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One red flag...

Posted By: Brian on 2007-08-31
In Reply to: thanks for your post - rainbow

...to me was the benefit package described in the ad. Despite saying that they are "the new kid on the block", the benefits are those seen with (or even better than those of) large, established companies. Most new small companies cannot float such benefit packages unless:

a. They are a unit of or affiliated with another larger company of some sort - which we would certainly want to know.

b. They are a company that has reorganized and managed to hang onto their benefit package - which we would again want to know.

One ad is titled "A New Beginning", suggesting possibility "b" above. If so, it is very important to know which "old" company is being reincarnated as "Jax".

And, I hate to say it as it seems somewhat superficial, but even the name of the company raised my eyebrows.

Even if Jax proves legit, though, it serves now as a perfect example of how easy it would be to harvest resumes from people.

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That would have been the first red flag! LOL
Obviously, the MTSO has had problems in the past then.
flag it

Yep, I would flag it

without a couple of sources of confirmation.  Docs cannot spell, though they think they can.  Sometimes I will find several Google entries with the same spelling, but they still turn out to be the wrong spelling. 

This is my favorite med site:


If you can hear any 3 consecutive letters (like the LOL or the ROL) you can search and it will give you anything that contains this combination,  generics on the right, brands on the left.  If you click on the name it will take you to another screen for dosages (sometimes.) 

That's a definite red flag...

By all means, if you can, find a vet that'll get you in as an emergency.  If your regular vet doesn't see patients on an emergency basis, honestly, it's time to find another one.  I have 3 cats & 2 birds, & if I had a vet who wouldn't take one of my "kids" STAT, I'd be going somewhere else. 

In the meantime, please give her ((((BIG HUGS)))) & lots of kisses from me & my "kids".  BTW, what's her name?  I'll keep her in my prayers  

It is a red flag to me, seeing one co. over and over. Would not inquire..nm
you cannot even erect a USA FLAG....sm

saw a story last year when a Boynton Beach homeowner with a condo association put up the American Flag.....and did battle with the association and HE lost the battle.....and either had to move or never put up an American flag....on his property in the ground with a pole.

I flag. I don't correct this because as the others said, you don't know. nm
Always flag/blank something so odd it is likely
I would still flag it - he said twice daily not

If AHDI had a CMT flag, I would definitely
Flag it. Verbatim or not, you do not
knowingly put in wrong info.
That was her - raised a red flag for me too - I wish I had said something at the time nm

Probably is Gemzar, but I would flag rather than assume. NM
I smell a rat. If it were me, I would consider this the first red flag and be on the lookout

I would definitely flag it and if you are able to put a note somewhere just ask the doctor to sm
review/revise the area in question. 
I took it more as a flag because it's uncommon in dictation..
not that there was a debate of whether to transcribe it or not. I personally haven't ever had a dictator mention praying with the patient, although, I have had one of my personal physicians mention that he hadnt seen me in church lately :D
location: worldwide (red flag!)
compensation: $50 (red flag!), is it per page, per hour, per day... as i understand it, craig's list is to sell items to local parties. It is not where i would look for, or respond to a job from.
if any doubt (at all!) leave it out (flag it).
think it might be diltiazem. Gonna flag it to be safe. Tx. NM
That only tells the grammar checker to flag spaces. Word does not auto space.
Verbatim = verbatim......flag it...NM