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Stedman's does the same thing. With the latest

Posted By: me on 2006-03-21
In Reply to: I just found out you can only install Bytescribe Docshuttle 3 times! - Jill

electronic word books, you can only download 2 times.  I have 2 computers and I download to both, in case something happens I have a backup.  I also tend to have computer issues for some reason and when I try to do a reinstall of the OS it doesn't keep my Stedman's.  Since I can only download twice that makes me not able to use it.   I tried to company all Stedmans to a BUS drive in case I had to restall again, but it won't work and you can't copy from one computer to another, you have to have the original disk.    

I'm not thrilled with it, but I don't think they are doing anything illegal. 

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The Latest Word was a waste. Stedman's might have monthly updates on their site, not sure. nm
Stedman's Med Dictionary and Stedman's Med Spell checker are two different programs. Which on

do you have?  If it is the medical dictionary, as far as I know it is only a reference software and can't be used as a spell checker.

If you have the spell checker, go into Word.  Click on Tools, Options, and then Spelling & Grammar tab.  Then click on the Custom Dictionaries button about half way down the window.  This will open a new window that lists your available dictionaries and one should be checked.  Mine is checked next CUSTOM.DIC (DEFAULT).  There is an ADD button to the right.  If you click it, you will be able to browse for your custom dictionary. 

Hope that helps.

I have only used Stedman's. What are some differences in Dorland's and Stedman's?
Our latest cat did that...

Not drink out of the toilet, but about a year ago, she disappeared.  She's inside 100% of the time, so she wasn't hard to find, but she was pulling back the blankets on the bed and hiding under all the covers.  Sure enough, she was sick and had to be put on antibiotics.  I'm sure she would have died if we hadn't taken her to the vet. I also had another cat quite awhile ago that hid whenever he got sick.

I hope your kitty comes home!  My husband said that when he was young, they had a cat that would roam and be gone for long stretches of time, but he always came home.

Actually, we have to keep up with the latest
technology, medical terms, etcetera, as well. We do not just go to school and learn everything at once. Things in medicine change often. Plus there are a million things you will learn throughout your career in this field as you go. It is a constant learning experience for both new and seasoned MTs.

Personally, if money were not an object like you said, I would spend my free time relaxing and enjoying being a new mom. If money is not an object, why find something to give yourself even more work? They are only babies once and will be grown in the blink of an eye...enjoy the time you have.
The latest with Keystrokes

New to this site.  Read something a while ago about Keystrokes not hiring.  Does anyone know anything about them now?  How are they to work for and how do they pay?  Thanks for any information, good, bad or ugly.

Did you see the latest picture of her (sm)

possibly pregnant, reading the junk magazines while going through the grocery store line?

So very, very few good or talented actors these days.  Give me Jerry Lewis or Bill Murray any day.  And actresses?  I can't even list any I like anymore besides Marily Monroe. 

the latest story

another MT friend of mine sent me this email

 My friend's daughter works in a dermatology office.  They are opening a new additional office.  They determined that with the opening of a new office, it was far better to now buy a system for transcribing their own documents and it also allows doctor to input the codes for billing.  So, they no longer need their Transcriptionist or their coder.  Their coder is going to do other duties at the office and their home transciptionist is SOL. 

So-if they had not opened a new office, they would not of put out for the money, but with the new additional office, this system will be taking care of the 2 jobs above for both offices.  Doctor was most definitely considering sending all of this kind of work to India, as he is from India, but when the American office manager found this out, she put a stop to it immediately.  So-that is my horror story for the week that makes me have even more knots in my stomach. 

I'm on their latest upgrade right now..sm..
so it's still buggy. I origiinally bought it in December of 2005. That version was worse than the upgrade I installed Saturday. I won't bother uninstalling and reinstalling after reading your email. Thanks for writing.
I've tried ByteScribe and ExpressScribe and the sound isn't as clear on them, especially when you slow down or fast forward so I'll either stick with StartStop and not use the hot keys or I'll try an external sound card for my laptop with the ByteScribe WavPlayer. I've tried the Turtle Beach Audio and that helped make things louder but it didn't help with the slow down and speed up sound clarity.
Is there anyway you can go back to the original version? If you have the original installtion CD, I would think you could. I don't since I bought it originally in Dec. 2005. Thanks again for writing.
The latest InScribe from Emdat sm
Will work with my USB Infinity pedal as I have just set it up. It will also run with InstanText. QUITE the upgrade from the Emdat I tried to use about 6 or 7 yrs ago I can tell you that. It is MUCH better, user friendly and I think I'll be more productive on it.

doggone, looks like it's the latest version now
I had the same problem, thanks for posting the link. But I downloaded it and it was v.4.15 again! I downloaded Switch and that won't work either.

It's beginning to look a lot like they don't WANT it to work with .dss anymore!
The Latest Word...found it!
It's published by Elsevier. To find the link, just Google The Latest Word. It's only a couple of hits down the search results list. I wasn't able to copy the web site address, since it came in as an RSS feed (ignorant about that). But it's at www.elsevier.something.

In some cases, I think religion is just their latest addiction.
Didn't Stephen Baldwin used to have substance abuse issues? Seems like some of these people just trade in the substance for religion and pursue it with the same enthusiasm.
Here's the AAMTs latest treachery. Check out the

http://www.nasscom.org/eventdetails.asp?id=486&head_id=1101   Unbelievable!!  Check toward the bottom of the schedule in time slot 11:00-13:00. 

Oh, like your latest joke wasn't gross
on the Comedy board!

Lately, every week I'm having a techie problem. My latest

is the sound on my computer cuts out for no reason. I just started doing VR this week and the sound disappears. It's not just the program. It's the whole computer. If I reboot, it's back.

I also noticed that, although the work load is heavy, I'm out of work around the same time every day for about an hour or two.  Then I'm okay for the rest of the day.

Please don't tell me it's my computer. I can't afford another one at this time of the year.

Please don't tell me it's my sound card...the computer is only 1-1/2 years old.

I have 512 MB RAM. Do you think this is too little for VR? It never happened when I was doing regular transcribing.

Any ideas?


The latest version sent to me in a link by company is 4.91.309 (must have just come out) sm
I haven't been told anything specific as far as the pedal. All I know is that the new version of InScribe does not support an outside player such as Express Scribe, Gearplayer, etc., and plays directly from the program itself.

From what I can tell, it either will use a regular USB pedal, or it may require a specific pedal just for InScribe that works identical to the "F" keys. I'm just not sure if there is really a difference in the two and was hoping someone would be able to help. The regular USB pedal is cheaper than the specific one I found for InScribe.

Apparently the tech folks at EMDAT are off today, as no one has answered my e-mail regarding this.

The latest version of ES does work with Vista.
On this tight budget, I do not have cable. What is the latest on Katrina?
The message boards have disintegrated into name calling and absurdity.  My local stations are not running any news.  What is going on down in New Orleans?  It is 5:41 PST here and I have just read on a message board they are predicting 10,000 deaths?  Surely this is not so
AAMT site is under contruction. Maybe the latest issue will
Follow link to latest AAMT funny

and see what they are up to now.  I think Brenda H. is trying to get the doctors to talk more plainly so the off-shore accounts can understand them better.  HA - HA.

Be sure to look at very bottom of the article.  For more information please check out AAMT.........  What a bunch of garbage.  While the context of the article is true, it is the source of the article that is a fake ...... Good Grief.



Latest Instant Text revision 541 and MS Word

Has anyone noticed Word save and opening of new documents slow down since upgrading to IT Revision 541 or is it just me?  I tried other things, such as clean disc, defrag, ran System File Check for Windows XP, and Registry Cleaner.  These things helped speed up everything on my computer except Word, which would still be very slow to save and open a new document.


I uninstalled IT and reinstalled the older version and now Word is back to normal speed.  Has anyone else experienced a slow down with the revision or is it just me?  I also didnít like how the new version linked with spelling and grammar check window in Word.


It's probably just me.  I'm always having weird problems.  I'm using Word 2002 (XP) by the way.

I told you - more than willing to send you a copy of my latest paystub - nm
Note: Go to COMEDY STOP to hear sis's latest adventure...nm
According to the latest Plexus journal entitled "Planning Your exit" ....
even editing may soon be a thing of the past. I don't have the journal, but I have heard about at least one article making the point that, even though the unedited reports produced by physicians using VR are atrocious, the quality (or lack thereof) is beginning to be acceptable anyway with seemingly no concern about the how the poor quality of these reports might impact patient safety or quality of health care. The article makes the observation that this trend may be the harbinger of the death of our profession, hence the title, "Planning Your Exit." Anyone have the journal and, if so, can you share more of what it has to say?
GearPlayer 4 plays .sri files. That the latest version, and it is great! nm
If the latest version, post below says regular Infinity pedal will not work and cannot use outside p

Hayseed - What's the latest on the Mira and Aeron chairs? Did you get to try out the Aeron chair

The butterfly type back support?  Can't remember the exact name for it.  Do you think the chairs are worth the money?   Thanks.


Ebonics: Not a black thing or white thing. (sm)

I don't think there's any cause to get upset or defensive here.  Look it up on line...even colleges are offering courses in Ebonics!  ...well of course they are more sociology-type courses, but still, people are PAYING to learn about the why's and how's of this "other" language.

A quote from one of the sites I found:

"UT-Austin's "Introduction to the Study of African American English," teaches students that the sentence, "Nobody didn't leave" is not "mainstream English with mistakes," but rather a legitimate English dialect. "Ebonics: Myth and Facts" and "African-American English" are both offered at Harvard. Penn and UCLA also promote Ebonics as a legitimate dialect in, "Introduction to African American and Latino English" and "Afro-American Sociolinguistics: Black English," respectively."

Here's the link: http://www.academia.org/campus_reports/2002/september_2002_2.html


Stedman's is the best IMO. I don't know if they
limit your installations or not.  I know on the new electronic word books they limit you to 2 installations and that it doesn't work if you copy it from one computer to another, it has to be installed from the original.  
I should add, if you have Stedman's
If you have an updated Stedman's spellcheck, it will flag the drug if you type it incorrectly and the top suggestion is usually the correct way of typing out the drug name. 
They do offer you a 30 day trial. After that, it is $38.95/year. Which isn't bad, but I don't want to pay for the service if they don't change the reports. Definitely check it out!
I love anything Stedman's myself. I have Smartype and love it after about a year. I figure it's cut my Keystrokes by 1/3 to 1/2. It wasn't compatible with Word 2003, when I bought it, but that didn't matter to me since my company requires 2001.
Thanks to you both. I searched program files and there is a Stedman's folder that came up, nothing really in it except for maybe what looks like an uninstall file? In Word, custom dictionary is checked but I don't see anything about Stedman's anywhere in there. Anyway, I tried typing a little and it looks like it's picking up drug names etc. so guess it's working. I just thought I'd be able to pull up the program from my Start menu for some reason. I guess it just kind of stays hidden in the Word background somehow? Anyway, thanks for the help. I know it sounds really dense, but haven't had to use it before for work!
Here's some ortho reports http://www.mt-stuff.com/orthopedics.html
Stedman's Ortho & Rehab words is a great reference and includes sample ortho reports in the appendix http://www.stedmans.com/product.cfm/477/79
Well, I use Stedman's (sm)

Endocrinology book and Opthalmology book.  Relatively small books, compared to the Neuro book, for example, but they are very helpful.  Think I bought them used through an Amazon.com bookseller.  Make sure you get the latest versions.

Hope this helps.


Is it Stedman's? nm
Does anyone know how to get Stedman's
spellchecker to work in WordPerfect too.  Thanks for any help.
Stedman's has it set-up where you have
to have the disk.  You can't copy from one computer to the next, it must be installed.  You can buy it for $99 I think and download it from Stedman's site . They don't like people reselling the disks either, so you can only get 2 installs before the disk won't work, though sometimes you can call them and they may give you another download. 

I have Stedman's Spellchecker Plus '08 on my Word 2007.  I got it from Barnes and Noble for $71, but that was with my member discount and a 20% off coupon.  If you have any coupons for them, I would use them for this purpose.  Their member discounts are good too.

Hope this helps you.


When you go into your Stedman's tool bar, you'll see options for modifying a Smartword spelling, Modifying a position, etc.   I've moved some words that were programmed to come up 8 or 9 in the selection bar to be either the one that comes up on the Smart Line or #1 or #2 in the selection list.  The instructions are fairly easy. 

For instance "undergoing" was way down at the bottom of the list, so I moved that one up closer to the top.  I made "complains" the first option rather than "complain" since I use that word more.   That way all I have to do is hit the space bar and keep going,  

Does any of that makes sense?   My sleep pattern is all messed up, so I"m not sure if I'm entirely coherent right now.

Yes, Stedman's it is, also for me!...
The electronic version!

Also Stedman's Abbreviations and Acronyms...
If you're looking for Stedman's books - sm
Check out the equiptment forum - I have a set of 21, practically brand new books for sale.
Stedman's 4th edition is even better...
than the 3rd.  It's true there may not be every single radiology term in Stedman's, but I don't know of ANY reference, text or electronic, that has every know term.  For any book on ANY specialty to have every conceivable term is impossible - unless we want books 10 feet thick.
I know you cant use stedman's program
I use Shorthand as it works with just about everything.

Disappointed with Stedman's
If you mean the big purple "Medical Terms and Phrases" by Stedman's, I'd go with the other one.

I bought this and am rather disappointed with it and have not found it to be helpful on the job.
Stedman's @Work
Has anyone suscribed to this?  I noticed they have an abundant amount of sample reports, but I am only considering suscribing if they add new reports on a regular basis.  If anyone has info on this, I would love to hear it!
Stedman download sm
It is very simple and they remind you each day you have X days left, 10 in all. They don't list a price but I am told it is $179, don't know. Works very well but they should post their prices.
I use Stedman's as well as the Internet. nm
I do ops primarily and can't do without my Stedman's sm
Med/Surg Equipment Words. Sometimes, though rarely, I'll need to refer to my Surgery Words book for body parts. (I have 30+ years' experience.)