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Check the classified board here and check

Posted By: me on 2008-01-28
In Reply to: Why on earth are c-phones so expensive? - sm

E-bay.  Some companies will provide them for free or a small rental fee. 

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Check out the ad on the classified board
Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online
Check out the MQ Board!
Our fellow transcriptionists at Medquist are having their editing wages cut effective almost immediately.
Check the connections from where the cable originates to wear it comes into the house. Also check t
had a similar issue with TWC and they had done some upgrades and the modem I had was no longer compatible.  The tech knew what the problem was the minute he saw the modem, only it took me about 3 months and threatening to cancel for them to get out here. 
No brainer here. Stop payment on first check before you issue 2nd check.
Check out Job Seeker's Board

Check New MT/Student board
Check the New MT/Student Board
Go to the company board and check the sm
Set Up Your Alerts notice at the top.  I think that is how you set it up. 
You should check the tax information board--sm
accessible on the gab board site near the top. From my experience as an IC, if this is your first year doing any IC work, I do not believe that you need to do the estimated tax thing, but you still must report any income over, I believe, $400 for the first year on your income tax returns. You should do the estimated tax filings beginning with your second year, though. This would be for your IC job only. Check the tax board though, as there is usually some pretty good info on their.
I will check out the company board sm
Later about the Expander thing.  I am on my way out now, but will take a look and see if I can help.
Check out the MQ board - apparently
check Autoimmune Board
there's one from India there.
check with the labor board. Would they pay you double
if they let you go without notice?
Check the Hospital/Clinic MT board right here. nm
Check out the Schools board at this website.
Excellent on-line schools include M-Tec, Andrews, and CareerStep, and you'll find the Schools board right under the Medquist board.

check the equipment board--several listed there--nm
Check with your state's Labor Board on #2
Check the company board. Someone asked

You may want to check the company board and do a search
I think you can do better - and nationals can be great to work for, don't know who hires newbies, though. Good Luck!
I would call IT or check productivity board sm
as would be so much more efficient easier to get IT to work correctly than to try to work back words and get autocorrect to work - IT should work with just about anything - not so with autocorrect
Check company board for archives.
I have had a check bounce over a boo-boo in the check book...NOT A DEADBEAT!!
DID you check with Social Security& does your son receive a check???

Go to SSA.gov and research the payee options.  You may have to use the search engine, but your answer to this particular issue should be there.

I am disabled and while my kids were minors, I had to fill out a form each year on how I, as the payee spent each and every penny of the money they received.  I don't see how his mother can justify how she spent his money for things that you normally would pay.

That said, he is getting Social Security right?  Is your son receiving a dependent check?  Under law, if a parent is disabled and has minor children, each and every one of those children also receive a check until they turn 18 or graduate from high school, which ever comes first.

The check is a percentage of your husbands, so for 800.00, your son should receive at least 350.00.  If you have not been getting this, they would pro-rate it back to when your husbands disability started and that in itself, could solve a lot of your financial problems.  You can also find this out on their website,  HTH

Check out the posting on job board titled "mt job".

This is who we're losing our jobs to?!?!

Check recent posts on Company Board. nm
Check the Company board for recent comments. nm
Search the archives and check the Company board
One late check, I'd forgive, but the 2nd and I'd on my way to the Labor Board. (nm)
Check out the Company board, halfway down the page. nm
Check company board. I just asked a similar question, NM
no - don't check out wildblue. check out hughesnet. sm
i was on wildblue. i absolutely HATED it. i paid $400 for install and equipment and bill was $51.51 a month for smallest plan. no bills, had to be direct debit from credit card or bank. wasn't a lot faster than dial up and i frequently went over my download limit so i had to upgrade to the $80/mo plan. speed was no faster on their "fastest plan". they had a 1-yr contract and only 1-yr warranty. well 20 days (kid you not) out of warranty my tria (the eye on the dish) went out and it cost me a total of $275 for replacement and tech call (had to wait a week and a half before tech could come and then he no showed and rescheduled for the next day stating he didn't have the equipment he needed to fix me and the repair order had been in for over a week by that time. no call to say he wasn't coming either, just no showed). they TRIED to sell me the entire package all over again to get me locked into another 1-yr contract and i declined. it was best in their book so your warranty and equipment would be "new". i had to tell them for 5 months to change which credit card to debit from, never could get it right. had to tell them for 3 months when my phone number changed. i could not wait until the day my 1-yr contract was over. have heard really good things about hughesnet. i think it is a tad more a month, but supposedly a lot faster than wildblue and not near as many problems from what i have heard from others. wildblue was down for an entire week at one point throughout the year i was on it. always got lost signals and page cannot be found multiple, multiple times throughout the day. i used wildblue with VPN (with transtech) and could not keep a connection enough to get a decent line count as i was dropping signals too much and it did slow it way down. i finally got clinic work rather than acute care where time and speed wasn't a factor. research message boards for complaints about wildblue and hughesnet before deciding. also hughesnet i think told me a 2-yr warranty rather than only the 1-yr with wildblue.
This s/b on the classified board, she's trying to sell it.
classified board comes in handy...might do well there. NM
Check the grad board, if you are indeed a grad . . .

There is a thread titled, "RMT/CMT Review classes" posted by Susan.  You are right in that the guide is $49.95, but there IS a fee for the actual classes.  It's just discounted if you're a grad.

So, argue all you want, but it's all right there in that thread.  Perhaps you had one of the "free registration" codes.  There were a few available.  Otherwise, it is $50 for a grad. 


your dictionary or autocorrect and see if it is set to capitalize the first letter in a sentence.

i think it is just that, though, an annoyance. 

Thank you! Will check them out now.
My check was for over $400, but certainly does not
come close to the money I have lost since going on docqscribe.  I think corporate should provide us with the statistics they used to arrive and this amount.  The @#$#@ crooks!
Thanks, I will check that out. You would
think that would be illegal (to pay for one line count and bill for another) so they would be a little more discreet......
Check for DQS
Wonder if the discrepancy in pay on DQS is MQ wide or just certain regional offices cause I havent gotten anything yet and I dread having to contact my TC.  Does anyone know?
Why did you get a check$?
and nobody told us?
check out
check out
Come to India, much MT work for you.
MQ DEP check ?

Anyone heard from their MQ office what this check amount was based on and why it wasn't direct deposit like others if you are on direct deposit??

MQ DEP check
reason it wasn't DD, my opinion, is that if we cash it, we are "settling" any past underpayments. It has to do with the lawsuit. I my check yesterday, and I will deposit it probably. By my cashing it, I did not sign or agree to anything and the letter doesn't state anything about dismissing them from any further legal action. I think they sent the checks to make them look good, like they are trying to be honest and forthright about the discrepancies. A little late...
What check?
I have been with MQ for 14 years and I never got this check, is it for everyone?
emailed payroll and asked for a detailed printout of how this figure was derived and she said that corporate told her that it would take probably 2-3 weeks (you and I both know it's probably more like 2-3 months). we have a right to know how it was gotten and if I were you I'd do the same so that they know that we're just not a bunch of dummies who just take what they give us without an explanation that will satisfy us.
MQ check
I only glanced at the letter that came with the check but it said something about the DQS counting making mistakes and they were "sorry for any inconvenience this caused."   Not a word about there never being enough WORK to matter whether the counting was right or not.  Prior to DQS in 7 years I NEVER ran out of work.  Didn't hang around long enough to see if their promises were true that we would soon be making so much money that we couldn't spend it all. LOL
"legally" any company has the right to withhold payment for 30 days. I found that out by accident, as well. ... through a company also in California. I would suggest, after attempting a telephone conversation first, that you speak with a lawyer and begin litigation. You are owed what you did work for. Good luck to you.
Check out!!!
I am in India my lovely. Come be with me. Check out. You love it. That for sure.