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Not only that, but for those with cable modem

Posted By: Laurie on 2006-12-31
In Reply to: wrong. the virus protection and anti-spyware - ks

connections, or high-speed cable, did you know that even when our computers are shut off, hackers can hack into our cable and access our computers? We don't even know it. That is per Comcast cable themselves, confirmed by my bank, etc. So just because the computer is turned off, unless you unplug the internet cable from the back, anyone with a laptop and computer knowledge can pull in front of your house and jump onto your ISP. Happens all the time where I live. Scary stuff.

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Cable will not work if your modem has to be plugged in.
When I had cable internet, it did not work during a power outage because the cable modem had to be plugged in, so no power meant no internet. Now I have wireless broadband that does not require power and I just keep my laptop always charged up. So if we lose power, I can easily just switch over to my laptop without losing too much time.
My telephone service is VOIP, but it s through my cable service, along with my cable internet. .
We have had VOIP for about a year now and I love it. I really can't tell a difference in traditional service, except the price. One of the best calls of my life was to Bellsouth to cancel our service!
not the modem..sm
it depends on what phone number you are dialing into, how many people are also on that phone number, and the capacity of the server to handle that amount of dial up phone calls. location, location, location. been there did that. and I was not knocking earthlink. it just depends on where you are and server capacity for that area. if you want to spend 45 minutes waiting for 20 files to download, I guess that is okay. just my experience.
modem on
I also turn my modem off. Just be sure to turn it back on. I unplug my computer from the surge protector.
What type of modem do people use?  I am on my third Linksys. Most of the time it works great (but not right now).  Is there a better one to use?  I have a cable internet connection (not wireless).  Thanks!     
Comcast cable has ULD that goes through their cable sm
and there are no limitations. I asked them. They said that you could use the phone 24/7 and it would make no difference. The cable modem has a telephone connection and backup battery in there, all in one unit. If you lose your power, the backup battery kicks in for 12 hours I think they said. I personally was reluctant but it is clearer than Verizon regular phone service. Clear as a bell! It is $39.95 a month. If you have any cable service, you might want to check and see if they have this. This is VOiP protocol but I just have never seen anything that was as clear as theirs.

If Comcast has this, it is my guess that the other cable internet services either have it or will have it in the future. This is fairly new with Comcast.
Most likely the modem will be provided by (sm)
the phone company (at least it was for me by Verizon). 
only if you have an external modem
Most modems are internal and you have to plug the phone line directly into it.  If you have an external modem, it is possible but troublesome. 
Verizon USB modem
I have been using a Verizon Wireless with 5GB limit as a backup internet connection the past couple months and for traveling. I have successfully worked with it without using very many MB (that's MB, not GB) at all. On evenings when I work and don't surf, my usage comes up to less than 100 MB for about 3-4 hours of work. 5 GB translates to 5120 MB. The evening that I decided to watch a Netflix video in a hotel room, I used over 500 MB, so I really wouldn't recommend trying to watch videos very often if you want to stay under your 5 GB limit. However, Medquist's DocQScribe program doesn't use much at all.

Also, when I have to use it from home because of my cable internet being down (frustrating, but it seems to happen a lot!), the whole thing works slower because I only get 1 bar of service here. From home, I can't even watch Netflix at all on Verizon because the connection speed isn't fast enough. From the hotel with full bars of service on Verizon, Netflix worked as well as it does from home when my cable connection is working properly.

Good luck! But seriously, if you're only working and doing emails on your Verizon, it should be within your usage limits without any problems!
Does anyone have wireless using a USB modem? sm
Have you ever been rejected for a job because of it?  I just was.  Also does anyone know if there is a difference between a card and a USB modem as far as speed?  I just got rejected for a work at home hospital employee job because the supervisor was convinced my wireless would not be fast enough for their system.  They use Dolby.  I have the USB 727 modem from Verizon, use VPN on it and have never had a problem.  Must say I'm pretty bummed.  I really needed that job and the benefits. 
I use my DSL modem for my router. sm
I would think it would depend on whether you have cable or DSL. I have TDS Metrocom for my phone and Internet. When I went home to work I called to find out what I needed to look for in a router. He told me my DSL is a router and all I needed was an ethernet cord. I went to Radio Shack and bought a 25 foot ethernet cord to run from the router to my new work computer. I ran the cord from the back of my DSL modem to the ethernet port on the work computer and haven't had a problem yet.
Yes. Have you looked on the back of your DSL modem to
see if it has both ethernet and USB ports?  If not, you can rent or buy one that does.  You should be able to hook both computers up and surf the 'Net on both at the same time without having to plug and unplug the modem.  I've actually got three going on my DSL now with a networked minihub hooking up my two office computers and a longer cable out to the family computer in the living room.
I am probably going to be changing from dialup to DSL - just exactly what do I need - new modem? nm
Never heard of a PC-DART modem -sm
Where I work uses PD-DART player to play the voice files, but you don't have to be on line to work. I go to a FTP, download my work, get off-line. Do my work, and upload the finished work to the FTP site. Check and see if this is what you can do; or if you misunderstood anything, as I said I never heard of a PC-DART modem.
wireless modem from Verizon
As long as you have a relatively strong cell phone signal at home, a wireless modem should work fine, speed is a bit different from DSL or cable, so you might have problems with some of your larger downloads.

Also, I found out recently that Sprint (my cell phone carrier), now offers a wireless modem/card that uses a USB port as well, so you could use it with either a desktop or a laptop.

Hope this helps.
Your PC doesn't have to be on, but your modem and router do.

Yes, DSL needs electricitym Modem plugs into outlet.
ISP is DOWN!!! Dial up modem is too slow to operate

Well, this is really something.  For the first time since being at home, Comcast is down. 

Dial up modem is too slow to register my keystrokes and I get kicked off the hospital's system (which is 3,000 miles away).  

I do believe, after experiencing this, that technology is going to be the determining factor in outsourcing.  I used dial up modem for a clinic when with MQ but it was only a few hundred miles away from me and worked just fine.  Could it be that the farther away you are from your account, the less optimal dial up modem operation is?

Can you imagine what would happen if all accts were linked to a foreign country and the server went down? 

This event led to a 911 emergency as I was only MT on my acct scheduled to work today.  I am actually shaking as I know  how important it is to get the radiology work done in two hours.

Just had to share this with you guys. 

Thinking of trying a wireless modem from Verizon
was told it should work as long as I have cell phone service at my house, which I do.  All I have is dial-up at home and I'm so so so tired of the slow, slow, slow connection.   Plus I can use on my laptop too.  Hoping this will be faster.  Just wanted opions if you got'em.  Thx.
I have both my computers connected to my DSL modem and no router
and both computers connected to the KVM switch, but maybe my DSL modem is a modem/router or some fancy thing like that.  It does have a bunch of plug-ins in the back.
Cell phone & modem reception can be very different sm
I have very iffy cell phone service with Sprint but have been using a USB modem through them for the past month with an external antenna and amplifier. I get up to 1200 kbps download speeds without the antenna being installed outside yet (it's sitting in my window until we get a lightning protector). 3gstore.com is where I bought my equipment, and they can answer any questions you have. In fact, the tech person I spoke with has actually written transcription programs, so he definitely knows what is involved.
Okay, I guess I'm wondering about a cellular modem card for my laptop. SM

That would allow me to connect to the internet via a cellular network, right?  Maybe I just need to call Cingular and ask them if I can get that on my current plan.


Did you sell the Vonage modem to recoup some of your lost dollars?
I notice you have Adelphia!I have it also in Ohio and am anxiously awaiting Time-Warner to take over and get Roadrunner. I've had problems and problems with it over the years. I can't get fast access with our phone company as they are not down our road yet (in country). You are lucky to be able to switch, though.
Anyone not have cable TV at all?

What do you watch?  It seems like the primetime sitcoms aren't very family friendly.  We just canceled our basic cable because they took two more channels away, Discovery and ABC Family, which meant we were paying $20 a month for TBS, PBS, and four free local channels.  Nobody watches channels like Home Shopping Network, QVC, or Government Access, so why do they even include them?  There's only one show I'll really miss, but it'll be out on DVD eventually.  Not that I even watched much TV.  The house just feels really quiet without any background noise.  Where's that Internet radio site I bookmarked?

If cable goes (sm)
Looking into Vonage and wondering about problems with cable if it goes down, not quite sure how it works. email me please about ur opinion
thanks much...
got rid of my cable, no more TV
for a year now.  Just watch movies from Net Flix.  Got tired of all the commercials.
I have cable and love it. Before we moved here I lived where I could only get dial up. What a difference. It is worth the money!
Ahh. Thanks. If that's cable TV, then that's why
Cable or DSL
I have had cable internet service and thinking of switching to Bell South Ultra Fast 6.0.  Do you think Bell South is okay too?
used to have cable
The vonage worked great but it never failed if I needed to work at night my connection went down for upgrades or someother unavoidable thing. I am sure it was my area because they were redoing all the wiring and such. Hope it goes well for you
do you have cable?
If you have cable in your house you can see if you your cable company offers phone service. The only truly unlimited phone plans I have found are cable phone and internet phone such as Vonage. Also you can check with your phone company. They may have a VoIP (internet) phone plan themselves.
Can't get cable where I'm at...
Only satellite. I will call my phone co. and ask about the VoIP. They're a rural company so I have no idea if they even offer it.
If you have not had cable before..sm
I am not sure how Charter does things, but I have Time Warner, who is the actual person(s) to be setting up your computer connection, etc. At that time, they will also set up an email account, give you a temporary password, which you can change to your preference after set up, and whatever else they need to do. They adjust signal quality, speed, etc. My user ID was chosen for me by the cable company..I did not have a choice, so not sure about Charter. but this is pretty much the norm. I would call Charter pretty quickly, as Time Warner always has like a two week delay as to when they can come and set things up. If you need to make an appointment and don't want to wait two weeks, I would do it now. good luck.
Cable vs DSL internet?
I have cable internet service and will be relocating soon to an area that has DSL.  Just wondering, since DSL goes through the phone line, is there any electrical involved; or should I say, if the electricity goes out does the DSL stop working.  I am wondering, if I invest in a laptop and have DSL also, if electricity goes out, would hardly miss any downtown, with the laptop having battery and all.   Is this correct?
I rigged up a cable that would
go from the speaker of the computer into my Dragon microphone, but it didn't even remotely work due to the training aspect of DNS.  Also, I tried the redictating thing, but it was just faster and easier to type it myself using my expander than to reformat, edit, and correct everything.
We have no cable. I yanked it. sm

I've had cable off and on, but this time it is gone for good.

I caught my 9-year-old daughter hiding under a wonderful tent that she made in her room with sheets and blankets, etc.  It didn't take me long to realize that she had covered the TV, plugged in headphones in the back, and was watching MTV!

TV today is just disgusting.  What they are allowing on family time gets worse every day.  What used to be PG-13 is now PG.  What used to be R is now PG-13.

So much for George Carlin's old comedy thing about the seven words that weren't allowed on TV.  What?  Are there like 3 left now?

NO CABLE TV at my house. The local library has a HUGE amount of videos that people donate to the library and they don't cost anything.  When the kids go to the library to get a few videos, they also pick up a book!  Amazing isn't it.!  No advertising.!  Watch out though, it'll cost you a nickel a day if the books aren't back in time.

It has made such a big difference.  My daughter takes the dog for walks. She planted a flower garden that is now coming up. She swims in our pool.  She does word find puzzles in a big book.  She reads at night. Her friends have started to hang out over here because they are tired of sitting in front of the TV.  They go catch frogs, climb trees, chase butterflies, etc. By 9:00 every night she's sooooo dirty and sooooo tired, she takes a shower and goes right to sleep.

Think about it. 

Public TV is getting to be just as bad as cable.
Good old evening family sitcoms are just smut and garbage.  We have a Netflix membership, so I fill up the queue with kids or family movies that I've researched and approved.  The kids have been watching those all summer when they feel the need to watch TV at all.
Do most of y'all have DSL/cable?
It seems like most companies now require it - anyone still on sloooooow dial-up?
No cable, no TV, no antenna
We don't have the TV hooked into anything... not even to get the local channels off of the antenna.  We just watched moveis on DVD or video if we want to watch something.  I miss the news sometimes, but when we had it we either never watched it or couldn't find anything good on it.... what is the point then? lol.  Much better this way. 
No cable/satellite here either
Don't miss it. Don't really have time for TV. Getting really sick of Law and Order when I can watch though.
No cable? oh my...i'm addicted
to the news channels, Discovery and TLC.  Our cable company "bundles" different tiers so you do get ripped off if you have just one favorite, but mine, well the news, not sure why though with all the murder, scandal,e tc.  I blame my neice that I inherited it from her lol. she is the absolute worse!
We have ours through our cable provider...

Wireless here, too.  DBF has 2 puters in his office with the router to the main, NIC card in the other, ditto on the NIC card with my stuff in my office.  He sure is handy to have around...my own personal "tech support." 

busness DSL or cable
When starting your own accounts is it necessary to have a business line set up in your home office?  I know it is more professional, but is there a law that would be broken by not having it when you start out?
I have unllimited LD through my cable co (sm)
I have Bright House cable (formerly Time Warner). They have a digital combo where I get phone, net, and cable.
my Vonage goes through DSL, not cable
so I'm out of long distance/internet if the phone line is down, but I wouldn't be able to work anyway without the phone line, so it makes no difference.
cable Internet.
Cable Internet just recently became available to my area.  I was excited because most the MTSOs require cable.  I am currently on satellite.  I called about the cable internet and they said for a home office it is $80 per month and you only get 10 gigabytes or megabytes (donít remember which) per month for downloading stuff off the internet. Then you get charged extra.  Is this normal for cable Internet?  It sounds strange to me but I am not very savvy on these sorts of things.
Wireless & Cable...
I know this is probably a stupid question, but what the heck. I have cable internet with only one cable outlet, which is in my living room. I currently have my computer in the living room but would like to put it in the back bedroom, which has no cable outlet. If I go wireless can I just put the computer in that room? Is NetGear any good? Simple to set up? TIA!
I am seriously considering cancelling my cable, SM
although I would miss Food Network, History Channel, and such.
As Larry the Cable Guy says,
Adelphia Cable
I had this company for years; couldn't get anything else in the country where I live. Now Time-Warner (roadrunner) bought it out. Your service should also be Time-Warner soon. Adephia was BAD! Their service techs knew less than I did; had all sorts of problems off and on. Glad to be rid of them!!!