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Software suggestions for line counting. MP Count is not helpful

Posted By: line count help.. on 2006-05-11
In Reply to:

I am doing an IC job and was going to use MP Count because it also prepares an invoice. The problem is.. I dont think the line counts are correct. I swear I only did like 6-10 clinic notes and it had my line count at 1100. Am I doing something wrong or is there a better program out there. I hate to spend a lot of money as this is only a temporary fill-in job for this week but I want to be fair. I put in 65 characters and I charge .10 a line.. I just cant see charging over $100 for just that many notes. Any suggestions?

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looking for line counting software
  What do you use for line counting software? I am currently using Total Assistant Pro. It was counting accurately when I first purchased it. I even downloaded the free trial version to make sure it counted accurately before purchasing. (I charge by the straight line no matter how many characters are on it!). I'm not getting anywhere with support.
LIne counting software

Also look in your word software, because I know that word 2000 will count your lines.

Line counting software


Great program

Line counting software?
Are there any free line counting software products out there that are any good?  If not what is the best one one that isn't all that expensive?  TIA, Wanda
Line Counting Software

I would like info on line counting software so I can see if they are calculated correctly.  

Is there line counting software that sm

will allow you to chose gross lines BUT also let you say that no line can be longer than a set amount of characters?  So in other words if my clients lines are set so long and small  that 95 char are on each line but my contract reads a line shall be no more than 65 characters, the software can pick up both gross lines over 5 characters and gross lines no longer than 65 characters??? 

Am I being clear?  Anyone know of invoicing/counting software that can do that?

Thank you.



line counting software
I am looking for software to count gross lines. I only have one doctor I need it for, so I don't want to spend a lot. Does anyone know of a good product for this?

thank you!
Line Counting Software DOWN for 5+ days!
How many of you MT's work "in the dark" for days on end, not know how many lines you are producing?  Apparently there is a glitch and it is being worked on..... hmmm.  But, how can we be sure the program is not eating up our lines each day?  I am never unable to see how many lines each report has produced, must wait sometimes up to an hour later to get a count.  Am I being paranoid? 
Looking for accurate line counting software.nm

Line counting software. See message.
My favorit is MPCount, now MPTools. This used to be a free download, but now you have to sign up for it and pay something like $40 or something like that. MTStars also has a line counting software that is a free download - MTStars Flascount and Invoice Creator. Link below.

As far as any software, I use my XP word for typing the reports and either print or send electronically either via PCAnywhere (remote file transfer) or encrypted email. There is an easy download HandyBits Easy Crypto program that is free also and works very well.

If you do tapes, all you need is to make sure you have a tape player that is the correct size for the tapes you will be typing. Most are micro/mini, all depends on the doctor's machine. If you have a doctor that uses digital transcriber, you will need to purchase the software for your computer. Transcriptiongear.com is a great site for any kind of equipment.

Good luck to you.
Where can I download line counting software? sm

I have an older version of Word, within Microsoft Suites Office, I believe it is the 2000 edition.  Anyone know where I can download a good/accurate line counting program? 


Line counting/invoicing software
I'm wondering if there is any line counting software that "stores" each individual doctor's line counts time after time, and then will provide invoicing (say twice a month) from those stored line counts.  I'm looking for a way to just store up the line counts for each doctor, go in twice a month and easily send invoices for those stored line counts.  Not sure if this can be done.  Thank you!
Abacus Line Counting Software sm

has a free trial and only $38 to buy -- much less than other line counting programs!

I think it only works with Word though.



Line counting programs usually count sm
what you can see on the screen, not the counted strokes you yourself type. If you are counting in Word, using their counting system, you can count gross lines which includes any blank lines and hard returns, you can count characters with and without spaces, but there is no way to count strokes.

The doctor is being penny wise and pound foolish. He wants to pay less, but he has no idea what he is getting himself into if he does. Undercutting rarely works out for a doctor.

Electronic spellchecker and line counting software for Word 07

Does anyone know of any line counting software and electronic medical spellchecker that works in Word that is out there for Word 97.  I just upgraded to Office 2007 and my abacus does not do the same and I really don't like it in the standalone version and also my Dorland's electronic medical spellchecker will not even install on this version of Word.  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.  Please help as I have to have this to do my job. 

Thanks so much

Line counting software - Need a good program. Have used MPCount in the past, but now
cannot download the old one, as it has been replaced by some new version, which I don't like. Can anyone recommende a good line counting program. Thanks.
Line Count Software

www.wordtraverse.com has a very good line counting software that we use, WordTraverse.  You can specify gross line, ignoring blank lines, etc.  Pretty good price too...we've used them for 2 years now and we really like the support.


Line Count Software

PractiCount from www.practiline.com can do the job too.

Line count software?
Can anyone suggest a good line count software that is either free or inexpensive?  I'm starting as an IC in about three weeks and need to have everything up and ready to go within two weeks, as I'll be on vacation for a week before I start.  I need it to be inexpensive because I already have to update my spellchecker, buy a flash drive, and get a business license and things are tight financially right now.   Thanks for any advice!
line count software

For my gross line count, I just use Microsoft word line count.  For my cpl I use Syncount.  Don't know how the others work but this one allows me to count two characters for a capitalized letter, underline, bold, etc.  Also since I do not like changes, was initiated with this one and just kept it for those I use cpl.  90% of my accounts are gross line but just at a lower rate so it all equals out. 


line count software

I would like some suggestions as to what program or software is the best for line counting on a document? I need something reasonably priced that would count a 65-character line with spaces, etc.  Any help is appreciated.

Than my line count software but be ...
doing it by the gross line. I am using Textally from the same people who do ExpressScribe. When I put my document in it reads 783 lines but when I read the character count and divide by 65 I get 722 lines! My second part of the question was: is 9 cents a line a lot to ask if you've got tons of experience and they're happy with your work?
free line count software
I need a free download for line count software that is accurate, anybody know one.  Thanks.  wordgenie
Line count software/program

I am in need of a new line count program.  Mine is on a floppy disk (yes, it's that old) and I no longer have access to a floppy drive.

What is a good/reliable program to use?

Spellex medical spellchecker and line count software

Does anyone use this program.  Is it any good. I have abacus right now that I have had for about 8 or 9 years and I really like it but I just upgraded to Word 2007 and I don't like the way it does the new count. It is a stand alone now instead of working inside Word and it does not seem to be as accurate and function as well.  Also I have Dorlands electronic medical spellchecker and I really like it because it will correct things automatically that I misspell and stuff and it words directly in Word but it is not compatible with Word 2007.  Does anyone have any advice on this or any software that is good and works with Word 2007? 


You need to watch your line count. I was working for them and got reports that had line count of 0
You need to watch your line count. I was working for them and got reports that had line count of 0 in them. They did not pay for templates, they would deduct the template even if it was not used and deleted. I notified them and said they could not change it.

So I asked to be put on another account and they refused. I quit.

I was also promised they would have an incentive plan going into place if you type a certain # of lines. Two years went by and nothing.

I was really disappointed in OSI.

They also offered to pay half on joint AAMT, which they failed to do.

I am glad I am no longer there.
Usually it's the software not counting headers/footers, or any of the
Anyone out there switch from regular counting software...
Switching to Dictaphone Extext and if so did your pay go down or stay around the same amount?
1) do you have a contract stating line counting and line rate,sm
if you look at the IRS website it's pretty clear what constitutes IC versus SE versus employee. You might want to photocopy that along with a copy of your contract with your next invoice and also put on the invoice any monies due from past invoices they "changed"...maybe catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Good luck!
OMG! Admin really outdid it with this counting software. Thank you SOOO much! It's really super.

Need suggestions on a desktop calendar software for my PC. SM

I'm looking for something that works similar to the calendar feature in Outlook.  I want to input appointments and reminders and have a little pop box come up to remind the day before. 

Any suggestions for a good program?

Take the character count divded by 65 and that will give you your line count.
Any suggestions where I can obtain free invoicing software, or reasonably priced. nm
line counting
Is there a site out there that explains exactly what line counting is? Thank you.
Line counting

Hi,  I have a question regarding line counting.  I used to know an MT who said she charged by the virtual line and was wondering if anyone knows what that is and how it differs from an actual line.  Also, I was looking for a low cost/free line counting program that worked pretty well.  How do you define a line?  I charge for a 65 character line, is that what most of you do?  Thanks,


Line counting: Is there a way
approximate # of lines? I am very curious. I am unable to see the # of lines I type daily using the system we use. I love the company I work for and trust them as the number of jobs and number of minutes are usually higher than what I come up with each pay period but would like to see how the number of lines calculate between the two of us. Thank you in advance.
Line counting

I have yet to find a decent line counting program.  What does everyone else use? Do you count a line as 65 characters or 55 and with or without spaces?


Line counting

Anyone use a line counting program given to you by your MTSO to track your line count.....and it ends up that the line count is different from there's?  Shouldn't the line counts be exact since the company issued their own program?

The program works with MS Word's count, and their reasoning is that Word counts differently on different computers.  Say what??? 

I've been a Transcriptionist for 14 years and this is a first.  I've worked for several MTSOs and my lines have always been the same.  Is MS Word that inaccurate on their counts on different computers?

Line counting
I work as an IC for a company. When I type my document I go into Tools and use the Word Count and divide by 55 (that's what my company pays by) giving me my line count.

However, when I get my paycheck it is considerably less than what I anticipated. Is the MS word count not adequate to go by?

DOes anyone feel it is necessary to have their own line counting program?
Line counting
Thanks so much. That's very good information to have. Thank you again.
Line counting
I am an IC who uses flashcount to count lines.  How do you decide how to count, i.e., per 55 characters, per 65 characters, etc.  Thx.
Line counting
If you have your own accounts, you can do as you please. Industry "standard" at the moment is 65 characters with spaces. I say standard, but there is really no such thing, it is merely that most of the companies out there pay that way.

I have been offered 6.5 cents for a 37-character line strict, no spaces (only black characters). I have been offered on 55 characters too. I have even been paid by the byte line in DOS, which made for a rude awakening when I had to transition to Word and a 65-character line! There are also gross lines, which is everything on a line is a line, though these are often more than 65 character spaces across.

The way this count came about is that in DOS in Courier font and I think it is 12 pt, there are 65 character spaces if an 8 x 10 sheet is used with 1 inch margins. Courier gives you the same space size for each character, whereas something like Times New Roman varies the space size depending on the character, i.e. an L has less space than a D and so on.

You could call other services in your area and ask about their line rates and counting methods, but don't be too surprised if you are rudely treated. Most small local MTSOs don't take kindly to being interrupted at work to talk to a competitor. Otherwise, you are on your own to charge what the market will bear for your services and you are free to count the lines anyway you wish.

Personally, if I were to have my own accounts, I would use Abacus to count lines and I would count every keystroke including hard returns and spaces, tabs and any other key I used because I personally believe this is how it should be, a keystroke line, not a character and spaces line.

line counting

You go to tools, word count, then look at the number of lines and divide by 65, then multiply by your line rate.  The company I worked for took the number of lines and just multiplied it by the line rate.  That's how I made out so good.  They did not divide by 65 cpl.

Line Counting Programs

I was wondering what line counting program is most commonly used by I.C.  I had been using Abacus, but unfortunately it causes a fatal error with word, so I quit using it.  Downloaded the trial version of Slycount and their count is about 7-10 lines higher than Abacus.  I have set up Slycount to count exactly the same as Abacus.  So, I cannot figure out the problem.  So, I am looking for others opinions regarding the counting program they are using, pros and cons.

I work using MS Word XP



May be the line counting method.
The company I worked for had one client where the MT reported that many lines a day. The company sent the MT inhouse for that department, and it was the way the client counted the lines. This girl made a killing for as long as it lasted.
Meditech line counting (LOL)

We have found Meditech "Counting" to be totally inconsistent depending on the work type transcribed and other factors that we've not been able to figure out.  Since our hospital pays on a production basis, we've had to start keeping track of minutes transcribed ... not the most effective method of counting but at least it is consistent. 

Line Counting Program

Any suggestions on a good line counting program. 


line counting in Word
Thank you for your help. I tried to do a test counting in Word but it seems to count the blank lines too so it is not accurate.
line counting in Word
Of course! I should have thought of that. Thanks for the advice.
Line counting on Word...

I use templates for my reports and charge by the page, but I have been interested in charging by the line.  Do you include the template lines with your line count or minus that?  I am completely confused with this, still.  Thanks again~  

line counting program?

I have gotten an offer for a side job and need a line counting software to use with Word.  I used one about two years ago but don't have that computer any longer and cannot remember what it was called. 

Any suggestions would be great!