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Or becuase of dropping rates, the small MTSO

Posted By: will sell to bigger MTSO who DOES offshore. on 2008-04-17
In Reply to: Just wait. I work for small MTSO and they have - started to offshore certain accts. Just wait,,,nm


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As an MTSO, I don't dare raise my rates because...sm
I've been actually outbid when I gave a price of 11 cents a line. The competitor was offering 24 TAT too. I don't dare raise rates on my accounts anymore. That would be slitting our throats. One of my IC's actually took a pay cut on another account. The physicians said if they didn't cut their rates they would find a transcription company in India. The MTSO decided to cut the rate and any IC who wanted to stay on would have to take a pay cut too. Hey if you can find the work at higher pay, take it, but...
don't count on raising rates yearly as an MTSO.

As an MTSO, don't think you are going to increase your accounts *yearly* (the word you used).....good luck if you're taking that route!!

I have my surgeons for a decade due to they pay very well and I have NEVER raised their rates because then they COULD choose to go elsewhere for less.....just my take.....

I also worked for nat'l services for years and they rarely raised their rates to their clients, as they, too, never wanted to lose any accts.

Good luck to you, whichever way you go!!

Any small MTSO need PT help? sm
Okay, I have tried the big nationals and that did not work out for me.  I would like something for a few hours a day - would love to do family practice SOAP notes again or something where I can just type away and make some decent money.  I promise a fast turn-a-round and I am willing to work hard, but no complicated platforms and no set hours.  
I had a small MTSO ask that once. sm
As I was heading toward the exit door, she asked me to send her every single one of the normals I used.

So, I sent her the exact ones she had sent me in the beginning, before I refined them to a fine tune, which had taken me hours and hours to do. I'm telling you, I had most tests for every doctor where I could just hop around and fill in the blanks. No way was I giving those hours of work away!
Two small MTSO (nt)
Thanks, Small MTSO
I knew it must be something like that.  Thanks for your reply.  Molly
Small MTSO
11.5  to 12.5 cpl, put in 30 to 32 hours per week myself now.  Went down to part-time this summer to 22 to 24 hours.  First time in 18 years and felt good.  Just got two new accounts and so back up but will myself after paying IC's make 50K, down from last year but worked less.  Next year will be up to 55K+ unless I go part-time again in the summer if my IC's want to make more.  Will probably raise rates in January as have not done so in two years.    Patti
Especially when the small MTSO

is worth.  I'm done.   

I did when I worked for a small MTSO sm
and boy, did I live to regret it!  She was, let's just say, um PSYCHO!  In a nutshell, my nephew died and she didn't believe me when I asked for a few days off...she had to see the announcement in the paper first! Needless to say, I dumped her shortly after that incident.  There were many, many more, but this was the final straw!
This happened to me too. Small MTSO been with
them for 3 years.  check was mailed, but post office put it in wrong box.  This has happened 3 times in the last 3 months and every time it was the post office not them.
www.lts-inc.com is it a small MTSO in Richmond, VA-
I have been working PT for them since May 2002 except for a short leave of about 4 months. As far as I know still looking for a few more people, just lost 1 yesterday who could not get the hang of WP5.1 I guess(it's what the hospital they contract for uses). Oh well, their loss will be someone else's gain.
I'm a small MTSO. Here are my thoughts on it

I would determine how much per line the seasoned MT should get.  Not sure how much you charge.  But I, being a small MTSO, charge my clients 14 cpl and I pay my subcontractors 10.  Ideally you would be a bigger MTSO and could pay truly seasoned MTs 12 cpl or something on that order.  Otherwise, if they aren't able to make a decent line rate, and they are truly good MTs, they might as well go get their own accounts.

About the pay between the new MTs/mentoring MTs - I would decide what the total you were going to pay for those lines were, and then divide it between seasoned MT and newbie MT.  Say it's 12 cpl - pay the newbie 8 cpl and the seasoned MT 4 cpl for the work that the newbie does that the seasoned MT is helping with.

My husband's company does something similar.  He works with a partner, but the partner is less experienced.  He is basically my DH's helper.  DH uses his own truck and the helper doesn't have to use his truck.  Each job pays a set amount, and DH gets 70% and his partner gets 30%.

As a small MTSO, I found you had to buy
all I really needed was a few.  So I started filling them out online at www.filetaxes.com.  It's much easier and they send out the 1099 for me!  Price is very reasonable too.
I mean big as in Medquist, little as in small MTSO's
I also make 11 cpl as an IC. This also is a small MTSO. nm
For me, a very small local MTSO
doing tapes/office notes.
I have worked for a small MTSO once and

was never afraid of not getting paid. Something in her voice told me I could trust her and just dove in. No contract, either. But I did have to give her my SSN for the 1099.

Never realized I would be setting myself up for trouble but every 2 weeks the check came in the mail.

Ask the MTSO. That's all you can do.

Small MTSO here - 6 cpl -- ridiculous

I as a small MTSO would be so embarassed to offer 6 cpl to anyone.  Could not believe what I read.   At the most I take  20 - 25% of what I charge clients and pay the IC the 80%.  I even do the pick up, QA, billing and delivery of finished products.  But to offer 6 cpl is a slap in the face.  Even newbies I offer 7.5 to 8 cpl and start them on the easiest accounts.   Hopefully she can sleep at night and look at her face in the mirror.  


My opinion as a very small MTSO
I determine what my minimum charge is by figuring out what I would pay an IC to do the work and then add in enough left over to pay my expenses (TASP, insurance, QA, etc.) and then some for myself as account manager.  If you get an account that you will be working on yourself, you will make both the salaries for the IC as well as the account manager (you are doing both jobs) and pay your overhead.  If you get an account that is bigger than you can handle by yourself, you can easily sub all or some of it out and still pay yourself and your overhead.  Sit down and at least do the financial part of a business plan in order to figure out what you need to charge.
I'm a small MTSO - what platforms do MTs like?

Or do you prefer typing in your own Word program and emailing encrypted files?  Do you prefer to use C-phone to access the dictation, or wav pedal?  I'm seriously thinking it might be better to use a platform where MTs can go online to access the dictation and the platform to type into and I am looking for ones that MTs like and consider MT friendly.  So...what have you used and which ones do you like best?  I did do a search, but I'm asking again.  Obviously, being a small MTSO some of the larger platforms might be beyond my reach, but I'm looking for opinions.

I assume she works for a small MTSO or something, not MQ
Re: Post way below about the small MTSO in Suffield, OH.
I posted that I worked for a company, though don't know if it is the same one.  I'm just curious if it is.   I've included by e-mail if you want to e-mail me.  
MTSO needs to pay MTs on time, no matter how small sm

her business is, no matter when (or IF) the MTSO is paid by the client.  I would NEVER contract with an MTSO that expected me to wait to be paid until they were paid by their client.  Impossible way to do business, very unprofessional. 

I used to work for a small MTSO that used gotomypc - sm
I would connect up to her computer and download the voice files to my computer. Then disconnect/log off. Then I would play the voice files on my player (Bytescribe) and go to work. When I was done, then I would just email the work to her. But if email was down for some reason I would just connect back to her computer with the gotomypc and upload the finished work to her that way. Your computer would probably run faster if don't stay connected via the gotomypc. I suppose you can do that of course, just doesn't seem much point to it though to me, unless you only get one voice file every now and then, so you just stay connected to see them come in on the remote computer.
Would be interested in working for small MTSo
I currently am working with a small co and I would like approx 15-20 more hours of work. I mainly do clinic. If you have anything please let me know. I love small MTSOs
I'm glad I work for a small MTSO....
I hope my boss never sells out like my last one did. My old company went down the tubes after that and I see lots and lots of posts about it here talking about how bad it is. These nationals sound awful.
No matter how small an MTSO is, their first obligation is to
Costs for small MTSO equipment
This question is directed to our wonderful small MTSOs who participate in the site postings:

I have a question about what extent of expenses you incurred for equipment and related components for the physicians to dictate, i.e., FTP services, server, physician call-in phone services, physician digital dictation uploading/downloading services, and all that related equipment to send and receive dictations (voice files) and send/receive reports, all pertaining to internet and latest advances.

Considering a small MTSO venture of just three small doctor's office accounts, enough for 1-1/2 MTs, with a total physician dictator capacity of 5 physicians, not necessarily at the same time.

I would be also interested in not only cost figures (ballpark) but the types of equipment and software you elected to use (platform if any).

This information would be beneficial to me, and perhaps to other entrepreneurial MTs as well. Thank you in advance for your helpful information.
Just wait. I work for small MTSO and they have
I work for a small MTSO about 25-30 hours a week
I worked for a small MTSO who gave the client
the client changed to smaller and smaller font sizes, the MTSO let them know the rate would change so the MTSO never lost money just because of the font size. The clients always understood. The client simply wanted less bulk in their charts, not to short change the MTSO.
I only have dial-up, I work for a small local MTSO -sm
that uses a FTP site to send us our work, so dial-up is just fine for that (work is about a 20 hour TAT, so it does not matter how long it takes for me to download my work, and uploads are quick. So obviously a job that has no set hours, etc. is ideal for someone with dial-up. Also get your own accounts, then it doesn't matter does it as you are the boss. I have 1 account of my own and we transfer the files via the internet through an intermediary website (in place of a FTP). Just keep hunting there are dial-up jobs out there.
national/small MTSO are both on-line companies
there is PT and orthopedic work.
I make very good money at home with a small MTSO

looking for people that used to work for small MTSO in Suffield, OH a few years back.
Becuase most of them are newbies and don't
If you treat when they are not there, they dont get resistent becuase they are not there to get resi
I think someone has told you some old wives tale about this. I went through this with my kids' school in the city. It was horrible. There are sprays out there and the doctor told us that they die within being off the body in 12 to 24 hours.

Since moving to the county, my kids have not had to deal with it.

If you treat when they are not there, they dont get resistent becuase they are not there to get resistent to it.
No (IC)....but I work for a small MTSO and have set deadline each day for my work
I will not be working on Thanksgiving day, though I will have 120 minutes waiting to be done and turned in by 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning.
Has anyone kept a list of line rates, report rates, benefits, etc for sm

the different companies out there?  I feel lost and confused.  It seems like everything is changing daily, and I am not being organized enough to keep up.  I am about to actively look for full time employment again but if there was a list, I would be able to sort through a lot more quickly. 

Can anyone help?  I am going to start keeping a chart myself in case anyone needs this in the future.

Line rates in the Northeast - can anyone advise as to what the going rates are in the NE part of the
country? Specifically Connecticut. I want to make sure I am on target here. Thanks.
they are dropping.
our hospital switched to editing a while back. Because editing you get 400-500+ lines an hour, we lost several MTs and MT staff. Our hospital does extensive research and we are paid according to other hospitals, and what other services pay. We went from hourly pay (more than 17 per hour for me) to getting paid per line for editing and some straight typing we have to do but the pay was equivalent to our hourly pay. Now we were advised of a cut to become comparable to the MT market and after learning to edit our pay per line will compare to 13 on hour for me. So that is a huge cut.
But with dropping food - SM
You run into more logistic problems. First of all - it's got to be dropped in a place where people can get to it, it's gotta float, and it must be waterproof.

Unfortunately, too, you run into the problem of distribution, with the people reaching the bundle first possibly hoarding supplies for themselves rather than sharing them out.

IMO, there's a certain amount of Monday-morning quarterbacking going on, but NO ONE wants this situation prolonged. They're working like heck out there.
dropping everything you pick up...
and my favorite, the old juggling act: and now folks for my next trick, I will type for 15 minutes, answer the phone, fold a load of laundry, run to the bathroom, do up a coupla dishes on the way back, sit back down to type another 15 minutes, only to be interrupted as you just get going again...

gotta love it!
Too many balls dropping...
Why are there so many balls dropping these days? One in Times Square, Las Vegas, LA, Disney World..Goodness! Which ball are you watching drop?
139 (and dropping like a stone!)

We were told they were dropping the
hyphen between numbers and measurements - 4-cm mass is now 4 cm mass, and also dropping the periods after Dr, Mr, "etc", and things like that, but we have not started using it yet.
Dropping AHDI and CMT - anyone else?
It took me several years to make up my mind - I decided this year to drop my AHDI membership as well as not do my CEUs for my CMT (due this past January). I've been an MT for over 23 years. I joined AAMT 18 years ago and was thrilled to be part of it including in my local chapter for a long long time. I passed my CMT in 1994 - 15 years ago. I have never been paid any extra for my CMT.

I worked for MQ from 1997 to 2006 and finally found the guts to leave and have been happier for it. I don't make any more money. In fact, I'm making the same cpl that I was in 1997 now - that is no raise in 12 years. That is in spite of my CMT, in spite of taking on every new and difficult account I could, etc., etc.

I will leave AHDI and the certification process because I am finally admitting to myself my thorough disgust with the connection between MQ and AHDI - that started well before this so-called settlement. I sure wish I had checked in here before now, I didn't take note that there was a deadline to send in objections.

Most of my coworkers, with more experience than me and with similar hard-working, transcription loving ethics, long ago left AAMT in disgust at how they were not doing a thing for us to raise wages and how they paid more attention to MTSOs, hospitals, etc... and then, the whole offshore thing.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my 2 cents. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with their thoughts. I've been reading and listening to pro-AAMT stuff trying to wade through and made my decision. My final bottom line was that I listened to my gut, my instincts, and and accepted that I know in my heart and head that for AHDI to still pretend they are for us MTs is a sham - and shameful - and their getting anywhere NEAR a company like Medquist says all that any of us should need to hear. Or, rather, that I need to hear.

dropping AHDI
I will also not renew membership to AHDI this year. Haven't been paying that much attention, but now that I have lost my job to VR after 14 years, I am paying attention and don't like what I see. I will not continue to support an association that is supposed to represent me, a hard working U.S. MT, that promotes MTSOs who offshore. I'm just sorry that I didn't realize that fact years ago as I would have dropped membership sooner.
Another reason why our wages keep dropping...
You shouldn't be picking up, dropping off or using your paper anyway
so first you better "pretend" you have an account and figure out how to go digital and send stuff over the Internet. Pickup, dropoff and printing were done in the 20th century :)
My jaw is dropping at the number or errors in your response--nm