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Wow, almost 4 pages of the stuff, someone has been busy, nothing better

Posted By: to do I guess- nm on 2005-12-07
In Reply to: Has anyone been over the recipe board lately??? - MTness


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Allegiant has clinic accounts and is busy, busy, busy
If you're an IC and are looking for plenty of work, freedom to set your own hours, low daily line requirement (500), great supervisors, and easy clinic accounts, then Allegiant may be the right company for you. You can apply by going to www.allegianttranscription.com.

Allegiant's pay scale is 7 cpl also, but would you rather get 7 cpl and easily transcribe 250 lph or get 10 cpl and struggle to do 150 lph. Give me 7 cpl any day and spare me the headache.
One thing about wading thru pages and pages looking for negatives, is...
it really does show that the seller is overall very good. Know what I mean?  There will always, always, always be those customers who are impossible to please, especially on E-Bay.  I've gotten almost all my negatives from leaving calm, but justifiable negatives when the buyer had stiffed me and not gone thru with the sale. We are called to leave these negatives as sellers to warn the community, but instantly we will get flamed with a retaliatory negative that is a total lie.  So, now most sellers don't leave justified negatives anymore! That said, really, if you have to wade thru page after page to find even 1 negative, I would say you're safe bidding, as long as the feedback is current!
?? I see all as usual, pages ad pages. NM
she was too busy for you the way you are often too busy for her...what's the question? nm
web pages
No that I wanted links posted - would be nice - but just curious if other shave a site or myspeace page for their own benefit.

I appreciate your info
need some reference web pages?

Hi all,

If you would like some web pages to add to your "favorites," feel free to visit my website at:





In 1985, when their BOS was only 85 pages....sm

Back in the 80s, AAMT used to care about all the MTs.  Their BOS was only 85 pages long (I still have one of these BOS....a gold book, very tall and very skinny)....then the AAMT got big and it all went to their heads and their 2nd edition BOS is close to something like 600+ pages long.  And now they support offshoring to India/Pakistan.  At that point, they no longer cared about the USA MTs.

Later for the AAMT..........*L*.......MUCH later.

Yellow pages

Since my phone is listed under my business name I get a free listing and have gotten quite a few one-time only jobs, seminars, interviews, etc. that really pay well and not needing a 24 TAT and it has worked for me.   Also no 1099's with then as it is a one time job.   Last year got a 10 tape seminiar on pet therapy and it was almost $2,000 for the seminar done in our spare time over 2 weeks.   Just my 2 cents worth. 

1st one in the 1980s was 85 pages....sm

the first AAMT BOS was 85-90 pages long back in 1985....the one I have today, Second Edition bought 2 years ago....has I do believe 600 pages.....

so your question about what has changed cannot be answered in the post here......get yourself a copy ??  Can be ordered right from their site....aamt.org 

That is at the top of all pages - I forgot about it! Thanks. (NM)

and many are 3-4 pages long....sm

I loved them, back in the days - a lot of these reports are EXPERT WITNESS reports too...and perhaps the dictator has not even seen the patient....just reporting based on medical records/radiology, et cetera.  Most of mine (back in the days) were 3-4 pages long, done for orthopaedists and/or chiropractors. 


I understand, I think it is just here lately the pages are full of nothing but MQ and then
it turns into arguments and nasty remarks, and so forth.

It isnt really the talking about MQ, it is just the bickering going on about it.

I understand completely about wanting to discuss some things.

I dont really mind the MQ posts, but they are so large in number.

I hope things clear up. Maybe if you and other MQ employees that have a lot of time with them all take some "time off" at the same time, they could get the idea they need you guys.

I guess if I was with someone for that length of time, I would have the same feelings.

I really do wish you the best and I dont want you to think anyone has singled you out. It is the whole MQ thing.

I think we are all scared because MQ is a leading company and scared that they are ruining the whole MT business for us all.

We would all love to see MQ split up or downsize and not be such a big part of the industry. Then again we dont want to see people out of a job either.
I knew I saw this a few pages ago and searched for you.
Here's a link
2nd edition over 600 pages long....sm
your client is out of touch........*lol*
What about the pages where you only type a few lines?
You're still making out better getting paid per page. I know I am.
Spoke too soon. Only working on some pages, not all. nm
my pages loading fast
no problem
Even on pages where no lewd content, often
For OTHER pages, scroll the other way or go to the View menu. SM
Look for Text Size. It won't fix the huge text on this page, though.
Pages are very slow to open for me tonight, some not at all. Anyone else? nm
Need to ask about docs saying "use my normal," too. Could be a few pages if an op! nm
Go through your local yellow pages and call
companies who advertise they offer health insurance.  Call several companies as the premiums can vary widely, although the coverage will be the same.   I did this and called 6 different companies and the premiums varied as much as $200.00/mo for the same exact insurance.   Celtic was the company that had the best rate for us, but that was nearly 4 years ago.   If you have no pre-existing conditions you can get a temporary insurance through Fortis for 6 months to a year depending on your state, provided that you have not been without coverage for greater than 45 (I think) days.   You can also go on-line to einsurance.com and get an idea of rates, though I still suggest you call local agencies.  
Do a search for 'happy with your job' or something like that. This was discussed a few pages b
Check out Jon Barron's health pages
Good info and will help you.  Liver detox is for real and don't listen to anyone saying it isn't.  Too many people helped by this.  Jon Barron and Herbert Shelton can't be wrong.  Don Colbert, M.D. also recommends this.  Get Paul Bragg's book on fasting.  Can't go wrong.  Good luck to you.
Go through you local yellow pages and call
companies that offer health insurance and get a quote.  Call several because the premiums can vary significantly.  BCBS may have a low rate, but they are a pain in the rear to deal with and deny more claims than they pay. 
Is the whole net slow or just these boards?? Taking pages
Search the archives box at the top of forum pages.
I think I smell either VR on the easy stuff, or offshoring of the easy stuff.
I do a minimal amount and the letter was about 2 pages long but mostly about ASR.
Try Yahoo yellow pages in the area the doctor
looking for free jeff gordon coloring pages
for my 4 year old son.  does anybody know of any links?  I've found several but none with coloring pages.  thanks!
Headers and Footers can carry on to the rest of the pages.
How long are the pages or are you just doing sticky notes to be slapped
Is anyone else missing the complete list in the blue box? Pages seem to be smaller, too. nm
Some rates were posted a few pages back. Search the Google
Working in Word, and suddenly my screen splits into two pages, and I can't reverse it. HELP!
Does anyone know what I've done and what I can do to get it back to just one window? It is Word 2003 on a XP platform, if that helps any. Thanks.

Has anyone used Tessier paper back version 5 x 8 book with over 2000 pages - does that make it hard
Oh, forgot to say all the phones ringing, overhead speaker blurting out pages, background talking
dictator's cell phones ringing, kids yelling from dictator being at home, machines in the ICU beeping off and on during the entire dictation, saws going from casts being removed nearby, and you can just imagine all the other noises such as nose blowing, sniffling, chomping on food while dictating, and on and on.  EXSpeech doesn't like those noises, so the machine lets the MT"s transcribe those YUKKY reports all day long and all night long.  Exspeech gets the good guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aw, Busy
we're all allowed to be grouchy now and then.  LOL  I hear where you're coming from.  I know some old timer MTs who think they know it all but I've been doing this long enough to realize there is not even one MT who knows everything there is to know and times do change.  I'm one of those old timers who knows she doesn't come close to knowing everything plus I roll with the flow.  Whatever the company I'm working for at the time wants, they're going to get from me...whether it's right or wrong in my opinion, they're the one signing ye ole paycheck.  All I require is that they be clear about what they want and not have one person correct me and then the next person correct me for doing exactly what the first person told me to do.  THAT is nothing short of nitpicking and I WILL NOT tolerate that from any company.
to Busy...
What if your mom or pop was on social security, and was doing odd jobs for people and getting paid for it with cash, how would you feel then? Some older folks do not make enough to live on with just SS. If they work and get cash, I am glad for them. Tax evasion as such is more about people who make BIG BUCKS. They want those type of people, not the poor peons doing some type work as some of these people do cleaning. I would bet that most cleaning people (not the ones that work for companies) receive cash. Housecleaning is not an easy job for a big house and the people who do the cleaning for others deserve evey penny.
To Busy.
I did not know we were even poor because everybody in my neighborhood was poor until I got older. I grew up in the 50s and things are a lot different than now. I don't have to worry about that scenario either. Obligation to not be poor? I don't think anyone chooses to be poor. Some people don't have the same opportunities that others do. Fortunately, one thing I learned from my parents is to not be judgmental and to show compassion and to not be greedy. My parents were giving, christian people and conservative. I am a bit more liberal but being poor is not a choice. My father worked hard and provided us with most everthing we needed, food, shelter, and clothing (and not new clothing or a new house). I had what I needed and nothing more and nothing excess like people have today. I still live modestly. Nothing extravagant, but everything I need and nothing more. I don't want to argue either, I am just stating my opinion and that is all it is. I don't expect everyone to agree with me.
To Busy
Busy, I agree with you totally. I am often asked to work extra, and I am glad to do it. I do MT to make money. Nothing wrong with that. It's the way our society works. Thank you for being a voice of reason in this sea of negativity.
Thank Q, Busy...
You've also earned my respect for your level head and insight - it has become quite apparent to me in recent months - sorry I slammed you earlier. As for the previous poster, believe it or not money was not my motivating factor in pursuing my journalism degree. I KNEW it was not an engineering or pre-med degree and would not "pay out" like those particular fields - I was just happy to be finally getting a chance to go back to school at the age of 31 and this time do it right (unlike when I was 18 and didn't know what the heck I wanted to do with my life). I went for a journalism degree simply because I loved to write - I didn't care about the money. However, after I graduated in February 1993 I was hit with reality - the economy and job market in general were horrendous (this was a couple years before the "roaring 90s" got started. There were no jobs - I must have sent out thousands of resumes before graduation only to receive a few offers at minimum wage for small newspapers. I did "luck out" and get a job with a Columbus weekly newspaper as staff writer and Editor which paid $9/hr. - GREAT in 1994. However after a year the paper folded and I was out of work again. That is when I "fell" into MT - I called up my temp service (the only work I could find in those lousy economy days)and the supe just happened to answer the phone as I made my daily plea for any jobs. He said he did have a temp assignment for a medical Transcriptionist with a local family practice. I told him I had never done that but he said "Well obviously with your degree in journalism you know about grammar and spelling so I'll give that assignment to you anyway." I was hired by a hospital after that assignment ended in a couple months and found it paid a LOT more than any newspaper job. Having to repay my huge student loans at that point made me acutely aware of the need to make decent money - something else that hadn't occured to me as I started school. As no journalism job offers were forthcoming I stayed with the hospital (whose transcription department was later outsourced to MedQuist, BTW)and the rest is history. The hospital paid me $10/hr. - GREAT in 1995 as opposed to $5 or 6 with newspapers - so in that respect I suppose I "sold out", but when you owe $30,000 in school loans you tend to go "where the money is." Lately I've just been wondering if this may be a good time to try again with journalism - and I've appreciated all the feedback on the board. So no, money was not my motivating factor when I started school, but after school the economy FORCED it to be so I could live, pay my bills and pay off my loans. Thanx again for all the ideas - definitely worth looking into!
She's probably very busy right now, is all. nm
And then when they get busy, they wonder why you
don't want to work 24/7 to get them caught up. Seems that the part timers have it better than the full timers.
We are busy as ever.  Barely keeping up with our TAT.  Actually a little bit busier than the holidays.
To Busy
Wow! What an accomplishment!!! Good luck to you!! You most certainly will succeed in all that you do because of your mindset!!
I enjoy going to school at my age with all the kids. I think I'm going to make it too!
too busy
Yes, a hobby is good for some. Now take my hubby of 16 years for instance...the first 8 or so years were great then then the kids came and whamoo, a sports nut I knew but he is throwing himself into soccer, softball, baseball, wresling, anything the kids are in, he is in. which I know you all think is wonderful to have such a loving involved father being attentive to the kids and all, but it doesn't stop on the field or gym. Coach comes home and it is nonstop mothers calling him and then there is the sitting at the computer for hours planning the "next practice". Ugh...it is nonstop with this one. He is also a Boy Scout leader. I myself lead the Girl Scouts but I don't get so wrapped up in planning that I forget my husbands needs when he is around that is. I grew up on a farm and my mom and dad and two brothers were happy to do chores together and I was never out for sports, now don't get me wrong we did other things outside the house like vocal and 4-H but nothing really sportsy, so I am having a very hard time seeing this almighty light he has seem to found for the last eight years. I have never voiced this to anyone but him, but you know maybe some advise would be good from anyone out there. Thanks.
Same to you Busy!!! *S*
Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you and yours! 
Well said Busy
You have a lovely way of writing and expressing your thoughts. Have you ever explored writing for a living?  I think you'd be good at it. 
Yes but they are usually very busy. (nm)