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Not you cannot stop a check but

Posted By: Connie on 2007-04-28
In Reply to: It wasn't thought out - Classact

you wrote the check knowing you were going to stop payment- you said after they told you $241 so you knowingly wrote the check and then had it stopped, that is against the law because you knew writing it you were not going to honor it. That is when it is against the law.

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No brainer here. Stop payment on first check before you issue 2nd check.
Request that they place a stop payment on the check, reissue, and mail priority or overnight mail
If they refuse or invent unbelievable excuses, you'll know you have a problem. If MY check was a week late, there are many months I would be in deep trouble.
I realize checks occasionally do get lost in the mail. If they are 100% sure it was mailed, then they shouldn't mind issuing another.

Be firm and be persistent.
stop and full stop
that reminds me of a doctor who had his own very unique word for period...he called it a "perikat".  All through the report...Perikat... perikat.... LOL
Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online
Check the connections from where the cable originates to wear it comes into the house. Also check t
had a similar issue with TWC and they had done some upgrades and the modem I had was no longer compatible.  The tech knew what the problem was the minute he saw the modem, only it took me about 3 months and threatening to cancel for them to get out here. 
I have had a check bounce over a boo-boo in the check book...NOT A DEADBEAT!!
DID you check with Social Security& does your son receive a check???

Go to SSA.gov and research the payee options.  You may have to use the search engine, but your answer to this particular issue should be there.

I am disabled and while my kids were minors, I had to fill out a form each year on how I, as the payee spent each and every penny of the money they received.  I don't see how his mother can justify how she spent his money for things that you normally would pay.

That said, he is getting Social Security right?  Is your son receiving a dependent check?  Under law, if a parent is disabled and has minor children, each and every one of those children also receive a check until they turn 18 or graduate from high school, which ever comes first.

The check is a percentage of your husbands, so for 800.00, your son should receive at least 350.00.  If you have not been getting this, they would pro-rate it back to when your husbands disability started and that in itself, could solve a lot of your financial problems.  You can also find this out on their website,  HTH

no - don't check out wildblue. check out hughesnet. sm
i was on wildblue. i absolutely HATED it. i paid $400 for install and equipment and bill was $51.51 a month for smallest plan. no bills, had to be direct debit from credit card or bank. wasn't a lot faster than dial up and i frequently went over my download limit so i had to upgrade to the $80/mo plan. speed was no faster on their "fastest plan". they had a 1-yr contract and only 1-yr warranty. well 20 days (kid you not) out of warranty my tria (the eye on the dish) went out and it cost me a total of $275 for replacement and tech call (had to wait a week and a half before tech could come and then he no showed and rescheduled for the next day stating he didn't have the equipment he needed to fix me and the repair order had been in for over a week by that time. no call to say he wasn't coming either, just no showed). they TRIED to sell me the entire package all over again to get me locked into another 1-yr contract and i declined. it was best in their book so your warranty and equipment would be "new". i had to tell them for 5 months to change which credit card to debit from, never could get it right. had to tell them for 3 months when my phone number changed. i could not wait until the day my 1-yr contract was over. have heard really good things about hughesnet. i think it is a tad more a month, but supposedly a lot faster than wildblue and not near as many problems from what i have heard from others. wildblue was down for an entire week at one point throughout the year i was on it. always got lost signals and page cannot be found multiple, multiple times throughout the day. i used wildblue with VPN (with transtech) and could not keep a connection enough to get a decent line count as i was dropping signals too much and it did slow it way down. i finally got clinic work rather than acute care where time and speed wasn't a factor. research message boards for complaints about wildblue and hughesnet before deciding. also hughesnet i think told me a 2-yr warranty rather than only the 1-yr with wildblue.
Check the classified board here and check
E-bay.  Some companies will provide them for free or a small rental fee. 
Stop going to the doc, then! Oh, you NEED them though, huh?! LOL nm
I definitely want it to stop
I just don't want to lose my mother in the process.  I put myself in her shoes.  What would I do if my husband of 15 years was making advances at my daughter?   I don't want to get too graphic with some of the things he's said, but definite harrassment.  If I brought things to light, it would put her in an awful position, so I thought I could get it off my chest by telling another family member.  We don't exactly have a warm loving relationship as it is, so this would be like the last nail in the coffin.  I just want it to go away, so I stay away, but the guilt is awful.
Just stop already!
I agree - why get the boat rockin' again!
Yes, I think you should stop
doing this. Were you banned from this site and used the proxy4free.com thing to get back on?
Just Stop It . . .

Think of what people in the hurricanes went or are going through--NO THING is permanent--relationships with our loved ones are far more important.

If you have not made use of an item in a year and it is easily replaced, donate the item (if it is in good condition) to charity.

Irreplaceable, important, legal papers go into the safe deposit box. Keep a fire proof box with cash in it at home along with a disaster bag. Pay off credit cards and put cards in the safe deposit box. Keep the accounts open if needed for an emergency.

I always stop and say hello because SM
He's always reluctant to interrupt me, so I take the time to stop and say hello. :) I would say TRY not to get upset and just try it his way for a while.
just stop
you are SOOOOOOO catering to her, and i was glad to read you express that with your comment about the norman rockwell picture.  yep, that is exactly what she is doing.  It's ALL ABOUT THE WRAPPING and you and sibs are either paper or ribbon, whatever suits her whim.  Either way, you are it's all about what you REPRESENT .... but her her eyes, it not -- repeat, not -- about YOU. wrap your mind around that thought and just decide you are not going to be one of the props she uses to stage her house for others -- the friends she invites to impress, via YOU!  i know that deep down, you know this.  so, just say no thanks, DO NOT give a reason, DO NOT give an explanation, just say you have other plans and let her wonder.  be the man that you are.  don't be a wuss. Enjoy!  
STOP...STOP....STOP...trying to keep up
You cannot compare yourself to the people on this board. Do you mean you have only been doing transcription for eight months? If so, you're doing fine!! Eight months is not a lot of time. The speed with come with the experience. Just keep at it and use those auto keys! Give yourself another eight months, and you will be getting a little faster!! Good luck and let us know how you're doing in eight months!! :)
LOL, please stop

I think you should stop now. You s/m
obviously know nothing about how we are paid and how a 20-blank report can hold up our production.  And most of us are paid less than an MT is making.
one way to stop it, is to let the sm
answering machine or voice mail pick up the call. Lots of folks do that. If you have caller ID especially, you don't have to deal with it. If they can't reach you, they can't ask you.
stop trashing
I get sick and tired of trashing companies. makes me sick. Did you do a good job for the company, did you meet your line requirements, did you have accuracy. Ask yourself those questions!
Stop teasing now.

Did you stop to think (for all upset with MQ):
that the letter was addressed to "MedQuist Transcriptionist", meaning ALL transcriptionists?

Did you stop to think about the fact that the new plan is a "Medical Transcriptionist and Medical Editor Rewards Plan", meaning ALL transcriptionists?

Did you stop to think about the fact that the letter is an announcement of upcoming information and specifically says "highlights of the plan include..." and so does not give all the details so you cannot draw any conclusions about it?

Did you stop to think that the pay rates, daily incentive, evening/night premium pay highlights in the letter are NOT defined as EMPLOYEE ONLY highlights?

Did you stop to think that there is no way in hell that someone like you can ever be satisfied by any company? That no matter what MQ or any other company does, you'll have a reason to b****? Did you stop to think that if you're so dang upset about being with MQ that you are not a prisoner there? Did you stop to think that there are other companies doing MT that you can work for? Did you stop to think that there are millions of other lines of work you can get into?

Did you stop to think, period? Obviously not. All you did was stop to gripe.

You're probably one of the gripes who are upset because they received a DEP discrepancy check! LOL

It doesn't matter if, after taxes, it is 1 cent or $1000, it doesn't matter if you still work for them or don't, it doesn't matter how long you worked for them or didn't ... if a discrepancy in pay is found THEY MUST CORRECT THAT and that is what they have done. No matter what, you're gonna gripe. If they owed you 2 cents, you'd gripe. If they pay you the 2 cents, you gripe. If they don't make changes in how things are run, you gripe. If they make changes, you gripe.

For cryin' outloud people...get the hell out if you're THAT suspicious and burned out! GET OUT! Who wants you anyway? It's embarassing how you people carry on. Are you grown ups or not? Can't you think for yourself? Do you make your own decisions or does someone else make them for you?

If this company is as bad and hateful and MT-hating as you say, well then you can pat yourself on the back because YOU have outdone MQ on the hatefulness and badness. Good job, kiddies! Good job!! Now you're officially as hateful as the company you're whining about! LOLOLOLOL

Stop shouting, please.
stop looking in the mirror already
Nice mole!
stop labeling

Alcohol does NOT impair everyone. Every BODY handles liquor differently. Believe me, I know this for a fact. I can nurse a whiskey sour over an hour and be cold sober when I'm done. To the point I'm driving a car on the interstate, some idiot cuts me off, and I hit that brake on a dime. Believe me, I'm cold sober. You have to hear the flurry of words coming from my mouth (when I'm "under the influence" I love and forgive everybody).

Some can handle alcohol more than others. But, just because you have a "warm glow" or get a little giggly does not mean you can't do your desk job, and that includes MT. Maybe you can't, but I know for a fact that it can be done. I've seen the proof, right down to the last comma. And I'm not talking about SOAP notes. I'm talking about complex operative reports.

And to tell you the truth. I would feel more confident having somebody throw back a couple of drinks while at their desk doing MT than someone who has kids at their home who are misbehaving. Nobody should work under those conditions. I know I can't.  

And don't confuse DRINKING with drinking. People who drink wine (the original poster) tend to sip it. It could take 1/2 to 1 hour to finish the entire glass. Plus, the alcohol content in wine does not compare to the alcohol content in, say, rum & coke or a whiskey sour. --- And if you want to get right down to it, if you drink a cup of regular coffee you're also under the influence of "a drug." It's called caffeine. Another drug ... sugar. Just give it to a hyperactive kid and watch what happens.

In the final analysis, we all have to accept or not accept what we are most comfortable with. I accept the finished product (the report), not what they did during the course of transcription.

If you can stop laughing for a sec...
Where are these "places where typing pays decent$$$" and "there are tons and tons of men," please? I've been in the working world for over 40 years and no matter what the job, men are going to be paid more, even if they are just standing the "Slow" sign on road construction. The only exceptions I know of are jobs where equity is demanded by law - such as state government and big corporations that are affected by the federal wage and labor laws.

Part of the reason are men paid more is because they think they deserve it and will not accept the same kind of treatment most women will take for the sake of a job. Also, men are more likely to be put into management and supervisor positions, despite their education and experience. It happens in nursing, customer service, any job that is predominantly female. There are probably a lot of reasons for that and I won't even go there.
The Comedy Stop !!
There's some funny stuff over there.  It's good to have a comedic break now and then.      
Pediatrician - what age to stop

I'm typing reports for 20-year-olds who are being hospitalized in Pediatrics and seen by pediatricians.  Some of these patients are already parents themselves.  I don't think I would want my 7-year-old in the same room as a 20-year-old with a baby of her own. 

At any rate, does anyone know the age nowadays when pediatricians sent their pts to adult care providers?  It used to at age 15 or 16, but that was eons ago. 

Thanks!  I'm just curious. 


Did you ever stop to think that the reason you see...

some companies consistently looking for more MTs is because those companies are growing, taking on many new accounts and need more MTs????? 

I totally agree with the other posters who have answered you thus far . . .  do your own homework.  There are many great companies *out there* and some that are not so great.  Spend some time researching.  Why should any of us invest time doing it for you if you aren't willing to put forth a bit of effort yourself!!?

I had to buy this for a job but ended up loving it and even used it for a different job (a fairly large national) where they had their own wav player that was clunky and full of bugs and given to locking up. I was able to use the USB pedal I already had, so I didn't have to buy theirs, but they actually send you a CD and a booklet, so I believe you can install it as much as needed.

The feature I like is that you can program a pedal to insert a blank and a time code, which makes reviewing blanks ever so much easier.
There IS something we can do: stop accepting
she was probably saying "full stop"
this is said a lot in overseas countries instead of "period"- it means the same thing tho
I can hit Esc or use Ctrl/X, too, to stop it. nm
Unfortunately no key function to stop it. sm
How about making one pt that changes to capital PT and one ptx that expands to prothrombin time? Another example, have chf change to capital CHF and chfx to expand out to congestive heart failure. I just started ExText myself and that's what I'm going to be doing. I saw another poster does the exact opposite with the X so not meant to confuse!
start stop
try going to configure and uncheck variable speed it will play but you cant chnge speed

or try associate files with start stop under configure and check them all
stop yelling, please
sorry, that is just stop listening to them
Ok, this is getting out of hand & it's going to stop now.

The OP explained her situation and then elaborated on the situation again. It sounds like she is a giving person by helping other family members and it also sounds like she just wanted some ideas on frugal ways to make a dollar stretch until she gets her affairs in proper order.  Should she require the family members pay SOME type of rent to be accountable?  Probably. We all know the real estate market is not what is used to be and some people are in a bind with their property right now. The OP is clear that she was not fully informed about the whole transaction and there could be particulars that the OP may not have been privvy too. Maybe mistakes were made by the OP and her husband and it's too late to repair the problem.  People make mistakes all the time.  As you are reading this, consider what mistakes you have made in just the past 24 hours.  The key here is that before passing judgement understand that there could be many variables that you are not aware of. 

maybe you need to stop enabling her

If she is an adult daughter, and she knows what her diagnosis is and has been adequately educated about it, yet refuses to see a mental health professional, perhaps you should step back and say, it is your responsibility to manage your own health. If she feels she needs to see doctors, she needs to get her own job with insurance or get on disability. If she feels she doesn't need to be managed with a psychiatrist's help you should encourage her to see then she needs to be the one to deal with the consequences. Ignore her manic outbursts and/or set limits.

There are plenty of people with manic disorders who choose to carefully manage their condition. The condition itself is not an excuse for not managing it. hope this helps

Please stop emailing me. You know who you are. (SM)

I figure it would be rude and/or against the MT Stars TOS for me to use the name of this person or reprint verbatim her emails here on the site, so I will just say this to you ...  you can stop emailing me now. 

I am not going to agree with you that I should be "thankful" for the employer who wants to break our contract and who treats me with disrespect.  I disagree with you that she is my "boss" any more than my hair colorist should view me as her "boss".  My colorist has a talent and I pay her to perform a service for me.  That doesn't make me her "boss", nor can I call her up and demand that she stop making dinner for her family and meet me at the salon to do my highlights.  LOL! 

I do not agree with you that those of us on this board are all a bunch of whiners.  I do not agree with you that my children would be better off being raised in daycare.  My son -- now in fourth grade -- went off to school just fine having been to preschool 2 days a week for 3 hours a day rather than all day every day.  Sorry, but there was no crying and wailing on his first day of school.  You didn't have to put your kids in daycare to prepare them for school.  That's something people say to make themselves feel better about their daycare decision.  If that is the choice you or anyone else made, fine.  It doesn't affect me or my family and it's none of my business.  However, don't give me the "my kids were prepared for school and kids of work-at-home moms like you cry all day at school because they aren't prepared" garbage.  That's what it is, garbage.  Children don't need eight hours a day five days a week of "preparation" for school that is longer than the school day itself.  That's why they have preschool, a couple hours a couple of days a week.  If you chose to put your children in daycare, be proud of or at least confident in your choice without having to make excuses for it. 

And another thing, I HAVE been "in the workforce", as I am sure a lot of these other ladies who work at home have been as well.  I am CHOOSING to do MT so that I CAN be at home raising my children myself.  And, in fact, I am IN the workforce.  I am my own boss.  I have my own business.  I work from home.  I have a contract, and I expect those who sign it to abide by it.  I expect professionalism.  If I were flipping burgers for minimum wage, I might expect to tolerate some behavior like that exhibited by my MTSO.  I am a professional.  I expect my contract to be honored and to be treated professionally.  You don't have to agree with me on that, but you are not going to change my mind about it, either.   

You are the only one who has sided with my MTSO in this.  I am sure my MTSO would love to have you.  However, I'd really like you to stop emailing me now.  If you are proud of your stance on this, post it here for everyone to see, but please leave my inbox alone.   


Please stop gloating!
How nice for you that you came into that kind of work. There are those of us who are not that lucky. You seem to imply that anyone can get those accounts. Not true!
You don't know how to stop reading this
Does anyone know how to set stop codes in

Word?  TIA!

Stop Codes
Its Ctrl F9 to create the stop.  Ctrl F11 takes you through the document.
Stop codes. sm.
What do you use stop codes for?  I know how to use jump codes, but how can I incorporate stop codes into transcribing document?  TIA.
Need Help W/Stop Codes
I've tried saving the stop codes as part of my template in my AutoCorrect in Word, but whenever I pull in the template, the stop codes are gone.  It appears as though they won't save in AutoCorrect.  I've also tried saving them into my template in my expansion software, but they disappear in this, also.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!
Help I am arguing and can't stop!

Folks just reading what you want to read? I said I have to drive across Brown, Clermont and Hamilton counties into Indiana to get to those kids and their other grandma does not have a computer. It is a one hour and 20 minute drive each way and no I did NOT want to retire. They could not be taken out of school to come here. At our age and living in rural areas, we could not find babysitters on such short notice. Listen as a single mother raising my kids, I worked two and three jobs. Times are different. And if you had read my post you would have seen that I drive a long way to get to them and they have no computer. Just stop it OK? I just got a private email from a gal on here...she says y'all are suffering after effects from the full moon and the eclipse. Lighten up....I ONLY wanted to know how to get a job that would let me earn less than $900. If it were illegal or an "easy" way out....no one would let you do it and they DO, even Social Security. I just wanted info on how to be an IC. You folks need a stiff drink. Take care and thank you....and thank you to A and also to K.....you two know who you are...and you answered my questions. And also in this day and age, you just don't leave your kids with "anyone." Our family is small and isolated and this was our only option in the short run.


Then stop complaining...

If you are happy, then stop complaining.  If you are not happy, then move on.  Why is it so difficult for you to figure out?

I used it during training, but had to stop
I thought it was okay.  Learning the hot keys will help during the editing.  Some was editing and some straight typing, but it was okay for me, for what it's worth. 
It has to stop some time, like
For instance, would anyone work for 5 cpl? Okay, there were some desperate takers. So now, let's see if anyone would work for 4 cpl. How about 3 cpl? 2? 1? Anyone interested in working for free? How desperate do people have to get?