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OSi ad at http://forum.mtstars.com/main/v/1/27125.html

Posted By: just me on 2005-11-24
In Reply to:

Did you do something to them to tick them off?  LOL  They are really acting very unprofessional. 

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Go to the IT main forum sm
it states there is a work around until the next revision comes out, right there under announcements.
Now Released! MTStars FlashCount & Invoice Generator. Completely FREE to MTStars Visitors.

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Lines and Word counter software. Scans your documents for lines, words, spaces and generates real time invoices the way you want. Full customization to generate invoices to save or email to your clients.

Click on link below.


I found some on mtdaily.com/mt1/samples.html nm
I received MTStars Flashtype and MTStars Internet Speller!
You might try MTStars FlashCount. It's absolutely free to MTStars visitors.


You not only posted on this forum, but another forum asking for
advice, not once, but at least twice, panic stricken.   If you didn't want the advice you shouldn't have asked and you surely shouldn't have come back her bashing people for their advice.  We are not medical professionals.  It could have just as easily been something serious and because of the lack of $$ you didn't go to the ER and you'd be singing a different song today. 
The site tells me to change an index.html code to access. Dunno what that is??? nm
People around the coast are being interviewed and are using the slogan from the civil war "the South will rise again" - ick.....that was a "Confederate" slogan....Just caught up.....
Forum only ...sorry
They don't ban you from 1 forum and not another!
Believe me, I know!! Probably just some temporary glitch in her settings. This sounds familiar, and I can't remember how someone said to fix it. But she wouldn't be able to post for help if she were banned!
Went on another MT forum (will not
name names) and saw work wanted postings for MTs in India.  Don't know how I feel about this.  All I do know is that I don't want my job outsourced like so many other jobs.  The other MT forum is supposedly not an Indian forum, but they seem to let the Indian MTs post on it.  I won't comment on there because I don't want to be called a bigot.  Just worried about my job is all.  Can't type for 2 cpl and buy groceries. 
because its an MT forum.
Which forum?
Under which forum do I post that I am looking for work?  .  I looked under "Job Seekers" but that doesn't seem to be the correct one, or am I misreading it?  Thanks.
why don't you go to the IT forum? sm
their tech support is fabulous and they usually respond same day. They have their own forum at http://textware.com/board/itmainforum/index.html

No need to just be frustrated... they will help you do something about it.
If you are familiar with this forum at all
then you should have enough insight to realize that posting such vague information without any shred of credibility will get you a less-than-desired response.

Either way, even if it IS true - what kind of friend shares such an important secret? What kind of employee leaks information?

Hope I'm asking in right forum. sm
How much would you charge for a "normal" report? Had a GYN doctor ask me that. She wanted a special rate for normal reports. I said that I would charge whatever the line count came up with. Sometimes they adjust their "normals" and add on, and then I would not consider it a normal. If they did not, what would you charge?

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
Stay away from MQ forum! LOL...nm

Yes, they own the forum you are posting on.
Look way down at the bottom of the page.
on job search forum
There are usually companies on there begging for op notes people.
There is a forum for Pets under
If there is a board for a particular topic, the topic is supposed to be taken to that board. I will be emailing the Administrator.
The MT forum that went to a pay site has
weekly updates, at least they used to.  I haven't been to it since it became a pay site. 
Job listing on a different forum for
a very, very good hourly salary base, plus shift differential, etc.  I wonder why some places pay so well and others (especially working at home for a transcription service) seem so cheap.
Oh, get OVER it. This is an online forum,
There was an offshore forum before
see Word forum - nm
Moderator, what's going on with this forum?
It's often down lately and I haven't been able to access it for a day or so. Just wondering what the problem is?
Ok which forum board did the ...sm
post go to about whether the illegals would leave with the state of the economy?  I have checked the Gab and the political.  What gives?  Did it just disappear?  Huh? 
Send her to the CS forum.
Before she signs up for the course, she can get a guest pass to view the forum. She can see what really happens after graduation. Many grads now are having a hard time finding a job. Some graduated last year and are still job hunting. Of those who do find jobs, many are working for 4-5 cpl, which there is no way you could make decent money at that rate.

I wonder what "graduates" told her they were making $60,000 a year. Probably affiliates looking to gain commision off selling the program.
That forum is too scattered &
I need things laid out in steps and explained to me like I am 2 LOL
At least you know. You are the main one doing it. DUH
This forum makes me HUNGRY!!
I wish I had some kind of rotating dinner thing where I visited a different one of you each night for dinner!!!

You all must be super cooks!
On another forum they were talking about the people
There are over 50,000 people packed in there.  If the structure holds, and that's a big if, the bottom level will flood.  The upper level is 35 feet high so all those people will have to be on one level.  The problem is magnified with 50,000+ people, the possibility of no electricity, no air conditioning, no food or water as the dome has not been designated as a diaster shelter previously.  It will basically become a giant indoor swimming pool isolated as an island.  It will be days before rescue can happen.  I shudder to think what they will find when this is all over.
Is there a new format on Forum Section

or am I the only one experiencing this....

about two or three days ago, I've noticed that when I go to the main board, other forum or topic options were not listed on the blue portion of the page, and it feels weird to go back to the home page every time I want to change topic/section.

check the emotiondepression forum
I read a post like that on the emotiondepression forum.
Sorry - posted on wrong forum -nm
I mean love the new forum page.
Regarding the Forum Matrix boards
I have often read and posted things that now don't belong on the main board because I like to hear what other MTs have to say.  I like other MTs and I trust their opinions because we are in the same line of work.  I don't post on the Forum Matrix boards because they don't seem to be MTs.  Maybe I'm wrong.  JMHO.
ya got that right - web bulletin/forum boards.NM
Forum for word expanders
If you visit www.productivitytalk.com - they can answer TONS of questions. I recently had to switch Expanders from Smartype to SH - and that website/moderators were my saving grace!!! Check it out.
don't know...I just don't....laziness?? but on this forum, who cares? nm
It means moved to another forum...
one that the moderator feels is more appropriate to the topic.