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The site tells me to change an index.html code to access. Dunno what that is??? nm

Posted By: stuck on 2006-04-18
In Reply to: Gosh. I have never heard of it and went to go there and told me - sm


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    C-phone access code ?? sm - HELP!
    I bought a C-phone from E-bay.  When dialing a number, I get a message telling me I must use the "access code."  I am sure this is something that was put in there by the previous owner(s).  Can someone tell me how to "erase" this directive or clear the machine? 
    Access code is required...sm
    This is what it says when I try to get to that site:

    Welcome to MedAbbrev.com, the premiere website for medical abbreviations and more.
    New users please have your Access Code ready and click the Register button on the left (Access code can be found on the inside front cover of your printed book). If you do not have a copy of the book, please click Book Order Form.

    Registered users please enter your username and password on the left then click the Login button. Thank You.

    Dunno know if you should change. I still
    Not to change the subject.. but in Medical Phrase Index, debride doesn't have an accent mark. nm
    free site - my computer warned me not to install - dunno about it n/m

    The name change was not to allow other who work in the industry access....
    The name change was done to create more revenue for the organization. The association is losing money on a monthly basis and more and more American MTs are dropping their membership with quite good reason. All of the meetings I have attended regarding these changes have been connected to their association with the overseas MTs. Until AAMT becomes 100% American again, they will continue to lose. Do something for the American MTs, and they will come back. Very simple solution.
    Here's one site that tells you how you can dual boot Vista and XP.

    You'll find lots more with a Google search.
    Hillbilly site even tells you how to make your own sanitary pads! (sm)
    Okay, after posting before how impressed I was with the websites, I went back and started reading again....so much info!  They even tell you how to make your own sanitary pads!  I don't think I'll be doing this, but I have to say I am loving the cheap, easy recipes.  There are so many that sound really good!  Okay, I'm going back to read more now, but the sanitary pad section just threw me for a loop and I had to come back and share!  Really is very good information though, all kidding aside. 
    What are you using to access their FTP site?
    You don't use Internet Explorer to access FTP sites.  You can download CoreFTP Lite for free and use it to upload and download from FTP sites.  If you want to, you can email me and I'll try to walk you through it.  Win98 shouldn't make a difference with regard to FTP.  As far as docking pay, well, hmmm, that's mean of them.  Anyway, download the FTP program and email me, and I'll see if we can't get you up and running.
    I would not do it. Go with a free FTP site for use by you and the doctor's office access only.
    All you need to do is create files or folders, for example by date, upload them to the FTP site, and the doc's office can in turn download them directly to their computer. This uses a secure password on both parties' end, and is much securer than emailing.
    Weren't you set up with a VPN or some other site to access the work? The tech people need to set
    Thanks. I had to change the way I was viewing the site and then tried what you suggested -sm
    and it seems to have worked.  Now I just need to see if I can get Express Scribe to work for me.  It has been a while since I have typed this way.  Thanks again for your help. 
    I found some on mtdaily.com/mt1/samples.html nm
    OSi ad at http://forum.mtstars.com/main/v/1/27125.html
    Did you do something to them to tick them off?  LOL  They are really acting very unprofessional. 
    Even 4.5 is too low. doctors do not change - they still hem and haw, change, change stuff along wit
    It is just not enough for the work. Speech is great on the wrists but you are not just reading what is typed, you are making a lot of changes. I have a hard time doubling a lot of days with all the changes I have to make. Just my opinion.
    Don't change. I had to change back to cable. SuddenLink DSL stinks! nm


    I dunno

    If you are dressed modestly and stone cold sober and have the unfortunate coincidence of  being somewhere where there is a rapist or killer and you become his victim, I guess you were in the wrong place at the wrong time?  No, that's not true.  You would be a victim and that person who be wrong.  That is what everyone would say.  So, because she was drunk, she deserves it more? 

    I am not saying it didnt increase her chances of something bad happening. All I am saying is that she is still a murdered young woman, someone's daughter, and she STILL doesnt deserve to have her life taken away from her by some psycho. 


    Gee, I dunno...
    why don't you ask these heterosexual pedophiles?
    You've have to ask the supervisor.  I'm too busy typing to be running around asking the others how many lines they've type.  I just worry about myself, maybe something you should consider doing eh?
    dunno - but I get 7.2 CPL for ME.....nm

    I dunno
    I have no idea, although I was kind of thinking along those same lines. This guy is killing me this week.
    temp+heat index= HOT!
    Heat index here Sunday (according to National Weather Service) was 126! 97 temp and 77% humidity = 126. Not sure how they got that figure, but it was during the county fair parade, and some high school kids marching barely made it the 3 mile route. Kids and I escaped to a movie theater!
    Considering the heat index is 107 here today....
    Shorts and a tank top work for a lot here today. I myself wear shorts and tank tops that I find from DKNY, Liz Claiborne, etc. So they aren't junior clothing and are appropriate. Just because I am 47 doesn't mean that I need to put a sack over my head or this body which is in great shape, considering I've had four children, and a hysterectomy. Still a size 8 and will continue to be a size 8. :)
    this is insane.  when you see who is running this - the person whose claim to fame is actually making the medical transcription business what it is today, boasting over 400,000 MTs. 

    now she is trying to what, cut that workforce down by maybe more than half. 

    this is an extremely aggressive push for mobile healthcare and point-of service care, which from what I see completely eliminates the need for people at all, period. 

    does anyone know, please, is there a future for us in this picture.  is there anyone working with these people to help preserve our jobs in some form at least? 

    where do we write, who do we talk to?  this person also used to run the AAMT, and now has jumped ship for the opportunity to make probably millions for front-running this technology.  does she even consider the 400,000 MTs (in this country alone) losing their livelihood.  does she care? 

    95 with heat index of 100, but hope
    is on the way, cool front due tomorrow with lows in the 50s and highs in the 80s.
    It's my right index finger-- tightens up - nm
    Quarterly Drug Index, NM
    Medical Phrase Index. nm
    Change provider vs change to business plan

    In your place, I would seriously consider changing providers if there were others available in your area, but I'd ask around about their service quality first.  It may not be any better.  If there are no other providers, then consider changing your service package to a business account rather than residential.  They're usually more expensive, but they also tend to get faster service if there's a problem.

    Last summer, I had no electricity for 3 days due to severe storms, but there were some 600,000 in the same boat with me.  We just had to wait it out.  It's a downside of working at home.

    dunno -- WAS considering the offer, but not now.
    I dunno... at my old job the doc does peck away at a PC - sm
    to put a few things like BP, Wt., Resp., etc. into the EMR, but they also still dictate notes. Some are on templates, others are full-on, long office visit or H&P notes. Depends on the doc's style. Some work is still done in house, and a majority of it is sent out to services. I now work at a service, and my accounts all use an EMR. I still have mostly long, detailed notes from there, and the EMR seems to have only taken over the absolutely most simple & repetetive of standardized notes.
    That is weird! I dunno why?
    Anyone have a med phrase index book for sale?
    I'm signed up with Andrews and am quite a ways into it but they still haven't sent the Lorenzini Medical Phrase Index, and I'm tired of waiting.  Tired of them not sending back tests, too.  Wish I had gone to M-Tec now.
    The American Drug Index is good
    Medical Phrase Index by Lorenzini...nm
    Medical Phrase Index - priceless
    PMIC Medical Phrase Index by (sm)

    Jean A. Lorenzini & Laura Lorenzini Ley.  The fifth edition is a burgundy hardback.  It used to be navy blue years ago.  See link for a pic.  I have this and love it!!!!! 


    Medical Phrase Index is a necessity. sm
    It is the easiest to use, covers many many words from many specialities, and I use mine every day.
    As far as specialties, Stedman's makes reference books for pretty much every speciality.
    Also, I use my Stedman's Medical&Surgical words a lot even though I'm not doing surgery charts; you'd be amazed how much you need to know just for a patient's past history!
    I prefer the Drake&Drake Pharmaceutical Word Book, but everybody has their own preferences for drug references.
    i dunno, maybe 20? it varies depending
    on hot topics, mental duldrums, needing breaks from bad dictators, etc. Its usually very momentary.
    Gee, I dunno. Maybe the way she tongue kissed
    they did that a lot while growing up?
    I dunno about that. My books are packed away and SM
    I use Google all  the time - then again, I do only one type of work and I have many years' experience. If I got into something new, I'd probably have to dig them out myself.
    I dunno...Al-Qaeda is everywhere, so what does it matter?
    I dunno know - leave it up to my accountant. That is what I pay him for. nm
    I dunno if you're wrong or not...
    or even a shrew or not. If it were me, though, and in fact it was me a couple of months ago, I'd not go out to lunch a couple of times to be able to get my keyboard. How much is this ergonomic keyboard you are needing anyway? When my ergonomic keyboard bit the dust a couple of months ago, I got on e-bay and got mine for $8.00 ($1.00 bid, $7.00 S&H). It came right away and my soreness and achiness for those few days went right away! But, even though this keyboard retails $50.00, I am wondering how much the one you want costs; way over $100.00? I guess what I'm getting at is I'd just take my kids to the park with Colonel Sanders AND get my ergomic keyboard too. I am sorry that your husband responded so coldly. My husband would bend over backwards to help find a for me to get the keyboard, but I can't see where I'd even make it his problem. I would just adjust my budget so I could get my keyboard and let my husband know what I was doing to be able to get it (and this is what I did a couple of months ago). I guess I don't see how this is such a huge issue; we're only talking about a couple of weeks, right? Of course your health and well-being is of great importance, and an ergonomic keyboard is a high priority because of your symptoms, but would it be that awful to adjust your budget just one time so you could get the keyboard? I guess I don't get to get out that much anyway, so missing a couple of lunches with friends wouldn't be that bad for me!

    I've totally missed something here I am sure, right?

    Anyway, I do hope your symptoms get much better soon; take care of yourself, especially regarding CTS.
    I dunno about that - do you know what horseshoers make
    Get some index card to write acct specifics on,