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Oh, like your latest joke wasn't gross

Posted By: Misha on 2007-05-30
In Reply to: Misha...you just made me vomit in my mouth! - Hayseed

on the Comedy board!


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i think it is incredibly gross. personal hygiene commercials are just gross anyway.
this one is stupid and gross.
Our latest cat did that...

Not drink out of the toilet, but about a year ago, she disappeared.  She's inside 100% of the time, so she wasn't hard to find, but she was pulling back the blankets on the bed and hiding under all the covers.  Sure enough, she was sick and had to be put on antibiotics.  I'm sure she would have died if we hadn't taken her to the vet. I also had another cat quite awhile ago that hid whenever he got sick.

I hope your kitty comes home!  My husband said that when he was young, they had a cat that would roam and be gone for long stretches of time, but he always came home.

Actually, we have to keep up with the latest
technology, medical terms, etcetera, as well. We do not just go to school and learn everything at once. Things in medicine change often. Plus there are a million things you will learn throughout your career in this field as you go. It is a constant learning experience for both new and seasoned MTs.

Personally, if money were not an object like you said, I would spend my free time relaxing and enjoying being a new mom. If money is not an object, why find something to give yourself even more work? They are only babies once and will be grown in the blink of an eye...enjoy the time you have.
The latest with Keystrokes

New to this site.  Read something a while ago about Keystrokes not hiring.  Does anyone know anything about them now?  How are they to work for and how do they pay?  Thanks for any information, good, bad or ugly.

Did you see the latest picture of her (sm)

possibly pregnant, reading the junk magazines while going through the grocery store line?

So very, very few good or talented actors these days.  Give me Jerry Lewis or Bill Murray any day.  And actresses?  I can't even list any I like anymore besides Marily Monroe. 

the latest story

another MT friend of mine sent me this email

 My friend's daughter works in a dermatology office.  They are opening a new additional office.  They determined that with the opening of a new office, it was far better to now buy a system for transcribing their own documents and it also allows doctor to input the codes for billing.  So, they no longer need their Transcriptionist or their coder.  Their coder is going to do other duties at the office and their home transciptionist is SOL. 

So-if they had not opened a new office, they would not of put out for the money, but with the new additional office, this system will be taking care of the 2 jobs above for both offices.  Doctor was most definitely considering sending all of this kind of work to India, as he is from India, but when the American office manager found this out, she put a stop to it immediately.  So-that is my horror story for the week that makes me have even more knots in my stomach. 

I'm on their latest upgrade right now..sm..
so it's still buggy. I origiinally bought it in December of 2005. That version was worse than the upgrade I installed Saturday. I won't bother uninstalling and reinstalling after reading your email. Thanks for writing.
I've tried ByteScribe and ExpressScribe and the sound isn't as clear on them, especially when you slow down or fast forward so I'll either stick with StartStop and not use the hot keys or I'll try an external sound card for my laptop with the ByteScribe WavPlayer. I've tried the Turtle Beach Audio and that helped make things louder but it didn't help with the slow down and speed up sound clarity.
Is there anyway you can go back to the original version? If you have the original installtion CD, I would think you could. I don't since I bought it originally in Dec. 2005. Thanks again for writing.
Stedman's does the same thing. With the latest

electronic word books, you can only download 2 times.  I have 2 computers and I download to both, in case something happens I have a backup.  I also tend to have computer issues for some reason and when I try to do a reinstall of the OS it doesn't keep my Stedman's.  Since I can only download twice that makes me not able to use it.   I tried to company all Stedmans to a BUS drive in case I had to restall again, but it won't work and you can't copy from one computer to another, you have to have the original disk.    

I'm not thrilled with it, but I don't think they are doing anything illegal. 

The latest InScribe from Emdat sm
Will work with my USB Infinity pedal as I have just set it up. It will also run with InstanText. QUITE the upgrade from the Emdat I tried to use about 6 or 7 yrs ago I can tell you that. It is MUCH better, user friendly and I think I'll be more productive on it.

doggone, looks like it's the latest version now
I had the same problem, thanks for posting the link. But I downloaded it and it was v.4.15 again! I downloaded Switch and that won't work either.

It's beginning to look a lot like they don't WANT it to work with .dss anymore!
The Latest Word...found it!
It's published by Elsevier. To find the link, just Google The Latest Word. It's only a couple of hits down the search results list. I wasn't able to copy the web site address, since it came in as an RSS feed (ignorant about that). But it's at www.elsevier.something.

In some cases, I think religion is just their latest addiction.
Didn't Stephen Baldwin used to have substance abuse issues? Seems like some of these people just trade in the substance for religion and pursue it with the same enthusiasm.
Here's the AAMTs latest treachery. Check out the

http://www.nasscom.org/eventdetails.asp?id=486&head_id=1101   Unbelievable!!  Check toward the bottom of the schedule in time slot 11:00-13:00. 

Lately, every week I'm having a techie problem. My latest

is the sound on my computer cuts out for no reason. I just started doing VR this week and the sound disappears. It's not just the program. It's the whole computer. If I reboot, it's back.

I also noticed that, although the work load is heavy, I'm out of work around the same time every day for about an hour or two.  Then I'm okay for the rest of the day.

Please don't tell me it's my computer. I can't afford another one at this time of the year.

Please don't tell me it's my sound card...the computer is only 1-1/2 years old.

I have 512 MB RAM. Do you think this is too little for VR? It never happened when I was doing regular transcribing.

Any ideas?


The latest version sent to me in a link by company is 4.91.309 (must have just come out) sm
I haven't been told anything specific as far as the pedal. All I know is that the new version of InScribe does not support an outside player such as Express Scribe, Gearplayer, etc., and plays directly from the program itself.

From what I can tell, it either will use a regular USB pedal, or it may require a specific pedal just for InScribe that works identical to the "F" keys. I'm just not sure if there is really a difference in the two and was hoping someone would be able to help. The regular USB pedal is cheaper than the specific one I found for InScribe.

Apparently the tech folks at EMDAT are off today, as no one has answered my e-mail regarding this.

The latest version of ES does work with Vista.
On this tight budget, I do not have cable. What is the latest on Katrina?
The message boards have disintegrated into name calling and absurdity.  My local stations are not running any news.  What is going on down in New Orleans?  It is 5:41 PST here and I have just read on a message board they are predicting 10,000 deaths?  Surely this is not so
AAMT site is under contruction. Maybe the latest issue will
Follow link to latest AAMT funny

and see what they are up to now.  I think Brenda H. is trying to get the doctors to talk more plainly so the off-shore accounts can understand them better.  HA - HA.

Be sure to look at very bottom of the article.  For more information please check out AAMT.........  What a bunch of garbage.  While the context of the article is true, it is the source of the article that is a fake ...... Good Grief.



Latest Instant Text revision 541 and MS Word

Has anyone noticed Word save and opening of new documents slow down since upgrading to IT Revision 541 or is it just me?  I tried other things, such as clean disc, defrag, ran System File Check for Windows XP, and Registry Cleaner.  These things helped speed up everything on my computer except Word, which would still be very slow to save and open a new document.


I uninstalled IT and reinstalled the older version and now Word is back to normal speed.  Has anyone else experienced a slow down with the revision or is it just me?  I also didnít like how the new version linked with spelling and grammar check window in Word.


It's probably just me.  I'm always having weird problems.  I'm using Word 2002 (XP) by the way.

I told you - more than willing to send you a copy of my latest paystub - nm
Note: Go to COMEDY STOP to hear sis's latest adventure...nm
According to the latest Plexus journal entitled "Planning Your exit" ....
even editing may soon be a thing of the past. I don't have the journal, but I have heard about at least one article making the point that, even though the unedited reports produced by physicians using VR are atrocious, the quality (or lack thereof) is beginning to be acceptable anyway with seemingly no concern about the how the poor quality of these reports might impact patient safety or quality of health care. The article makes the observation that this trend may be the harbinger of the death of our profession, hence the title, "Planning Your Exit." Anyone have the journal and, if so, can you share more of what it has to say?
GearPlayer 4 plays .sri files. That the latest version, and it is great! nm
The Latest Word was a waste. Stedman's might have monthly updates on their site, not sure. nm
If the latest version, post below says regular Infinity pedal will not work and cannot use outside p

A gross line IS a gross line regardless if it's 90 characters long or 1 character long... SM

I'm very sorry that your lines are 90 characters line and you get paid by gross lines.  You are cheating yourself - that's not my fault.  You cannot change the definition of a gross line.  So I gues I'm not understanding what you are trying to say.  Now if you are trying to say that your line equals 90 characters and that's how you figure your lines, than you are not using gross lines.  You have defined a line to be 90 characters, whereas most MTSOs define a line as 65 characters.  If that is the case, then I must say again, you are cheating yourself.

So which is it, do you get paid by gross lines or by a 90 character line?

65-gross line vs.65-gross character line

Can someone explain the difference between these two?  I am assuming that the gross line is better than the gross character line.  How much better is being paid by the gross character line than just by the standard 65-character line?  Does anyone know how much difference it would make in dollars and cents?


Is this a joke?

You are a joke!
I would bet the farm that you are in management or just someone playing on this board, because I know the facts, my dear, and MQ DOES NOT PAY FOR SPACES and lots of other quirks are out there that we do not YET know about.
If you don't think the joke is
Why don't you just head to Walmart now and go buy yourself a new sense of humor - LOL LOL LOL
what a joke
or go to Walmart. The field is now paying close to minimum wage for newbies,really! At 6 cents per line and 100 to 150 lines per hour,it only equals 6 to 9 dollars an hour. That is great pay.......in India!
Joke of the Day

It's a beautiful day in the neighbor.  Sun shining, have been outside with my short sleeved scubs, sat on the porch drinking coffee.  TAT is 15 minutes, life's good.  Check e-mail and my lead thinks so too.  She sent this joke and I had to share it...




Once upon a time, a girl asked a guy "Will you marry me?"


The guy said, "NO!"


And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing, drank cocktails, always had a clean house, never had to cook, had sex with whomever she pleased and farted whenever she wanted.




No sore loser here. I could care less.
BOS ... what a joke!
What is most comical to me is that the BOS in one edition says "abc" is correct and in another changes its mind and says "xyz" is correct. My view is they need to keep "making up" stuff in order to keep publushing something to make money!! Now don't get me wrong, some of their information is good information, but, IMO, some is definitely not.
is this a joke or serious??? i can't tell! (nm)
it most certainly was not a joke...sm

and did you even open up that post of mine and go to the link I provided with an explanation and a diagram of exactly how to do the Lion Hatha Yoga exercise for TMJ?

Sheesh............incomplete are ye?  *rofl*

It has to be a joke. Please tell me it is
What a joke . . .
Got an offer for a job -- specialty that I just love, but only 5 cents a line?  Come on now!  I have over 2 years just in this one field of transcription.  Plus they expect me to pay for malpractice insurance?  Okay 5 cents a line at 100 lines an hour for example -- less than the state minimum wage plus I am supposed to pay for malpractice insurance.  Hey -- I'm not the doctor!  Doctors are leaving my state because they cannot afford malpractice insurance.  Get real.
What a joke
Wow! Liability insurance via AAMT is $700.00 a year! No, this was not a VR editing job. It was typing reports in word as an IC. No way am I even considering it. I do not have 20 years under my belt but I do have a few years of experience and I am worth more than 5 cents a line.
Me neither, must be a joke (sm)
someone is playing, and they probably haven't posted anything yet.
Obviously someone who can't take a joke
Lighten up.
What a joke.................
Only a couple of companies I worked for EVER mentioned BOS. The companies I work for now couldn't care less about the BOS....they think it's a joke. I think so too. Who knighted them the know-all of the transcription world? None of that junk was around when I started, the doctors don't even know what you're talking about if you mention BOS......nuf said!
And I QA their QA - it's a joke! - nm
they are a joke
33 years ago they contacted transcriptionists through the mail at their place of employment, preaching their primary goal was to get us recognized by all and confirmed through pay as professionals; after all, your average gum-popping secretary/receptionist could not do this work without the education adhesed to this field. Compensation was to reflect this.

33 years ago. 3 decades.

The only thing that made my pay reflect any degree of profssionalism was the start-up of production programs (NOT, I might add, created by the AAMT) when I was making 60 - 70k, until the supply and demand changed.

AAMT, however, took in a ton of money in memberships, and changing to ADHI has not shed one ioda of their diligence towards deliquency. Now mighty advocates of outsourcing and soliciting membership outside our borders, you'd think common sense would jump in to keep us from going global - now THERE'S a goal! Oh, but wait...there's no money in that, is there?

What they could and should have done differently was left us alone.
It's a joke
It's a joke.  It truly is.  I have been editing for many years and my cpl has gone from 9 to 4.  I am struggling to pay my bills and they think because you do twice as much you make more. what they DON'T tell you is that there are all these little glitches they use to "ADJUST" your pay and if you don't make production.. yes, production as that is the key word now for what they want you to REALLY do, then you lose more and they have to pay you minimum wage versus what you actually make.. which is 4 cpl now in Escription. 
No, it's not a joke...
It's called common sense.  Supply and demand.  There are only so many OPs to spread among a million MTs.  We've already suffered from the over-supply of new MTs in the last 120 years or so due to all of the MT courses available (instead of learning on the job), which has resulted in lower pay.  So now you want to do the same with OPs?  Call me selfish if you want. But that's the way it is.
It was a joke. Do you REALLY

have no sense of humor?  How sad.

Hayseed - What's the latest on the Mira and Aeron chairs? Did you get to try out the Aeron chair

The butterfly type back support?  Can't remember the exact name for it.  Do you think the chairs are worth the money?   Thanks.


Ahhh, its a joke...
I have a father, son, and BF whom I love and care for. BUT THAT IS TOO TRUE! HA HA HA! That is what makes it funny!
It's a joke - lighten up