts this way. Is this true?
I count my own lines and would not think of doing otherwise SM

Yes, you may have to spend money on a counting program, but isn't it important to have everyone on the same page, so to speak?

I'm so old that I don't know how to count by lines...(SM)
No, that's not a "I'm so old joke" - wish it were! I've only worked for myself in the past and now I'm helping someone else out. I agreed at a fairly low page rate (certainly lower than I used to charge) but I now think I'm cheating myself! When you count a 65 character line is that 65 spaces from left margin to right? Is that a gross line? What is the standard? I've been counting my characters (including spaces) in each line and they're at least 75 to 80. So, each page is like 1-1/2! My margins are one inch all around and the font size is 11. Am I wrong in thinking that a 65 character line means 65 spaces across the page? And, if so, is 9 cents per line out of the norm? Thanks for "teaching an old 'dinosaur' a new trick"!!
How do you count your lines? m
When you're not using a program like BayScribe that does it for you.  For example, if you transcribe letters or reports in Word, how do you calculate the lines you bill to your client?  Any help is appreciated!
ES does count lines.
It is one of the most user-friendly platforms I have worked on. I have 2 accounts that the speech rec is very good on and 1 account with lousy dictators that require more editing, but it is often entertaining. The sound quality is very good, and there is little to no distortion when you speed up the audio file.
Yes. They count the lines as set up
in the contract with the client. Each account can be different.
You can count your lines and characters yourself sm
even if you have no counting program. You can copy and paste into a word document or clipboard and count the characters in Word. At least you will have some idea of what you are being paid for. I have done this many times and if it doesn't add up to what the company's count has, I was right on the horn and sometimes even quit because of it. I will not be cheated in any way by any one.
Count lines in courier 12 - nm


and I count gross lines

I do not cheat, I count gross lines and from top to bottom but I make sure that it is fair so my price per line is lower and it all equals out in the end.  On chart notes, it is the total amount of lines which includes 2 spaces between patients which then helps to pay for the cutting apart, sticky paper and delivery.  But my accounts are aware of this and again it shows in my per line charge. 

The way MTSOs count lines

Does anyone know if some MTSOs calculate lines on various accounts differently?  One of my accounts is very difficult to get a decent line count.  While it is more tedious and does not have "normals," it just seems like often I have a shift full of fairly long reports (and a fair number of them), and by feel seems like my line count should be higher.  - I can't help but wonder if lines are calculated differently for this account.

Does anyone know of MTSOs doing that?  Sadly, I am afraid to ask my employer.  

Need to count gross lines only w/o spaces, sm
Used Sylcount free download but it expired.  Any alternatives.  Did not like Practicount.  Need to count gross lines only.  How do I do that using MS Word? 
Count several lines both ways and see the difference
How did you count lines before the PC, or were you paid hourly then? nm

As an IC you invoice the company, count your own lines, and receive a paycheck.
First Choice, JLG, QT Medical, Metro in Atlanta, just to name a few.

Most use SylCount or something similar. I used Abacus - free line counting software.
Here is the best way...open any document you have typed for anything and count the lines both ways.

I have pretty much always been paid by the gross line...occasionally I will take a job with a company that pays by characters and I never make as money.  Remember...with gross lines, a line is a line is a line....that means anything on the lines be it one character or 65 is a line.  For instance....today I type a normal file for a client I have worked on for years...if I counted the lines at 65-cpl I got 398 lines, but counting gross lines I got 641 lines.  This is a 38% difference in pay between the two, so you would be making approximately 5 cents a line less on the character count.  Hope this helps :)

Does Quick Books/Quicken count the lines or do you use a separate program for that?
Ask for a sample report. Count the gross lines on a full page. Then
figure out the line rate you want to make. For example, if there are 30 lines on the page and you would want to charge $0.15 per line, then that would be $4.50 per page. If they would like your hourly rate, figure out how many pages you think you can transcribe in an hour. Using the above example, if you can transcribe 4 pages per hour, then charge $18.00 per hour. In California the going transcription rates are approximately $22-$25 per hour.
Work for 1 hour, then count your lines of the completed work - sm
either check you total characters in word (with spaces) then total them all up and divide by 65, and you get your total lines per hour. 10,000/65 is 153 lines. Or if you have a line counting program us that to figure you count, either way will work quite well. Maybe do it a few times and then figure an average over 3 hours or something like that, it will vary with the ease/difficulty of the work you are doing.
Take the character count divded by 65 and that will give you your line count.
why on 1 computer for the same report would the word count be different in Word? (inside)
Like on 1 computer with word the document was 27000 character counts w/spaces

and the other computer (the one i type this account on says 13,000. How can there be such a difference with Word being the same? I am baffled.

Word Count
If you use the Word count tool to calculate characters and then divide by 65 or whatever your company uses for this, it is fairly accurate. However, if you are calculating just *lines* with this tool, please keep in mind that it counts ALL lines, including blank lines between paragraphs, etc. This is probably what the poster below has experienced. It is not accurate for counting just lines.
Did you use the word count (m)
in Word that is under properties where it lists "word count", "line count", etc.? It doesn't look like it's completely accurate if you go by that line count. Or did you go by character count? Maybe that's more accurate?
If you are using word, it will count your
In Word 2007, you can add Word count to the status bar.
Right-click the status bar and select Word count. Once it appears on the status bar, you can double-click it to bring up the statistics dialog box that shows characters. You can also find this option on the Review tab, Proofing group, Word Count.
Word line count
The company I IC for told me to use the word count in the Word, divide the characters with spaces by 65 to get my line count.  Are you guys saying that this is not accurate?  The owner is a very honest person, so if this is not accurate, I'm sure she does not know it.  I think this is how she bills her clients as well. 
line count in word
Use the characters with spaces count and divide by 65.
I use both DQS & Word and avg about the same line count.
Two separate part time accounts.  I really don't see much difference.
line count in word
Microsoft word line count - what is the name of it and where can I buy it.  Also,on a dictaphone, how can i tell how many minutes of dictation i have left. 
Word line count
This is what i actually meant. i get paid per gross line and i need to figure out how many lines i am typing per day. someone told me there is a program for that
Do numbers how up in MS Word Count

Hi. Does anyone know if number characters show up as word count in MS Word? I'm doing a lot of them in tables, etc. as well as a lot of symbols. Just curious.



Word count program
I have an older model puter that is slowly going up and have word 97 count program on it.  I am looking for something that is compatible with that - that also does all headers and footers - not just the header and footer on the first page that I can put on my new puter.  I have checked in to SPellex and that is really slow counting.  I also checked in to Abacus, which was fast and pretty accurate; it actually gave me a little more on a few of my reports as a trial run.  ANyone have any ideas on this.  Thanks for any help.
Not 30%...use your word count funtion

under tools.  Take the number w/o spaces and divide by 65.  That will give you the line count.  Then take the number with spaces and divide by 65.  You will see that the difference is more like 20%.  So making .12 a line w/o is great!  Wish I could find a work that paid that.

Even different versions of Word count the same, so it's not that either. nm
So do they let you get your own line count using Word or
Line Count in Word

I am an IC and will be starting with a new client this week.  Can someone tell me how to get an accurate line count in Word?  I know that have a word/line count in Tools, but I have found that it is not accurate (it usually gives you more lines than you actually typed).  I don't want to cheat anyone, so I am hoping someone can tell me how to get an accurate line count.  Thanks in advance for your help.         Trish

Line count in word

Depends if you are counting gross or cpl.  The gross does count the blank lines but it is an accurate line count.  You can even put on the numbers to show you that it is.  You can do this under file and page set up.  You can also do to sections only.  But you can also take characters with spaces and divide by 65 or whatever character line you are charging.   Other than that you can buy a program that works.  When I used a program I liked Sylcount as you could set it up to count twice for a capital letter,bold, underline, etc.  And you are using two characters to do that.   But it takes a while to get used to and time is money, so I told my docs I was sticking with gross lines, lower rate and easier and less time to count and so we all agreed.  They are happy, I am happy. 

Line Count in Word
Thanks very much.  Very helpful.  I love this board -- I get so many answers to questions I have!  Thanks again.
I have an account that I use Word Count
I highlight the entire document and take the line count by my line rate.  They pay it.  It's not cheating.  It depends on what was set up with the client.  I have another client that I take the total number of characters, divide by 65, and then multiply by my line rate.  This is another way that is not cheating.  Word Count can be accurate if used properly.  It does not cheat.  I've compared my line counts with someone who has a line counting program and it came out to be the same.
Word line count
I check my Word line count against my employer's every few days or so. While you're in Word go up to Tools, Word Count. My pay is supposedly 65 cpl with spaces too, so I divide the word count that says with spaces by 65. I just did a report with 12,722 characters wtih spaces by my count. I just checked their count by dividing that number by 65 and my count was 195.72. On their counting it is 196.
Nope, not a higher count. Actually, the count is the same...
I use a word count and not a line count, but because you mentioned it, I ran a few documents using line count, and the count is exactly the same. However, Flashcount has a lot of nifty features.  I like it.  :)
Aaahhhh, now I get it. Gross lines vs. Character lines. I guess I've just been conditioned to
think in terms of character lines.  One of the perils of working as an IC for somebody who defines what a line is versus owning your own company and defining it yourself.  After working for someone else for 15 years, maybe it's time to bust out on my own.
No, I do not have Word, Just Works that does not count spaces.
Regular vs Extended word count.
Regular Word Count uses the MS word original module to count words (with or without spaces) etc. On the other hand, Extended word count uses the MTStars FlashCount built in own module, the difference between two lies within the supported document types. Extended Word Count supports more document types than Regular Word Count.


If you are using Flash Count for MS-Word documents only, Regular word count is the preferred method.

In Word you take the line count with spaces SM

and divide it by 65.  That will give you your line count.  So, if my report had 11,700 characters with spaces, that would equal 180 lines.  Multiple 180 lines x. 0.11 (your cost per line) and that would equal $19.80 for that particular report.

Good luck!


luv2type-line count in word
Thanks for your help!  I'm in Ohio about 1 hour from pittsburgh.  they're are a lot of docs here though.  does it sound good to try and negotiate and start at a higher rate and then drop down a bit?  Also does using your line count in word work pretty good for you.  Do you not find the need to get a separate counter?  Thanks so much for your help!
I used my word count function and got closer to 15.5%
...count instead, or raising your word rate. nm