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ISP is DOWN!!! Dial up modem is too slow to operate

Posted By: Oh No! on 2005-07-24
In Reply to:

Well, this is really something.  For the first time since being at home, Comcast is down. 

Dial up modem is too slow to register my keystrokes and I get kicked off the hospital's system (which is 3,000 miles away).  

I do believe, after experiencing this, that technology is going to be the determining factor in outsourcing.  I used dial up modem for a clinic when with MQ but it was only a few hundred miles away from me and worked just fine.  Could it be that the farther away you are from your account, the less optimal dial up modem operation is?

Can you imagine what would happen if all accts were linked to a foreign country and the server went down? 

This event led to a 911 emergency as I was only MT on my acct scheduled to work today.  I am actually shaking as I know  how important it is to get the radiology work done in two hours.

Just had to share this with you guys. 

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satellite is better than slow dial-up for me
Good thing my employer does not really care (main concern is the cost, which is my problem anyway). I have been using direcway for more than a month now, but has not discontinued my dial-up internet for back-up purposes while I am trying to gauge its performance. I used to waste so much time downloading files instead of typing (especially when the dictator just accidentally made a blank file that runs 1 hour!). The downloading speed of sat is just awesome. My husband checks from time to time a graphical representation of (download?) speeds over time, and he conclude that the maximum speed we have had so far is 700x(?-not sure if I got the figure right) what we used to have with dial-up (which he enjoys since he is a computer-hobbyist; my computer-related work is his perfect excuse for getting the sat service!).

While there are times when it suddenly seems to go offline or slows down, these take only minutes if not fixed by my hubby's suggestion (which he observed with the technician who installed the dish) to unplug the modem for 30 secs and plug again, so that our network hub will reassign a new ISP to my PC. These "hassles" are nothing compared to having a slow dial-up in this rural area where I live!

Maybe sat is not so reliable for MTSOs, but for an MT like me who works for only several hours a day only, I'd say I have way more pros (including personal; not MT-related) than cons compared to dial-up.
what if your dial-up is super slow
I sign on at 24.o kbps if i'm lucky. how much will this affect my service. i'm just a student now, but we don't have cable or DSL where i live either.
I was told I would dial directly into the system/Will I need to get dial up internet service?

May sound silly but I did this a couple of times - to which was greatly appreciated by the doctor who would have had to redictate!

I just chipped hole in cassette where the tape passes through to the spool, put a tiny piece of scotch tape on the end of the tape, tapped it down onto the spool and carefully rewound the tape onto the spool. And of course threw out the tape when done transcribing it...

Since this is happening to you a lot though, a better solution would be to tell the docs NOT to dictate to the end of the spool, but of course that would REQUIRE COOPERATION on the part of the dictator, so probably nevermind. :)
MDI-FL was bought by Transcend, but they still operate
operate is to perform surgery -
procedure is more like EGD
Slow day for me. Typed two reports in two hours. Anyone else having unusually slow day?
They operate under the guise of the All American Company
With seminars for management, cheering, singing, praising the American way when in actually, they are going to suck every dime out of the pockets of this country, steal jobs and leave us without an income to pay for their products.

They are EVIL!!
I operate the joystick with my foot if it is on the floor...
If I am reclined, then I can still do it with my feet by placing the controller between both feet and using either to hit the joystick.  I personally do not use rewind or fast forward ( I just use the auto backspace), but you can use the other buttons on the controller as fast forward and rewind. 
OMG! Footpedal will not operate. Winscribe. I can hear dictation

when I click on the arrow for "play" but my pedal is not registering.  Tried a different pedal and the same thing!  Have a call into the Help desk but I am panicking! 

Anyone have any idea would could possibly be wrong????  I have very rarely had foot pedal problems. 

It's amazing we let people operate on us who cannot put two words together to make a sentence.
Here in North Carolina they get to operate a motor vehicle at age 15 when accompanied by
a licensed driver.  No, they do not state WHO has to be the licensed driver (i.e. friend, neighbor, etc) or how long the licensed driver needs to be licensed, but at 14.5 years they start driver's education in the schools!  It is ridiculous to me, as they are children operating a very dangerous toy and I pray they up the age before my children reach it, as I do not feel children possess the maturity and forethought to drive at such a young age.
not the modem..sm
it depends on what phone number you are dialing into, how many people are also on that phone number, and the capacity of the server to handle that amount of dial up phone calls. location, location, location. been there did that. and I was not knocking earthlink. it just depends on where you are and server capacity for that area. if you want to spend 45 minutes waiting for 20 files to download, I guess that is okay. just my experience.
modem on
I also turn my modem off. Just be sure to turn it back on. I unplug my computer from the surge protector.
What type of modem do people use?  I am on my third Linksys. Most of the time it works great (but not right now).  Is there a better one to use?  I have a cable internet connection (not wireless).  Thanks!     
Most likely the modem will be provided by (sm)
the phone company (at least it was for me by Verizon). 
Not only that, but for those with cable modem
connections, or high-speed cable, did you know that even when our computers are shut off, hackers can hack into our cable and access our computers? We don't even know it. That is per Comcast cable themselves, confirmed by my bank, etc. So just because the computer is turned off, unless you unplug the internet cable from the back, anyone with a laptop and computer knowledge can pull in front of your house and jump onto your ISP. Happens all the time where I live. Scary stuff.
only if you have an external modem
Most modems are internal and you have to plug the phone line directly into it.  If you have an external modem, it is possible but troublesome. 
Verizon USB modem
I have been using a Verizon Wireless with 5GB limit as a backup internet connection the past couple months and for traveling. I have successfully worked with it without using very many MB (that's MB, not GB) at all. On evenings when I work and don't surf, my usage comes up to less than 100 MB for about 3-4 hours of work. 5 GB translates to 5120 MB. The evening that I decided to watch a Netflix video in a hotel room, I used over 500 MB, so I really wouldn't recommend trying to watch videos very often if you want to stay under your 5 GB limit. However, Medquist's DocQScribe program doesn't use much at all.

Also, when I have to use it from home because of my cable internet being down (frustrating, but it seems to happen a lot!), the whole thing works slower because I only get 1 bar of service here. From home, I can't even watch Netflix at all on Verizon because the connection speed isn't fast enough. From the hotel with full bars of service on Verizon, Netflix worked as well as it does from home when my cable connection is working properly.

Good luck! But seriously, if you're only working and doing emails on your Verizon, it should be within your usage limits without any problems!
Does anyone have wireless using a USB modem? sm
Have you ever been rejected for a job because of it?  I just was.  Also does anyone know if there is a difference between a card and a USB modem as far as speed?  I just got rejected for a work at home hospital employee job because the supervisor was convinced my wireless would not be fast enough for their system.  They use Dolby.  I have the USB 727 modem from Verizon, use VPN on it and have never had a problem.  Must say I'm pretty bummed.  I really needed that job and the benefits. 
I use my DSL modem for my router. sm
I would think it would depend on whether you have cable or DSL. I have TDS Metrocom for my phone and Internet. When I went home to work I called to find out what I needed to look for in a router. He told me my DSL is a router and all I needed was an ethernet cord. I went to Radio Shack and bought a 25 foot ethernet cord to run from the router to my new work computer. I ran the cord from the back of my DSL modem to the ethernet port on the work computer and haven't had a problem yet.
Yes. Have you looked on the back of your DSL modem to
see if it has both ethernet and USB ports?  If not, you can rent or buy one that does.  You should be able to hook both computers up and surf the 'Net on both at the same time without having to plug and unplug the modem.  I've actually got three going on my DSL now with a networked minihub hooking up my two office computers and a longer cable out to the family computer in the living room.
I am probably going to be changing from dialup to DSL - just exactly what do I need - new modem? nm
Never heard of a PC-DART modem -sm
Where I work uses PD-DART player to play the voice files, but you don't have to be on line to work. I go to a FTP, download my work, get off-line. Do my work, and upload the finished work to the FTP site. Check and see if this is what you can do; or if you misunderstood anything, as I said I never heard of a PC-DART modem.
wireless modem from Verizon
As long as you have a relatively strong cell phone signal at home, a wireless modem should work fine, speed is a bit different from DSL or cable, so you might have problems with some of your larger downloads.

Also, I found out recently that Sprint (my cell phone carrier), now offers a wireless modem/card that uses a USB port as well, so you could use it with either a desktop or a laptop.

Hope this helps.
Your PC doesn't have to be on, but your modem and router do.

Yes, DSL needs electricitym Modem plugs into outlet.
Thinking of trying a wireless modem from Verizon
was told it should work as long as I have cell phone service at my house, which I do.  All I have is dial-up at home and I'm so so so tired of the slow, slow, slow connection.   Plus I can use on my laptop too.  Hoping this will be faster.  Just wanted opions if you got'em.  Thx.
I have both my computers connected to my DSL modem and no router
and both computers connected to the KVM switch, but maybe my DSL modem is a modem/router or some fancy thing like that.  It does have a bunch of plug-ins in the back.
Cell phone & modem reception can be very different sm
I have very iffy cell phone service with Sprint but have been using a USB modem through them for the past month with an external antenna and amplifier. I get up to 1200 kbps download speeds without the antenna being installed outside yet (it's sitting in my window until we get a lightning protector). 3gstore.com is where I bought my equipment, and they can answer any questions you have. In fact, the tech person I spoke with has actually written transcription programs, so he definitely knows what is involved.
Cable will not work if your modem has to be plugged in.
When I had cable internet, it did not work during a power outage because the cable modem had to be plugged in, so no power meant no internet. Now I have wireless broadband that does not require power and I just keep my laptop always charged up. So if we lose power, I can easily just switch over to my laptop without losing too much time.
Okay, I guess I'm wondering about a cellular modem card for my laptop. SM

That would allow me to connect to the internet via a cellular network, right?  Maybe I just need to call Cingular and ask them if I can get that on my current plan.


Did you sell the Vonage modem to recoup some of your lost dollars?
How do you dial in...lanier, Cphone???? I'm wondering will this work with a Lanier voicewrite EX
Dial Up
They do make surge protectors that will protect your phone line. You can find them at Best Buy or any other local computer store. Don't but the cheap version either, I made that mistake once. Look to spend about 20 dollars or so on a nicer unit. This will protect the phone line, but I still would not trust it in a thunderstorm.
Dial up
Looking for an at home position but have dial up internet. I just moved to an area where no high speed internet is available (which is killing me) and did not know before we signed our lease there was no high speed internet. Does anyone know of companies that employ MTs with dial up internet access. Any information is greatly appreciated.

You may want to look into satellite. Dial-up is a dinosaur. Most hospitals are VPNs and web sites. You would be lucky to get anything dial-up. It is not MQs fault that you cannot get anything but dial-up. Look into other avenues and get with the program of the future.
Dial up for DQS
How does DQS work with dial up?  The manual does not state you have to use DSL, just an internet connection.
DQS on dial up
I had dial up the first couple weeks on DQS.  The worst part was the first download of the day -- sometimes it took an hour or more!!  I just switched to high speed and love it.  However, if you can't have high speed, the dial up works okay, it is just the first time you download for you day/shift.  I wold recommend dialing into the system an hour before you want to start to actually transcribe.  Really, the first download is the worst; once you get going and start uploading it isn't too awlfu bad.  Good luck!!
DQS with dial up?
I don't believe you can use DQS with dial-up - you need a fast internet connection. I believe this is what I was told as I had to get a cable internet connection.
dial up-56 K
Not sure which board to post this on. I would like a list of MT companies that accept dial-up.  Anybody know of any.  Can email me or list on the board.

Are you using dial-up?  When I was using dial-up Bellsouth was going to put a whopper of a bill on my phone because of all the usage (unlimited long distance they say.... yeah, right!).  I went with AT&T and they never once said there was a limit on my long distance usage.  I was using MEGA time on my second line for my dial-up usage (working 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day!).

Precyse solutions does - I have the same situation as do many others I work with. You would probably need to sign up for a high speed though, which is only a few more dollars per month. FYI - they are hiring!
I am an ME/MT for MQ and am still on dial up. sm
I have a feeling that if you are a new employee they will require high speed. I have looked into getting a part time job with another company so as not to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak, but most companies are now requiring high speed/cable. Dial-up has never been a problem for me, uploading, downloadint, whatever, no problem. An afterthought, how would they even know what kind of internet service you have as long as you can produce?
I don't know as I have dial-up BUT if it is 10 Gig - sm
then I highly doubt you will ever go over, if it is 10 meg then you will go over. I download about 200-300 megabytes of sound for a small local account, i.e. ~1000 lines a week, in 1 month. Is the $80 on top of your cable TV or is that all-inclusive? Personally I'd just tell them it was for personal use and leave off that you will be using it for work, none of their business.
I'm on dial up also.
Stuck in the past.
They are different, but you can use a DVI to dial into SM
a Dictaphone system.  The function keys will be a little different, if I remember right.
not dial-up
high-speed cable.
No, do not have dial-up, is that still around?
I had cut off my long distance some years back but as per my post, they said if did not carry, then they would deduct an extra $10.00 from the supposed credits I got for some other deals. I did have AT&T and this morning just got my fill and have switched over to Charter, everything except cell and they do not offer that or I would switch that also. Am tired of being nickle and dimed to death by AT&T, absolutely ridiculous.


 I go after the small offices, not companies and they usually want their stuff delivered and don't care what kind of internet you have.  I normally have my docs use a DVR but an office called me who still uses tapes.  So, there are those docs who still do it the old fashioned way.

Hope that helps.


You have to have somewhere for them to dial into.
They can't dial into the line that your C-phone is hooked into.  To access the dictation it has to be recorded somewhere for you to get it.  They can dictate to handheld recorders and transfer it to your computer or put it on their computer and you access it from theirs, but you can't use the C-phone for it, you would use a foot pedal.