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Oh, forgot to say all the phones ringing, overhead speaker blurting out pages, background talking

Posted By: of EXspeech on 2007-08-02
In Reply to: Now getting lines on Extext is difficult with clunky platform - of EXspeech

dictator's cell phones ringing, kids yelling from dictator being at home, machines in the ICU beeping off and on during the entire dictation, saws going from casts being removed nearby, and you can just imagine all the other noises such as nose blowing, sniffling, chomping on food while dictating, and on and on.  EXSpeech doesn't like those noises, so the machine lets the MT"s transcribe those YUKKY reports all day long and all night long.  Exspeech gets the good guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is at the top of all pages - I forgot about it! Thanks. (NM)

One thing about wading thru pages and pages looking for negatives, is...
it really does show that the seller is overall very good. Know what I mean?  There will always, always, always be those customers who are impossible to please, especially on E-Bay.  I've gotten almost all my negatives from leaving calm, but justifiable negatives when the buyer had stiffed me and not gone thru with the sale. We are called to leave these negatives as sellers to warn the community, but instantly we will get flamed with a retaliatory negative that is a total lie.  So, now most sellers don't leave justified negatives anymore! That said, really, if you have to wade thru page after page to find even 1 negative, I would say you're safe bidding, as long as the feedback is current!
?? I see all as usual, pages ad pages. NM
What is your overhead??

Are your MT's employees?   What type of overhead to you have that takes up over half of the cpl?  I only make 3 to 4 cpl from my IC's and I okay  on that.  Something is not right here and I don't know if you want justification to cut your MT's or what but I would LOVE to know what kind of overhead you have that takes so much of your money.  If they are employees, make them IC's working from home so you don't have to pay benefits, etc. rent office space or whatever.  You have a lot more choices than cutting their pay.   I also only charge my accounts 12.5 to 13 cpl and do pick up and delivery and do well.  I could be completely out of it but again, feel your problem is your overhead and not what you pay your MT's. 

I have the ringing
constantly and it may be a little worse in the last few years from the MT work, but not sure. I've had it so long, I don't even pay attention to it until I lay down at night.

Something that may help you, which I did after attending a concert last weekend: My ears rang louder than usual for maybe 12-16 hours after the concert, and they were sensitive to noise, so I put cotton in my ears while working around the house for a few hours. I think it helped quite a bit to give them a rest. The ringing was back to my normal level after a few hours of quiet.
Remind her your overhead has gone up, i.e., the price
What ungodly taxes? And what overhead?

The little bit of tax you pay that an EMPLOYER would pay is very small.  The other taxes you pay regardless of IC or employee. The difference is IC mails check for those taxes herself.  Employee has same money taken from check, the difference is MTSO mails it to IRS, instead of IC mailing it.  It all still comes from IC net pay. My independence is well worth the small amount I pay myself that EMPLOYER would pay for EMPLOYEE. 

What overhead?  Overhead is another word for tax write-offs. EVERYTHING you need to work from home is write-off.  Garbage, electric, water, etc.  Ofter will find that with all the write-offs, you actually pay less in overall taxes. 

Telephone ringing
I have both ringing and hypersensitivity from TMJ ...

and my hearing is excellent. While ringing may be associated with nerve deterioration or damage hearing loss, it's not ALWAYS associated with either. In TMJ, it's a secondary effect of the muscle tension (though there is a vicious cycle aspect to TMJ).

Get checked by an ENT for all the usual and TMJ. Night guards are a life saver  by preventing jaw-locking (and also thereby preventing eventual tooth loss from periodonal disease which is a big money saver and pain avoider.)

The hypersensitivity is called "hyperacusis" and is truly a very strange sensation. Avoiding loud noises helps a great deal but I was told that using ear protection routinely actually tended to make it worse. I wear my headphones (stethescope) model as little as possible because -- much as I love them -- they do exacerbate end of the day waves of tinnitus.  Neck stretching helps me some times as often does soothing sounds (soft pretty music) and deep "relaxation" breathing. Good luck.

I have a hard time believing your overhead
I think you should consider selling your clients to an American-based company and go back to MT'ing.  It doesn't sound like you can handle the pressure of being a business owner.  I am an IC that makes 10 cpl and my MTSO owner does not mind at all that she is only making 3 cpl off of my 10 cpl, but she does not have to QA my work or do really much of anything, and she's clearing 3 cpl on my 10.  Now, if you have complaining MT's, then you need to be more strict about TAT and QA.  They should not require you to QA once they've become familiar with the dictations.  Also, you need to find a way to also provide 24-hour turnaround.  The problem here is that you are only willing to pay 7-8 cpl.  I'm still baffled as to the cost of your overhead?  Most physicians supply paper, their own dictation equipment.  FTP sites do not cost that much.  Lot of eyebrown raising ???'s here, that I don't think you are being forthcoming.  JMO.  Good luck! 
No, acutally it is have the phone ringing
close to you and the dictation has to keep going so it is unable to be heard OR answer your cell phone in the middle of your dictation and just hang it up then, we understand.
I was trying to take a nap and was so ANNOYED cause phone kept ringing.(sm)
I was so mad, said WHAT is going on here?  Got up and listened to messages.  My friend said something about praying for those people on the plane.  Had no clue.  Some of those things you'll never forget.  BTW, used to live in NJ and always wanted to work in NY but never did.
Sometimes if I can't get off I say, "I"m sorry. My business line is ringing. Can I call you
I too question you overhead expenses. I work for a company that only gets 11-12 cpl and pays us 8-8.
I love it too! I have my emails from work make a ringing tone
and pop up on my desktop,much like Yahoo messenger or IM. It's great. Never miss an email and can respond right away.
You live in a dream world if you think that MTSOs are making money hand over fist. Overhead? Add i
Banks charge about $200 a month for a business account plus .10 for every check deposited and written.

Ten people in an office? At $30k a year, that's $300,000 per year IF you can get them to work for only $30k. Add in 2 editors, an IS consultant, an accountant, a lawyer, rent on office space, checks, stamps for checks, software upgrades, phone lines, equipment for MTs, equipment for office staff, lightbulbs, toilet paper, a copier, a printer, paper, ink, pens, pencils, long distance charges to call MTs and customers, recruiting ad costs, taxes, benefits because most MTs are employees now because the IRS says most should be classified that way, high-speed internet, internet service provider because hotmail and yahoo are free but not professional, email encryption, fax machine, fax phone line, staplers, staples, paper clips, file folders, file cabinets, etc etc etc.

I am not whining. I am just stating facts. Add that to the headache of juggling schedules based on unpredictable workload due to unpredictable amount of people needing medical attention, the headache of billing clients who pay when they want regardless of what your terms are, covering for people who get sick or need time off, and it is not an easy thing to do. I am lucky that I am a workaholic and love what I do. Am I rich? No. Will being an MTSO make me rich? Probably not. Do I make more than I did as an MT? Yes, but at a higher price.

Don't judge until you walk in someone's shoes. I bought a new vehicle this year, a 2005 Ford Taurus, trading in my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and actually had comments made about how it must be nice to be able to buy a new car.
speaker plug-in
I have a Dell and I had to invest in a set of Labtec speakers where you can plug the headphones directly into the speaker. I had already tried everything else and I just couldn't get enough volume out any other way. The speakers are available through TranscriptionGear.com, I believe and were quite reasonable.
Thanks. A different speaker helped--
Thanks so much. But, it is the sound quality from my company, it is just bad. They have the good system and then a bad system, is how I interpret it. When it is coming from the bad part, it is bad. That's what I think. Don't know, though. Changing speakers helped, and I did not think of that, so thanks so much.
Right into my speaker on my computer.
A reason I used my speaker phone a lot.
The battery on my handset was continually dying because of the great lengths of time I was put on hold by virtually every business I called (I had a brand new battery!) Using the speaker phone does not wear down the battery.

Recently fixed that problem though - went back to a corded phone with a very long cord! And, since cordless phones won't work in a power outage, I don't have to dig around in the dark looking for a phone to use!

I understand people not liking the speaker phone though - when someone has me on one, I always ask them to take me off speaker and they always do.
DAC phone speaker question

I am currently using a DAC phone for a new account.  It is brand new.  I have plugged the headset in and yet, sound is still heard through the loudspeaker on the phone.  I have hit every button on the phone and nothing seems to turn it off.  Does anyone know I can keep the sound from being broadcasted?  Thanks!

Transcribing by speaker or earplugs?
If by speaker, how in the world? But, if by headset, have you checked to see if there is a shortage in your headset? I have had that in the past, whether it be in the cord where it splits to L&R cords or in the ear plug portion itself. Have you checked to see if it plays that way on speakers outloud, with earplugs unplugged (assuming they plug into your speakers)? What about deleting and reloading the iType program?
headset/speaker/amplified help
My volume on the new computer is fine, but transnet volume is low with all controls at full volume. Best way to increase the volume? Do USB headsets have broader volume control? Thanks
VR is only as good as the speaker and software.
And how often is that really? If you happen to luck out and get a clear and good speaker, he or she will be yawning, chewing gum or food, speaking in a noisey environment, etc., etc., etc. Or the system will be throwing words in that were never spoken, leaving out many words that were spoken and changing correct words into really dumb stuff. VR is for the MTSO. They are the ones who really make the money on it.
Slow speaker does not equal big $$
Nevermind. Apparently, my speaker wire
came loose just a little bit from the computer and it caused this. You would think it would not work at all if that happened. Sorry!
It means grin-the speaker is grinning nm
I have heard that if a headset is used or a speaker phone--sm
this is what causes the static. again, this is just what I heard from my own coordinator when a hospital account was using her call in system and using headsets. It took alot to convince the doctors not to use them, and alot of reports with *holes* in them where the transcriptionists could not understand them due to the static. good luck.
Wait a minute, I'm not just talking about the boards, I'm talking about the news article.


"JLG has a contract with Arrendale Associates/ A+Network/CBay Scribe, which the group says is in India.
A letter from JLG to Barbara Dingman, chief compliance officer and director of health information management, says all medical transcriptionists assigned to the Medical Center Hospital account live in the U.S. and all work is done in America."

But yet they do business with Arrendale/A+/CBay, what am I missing here?

Oh deary me! I was wondering when it was be the English speaker's fault. nm
Now you need 5 languages to visit your doctor...Spanish, Hindi...sheesh
Does anybody else hate to transcribe doctors who dictate on speaker phone? nm
Former AAMT motivational speaker, Dog the Bounty Hunter in hot water.
Personally, I never felt that AAMT made a very wise decision is getting Dog the Bounty Hunter as a "motivational" speaker at the convention in Hawaii.  Frankly, I thought it was pure stupidity.  A recovering drug addict who had done pretty heavy jail time, who later ended up in a Mexican prison, and now in hot water for making racial slurs, and telling his sons not to date black women is hardly what I would refer to as a motivation for anyone.  I suspect his show will probably end up getting canceled though I couldn't watch it for more than 5 minutes anyway.  
I'm talking about MT school, not K-12, which is where I learned most of what you are talking abou
My clients DO NOT LIKE IT when I correct their wrong crap - did you actually read what I said?
I'm not talking about ignorant as in grammar or spelling. I'm talking about sm
ignorant in general.
web pages
No that I wanted links posted - would be nice - but just curious if other shave a site or myspeace page for their own benefit.

I appreciate your info
need some reference web pages?

Hi all,

If you would like some web pages to add to your "favorites," feel free to visit my website at:





In 1985, when their BOS was only 85 pages....sm

Back in the 80s, AAMT used to care about all the MTs.  Their BOS was only 85 pages long (I still have one of these BOS....a gold book, very tall and very skinny)....then the AAMT got big and it all went to their heads and their 2nd edition BOS is close to something like 600+ pages long.  And now they support offshoring to India/Pakistan.  At that point, they no longer cared about the USA MTs.

Later for the AAMT..........*L*.......MUCH later.

Yellow pages

Since my phone is listed under my business name I get a free listing and have gotten quite a few one-time only jobs, seminars, interviews, etc. that really pay well and not needing a 24 TAT and it has worked for me.   Also no 1099's with then as it is a one time job.   Last year got a 10 tape seminiar on pet therapy and it was almost $2,000 for the seminar done in our spare time over 2 weeks.   Just my 2 cents worth. 

1st one in the 1980s was 85 pages....sm

the first AAMT BOS was 85-90 pages long back in 1985....the one I have today, Second Edition bought 2 years ago....has I do believe 600 pages.....

so your question about what has changed cannot be answered in the post here......get yourself a copy ??  Can be ordered right from their site....aamt.org 

and many are 3-4 pages long....sm

I loved them, back in the days - a lot of these reports are EXPERT WITNESS reports too...and perhaps the dictator has not even seen the patient....just reporting based on medical records/radiology, et cetera.  Most of mine (back in the days) were 3-4 pages long, done for orthopaedists and/or chiropractors. 


I understand, I think it is just here lately the pages are full of nothing but MQ and then
it turns into arguments and nasty remarks, and so forth.

It isnt really the talking about MQ, it is just the bickering going on about it.

I understand completely about wanting to discuss some things.

I dont really mind the MQ posts, but they are so large in number.

I hope things clear up. Maybe if you and other MQ employees that have a lot of time with them all take some "time off" at the same time, they could get the idea they need you guys.

I guess if I was with someone for that length of time, I would have the same feelings.

I really do wish you the best and I dont want you to think anyone has singled you out. It is the whole MQ thing.

I think we are all scared because MQ is a leading company and scared that they are ruining the whole MT business for us all.

We would all love to see MQ split up or downsize and not be such a big part of the industry. Then again we dont want to see people out of a job either.
Wow, almost 4 pages of the stuff, someone has been busy, nothing better
I knew I saw this a few pages ago and searched for you.
Here's a link
2nd edition over 600 pages long....sm
your client is out of touch........*lol*
What about the pages where you only type a few lines?
You're still making out better getting paid per page. I know I am.
Spoke too soon. Only working on some pages, not all. nm
my pages loading fast
no problem
Even on pages where no lewd content, often
For OTHER pages, scroll the other way or go to the View menu. SM
Look for Text Size. It won't fix the huge text on this page, though.
Pages are very slow to open for me tonight, some not at all. Anyone else? nm
Need to ask about docs saying "use my normal," too. Could be a few pages if an op! nm