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OMG! Pulling my hair out here! Venting...

Posted By: gmg on 2006-01-11
In Reply to:

I have an ESL who speaks very fast, but when I slow him down, he sounds like a very drunk ESL.  He tends to speak rather softly until the last 3 or 4 words of his dicatation, when he actually speaks into whatever he dictates into and I can hear those few words very well.  This guy has been a pebble in my shoe for far too long!

Ok, venting over.  Ignore the crazy lady.  

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Hair pulling day
Same doc on two notes.  Left 26 blanks total. 
RE: Pulling my hair out
I have had 2 people working for me for almost 5 years and have to repeatedly check over their work. Should I get rid of them or is this is the norm.
RE: Pulling my hair out

I have to read over each report that they send me because of careless errors like putting the month of June on the notes instead of July.  Of course, blanks are always going to happen from time to time, I realize that.  I am referring to the careless things that happen with the incorrect spelling of medications, etc. Why I still pay keep them I guess is because I am too nice, but it is wearing off very, very quickly.

Pulling my hair out
Yes I do give them very good feedback and every time these errors appear I am in contact with them all the time. This is an easy account with clear dictators and it is the same account they have worked on for some years so it is just time to do something. I have tried being patient, correcting, but I will do the next best thing and alert them that they are on probation; if they don't straighten out then I will either start deducting for these careless errors or lay them off.
i think the little guy is pulling out his hair!!
Interesting post. I thought it was just me, after MTing so many years. First of all, i was told 30+ years ago to try and sit off-center from the keyboard and see if it helped my accuracy -- it worked wonders!! I tend to sit a tad to the right of it and angle the right upper corner of the keyboard up a bit too. I find i have less arm fatigue and less strain on my carpal-tunnel-feeling nerves to be closer to the board. Sometimes i even put the keyboard in my lap -- and it really does seem to help the comfort alot, just a bit of a bother to situate my keyboard when i get up and down from the desk tho. I also find, contrary to smart-people thoughts, that i do better with my keyboard low enough that my arms are not at right angles to it. we MTs are a bit finicky eh?
30 years and I'm still pulling my hair out sometimes
i'm not an editor pulling my hair out or hollering at anyone. You are.
what a joke. you think you are superior but when i make $25-30 an hour with no sweat, no problem, no hollering, no pulling my hair out, and you are left hollering with BP in the too high digits, who is dumb? bwwwaaaaaahaaaaaaaa
Pulling your hair out with a difficult dicator? Try this.
I agree... I'm pulling my hair out some days with my own kids..
Laser Hair Removal (for dark hair)
I've tried Epilators (basically an electronic tweezer) and wax, but nothing beats Laser HR. It's a bit pricy and takes a few treatments to be 100% effective, but definitely works.
I think she's pulling your leg sm
what she is claiming is next to impossible! Sorry, I don't believe you!
lol, not pulling your leg (sm)
I really did try the avatar months ago with no luck.  However, this time I did go into edit my information so maybe it "reset" something.  Glad you can see my butterfly wings............
Again, I am pulling for you. Please dont let me
Are you pulling in templates? If so,
you will have to check and make sure they are set on 100%.
I think you must tell your mother why you're pulling away from her. sm

It can't be fair to her that she does not know why you're treating HER like this.  She's done nothing wrong.  You need to tell her how you feel but point it to the fact that for your emotional health and safety you can't be in situations with your stepfather.  Talk to her about keeping close to her without him  and if she's doesn't want that, then you'll not be seeing her for awhile.  I don't believe your mother is not strong enough to know the truth and it could possibly kick you in the pants in the end.  It certainly may feel like a "darned if you don't, darned if you do" situation, but why make your mother feel that she's done something wrong, point that finger where it needs to be pointed, you're uncomfortable with him. 

I say that about her being strong enough, but in an entirely different situation where my dad kept secrets about my brother, after my dad died my mom found out about these secrets which my dad felt she was not strong enough to handle, and it caused great harm to the relationship between my mom and myself.  I can only hope that one day she can get over the deception that she feels we all pulled on her, even though it was at my dad's request because of her health.  I truly wish I had told her a long time ago to save myself the mess that I deal with now by myself because my dad's not here to take the blame for us keeping secrets from my mom.  

Why distance yourself from your mom without it being for the truth?  Is it really not that important?  You'll have to decide.  My best to you and yours.

Your mail carrier was pulling yer leg
jokes on you!
If US MD's were pulling stuff back into US pay would be going up. It's going down.
because of offshoring and because of other replacements for MT (VR and EMR), pay is going down. Face it. There are cheaper alternatives for US MTs. The quality is not as good, but it is good enough. Yea, yea, yea "lawsuits, bla, bla, bla." Nice theory but ain't happening.
My MTSO recommends not pulling up more SM
than 3 documents. For reports in storage, I found that's about half a minute or less total to pull up 3 of them individually, scan, and move on. Google searches somewhat more but not more than a couple minutes at most to find an answer or realize it's hidden and move on. The point in this case being that they want a conscientious effort made to produce high-quality documents with few blanks but haven't found it cost effective for us to spend more than a minute or two on filling a blank.

Timing an actual minute while you to a search is revealing; it's actually a pretty long time that you could be using to churn out...what? 160+ lines with the help of your expander?
Laser hair removal. Has anyone tried laser hair removal on their face and if so, did it work?
no but these remote companies have a habit of pulling the
Tell you one thing and do another once youre under lock and key.  I don't trust them anymore, so I'd rather stay right where I am.
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You are right in the way you feel.   It hurts.  I know, it happened with my mom.  There was no real money, but it was more in the way she treats me and my child versus my other sisters and their children.  I have to take care of her needs because they refuse, but she always seems to lean toward them when wanting to give them something or do something for someone.  I finally broke down and told her exactly how I felt and what I thought.  Although it didn't change anything, I have limited my contact with her.  It made me feel better to let her know how wrong she was.



Things like this happen because companies/people do not have to be accountable for their actions anymore.  I wonder how these big companies would feel if it were the employer who made decisions like that (put the shoe on the other foot, so to speak)? 

I am with you on this--those people who will be displaced (to include you and your family) are going to have a struggle when it comes to finding other employment.

Doesn't make much sense to me anymore...

I am originally from the midwest and on February 14 Electrolux announces it is laying off 700 people over the next 2 years in a community of about 9000 in Webster City, Iowa!!! Ouch!!!  Not only that the company is building a new plant in Mexico (imagine that).  The supposed reason is the plant is not big enough to meet demand.  Ha!!  Then why not build a new plant there???  This country is going to be so sorry some day.  We are moving our companies to Mexico and Mexico wants to live here.  I wonder when the US workers will lower their paychecks, etc. to keep their jobs.
I'm glad you are so very eager. That is a wonderful attitude. This is a wonderful profession, but like all professions there are bad and good companies. Unfortunately, the MT world is in the center of a debate now with offshoring and cutting costs, which puts more pressure on the American MT. Fortunately, I work at home for a hospital, good money, good benefits, great grreat job. I wish all MTs had a job like mine. I understand completely how the MTs feel who are venting. That is what this forum is for. But, at the same time, you have made a good career choice.
RE: Venting about
By any chance would the doctor have to report this as an incident to children's services?

Have you given your son a broad-spectrum antibiotic as a prophylaxis? A lot of junk can form in there as it is warm and moist, just the living quarters a bug would love to call home 


Good luck! Sounds like you did the correct thing by kicking his lazzy butt out of the house!  

Venting, venting, venting...

I have had this same ESL female for the last 90 minutes.  She obviously doesn't want to disturb anyone because she is talking so quietly.  I have the ear pieces of my head set shoved so hard in my ears they almost meet in the middle, which also means I can hear her clicking her hard candy against her teeth really well.

Okay, venting over!  Have a good one! 


I need to vent !!!!!  I am currently a full time student, work a full time job, and I am pregnant.  Why do people say stuff behind your back and go to your manager!!! Why can't people in today's world just say things to your face !!!!  You see I work a customer service job at an airport and I wait on people all day and if someone does not like you than they try to get you fired or a customer does not like you then they try to get you fired.  I am ready to dig a hole and stay in it and stop working !!!! IF ONLY I COULD AFFORD IT !!!!

Does anyone ever wonder why we even get out of bed in the morning and why we even try to get along with all of the back stabbers in this world !!!!!!!!!

Hopefully my MT career will be a better experience !!!!



Just venting!!!
I am bored!!  I have a line count to make today and there are NO jobs available to do!!    Days like today make me wonder what I am doing!!!  Thanks for letting me blow off some steam!
I sure can sympathize with you !!!!  Been there, done that.  I don't know why medical transcription companies/hospitals allow these dictators to get away with it.  Been putting up with this for 20 years, and it never seems to get any better !!!!
just venting
This doctor I transcribe for almost always dictates the patient's age incorrectly.  In fact, in the subjective she will dictate one age and in the plan she will dictate a year or two difference than what she dictated in the subjective.  Thankfully I have the DOBs on the patient list, so I can figure out the true age, but, in my opinion, I don't think I should have to calculate the age.  Don't you think the office staff should do that for me and write it on the list beside the patient's name?  Mind you, I'm not lazy, I just don't feel like that is my responsibility.  I do it, however, because I want the report to be accurate, and it should be accurate.  Just wondering how you all feel about this.  Of course, I'll keep doing what I need to do.  Like I said, just venting. 
What a day--NOT-venting

Why do doctors, NPs, PAs, etc. decide to dictate without being prepared? I did a 14 minute report with 7 minutes of dead space while the dictator looked through the records to decide what they wanted to say.

This isn't the first time it has happened. Last week, EVERY dictator did it. Of course, the reports weren't 14 minutes long, more like 5-7 minutes, but it gets frustrating.

Do they just pick up a report and sign on the line? Why can't they look at the reports FIRST, then sign on? 

I don't mind if they have a 30 second (yeah,right) pause to chose the right word, but holy bananas, sometimes it just drags on and on. Then there are the doctors that answer phone calls, doctors who talk to the nurses, PAs who can't find a report that they need for lab data or vital signs, and on and on and on.

I think part of their training should be a chapter on HOW TO DICTATE.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Just Venting
An emergency room physician assistant repeatedly dictates "thenar emesis." 
Venting a little.
Surely, we all get those dictators who have clear voices but are halting and hesitant, change their minds frequently in the body of the report without TELLING us they want the text changed; sometimes it's obvious/sometimes it's questionable as to what they mean/want.  I've been running across this a lot today and it's really very trying!    Thanks for listening to me vent.
I definitely understand.

The only thing I can suggest it talk to your supervisor or MTSO.

Technology sometimes works against us. We have one MT who is forced to use dial-up in her area and we accomodate that by getting her work offloaded to an FTP for download rather than her calling into the system. There might be something your service can do.

Communication is vital.

Best of luck to you.

Just venting about TAT....

If these hospitals are so picky about turnaround time...These docs come in on Saturday night and dictate 50 charts from the last 6 months that they haven't done, every report is 15-20 minutes long, and by cracky, they had better be typed and on the chart within 48 hours, or the transcription company gets a fine.

OK.  I feel better now.

RE: Venting
QA Venting
I've been transcribing for almost 20 years. There isn't a medical specialty,ESL accent or work type I haven't done. If I could stand the sight of blood, I could probably do the diagnoses and surgeries myself!

I believe that a lot of these MT's are fresh out of school, or nowadays just finished their on-line, home study course! I think that because some of these dummies at the transcription companies see that they have passed the CMT exam, so they must know it all, but over the years I have had to QA the QA's work many times.

Now, I am by no means perfect, I have made my share of mistakes and have tried to learn from them. I have also come across some wonderful QA people that have taught me a lot, but for the most part it's the other way around!

Nope, I never got my CMT, but have no doubt I would pass it without any problems. I have also never bought the AAMT Book of Style, because it changes every year that it comes out and the wonderful people at AAMT have done everything possible to make this a profession that not many people want to get into anymore.

Sure, it was great when my girls were babies and I had a lot of flexibility in my job, but I could also put in about 6 hours a day way back then and still pull in over $40,000 a year. For the past 5 years I have been working all kinds of crazy shifts for pennies less than what I used to make!

Even though in being an MT you do learn something new everyday and there are a FEW good QA people out there who are very helpful without being condescending!

Although most everything I have learned over the past 5 years I have learned from Google!! LOL!

Basically, it all comes down to what the client wants, and that is what I do.

Sorry this is so long, but I also needed to vent! QA people, think about who you are dealing with! - Real people with real families. We also have feelings, but for the most part QA people NEVER let you know if you are doing something right. I'm sure if I could QA 12 hours straight of your transcription, then I could find a few mistakes and then I could E-mail you and make you feel stupid and question your skills as an MT!

I welcome any feedback, both good or bad, to this post. I could care less, I am getting out of this profession because it is going nowhere, but overseas!

Anyway, Ms. Venting, hang in there, have some beer or wine and just relax before you call the moron on the phone and give her your opinion of her! For the rest of you poor MTs who choose to stay in this profession, I wish you luck! Really I do - because God knows your going to need it!

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Venting on job interviews - sm

I'm so disgusted and discouraged.  I've had three interviews in the last week, about three more in the last month, and ALL of the recruiters I spoke with had absolutely NO clue.  After listening to their canned speech about their company, they invite my questions.  My main concerns are the platform, how a line is defined (with or without spaces), headers and footers included, progam compatible with Expander that I have (IT or Shorthand), do they take out MY state taxes, (some don't), how is PTO paid, and a few more, but for each interview, but the time I got to this point in my list of questions, I'm totally disgusted because the recruiters cannot or won't answer my questions.(They are good about skirting the major points of things).  They have to contact someone else, who is not available at this time, etc...and will get back to me - yea, right.  WHAT is wrong with these people?  Can't they answer simple questions?  I don't feel that my list of questions is that outrageous, do you?  Am I out of line for even asking these things?   I've been burned too many times to agree to a job without asking these, and quite a few more questions, but can't get past first base with these recruiters.  Are they so far removed from the actual transcription aspect of their companies that they can't find these things out beforehand and be ready for an appplicant's basic questions?  The recruiter makes the first impression for a company, and if they are so far out in left field, what is the rest of the company like?   ANYONE else have this experience?


Venting session
ROFL!  I am so there.   I went to interview at a warehouse driving forklifts this past week.  They said "have you ever had to work at a place where you had a certain production or deadline to meet?" and didn't understand why I started laughing.  I probably won't get it, but I am ready to do ANYTHING that doesn't include sitting in front of computer for hours at a time listening to somebody sleep dictating while eating Cheetos at 3 a.m.  I bet I could paint some houses, too.
Grrrrrrr! Venting!

This doctor is particularly annoying in that while she is looking for information, she repeats the last word she just said.  Add to that her nasally voice and I am ready to rip my hair out!

Lab reports revealed that...that...that...that...that...

The patient....patient.....patient.....patient.....patient also had....had....had...had


Stop the madness!!!    (Okay, I'm done. Back to work.)

Venting is allowed. :o}
You go right ahead. I had a sweet ESL lady today. I actually liked her accent because she at least said all the syllables for me, but I could tell she was putting in an extra effort with certain words to help. It was so sweet of her. Wish the spanish accent dictators would do that for me, LOL.

I have a scenario at work that I would love to solicit opinions on & see if anyone is on the same page as me.   I am a Transcriptionist with 25+ years experience and considered quite good, and I currently am the sole transcriptionist for a very high volume cardiology practice.    A co-worker of mine, who is over the billing dept, has a daughter who is taking an at-home transcription course (At-Home Professions), has not finished it, and in her own words "is not doing too bad at it". Whatever that means.   My coworker has been trying to push her daughter off on me for a long time, but I've always side-stepped the issue because the girl is not qualified.   Well, last Friday I was off work having a cervical nerve root injection, and she chose this time to bring her daughter to the office and pitch her to our administrator, who, by the way, is a jerk for one thing and knows nothing about transcription either.  He hired her on the spot as a part-time prn transcriptionist and I knew nothing about it until I got to work Monday morning and there she was.  I am livid at the both of them.  For one, my coworker had no business taking it upon herself to decide who should be hired to help ME, and the administrator should have never, in my opinion, hired her without at least getting my input.  The cardiologist and I have a very good relationship; in fact, he worked on me for 3 months, convincing me to come work for him, and I know he is very happy with me, and my inclination is to go to him and tell him exactly what went down.   I've been told I will incur the wrath of the administrator if I go over his head and directly to the doc, but that would be pointless because he's part of the problem!  I'm probably going to have to have surgery (and I'd also like to have a vacation this summer) so I know I need help, but I'm actually in the process of trying to solicit help from a pool of qualified people, transcriptionists from our local hospitals who might be interested in filling in for me from time to time.  I want to know that whoever sits in my chair while I'm out will be able to handle it, and this girl has NO experience whatsoever - she didn't even know how to address a cover letter yesterday.  I know that no mattter who I get, I will have to show them the ropes, show them our system, etc., and that's fine, but I do NOT have the time to train someone from the ground up, which is basically what I would be doing.  Cardiology, in my opinion, is too hard a specialty to start off with, and our volume is so massive that I can barely keep my head above water myself, and I'm fast.  I simply do not have time to train anyone.  I'm so offended over this.   Should I go to the doc or just let things ride and let her work speak for itself?  I'm not sure the most diplomatic way to handle this, though I'm leaning toward talking to the doctor.  What would you guys do?  All opinions will be appreciated and considered, and thanks for taking the time.   


Venting - Hate my job
I hate my job  I've been at this company for 3 weeks.  I hate this account, hate the ExText system and I'm making half the money I did at my last job.  There - feel better, but still hate this. Don't tell me how grateful I should be that I have a job - working in sweatshop conditions is nothing to be grateful for.  I've been at this job a loooooooooong time and there is nothing lucky about it.
Grrrghh! Just venting...
…What gives with these doctors dictating in the present tense (e.g., operative notes) - "The patient is brought to the operating room and is administered general endotracheal anesthesia.  Is placed in Allen stirrups."  Then, every other sentence, he/she changes to past tense - "Was prepped and draped in a sterile fashion, and single-tooth tenaculum was placed…"  Is it just me, or does irritate others as well??
Job posting - venting
We recently posted a job, looking for new ICs in the Southern California area. We had four confirmed, and a possible fifth, to attend the orientation and training. Sounded like we were going to have a successful three-day recruiting and training session on our system, and to get to know the new ICs..

Emails were sent to confirm the meeting time. After going through the expense of flight, hotel and car, we had ONE of the Transcriptionist show up. One called Monday after the session started to let us know that she would like to come to a later training (assuming we were going to do a regular trip out to California??), and the other three never showed, never called.

Luckily, we did find one very experienced individual whom we got set up within two days of training, so not all was lost. However, we probably could have set this one person up over the phone. Trying to train four or five people over the phone is just a little too daunting if you need people started up quickly for a new account.

We are now looking at alternatives, to do remote training rather than making an extra effort to go and meet the remote transcriptionists we are looking at hiring. We will be contacting all of the others who applied within the next few weeks.

So, this is just a frustrated MTSO venting and sending out a request to those who are interested in work, who contact a service on a job post, most particularly a small to moderate sized service - please do not apply if you are not serious about taking work.

Smiling again. One Great transcriptionist is worth five in the bush....

Venting on a holiday

Anybody out there working today, LABOR DAY? Expected to work the holiday, and guess what, no work! And then when it trickles in, of course the crummy junk bottom of the bucket type which add up to no lines, and getting lots of comments from QA (who is looking for something to do, no doubt).

How about we don't work a holiday, and everyone comes to work Tuesday with stuff to type, everyone makes money?

Bad idea of course, we have to remember the TATs.

Sorry to be so crabby, but thanks for listening to he vent.

Then I don't blame you for venting.
Nobody should cherry pick. I never do it. I take all the junk that comes down the pike now. I hate a certain work type, but when I get it, I just curse under my breath and do it.
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