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OMG! Admin really outdid it with this counting software. Thank you SOOO much! It's really super.

Posted By: Ann Bailey on 2005-09-22
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looking for line counting software
  What do you use for line counting software? I am currently using Total Assistant Pro. It was counting accurately when I first purchased it. I even downloaded the free trial version to make sure it counted accurately before purchasing. (I charge by the straight line no matter how many characters are on it!). I'm not getting anywhere with support.
LIne counting software

Also look in your word software, because I know that word 2000 will count your lines.

Line counting software


Great program

Line counting software?
Are there any free line counting software products out there that are any good?  If not what is the best one one that isn't all that expensive?  TIA, Wanda
Line Counting Software

I would like info on line counting software so I can see if they are calculated correctly.  

Is there line counting software that sm

will allow you to chose gross lines BUT also let you say that no line can be longer than a set amount of characters?  So in other words if my clients lines are set so long and small  that 95 char are on each line but my contract reads a line shall be no more than 65 characters, the software can pick up both gross lines over 5 characters and gross lines no longer than 65 characters??? 

Am I being clear?  Anyone know of invoicing/counting software that can do that?

Thank you.



line counting software
I am looking for software to count gross lines. I only have one doctor I need it for, so I don't want to spend a lot. Does anyone know of a good product for this?

thank you!
Line Counting Software DOWN for 5+ days!
How many of you MT's work "in the dark" for days on end, not know how many lines you are producing?  Apparently there is a glitch and it is being worked on..... hmmm.  But, how can we be sure the program is not eating up our lines each day?  I am never unable to see how many lines each report has produced, must wait sometimes up to an hour later to get a count.  Am I being paranoid? 
Looking for accurate line counting software.nm

Line counting software. See message.
My favorit is MPCount, now MPTools. This used to be a free download, but now you have to sign up for it and pay something like $40 or something like that. MTStars also has a line counting software that is a free download - MTStars Flascount and Invoice Creator. Link below.

As far as any software, I use my XP word for typing the reports and either print or send electronically either via PCAnywhere (remote file transfer) or encrypted email. There is an easy download HandyBits Easy Crypto program that is free also and works very well.

If you do tapes, all you need is to make sure you have a tape player that is the correct size for the tapes you will be typing. Most are micro/mini, all depends on the doctor's machine. If you have a doctor that uses digital transcriber, you will need to purchase the software for your computer. Transcriptiongear.com is a great site for any kind of equipment.

Good luck to you.
Where can I download line counting software? sm

I have an older version of Word, within Microsoft Suites Office, I believe it is the 2000 edition.  Anyone know where I can download a good/accurate line counting program? 


Line counting/invoicing software
I'm wondering if there is any line counting software that "stores" each individual doctor's line counts time after time, and then will provide invoicing (say twice a month) from those stored line counts.  I'm looking for a way to just store up the line counts for each doctor, go in twice a month and easily send invoices for those stored line counts.  Not sure if this can be done.  Thank you!
Usually it's the software not counting headers/footers, or any of the
Anyone out there switch from regular counting software...
Switching to Dictaphone Extext and if so did your pay go down or stay around the same amount?
Abacus Line Counting Software sm

has a free trial and only $38 to buy -- much less than other line counting programs!

I think it only works with Word though.



Software suggestions for line counting. MP Count is not helpful
I am doing an IC job and was going to use MP Count because it also prepares an invoice. The problem is.. I dont think the line counts are correct. I swear I only did like 6-10 clinic notes and it had my line count at 1100. Am I doing something wrong or is there a better program out there. I hate to spend a lot of money as this is only a temporary fill-in job for this week but I want to be fair. I put in 65 characters and I charge .10 a line.. I just cant see charging over $100 for just that many notes. Any suggestions?
Electronic spellchecker and line counting software for Word 07

Does anyone know of any line counting software and electronic medical spellchecker that works in Word that is out there for Word 97.  I just upgraded to Office 2007 and my abacus does not do the same and I really don't like it in the standalone version and also my Dorland's electronic medical spellchecker will not even install on this version of Word.  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.  Please help as I have to have this to do my job. 

Thanks so much

Line counting software - Need a good program. Have used MPCount in the past, but now
cannot download the old one, as it has been replaced by some new version, which I don't like. Can anyone recommende a good line counting program. Thanks.
Only the Admin or a Moderator can edit posts. Email admin@mtstars.com or
Yeah, you're right. Who cares who licenses your software? Heck, I use all pirated software anyw

why pay for anything, right?

Except that is AGAINST THE LAW!!!

Thank you sooo much,

I have been trying to figure that out for quite some time now.  Why isn't that explained anywhere on the site or why isn't there just a tab to click on for "Subscriptions?"

Just wondering, it would sure be easier to do that way.

Thanks again.

Thank you sooo much!
I am in total agreement with you about the Emdat platform and also being able to do more in Word.  I really wish there was a way to just type in Word and send the work from there.  However, thanks so much for letting me know about how to copy to Emdat.  I didn't want to try it until I heard back from someone, so thanks.:)
if they are SOOO BAD
why do so many people work there?
everything is opinion based, just as you didn't like it there, im gonna guess plenty do.
A friend of mine got one and she is finding that some of her software, specifically her ISP software
this is sooo cool! Thanks!

I am just sooo depressed

Hello!! I am a newbie, stay-at-home military wife and my husband is the only one working for now. He is deployed right now and I am managing all the finances, since we have separate accounts, I transferred$1000 in my account which made him mad. It felt like I overspent and use the money for nothing. Money that I didn't even spent shopping!!! He knows where the money goes but he still questions me about every single penny I spent and I really felt so bad.

Thank you guys for reading my post. I just felt like sharing this with you. I just need someone to talk to.

This is sooo true
This is so true. I have been told by the human resource director that the docs will only need a device kind of like a Palm Pilot and that they will key in diagnoses, etc, which somehow which will somehow cover billing, transcription, etc. I guess I could deliver pizzas or go to Wal-Mart. It seems like there will always be PIZZA AND WAL-MART! This is really, really SAD.
My $375 was sooo well spent...
We have a cat and a dog - We have gone through a Fantom, a Hoover wind tunnel, and a Dirt Devil (not in that order, but you get it, about one vacuum every other year - kaplooey with the animal hair - yes I groom my animals but still...they shed)....I bought a Dyson a little over year ago, after seeing it on sale at Sears, looking it up on the 'net, and just being fascinated by the whole vortex deal. I also ended up using a gift card I had as well, which took a bite out of the price.  Before buying, I asked the Sears Service Dept and customer service people their "scoop" on the Dyson - they had never had one returned....for any reason in our region of stores - they looked it up for me.  I figured that was good enough for me !  I have had no problems whatsoever and absolutely love it.  I should have started working at Sears on commission.  I have sold 3 of them just by word of mouth..LOL!  Gotta love the Dyson - especially with the extra motor in mine (the purple one) for the animal hair - it honestly doesn't ever lose suction! 
Not the OP. This is sooo true.

Like when the company looses an account and the Shift lead lies and tries to play dumb like she has no idea why there has been no work for 20 days or more. Yeah right!  Big fat liars...most of them.

While at another company based in Florida, I had system problems almost every day.  Tech support was a joke.  Every time I mentioned it to my Team lead shed say, "I have the same problem everyday" in the most unconvincing voice possible. Big fat liar.


Sooo funny, thanks!


At the end of a day, once, I was sooo tired and would have
preferred to not type at all and yes...I did it, I CHERRYPICKED.

Then, I realized the other MTs were making selections and that is why I was so tired = I was doing the crappy work.

Now, thank GOD, my account does not allow the MTs access to that function in Winscribe - and becoming a cheater isn't an option anymore. Cheater
I am just sooo frustrated!

I am just so frustrated with my production.  I am stuck at 800ish lines a day.  I have tried Instant Text and Smartype both and I still cannot get over this 800 line mark.  I really need to double this at least because I have 2 children to support.  Ok thanks for letting me vent


You're sooo right.
We weren't born yesterday.
If u need server software, try guild ftp. If just user software
then try cuteftp, coffeecupftp, or wsftp. They don't charge a line rate and I believe guildftp server software is still free.
My ex was wealthy and I was sooo miserable
without going into detail, I will say my health suffered from being with a man whom I sensed did not love me in a deep fashion. That fact cancelled out the 9,000 sq foot home (attached 4 car garage), 2400 cash allowance monthly, the need for me not to work, vacations to exotic places and luxury cruises twice each year, a walk in close the size of my present bedroom. But, you know, I was so lonely. At least with your husband, you will have a man who loves you when you are old. I left that life to nothing, zip, lost my place in MT world after 20 yrs and had to start all over, his attorneys royally screwed me and yes, I was so poor I was hungry, sold all those clothes at second hang consignment shops and begged someone to hire me (MQ at 0.06 cpl). I had dogs so had to buy a home which took every cent I had. Walked out with nothing in the end. I am happy but at 40, that scene is not one a person can go through without subsequent scars.

I am alone now. A fireplace is my company along with two cats. Seven years later, I am at peace finally but I really did let myself down by putting myself through the hell I lived trying to get my life back on track.

The secret to happiness is being thankful for what we have - I say that every day.
SOOO good to hear from you --sm
So many people on this board expressed concern for you well being, I was surprised. But I am VERY glad that you did so well and accomplished what you meant to accomplish. I applaud your efforts and wish you the best of luck. I am a bit concerned about the doctor situation though. No doctor should have such control over someone's physical care as to put pressure on someone who works with them. That is not ethical! I understand your concerns about your husband's position and I am not suggesting that you do anything drastic, but it sounds like someone is holding a weapon over your husband's head to make you continue you care with them. You have a right to choose your own doctor and not suffer any consequences. This is still the USA, not matter what her problems, and you still have the freedom of choice. Please continue on your present course of action and only do what you feel comfortable doing, but please keep in mind also that no doctor should FORCE you to take care from them. Please also continue to come here to talk about things. There are some very supportive people on this board, and use them when you need to. All best wishes to you!! You should be so very proud! and bless your husband for being so understanding too!
You are sooo lucky!!! Congrats!
But ohhhh sooo tempting!! LOL

I am sooo computer challenged. Please can you help? sm
I am trying to test for a company that sent me the test via e-mail attachment.  The test file had to be unzipped which I did using Winzip.  But now, I have no idea how to get it to play.  What am I supposed to do now to get me sound card to play it.  I feel sooo dumb, but I've just never had to go through all these hoops.  I've always just been able to click and listen.  Ugh.
I thought Transolutions was sooo fantastic, don't they have something to help you with that?
That's sooo not true. The company can change
Nice try but you really don't understand what you are talking about.
Yeah, sooo, MTSO needs to tell MT what facilty
Inhouse only lasts sooo long...

I bet if you asked around, the outsourcing rate is moving faster than we think.

There is always the nationals to go back to in case the inhouse job sends ya' packin'.... 

I admire that at only 19 you were so level-headed and such a hard worker. Sounds like you enjoy the challenge of being an MT.
I agree, and I work for MQ! Sooo boring, soooo old, and
you would think they'd realize how idiotic they look - whining and whining and predicting doom and gloom! Honestly, MQ and Philips is BOOMING in the business world right now.  Huge advances the last few months - HUGE sales of products, advances, awards in the industry.  I get email alerts daily on the HUGE growth of MQ - and these old sea-hags just sit on here and cackle about DOOM.  Boy, do they need a reality check, or what? All is fine in MQ world, and always, always will be!  As long as you're willing to work and have a brain, MQ is a great place to work! Oh, yeah, and I'm mgmt - making 6 figures and even remotely interested in sea-hag opinions! That is just soooooooooooooo lame, too! Or maybe I'm the same poster from below who always uses CAPS! That is sooooooooooo funny. Cracked up at that analysis - some of these women have way toooooooo much time on their hands rather than hitting the keyboard! Analysing posts to compare typing styles. Give me a break! What a hoot!
But, she said the sex is SOOO good. Isn't this a twisted sort of situation?
She's miserable, but yet the sex is just so darned good? How good could it possibly be from such a jerk? Sounds VERY codependent.
We just had baby bunnies one week ago. Sooo cute!! nm
I agree. When hear/research blank, it is SOOO
Super Hint
Unless you need a microphone attached, I would suggest Dictaphone earphones.  They hae excellent sound quality.  Also...if you have extra noise from your speakers, plug right into your PC and a lot of that noise will disappear.  That works with any headphones.
Super Hint
Unless you need a microphone attached, I would suggest Dictaphone earphones.  They hae excellent sound quality.  Also...if you have extra noise from your speakers, plug right into your PC and a lot of that noise will disappear.  That works with any headphones.
Super Walmart
I really am not impressed with Wal-Mart.  We now have a super walmart and due to have another one open on the other side of town.  Who needs two walmarts?  It is always very crowded.  Very few registers open.  Groceries are higher in a lot of cases than my supermarket.  I only buy a few things that I see are cheaper.  Overall I do better at my local grocery store and I like the produce better.  You can never just "run in" anymore.  Smaller is better! I just hope they don't put my favorite store out of business.  I think alot of people feel this way though.  Not too many people I know do their weekly grocery shopping there.